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I did a thread on psychotic disorders on Twitter. You can find that thread where I go into more detail and answer questions here:

How To Handle Hallucinations 2/8/2016

Hello everyone. Yesterday I got a private message in my inbox from someone who wanted advice on how to handle hallucinations. For the sake of privacy, I’m not going to share their username, but I will share with you guys what I told them.

1) When one of your senses is hallucinating, activate a different one. For example, when you are visually hallucinating, close your eyes, put on headphones, and listen to happy or relaxing music. If you’re hearing voices, take a shower or maybe touch something soft (if you have a pet, they’re -really- great for this). Maybe you have a favorite candy bar that you can have a few bites of, for taste. The point is that you calm down the sense that is hallucinating and focus on the sense that is experiencing what is real.

2) Factual observations. Do your best to avoid giving attention to your hallucinations  and just look around the room you’re in and ask yourself, “Ok, what is in this room that I know is real?” I’ll give you an example. For me, I’m in my computer room in the basement. I see my cat sleeping in his cat bed; I know both he and the bed are real. I have a cabinet full of art supplies; the cabinet and everything in it is real. I see an empty can of diet root beer soda on my desk; I know that is real. You can also do it with hearing and touch. This is called the “Three 3′s”- name three things you see, three things you hear, and three things you can touch. (It’s ok if you can’t come up with three things for each, one or two is a good start!). Don’t pay any attention to something if you don’t know if it’s real: focus only on what you know for sure to be real.

3) Talk to someone you know is grounded in reality. If you’re hearing voices and are unsure what to do, ask a trusted person, “Hey do you hear voices saying [x] right now?” Make sure this is someone who knows about your psychosis and is someone you trust, not just a stranger off the street.

Those are the three main strategies I use to combat hallucinations. If I ever happen to come across more, I’ll be sure to share!

Alan Moore on The Killing Joke

There’s an unsettling quote from an interview with Alan Moore about The Killing Joke, the infamous Batman graphic novel where Barbara Gordon gets shot in the spine to give her dad angst.  Supposedly he asked the DC heads about his plan to injure Barbara, and they responded, “Yeah, okay, cripple the bitch.”  I wanted to cite it in an academic paper, but finding an original source online was really tricky; some people even “called bullshit” and said it didn’t happen.

It happened.  Wizard Magazine 147 (2004), page 62-64.  And below the cut is both a transcript of the interview and a scan of the relevant magazine pages.  Hopefully this will prove helpful to other folks who’re documenting the book’s disturbing history.

(Warning: Comic book drawing of violence against women.)

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This is a scene from Polarspicecap’s AU fan fiction “Shared Psychosis”. I’ve never drawn from a fan fiction before, purely because I have never been as invested in any of them as I had this one, it’s simply amazing and I felt so immersed the whole time I was reading it. Here’s the link!

I suggest that you read it, however a warning, this fic has mature content including: Mental Health Issues, BPD (Borderline Personality Disorder), APD (Antisocial Personality Disorder), Psychopathology & Sociopathy, Anorexia Nervosa, Anziety Disorder, Schizophrenia, Major Depressive Disorder, Implied/Referenced Suicide and Drug Addiction.

I’ve been wanting to draw this one for a long time and I don’t usually draw fan fiction so please don’t ask me to draw any! Thankyou <3



  1. dirty water // the standells
  2. feel the pain // dinosaur jr.
  3. ladies of cambridge // vampire weekend
  4. i’m shipping up to boston // dropkick murphys
  5. swimming in the flood // passion pit
  6. waves // magic man
  7. m.t.a. // the kingston trio
  8. monkey gone to heaven // pixies
  9. miss teen massachusetts // skaters
  10. roadrunner // the modern lovers
  11. satellite // guster
  12. at home (passion pit remix) // crystal fighters

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“Don’t reblog this post if you don’t have x”

The classification of mental disorders into tight, neat, little boxes is a social construct, it is very common for disorders to overlap and coexist in a way that makes individual classification supremely difficult. It is very easy to isolate people who are suffering and could benefit from a community of people who UNDERSTAND when those kinds of standards are enforced despite the reality of the way mental disorders actually affect different people.

There’s a difference between asking that neurotypical people not reblog mentally ill posts, and barring an entire group of people that simply don’t have a very specific diagnosis from support and validation for shared symptoms.

Please read this if you have psychosis or are interested in helping people with it! Tw for ableism and unreality mention!

Hi, I’m tumblr user ghostboyhost (was psychotic-fenris and transabed). I have psychosis, which is any set of symptoms/diseases involving a disconnection with reality. This includes; dissociation, catatonia, hallucinations, or delusional paranoia. It encompasses many diseases, but for some of us undiagnosed folks, psychosis is the only label we have.
I wanted to make a tag for people who have psychosis to share their personal experiences and troubles. A place where everyone who has psychosis is welcome, people who only suspect they have it all the way to people officially diagnosed with psychosis. All of us! It would sorta be like the “actuallyautistic” tag because the “psychosis” tag is filled with triggering and scary pictures. We deserve a safe space.
So I did! #pseriouslypsychosis (originally #pseriouslypsychotic but an anon pointed out that psychotic is a reclaimed word and not everyone is comfortable with it.) If you have psychosis, boost this and add a personal post (if you are comfortable) about your experiences with psychosis!

Some general guidelines/rules:
-only people with psychosis, that’s a given!
-try to keep scary (gore, unreality, disorientating gifs) images out of the tag. If you have to post them, tag the triggers!
-trigger warnings tagged for hallucinations, unreality, abuse and the like are appreciated.

If you are abled/non-psychotic, pass this on please!

Shared Psychosis - Captor and Captive

More commonly known as Stockholm and Lima syndrome, this form of shared psychosis involves both captor and captive forming an emotional dependence to one another. However, this applies just as prevalently to instances of abuser and abused. It also illustrates one of the reasons why the victim stays with or returns to the abuser.

In certain instances, not all, when an individual is held captive and controlled by another person they become codependent emotionally to their captor. Likewise, in some instances, the captor develops an emotional codependence to their captive. The reason why this happens is not entirely clear, and it’s difficult to analyze the phenomenon because the variables are considerable.

However, the circumstances in each situation is the same. The captor/abuser takes away the captives/victim’s autonomy - takes control of what the captive/victim is allowed to do, who they talk to, and are forced into submissive/subservient behavior. Faced with social isolation, emotional degradation and physical control the victim sometimes becomes completely dependent on their captor/abuser for all their needs. Ultimately, this is what the captor/abuser wants, to have full control, for their captive/victim to need them as much as they need their captive/victim.

Unfortunately these instances are romanticized and presented as “true love” when in truth is a case of shared psychosis. The tale of “Beauty and the Beast” is a widely circulated and well-known example. In the tale a person is more or less traded to another, that person is than kept prisoner for an undisclosed amount of time. Faced with no one else to truly speak to the captor and captive become codependent on one another emotionally and mentally. At one point the captor lets the captive go but the captive returns because at that point they are dependent on each other for their emotional/mental needs.

In the Disney version the captor lets the captive have access to a new part of the prison. This is no more romantic than a captor allowing their captive access to a toilet. They are still controlling where their captive can go and when.

Another is the story of “The Phantom of the Opera”. In this case a known serial murderer manipulates and gaslights their chosen victim to believing they are talking to a incoporeal spirit. Then, when the victim begins to form a relationship with another person, the victim is kidnapped and kept hostage for an undisclosed period of time. The captor threatens to kill those who come to rescue the victim (and all those in the building) but with a proof of affection from the captive, the captor lets the rescuers go (nearly drowning them in the process). The captor lets the captive go but the captive returns at least once.

In both these tales the captive/victim has made a fatal mistake, they have misconstrued a lack of abuse for a show of genuine affection. Not actively verablly/mentally abusing at some point does not change the fact that they have abused in the past. Not killing someone in one instance does not remove the fact that they have killed in the past. Being treated well during a hostage situation does not mean the captive is free.

This is true in any abusive relationship. Simply because they are not abusing you now does not change the fact that they abused you in the past and may in the future. In the end the captor/abuser is trying to control you and make you as dependent on them as they are on you.

So basically:

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  • danny is either a ghost very good at blending in or a figment of a shared psychosis hence nobody noticing he’s not there
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