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Spoiler alert: The Mikaelsons will eventually escape their psychic prison, triggering a long-awaited reunion between Hayley and Elijah that will serve as “one of the emotional cores of the season,” teases executive producer Michael Narducci. Complicating that relationship further will be Hayley’s daughter Hope, who “definitely shares her mother’s street smarts, but may or may not also display some of her father’s temper and willingness to do whatever it takes to protect her family.” Speaking of Klaus, “one of the great journeys of the season” will be his reckoning with Marcel — and there is “hope of healing some wounds.” Elsewhere, Freya will finally get a new love interest, setting the stage for an “emotional struggle [which] opens up a whole new dimension to the character.” (One final treat: Narducci promises we’ll get Claire Holt “for about half the season. Rebekah has an incredible journey to go on.”) - X


Shared Street by Travis Estell


Matter of Time
Kihyun scenario requested by jessieb4893
Word count: 2907
Genre: Fluff

Yoo Kihyun had been your best friend since kindergarten. You two never went anywhere without the other as children, constantly sharing crayons and swapping secrets about the first graders. You rode the bus home together everyday and would play rock paper scissors to decide which house you ate dinner at. As you grew older together, you ditched the school bus for your feet and would get ice cream together from a 24 hour convenience store around the block from your shared street. You began eating breakfast at Kihyun’s and dinner was always at yours. It was a wonderful routine and by the time you were seventeen, your folks had become best friends as well. Your destiny had practically been laid out in front of you, with Kihyun planning to attend the same university as you and your parents most likely planning a marriage behind your back. You were supposed to fall in love. There was only one problem.
Kihyun liked someone else. And his type was just.. Definitely not you. The girl he was into at the moment was elegant. She was always wearing beautiful earrings and patent shoes with her school uniform. No matter how much you liked Kihyun there was no way. You were the tomboy type, with your hair always tied up in a messy high ponytail and with big square glasses that didn’t really fit your face. You were charming, but not in the way Kihyun wanted. You were a sister to him. And your preference for Adidas over heels was never going to change.
Overtime, you had accepted the fact that it was a one-sided love and you respected Kihyun’s space. Which, for the record, was pretty difficult since you shared the same friend group and your parents were so close. Your senior year was finally coming to a close and everyone was heading their separate ways. It was bittersweet as you gathered around your lunch table for the last week of school. Universities had been figured out amongst your group and everyone was still expecting you and Kihyun to attend the same school. Hyungwon, the tallest of your friends, had promised to visit on multiple occasions, since he enjoyed teasing you and Kihyun about your prospective relationship every chance he got. Unbeknownst to them, you had been doing a little extra credit work on the side, and you had several scholarship offers stacked up that were impossible to pass up. It was the perfect opportunity to separate yourself from Kihyun and get over him. The only thing that would be difficult was telling him. Although Kihyun had never been in love with you, there was definitely going to be an issue. He was your best friend after all. You figured Shownu, one of the nicest jocks you knew, would be the most upset though. You had grown closer after you accidently had told him about liking Kihyun during your second year. Love does funny things. You glanced around the lunch table where your friends were gathered, excluding Kihyun, and let out a soft sigh. You basically were the perfect group of friends, the kinds you would see in the movies. Wonho, the player. Minhyuk, the popular one. Jooheon, the class clown. Changkyun, the underclassman. Shownu, the jock. Hyungwon, the hot one. Of course, Kihyun, the childhood friend. And you, the geek. It was a perfect high school scenario, each of you adding balance to your group.
“Guys, I have some news.” You blurted out suddenly, hoping to finish this quickly just in case Kihyun showed up soon. Since he developed a crush on that other girl, he was always late. Soon enough, he probably wouldn’t show up at all.
“News? What kinda news? Is it bad?” Minhyuk questioned with a mouthful of bread, eyes wide as he leaned forward to listen to your explanation.
“You confessed to Kihyun?” Hyungwon threw in, a smug smirk on his lips.
“No way! You and Kihyun are dating?” Wonho continued on with the gag, laughing giddily as he watched your expression grow dark.
“Or are you finally going to admit I’m the one you actually like?” Changkyun inquired without missing a beat as you rolled your eyes.
“I’m not going to university with Kihyun anymore.” You spoke clearly, hoping to get the point across in as few words as possible.
What?” Six voices echoed, burning you down to your core.

It was two days before you left for university and you hadn’t heard a word from Kihyun since the last day of school. You, Jooheon, Minhyuk, and Changkyun were sprawled out on your floor as you went through things to pack. Kihyun didn’t even know and at this point, was there any good way to tell him? You slouched a little as you clutched a pillow to your chest, collapsing all over the three boys.
“What are you sulking about? Is it Kihyun?” Minhyuk asked in the midst of trying to wrap one of your snow globes from an old trip to New York.
“I know he has this new girlfriend or whatever, but we’re supposed to be best friends. I haven’t even had a chance to say a word. He ignores me and he’s never home when I stop by his house. I don’t know what to do.” You pouted, adjusting your glasses due to habit.
“If he’s going to ignore you, don’t tell him. He’ll feel the consequences later.” Jooheon said thoughtfully, his tone more serious than you had ever heard it before.
“Isn’t that a little harsh?” Changkyun laughed, trying to calm the tension in the air with his playfulness. Minhyuk changed the subject quickly and you finished up your final details of packing while he ran to the store to grab popsicles for the four of you.
Maybe Jooheon is right. I should just forget about him for right now. I’ll worry about it later. You thought, gnawing on your lips as you ran over the idea multiple times.

The boys ended up throwing you a small going away party, each of them bringing small gifts to entertain you while you were studying or having a hard time. They had all also pitched in to get you a new computer, as well as your parents, and Wonho’s mom had baked cake. It was perfect, despite the fact Kihyun had turned down the invitation to hang out because he had a date. You had thought that a party was a good chance to tell him quickly and painlessly, but instead he had blown you off again. You tried to not be bothered by it, especially with all the reassuring texts from Shownu and Hyungwon, who were obviously very worried about you. You ended up crying a majority of the four hour drive to your new dorm. It wasn’t until a week later when school started that you got a message from Kihyun.
Kihyun: Where are you? Classes started.

You scoffed a little as you read the message, shaking your head as you typed back.

I’m in Busan.

The reply was quick, causing your muscles to tense without thought.

Kihyun: Busan? Are you on a trip without me?~

You: I go to the national university here now.

Kihyun: Wait, you switched schools? Why didn’t you tell me?

Your lips tightened as you read the letters in the text, jaw clenching as you typed a simple response.

You didn’t ask.

Four years passed. You hadn’t visited home once due to the long trip and the massive amount of work you had. Changkyun could hardly visit because he was still in high school and having to juggle his grades. Hyungwon had stopped by once every year on his own, as well as Shownu and Jooheon. The full group, excluding Kihyun, had gotten together during the second year of college once for a little reunion. Other than massive amounts of emails, calls, and texts, this was the only contact you had with your treasured friends. You and Kihyun kept in touch and you ended up messaging him more than anyone else. Small things, like how you had gotten full marks on a test or the fact that he had a weird substitute. Not much had felt like it changed. Your hair had grown a little longer and changed by a few shades, you started dressing yourself in clothing other than sweatpants, and your glasses had been swapped for contacts. Small things from the beginning of college that built up to a much different result compared to your high school self. Since graduation had passed, you finally had enough time to return home for a weekend. You nervously had typed out a message to a group chat you formulated, littering the message with emoticons to express your excitement.

I’m coming home~ Are you excited? I bet you guys really missed a feminine presence. Oh, I forgot you had Minhyukkie^^ Are you guys free? <3 Your precious friend is coming home to you!~ You didn’t forget right? (:

You sent it quickly, not allowing yourself to hesitate and smiling as several messages popped up on the screen.

Kihyun: Come quick. I’ve grown two inches, you have to see. I’m taller than Changkyun now!

Changkyun: My favorite girl~ Kihyun is lying, please ignore him.

Jooheon: Are you coming now? When do you arrive?

Shownu: You have a ride, right?

You grinned widely as you responded, tugging your suitcase out on the curb to wait for your bus. Excitement was bubbling inside of you, anticipation rising with each passing second. The four hour ride couldn’t pass quick enough.

It was three in the afternoon when you arrived, your eyes widening as you recognized Shownu waiting for you at the bus stop. You waved sweetly, the corners of your lips tugging upwards in a crescent as you descended the steps toward him.
“You haven’t changed one bit. I think you’re the only one that realizes I’m a girl.” You chuckled softly as Shownu picked up your bag, a wide smile on his face while you headed toward your home together. By the time you arrived, six other boys were waiting on your doorstep, making a racket as they cracked jokes. Kihyun’s eyes met yours first, widening in slight as he gulped.
“Guess who?” You asked playfully, waving a little at the group.
“Y/N? IS THAT YOU?!” Minhyuk yelled, running over excitedly to fret over your appearance, curious hands poking at your cheeks,
“What the fuck happened? Give us our girl back.” Changkyun demanded teasingly, a childish grin pulling at his lips.
“This is the first time I’ve ever seen you wearing something girly. I like it, you look pretty. To think those chunky glasses were hiding such a cute face.” Hyungwon continued, nudging Kihyun with his elbow as he spoke to you.
“Oh, cut it out. I’m the same.” You waved it off, trying to not be too obvious about how weird it felt to see Kihyun again.

The night ended peacefully, everyone going their separate ways after dinner and a couple rounds of karaoke. It was refreshing to see everyone again and you were more than excited to be visiting, especially since you were probably going to end up staying. You and Kihyun were the last two left, walking home together in the cool air of the evening.
“Today was really good, wasn’t it?” You turned towards him as you spoke, linking your arms together like you did as children. He tensed up a bit at the sudden contact, but adjusted quickly with a small chuckle and a nod. Kihyun had gotten handsomer with time, his features had filled out and he had possibly grown a little. Overall, he was the same old Kihyun you loved, just a little more mature.
“But I have to wonder, what ever happened to your high school sweetheart?” You quirked an eyebrow, waiting for his answer.
“We sorta went our own ways. She wasn’t really my type.” Kihyun hummed.
“What do you mean?”
“Well, I like girls with glasses.” He murmured, looking at you through his eyelashes with a devilish glint.
“Shut up. You’re not funny.” You whined, giving his shoulder a playful shove.

Kihyun returned home that night with his heart beating quicker than ever, his hand shakily wrapping around the door knob of his room before he pushed inside. Tonight felt different for him, the air was heavier than usual and his head was still reeling from the skinship between the two of you. He collapsed on his bed, fisting his hair in his hands as recalled the day.
“When did she get so pretty?” He asked himself exasperated, tugging his phone from his pocket and dialing Shownu’s number quickly.

A few weeks had passed since you had come back and decided to stick around. You’d have to go back to Busan at the end of the month to pack your things, but other that, things were going smoothly. You had applied for a couple jobs in the area and discussed with your parents about getting an apartment soon so you could finally start living on your own. It felt like your life was just beginning. You finished up adjusting your application for another job hastily, having made plans with the friend group for the night. Your phone buzzed with a google maps notification from Shownu, giving you instructions on the directions to the meeting place. You followed it carefully, only to end up completely lost and standing in front of a children’s playground.
“Did he give me the wrong address?” You huffed softly, checking google maps again multiple times just in case there was a mistake. As you waited around for a little bit, you found yourself on a children’s swing set, kicking at woodchips beneath your feet. This place was looking more and more familiar the longer you stayed. You tensed up as a hand fell over your eyes, a scream about to bubble it’s way up from your stomach, when a soft whisper calmed your fears.
“It’s Kihyun.” They said quietly into your ear and you could hear the smile in his voice.
“What the hell, you scared me so bad. Move your hand.” You complained, tugging at his fingers only to be greeted by the sight of roses filling your field of vision.
“W…What’s this for? Aren’t we supposed to be meeting everyone else?” You asked shyly as Kihyun handed them to you, his face hovering directly in front of yours. He was so close to you that you could feel your cheeks staining pink.
“Change of plans. You’re mine for tonight, if that’s okay.” He chuckled, adjusting himself in the swing next to you.
“Do you remember this place?” Kihyun asked softly, holding his hand out to ask for your own. You allowed your palm to kiss his, fingers intertwining delicately.
“It feels familiar, but I don’t really remember it specifically.” You responded hesitantly, focusing on Kihyun as he spoke. Did I miss something? You thought, fingers tightening around his.
“It’s where we first met when we were little. I don’t remember what all happened, but I do remember seeing you. I always thought you were pretty.” He smiled, keeping his eyes on the ground as he explained.
“This is going to sound really sudden, but I think I fell in love with you that day. I only just registered it, though. I don’t know where my head has been all these years. But when I saw you again, after treating you so horribly, something clicked. Everything fell into place. Originally, this was supposed to be a huge romantic ordeal and I was supposed to kiss you before I uncovered your eyes. I mean, at least that’s what Shownu told me to do. But I think it’s better to tell you like this.” Kihyun continued, attempting to phrase each sentence well and not stumble over his words.
“Yoo Kihyun… Are you confessing to me right now?” You smiled, making eye contact with him that sent a buzz of electricity through your body.
“I mean… I guess, I am, yeah. I’m confessing to you.” He mumbled, covering his face with his hands to hide how red his face had become.
“Thank god, I didn’t want to have to do it first.” You laughed in return, shifting your feet so that the edges of your swings met and you were close enough to be able to kiss Kihyun softly on the cheek.
Yoo Kihyun had been your best friend since kindergarten. You two never went anywhere without the other as children, constantly sharing crayons and swapping secrets about the first graders. You rode the bus home together everyday and would play rock paper scissors to decide which house you ate dinner at. As you grew older together, you ditched the school bus for your feet and would get ice cream together from a 24 hour convenience store around the block from your shared street. You began eating breakfast at Kihyun’s and dinner was always at yours. It was a wonderful routine and by the time you were seventeen, your folks had become best friends as well. Your destiny had practically been laid out in front of you, with Kihyun planning to attend the same university as you and your parents most likely planning a marriage behind your back. You were supposed to fall in love.

And you did.



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When you find someone you really like, you don’t date them in high school. You stay good friends with them and date them when you'er both adults, when you can stroll down city streets, share kisses over coffee, and ask them to marry you.

cerberosthehellguard  asked:

oh man for that aesthetic thing - 1 allura my queen, 2 handsome shiro and 3 my eternal heartthrob sousuke AND OH YEAH FORGOT 4 MY SON MY BABY LANCE

Haha oh jeez, ok. I had a lot of fun with these. Let’s go!


Allura is like getting back from a long night out with close friends. The glitter on your eyes has smudged down your cheeks, your hair has relaxed out of its tight curls and been shoved up into a haphazard mess. You can still taste those chips you shared on the street at 3am. But your head is clear, and even with most of your lipstick gone and your necklaces tangled, you look in the mirror and believe you could seduce a man to do terrible things.


Shiro is late night study sessions with an old friend. When your books have migrated from the desk to the floor, and blankets have tangled around your calves and ankles. When the sight of the sun rising makes your heart clench, but you and your friend have caught the giggles about something that was said 6 hours ago.


Sousuke is a hot summers day from your childhood. You can’t remember where you left your shoes. You need a band aid on your knee from where your friend had laughed as they dated you to jump out of a tree. That scratch will join the numerous others on your elbows and calves. Your hands are sticky from when you shared an ice cream that you managed to buy with your pocket money. You sit underneath a tree. Your friend pulls up grass and scatters it on your leg with a giggle.


Lance is obviously sunset on a beach. The day has been hot, but the sweat on the back of your neck is starting to cool in the evening air. Your cheeks have been turned pink. White sand crunches under your toes and your sweet, cold drink sweats in your hand. In the distance you can hear laughter and steel drums, but where you are its quiet. Salt gathers in your hair.


gerard way everyone