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The Moon Signs

Aries: A fire in their bellies that will never go out. Strong emotions, deep rooted hurt (esp if negatively aspected). Rebellious nature and a motivated personality. Plays the child role, even though it’s clear that they are dominate.

Taurus: Family and comfort are primary. A true romantic that needs love, even when they seem distant. Holds loved one close to their hearts, but once their trust it broken, they will never forget it. Extremely loyal but can have a hard time trusting others.

Gemini: Hippi attitude with moving feelings. A truly philisophic mind that can’t seem to make sense of their emotions. Mostly a good talker and it’s easy for these people to network. Quick learner. Can have trouble committing to serious things.

Cancer: Understanding, intuitive, and timid. These people can put up a strong front to mask their sensitivity. Could be interested in spiritual/psychic matters or completely turned off by it. Hard workers.

Leo: Bold feelings and a gold persona. A sunflower that seems intimidating/independent but really just needs a hug and an understanding person to talk to. Loves to be spoiled and loves to spoil. Can have bad habits.

Virgo: Intellectual mind that searches for higher meaning of anything that interests them. Wants to help you even if it comes off as nagging. Wants recognition because they are insecure and love to be needed. Can be either really dependent or independent.

Libra: Loves the arts and loves love. Like leo, they love extravagance and are extremely sweet. Easily overwhelmed and have a chaotic mind if too stressed.

Scorpio: Bad habits but secretly has a huge heart. They don’t live showing their sweet side cause that means vulnerablity. Extremely smooth talkers and very magnetic personalities.

Sagittarius: Free spirited and laid back. They try not to get stressed out too much and when they do they move on quickly. An always moving mind that seems to always be one step ahead.

Capricorn: Such a hard worker and knows it will pay off. Likes to do little chores and remembers a lot even though they might say they don’t. They really open up when they know they can trust you, likes people who share the same views and values.

Aquarius: Outside the box thinkers, nervous and fidgety when they are stressed or uncomfortable. Free thinkers with a revolunist mindset. Is for the people and wants the best for society as a whole.

Pisces: Emotional rollercoaster, very caring and a very trustworthy person. Is attracted to arts, music, and poetry and loves movies. Is a true romantic even when they can’t seem to put their emotions together. Loves animals.

Truly loving someone means respecting their opinion, regardless of what it is. Not everyone close to you will share the same thoughts, feelings, and values, but with unconditional love also comes unconditional understanding.
—  Nicole Addison @thepowerwithin
moon in the composite chart houses

1st house: moon here makes your relationship seem very emotional to others. you support each other emotionally and have a deep understanding of each other. you can sense each other’s emotions easily and how one person feels greatly affects the other’s mood. 

2nd house: financial stability is important for the two of you. you need to feel secure with each other and this can generally be obtained through gaining possessions. you two may rely too much materialistically and can emotionally fall apart if you don’t feel secure through your money. if you share the same values, you support each other.

3rd house: discussing things which each other is necessary to keep your emotions healthy. you communicate your feelings to each other but may make this relationship more detached or intellectual based than usual. words of affirmation are important and you might enjoy learning together.

4th house: you feel as though you must build a home and family together. your background and heritage ties you together and home is truly where the heart is. there’s a deep connection that is hard to pinpoint. there may exist a vague feeling of having known each other for a while.

5th house: this relationship is relaxed, fun, and carefree. you two are open with each other and the relationship is based off having happy, light emotions and doing things together. having children may be satisfying for the two of you. there’s a possibility of financial placements.

6th house: doing daily tasks together is comforting and peaceful. you love to serve each other and living your day to day life together. there is comfort and security from focusing on health, routine, and work. not a very romantic placement but is very satisfying.

7th house: the two of you become one. this relationship is very important to you and marriage may come up as a crucial idea. the idea of the relationship gives both of you emotional comfort and satisfaction. this is a strong position for the moon. there may be some superficiality.

8th house: you two share a very deep emotional connection, or might feel like you have to hide your feelings for each other from others. financial issues can be stressed and emotional power played with. pain is felt strongly. you trust each other deeply, this relationship grows and evolves both of you. 

9th house: a relationship based on sharing ideas and philosophies. this might feel like a more detached relationship built upon your opinions. you travel and experience things together. if you have differing philosophies, it could be emotionally difficult to accept. you discuss and debate often.

10th house: this placements mean the emotions you have with the relationship are shown to the public. it’s easy to become topic of gossip. you can be great business partners and strive to reach your highest potential together through status and career. achieving success in your careers and goals together is important for emotional health. 

11th house: this placement may also show your emotions to the community. this focuses on how the two of you interact with others together. sharing is stressed and gaining recognition for your contributions to the world is much more satisfying when done together. you feel comfortable in social settings.

12th house: emotions are felt deeply and can seem to be delusional, clouded, or hidden at times. you might be confused and misunderstand each other easily, but unintentionally. there definitely can be unintentional harm. when spiritual faith and trust is achieved, you two become a very strong comfort zone for each other.

Writing Healthy Relationships

By thecaffeinebookwarrior, in How to Write a (Healthy) Relationship: An Illustrated Guide

So ask yourself these questions:

  • Do your characters have any shared interests or hobbies?
  • Do they actively take interest in their partners’ hobbies?
  • Do they crack each other up, tell each other jokes?  Exchange playful jibes that aren’t pointed or hurtful?
  • Do they do the above more than they fight and bicker?
  • Would both your characters feel comfortable with their partner seeing them at their most comfortable (e.g. stuffing their faces with Nutella and watching bad reality shows)?
  • If so, would they join in?
  • If one partner feels hurt, neglected, or insecure, will the other partner take notice and attempt to comfort and reassure them?
  • Can they confide in each other?
  • Do they share the same goals, desires, and core values?
SKAM romance sesong by sesong
  • sesong 1: moving on from a relationship when it became more important than yourself, and learning to value the individual
  • sesong 2: falling into a relationship where you least expect it and dealing with the complications of things like sexual assault and miscommunication, the relationship ending later on because it became too complex and toxic
  • sesong 3: acceptance and soulmates, ending up together despite the odds and learning to value the present moment of any relationship
  • sesong 4 prediction: fighting against prejudice and realizing that most of the time the person you think is the one isn’t, and that you should find someone who shares the same values and desires as you

Julie’s hitting us with the whole spectrum

If you are RR Martin..

..and you have two options for Jon Snow’s romantic arc, which one would you choose:

1) Arrange a meeting with a foreign war obsessed stranger in the last books. Although she literally shares none of his values have them ‘fall in love’ in two minutes. Blame it on destiny.

2) Have the arc start even BEFORE what happens in the first book. Have Jon struggle and block his feelings. Keep the reader guessing while dropping subtle (and not so subtle) hints. Make it clear that they share the same values and literally dream of the same things. Have them both go through hell and back, only to come back to each other and see themselves in a different light. Have them go from respect to trust to close friendship, with ridiculous amounts of chemistry. Have them make each other happy. Have them question themselves and their feelings. Make reader realise they were made for each other before they do.

Another thing I really love about Yamato is that although he’s described as fastidious when it comes to his missions and he cares a bit more about rank than some others (in terms of titles of address and how it relates to rules), he’s never above questioning his superiors. 

It’s a quality we first observe in him when he’s introduced. He asks Tsunade, his Hokage, if she is overreacting when it comes to her concerns about Danzo making a move on Konoha. It’s not the type of question one would pose of their Hokage if they were particularly concerned about appearing insubordinate.

And the second we learn that Yamato used to work with Kakashi in ANBU, he follows it up with an admonition of Kakashi for coddling his students. It’s fairly obvious in the series that Yamato respects Kakashi more than he respects anyone else he knows, but it doesn’t make him above reproach. Yamato openly disagrees with Kakashi’s leadership style even while admiring him. 

The Third Data Book reiterates that rank isn’t the most important thing for Yamato: respect is. It’s clear that he treats both superiors and subordinates in the same way. If he thinks someone is making a bad decision, he’ll tell them so, regardless of who they are. He treats people as equals, and wants similar respect in return.

And my personal favourite: Yamato defies the wishes of the village elders, not only by undermining the order for Sasuke’s disposal, but also by escorting Naruto out of the village. Kakashi is the one who first announces it, but Yamato agrees to do it. It’s arguably the most ill-advised of any decision Yamato makes within the narrative. He knows it’s a bad idea, and as has been established, he won’t defer to Kakashi if he thinks he’s making the wrong call. So in this case, Yamato puts his friends above his superiors’ orders and his duty. If it were merely about damage control, he wouldn’t involve himself in Naruto’s plea and speak to the Raikage as harshly as he does.

It’s very interesting to me, because it could be easy to assume that Yamato’s tendency to go along with Kakashi’s bananas schemes comes from a place of subordination, but that doesn’t appear to be the case. Kakashi is his senpai, and that matters to him, but what matters far more is that Kakashi is his friend and someone who shares many of the same values. The trust they have in one another is the most important part of their relationship. Their roles in the village come second. Being more formal doesn’t make Yamato enamoured with rank or unable to speak up against people he respects. On the contrary, Yamato shares his opinion without prompting whenever he desires. 

palenoface  asked:

Yo I just watched season 4 and I was wondering... Is it just me or Shiro is confusing Keith with mixed signals ? First he asks him to lead then he gives him orders but after that he's all "you're the leader keith you have to make a decision" I mean what the hell ? It's all so confusing I don't get it

And now that I think of it it might be one of the reasons why Keith leaved Voltron to join the Blade…

Yes, Shiro has actually contradicted himself on numerous occasions. But I like to think that this is because of Kuron. Despite having the same memories, Kuron does not share the same values as Shiro.


If Kuron ends up not being a legitimate thing, and it turns out the Shiro from season 3 and 4 was in fact the real Shiro, then I’m going to pretty disappointed on how the writers treated Shiro’s character. Shiro has proven time and time again that he’s a father figure first, and he’s a general leading people into war second. He cares about his team, but in season 3 and 4, he brushed aside his team’s feelings.

If you ask me, the Shiro from Season 3 and 4 seems to follow the mentality of “The mission is more important than the individual.” Which is funny because that seems to be the mentality of all the Galra, whether they’re part of the bom or not.

The silliness of the centrist position on political disagreement (you should be able to get along with everyone politically, shouldn’t be hostile over politics, free-speech fundamentalism, etc.) is that they’re basically right, they just fail to recognize what constitutes disagreement and what constitutes insurmountable conflict, and that the latter is as relevant to politics as the former.

I’m able to get along with a lot of people (liberals, left-leaning libertarians, social democrats, Leninists, most stripes of left anarchist) who do not share my politics. Though I may still have a vested interest in seeing their politics not come to fruition, what we disagree on is basically practical matters - policy details, strategy, tactics, limitations or lack thereof - or on primarily philosophical matters - what is the function of the state, are markets an effective way of relegating resources, etc. And these issues are important and should be confronted, but not so important that I have to flip my wig every time someone says something I disagree with. This is one side of the political coin - working out issues through cooperation and discussion - but even this is agonistic, if not necessarily antagonistic.

I cannot get along with conservatives, self-described classical liberals, nationalists, right-libertarians, and (this should go without saying) fascists or white supremacists. They are, in the most literal sense of the term, antagonists to me and my loved ones. Here, there is not a disagreement on the practical that can be chalked up to different interpretations of information (though there are elements of that), but a conflict of interest - our values and goals are wholly incompatible. For one to prevail the other must lose out entirely. This is where the consensus theories of democracy, the kind of logic that promotes bipartisanship as an inherent good, runs into problems. Somehow the presence of conflict is a bug rather than a feature; wanting to win the battle of democracy, rather than reach some compromise with people who do not actually share the same values or intentions as you, is a negative thing. That there are winners and losers in politics is political science 101 (look at The Prince), but because the idea that conflicts of interest are fundamental or even the driving force to politics has become associated with Marxism, the commentariat-industrial-complex loves to clutch their pearls about it.

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How are Ravenclaw's relationships with other houses?

Ravenclaws have a weird relationship with gryffindor. Though we often adore them individually, as a house it represents everything we loathe. To ravenclaws, gryffindor symbolises conformity, arrogance, and unoriginality. It’s bs of course but ravenclaws strain to go against the current, to stand out from the crowd, and the idea of being in gryffindor and just being so normal is incredibly unappealing to a ravenclaw. Also we joke about gryffindors being big headed but know that it’s not intended maliciously, after all many ravenclaws are exactly the same whether we admit it to ourselves or not

Slytherin is quite the opposite. As a house we can get behind its beliefs. Slytherins value wit, cunning, and ambition. It’s like ravenclaws look at slytherins and think ‘huh… that could be me if I actually put my mind to something’. However, though slytherin is by no means an evil house, it is one focused heavily on putting yourself first. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing but ravenclaws often take issue with ‘the ends justify the means’ mentality that a lot of slytherins hold, particularly when it concerns prejudice. Ravenclaw values itself on acceptance and so the exclusive nature of slytherin doesn’t sit that well

Hufflepuffs are the people there to keep ravenclaws on track. They’re the friends ravenclaws want to be like. They show ravenclaws the value of hard work, share the same passion for equality, and show a loyalty that ravenclaws often struggle to maintain. Hufflepuff also joins ravenclaw in the under appreciated houses club, and there’s a certain comradely from being constantly under represented. However the relationship can be fairly one sided with ravenclaws often taking more than they give back, and we need to learn to take notes from the hufflepuffs rather than simply admiring them

  • when you reach 18, you can have wine at important celebrations such as christmas or new year
  • fleur probably was super annoyed at everyone giving her shitty english bread but toughed it up because she has been raised right
  • she also probably surprised many people by touching their arms or else randomly because french just do that when comfortable
  • beauxbâtons being in the pyrénées i guess skiing af ??? tan human beings everywhere except around the eyes ???
  • or a spell has been created to avoid these fugly tan marks ?
  • amazing wizard cook
  • what is buffet for school food, wtf is wrong with u people, no you get a damn plate and you eat what’s in it
  • but special meals without pork or meat at all for religious and vegan people just like muggle schools do
  • the french minister of magic imposing muggles subjects in beauxbâtons such as maths, literature and geography because it’s important to share the same values with your own people !!!!
  • all skin colors represented because France has known several impressive migration waves so diversity \o/
  • all religions too even though, except in food, no sign of it must be seen, because church is seperated from state, magical world included
  • no houses like hogwarts, kids being parted in pairs by level and weaknesses and strength so they can pull each others up
  • ‘toujours pur’ is still actually a thing though and french pure-blood are hardcore af
  • free education even after beauxbâtons
  • also help to buy the furniture because owls and shit are expensive af

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What makes you so sure that Clarke was in love with bellamy?

I haven’t been blogging for a while so I can’t remember if I’ve talked that much about Clarke’s feelings for Bellamy. Her actions in the past have demonstrated her love for him many times over and plenty of bloggers have discussed that. For example, Clarke was prepared to let her mother die to save humanity from A.L.I.E., but she wouldn’t kill Bellamy to stop him from opening the bunker door, potentially killing all of Skaikru and, thus, all of humanity. So, instead of listing examples, I’m going to take a different approach and relate the development of Clarke’s feelings for Bellamy as I perceive them.

Let’s get to it.

Imagine you’re going through life, having relationships, etc., and you meet a person who you just do not consider as a romantic possibility. Maybe you are interested in someone else at the time, or maybe you don’t really like the new person, or maybe both. But as you spend more time with them, you find your initial assumptions were wrong. You discover this innate kinship born of shared goals, beliefs, and values. You’re on the same page in this integral, instinctive way. Even better, you find that there are also differences. The other person sees things differently and they have knowledge and experiences you lack. The differences between you complement your weaknesses. This person teaches you things about yourself and others. And at the same time, you are teaching the other person things too. You both end up developing and growing together in an organic, instinctive, complementary way. You still don’t see them as a potential lover. They are a person in a whole category of their own, a facet of your existence like air, earth, or fire. 

You develop an unshakeable bond. Because of past experiences and betrayals, you have become guarded. There is expectation and pressure, but with this person, you can be vulnerable. In front of others, you are composed and in control. With them, you can be soft, worried, upset. And they are vulnerable with you, too. You support each other. When you see them after a separation, you run into their arms, because you know they’ve got you and because their physical presence is inherently comforting. You reach for them over and over, whenever you are upset or frightened. You strain for their fingertips when you are terrified. Somehow, their touch makes you feel safe. You rely on them, you trust them implicitly. 

Throughout this time you have other relationships, but they don’t work out. All the while, this person has your back, through tough times and terrible decisions. Sometimes you disagree and on very rare occasions you fight, but they are always, always there when you need them. You both mess up in different ways, but resolve your differences and come back to each other. They are your rock just as you are theirs. This person has become closer to you than anyone else in the world. You don’t even question it. You would challenge armies for them. You would sacrifice an entire people for them. When you are all alone, lost in a world that seems impossibly empty, they are the person you call for, even if they never respond. Imagining their presence is almost enough. No one else’s imagined presence comes close to filling that hole. You still don’t see what that means.

Then, one day, realization dawns. You ask yourself some life-changing questions: 

What if this person who is closer to you than your own skin, whose touch grounds you, who knows you inside and out, who you would sacrifice yourself and almost everyone else for, whose voice and presence you long for…what if this person is the one you’re meant to be with?

What if everything you have with them is also everything you could ever hope for in a relationship?

What if your love for this person is actual, full-blown, earth-shattering love?

Once those questions are asked, things just fall into place. Your love for this person was so impossibly close to your heart that you overlooked it for a long time. But it was always there, growing from strength to strength, until one day it was staring you in the face.

Right now, I think Clarke is on the brink of asking herself the big questions. IIRC Eliza Taylor (or was it Bob Morely) said much of Clarke and Bellamy’s relationship this season would center around them trying to figure out why they need each other so desperately. In other words, they’ll be asking those questions. But Clarke has loved Bellamy for a very long time.

Shoutout to all my fellow INFPs working jobs that leave them unfulfilled, drained, and empty. I know how rough it can be working for a place that doesn’t share your same values. But don’t give up on yourself and your dreams. Remain present, and work towards getting to a place that you can stand behind. Your hearts are big and ambitious and beautiful, don’t ever let a company or a person try and water you down or tell you that your values and views don’t matter, because they do. You do.


This is the single most important thing I’ve learned in the last year of getting my sh*t together. 

Hang out with them. Don’t know any? Read memoirs of people who are doing a thing you might like to do. Find their interviews. Listen to their ted talks and podcast interviews.

Hang out with people who motivate you to do your best. People who are fucking cool, or who are doing something you’d love to do. People who share the same values as you, or the values you want to have.

You literally are what you consume – the mirror effect.

Default me is a sarcastic bitch with a Wednesday Addams sense of humor who adores the ever loving shit out of true crime. A carefully developed crusty exterior. And it’s exhausting. It only fed into my natural, depressive, negative self.

I swapped most of my macabre podcasts for upbeat and positive ones. I started reading books that inspired me and songs that encouraged me to take walks. A friend at work – one of the two people who have inspired me to do better, be better – and I swap podcast, article, and book recs. She, like me, is always interested in doing something better, in being better.

And the other person is a tumblr friend who turned into a best friend and the healthiest, most vulnerable, supportive relationship I’ve ever had. She also encourages me to be my best self, and I encourage her to be hers.

Two people. That’s all it took to turn my life around.


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I love your writing!!!! You constantly amaze me with your talent!!! What are your favorite things about drarry? What draws you to their relationship? Do you have any favorite headcannons/tropes specific to their relationship? Xoxo and thanks for being so amazing!

Oh my gosh thank you. That is so kind of you and makes me so happy!

I have so many favorite things about Drarry, so many things that draw me to this ship. Oh my goodness.

  • The equality. When Draco’s redemption is fully fleshed out and Harry and Draco are just equals emotionally and intellectually and physically? sign me the fuck up.
  • The intensity. Harry and Draco are both so intense and they are probably both a complete pain in the ass sometimes because they’re both stubborn and can be emotionally reactive. I love when no one else can handle them but each other. 
  • The banter. God the banter. I will never get enough of them bickering over everything and bickering as foreplay and bickering during sex and bickering over tea but it’s never malicious it’s playful and intelligent and witty. IT IS SO GOOD.
  • I love that Drarry writers aren’t scared to go there. I mean yes I want Harry and Draco happy and sometimes I love when things are light and already established, but on the whole Drarry, in particular, is just so real and raw. These stories have both characters fleshed out in such detail, the characterizations are intense and don’t make either one of them perfect for the sake of the relationship, they deal with their shit and grow and move on and it makes everything so much better because it’s so real. 
  • They’re obsessed with each other. I do not see’s Harry’s book obsession as a secret crush. BUT, I do see their fixation on each other being able to shift into something healthier while still maintaining that attraction and fascination with each other. I love that they are both just so focused on the other one and that no one else could ever be enough for them.
  • The emotional complexity. I sort of touched on this in one of the previous bullets but Drarry is so deep man. It looks at how much they want each other physically, emotionally and the ways their past and present lives align with those desires. It’s enriching and absorbing and addicting.
  • I love their differences. I love their similarities. It’s such an intriguing balance. Harry and Draco are so different in motivations, core values, personality types, etc.. and yet they share the same passions, intensity and depending on how the fic is explored those core values and personal interests often align. And I love that they can be so similar and so different at once because it makes everything about them so dynamic.
  • On that same vein, they challenge each other. They never let the other one get away with bullshit and I love that.

I have a list of likes & dislikes here, but in general some of my ride or die tropes for Drarry are…

  • bond fics
  • fake dating
  • bed sharing
  • clothing sharing
  • auror partners
  • hurt/comfort (heavy on the comfort please!)
  • Quidditch fics

Ah man I love talking about Drarry. I love Harry and Draco so much. Thank you for this wonderful ask and giving me a chance to talk about some of the things I love!

Types of men that are definitely worth the penalty, for each zodiac sign
  • Aries: The one who shares the same values you have.
  • Taurus: The one who listens to you and shows interest.
  • Gemini: The one that includes you in your plans.
  • Cancer: The one that values you.
  • Leo: The one who always brings you a smile.
  • Virgo: The one who tells you what you feel.
  • Libra: The one who sees you sexy without makeup.
  • Scorpio: The one who has patience.
  • Sagittarius: The one who has fun with your family.
  • Capricorn: The one that sees with you the TV series that you like because you know that makes you happy.
  • Aquarius: The one that answers the messages in a reasonable time frame.
  • Pisces: The one who is willing to give in.