So I wanna run an idea past y'all!

I’ve been thinking it over for a while and I want to start featuring you guys. You’re all so beautiful and I want to make sure you know that! So I’m planning on taking a day out of every week and selecting 10 or 15 people (doesn’t matter who you are. Every body type, every gender, and every skin color is welcomed and encouraged to participate!) who I think are really special and posting their photos so that everyone can show them some love. I just love making people feel good about themselves and I want to normalize loving each other and supporting each other’s successes and helping each other grow in our self love journeys rather than being jealous of each other and tearing others down to make yourself feel better.

Obviously I’m not gonna go around posting random people’s photos, they’ll have to either be submitted or tagged with my hashtag and whatever name I come up with for this little event so I know you’re cool with it. And of course there will also be rules to keep everyone safe and happy. But I won’t be able to make this happen without you guys! So let me know if:

A. You’re interested in participating either by submitting your own photos or just liking/reblogging to encourage others. I do need both for this to work!

B. If you’d rather submit your photos directly to me or just put them in a tag for me to find.

C. If this is even a good idea in general 😅

D. What should I call it??

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Sorry i'm wrong the question is: is likely for you that juvia will stay in gray body forever? And maybe they will share the same body, this is not a real death to me.

She’s not in his body. She water maked blood. Her speech was just symbolic–she meant her memory and magic will live on within him.

But I strongly believe she’s coming back.

WHAT A GAL! - 20s & 30s girls singing about girls.

i. liza lee - the boswell sisters  / ii. sweet jennie lee - grace johnston / iii. mary - annette hanshaw / iv. dinah - ethel waters / v. when i take my sugar to tea - the boswell sisters / vi. ramona - ruth etting / vii. hard to get gertie - esther walker / viii. red hot mama - the brox sisters /

l i s t e n ! & feel free to like or reblog if you enjoy.

Fullmetal Alchemist AU

What if there wasn’t enough time for Ed to get to the armor and attach Al’s soul?

 Ed’s missing a leg and bleeding out fast, he doesn’t have the strength to knock down the armor and preform the alchemy required to bring Al back, so he does the next best thing. He attaches Al’s soul to his own body.

Ed and Al end up sharing a body. They take turns controlling, the other whispering in their brother’s head. Winry, Pinoko, and Mustang know, but everyone else just thinks the Fullmetal Alchemist is crazy. One minute he’s a hot-headed brat and the next he’s just ever so polite and kind.

Unlike with the armor blood does not stick to humans for long, Ed has to carve the transmutation circle into his flesh. Anytime the scar begins to fade Ed has to re-carve it. Eventually he may even tattoo the circle into his body.

At Briggs Al start visiting the gate and  Ed panics, because for the first time since he was 12 he’s alone in his head and Al is just gone, gone, gone.

When Al finally gets his body back it’s not getting re-adjusted to feeling he has to worry about, it’s the being alone. Neither Ed nor Al are used to being without the other in their head, to always being in control. 

Ed starts conversations only to realize there’s no one there. Al’s on the other side of the house. Al blanks out in the middle of doing something, expecting Ed to take control. It takes a long time for them to recuperate, a lot longer than it takes in cannon.

Shared Bodies
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  • The Lack Long After

Pianos Become The Teeth - Shared Bodies

So striking, I swear you leveled me with a look, reminded me of my breathing patterns. Ran your hands through the grease and set fire to my face. Seduced a love to grief and left the same as you came. We were based on an end. It’s as if everyone always arrives already gone.

Loving yourself isn’t vain. Once we acknowledge and accept the good in us we can spread the good in the world.
—  Something I heard today that I think most people need to hear.