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victuuri season 2 checklist

brought to u by me and @actualyuuri​ bc we’re in one of those Moods™ again

  • victor dragging yuuri to his kiss and cry “yakov, can you scootch down and make room for yuuri" 
    • “but i’m.,, i’m your actual coach,” yakov says. “and he’s not even–”
    • “yeah cool so just scootch down? and make room for yuuri? thanks”
  • victor leaping into yuuri’s arms after every performance
  • victor and yuuri helping each other into their costumes
  • victor and yuuri holding the other’s skating guards for them while they perform
  • victor and yuuri kissing their rings at the beginning of each other’s performances
  • victor and yuuri always reaching for the other person in their ending poses
  • victor and yuuri dancing together while warmin up in lilia’s studio
  • yuuri waiting up at the edge of the rink when victor really really needs to Get This Part of the Choreography Right
  • victor waiting up at the edge of the rink when yuuri really really needs to Just Nail This Jump One More Time
  • before a competition they’re practicing together and start impromptu pair skating
    • yakov doesn’t even yell at them he just :( watches :( bc vitya is so happy and hasn’t been this happy for so many years :(
  • victor and yuuri bandaging each other up after hard practices
  • yuuri gets hurt during a practice
    • nothing major just lands kind of bad and victor draws him a warm bath, rubs his feet
    • makes him dinner :( tells him to go to bed early :(
    • victor is the big spoon that night bc yuuri is safe in his arms :(
  • they make their own healing salves
    • it takes them awhile to get the recipe just right but they use all their favorite smells
    • “smells like you,” victor will murmur but yuuri will touch his cheek and shake his head, “smells like home”
    • victor putting the salves on yuuri’s feet and yuuri is so tired from his long day that he starts to fall asleep 
    • and victor starts brushing his fingers through yuuri’s hair until he falls asleep on the couch
    • victor picks him up and takes him to bed and lays him down in it
  • grocery shopping so much grocery shopping
  • making protein shakes and fruit smoothies together
    • they start like a special diet together where they have a lot of fruit and have to like cook new recipes and it’s super cute
    • and they exercise and are healthy and in love and i just……. i…….
    • victor and yuuri spotting each other at the gym when they work out
    • victor and yuuri helping each other stretch
    • they have matching 2 liter water bottles 
    • their water bottles are legit the same so they always forget whose is whose
    • ‘that’s gross’ yurio says as victor accidentally drinks from both

hey let’s talk about hunk and allura friendship! i’ll start:

  • they know ALL the gossip on the ship. between hunk’s snooping and the mice, they know EVERYTHING.
    • lance: ugh i’m exhausted :’(
      hunk: maybe you shouldn’t have stayed up all night ghosthunting then
      lance: wh–
      allura: no, no, that was last week. last night he was talking to blue about k–
      lance: GUYS STOP
  • they’re the ones who make trust decisions for team voltron now (allura bc she’s the leader and hunk bc of “taking flight”). so like, if the both of them dislike a person, that individual is pretty much fucked.
  • hunk is allura’s best friend. like, he’ll be like “hey are you sure that diplomat can talk to you like that. because i don’t think he should.” “you know what hunk!! you’re absolutely right!! he can’t!!”
    • unfortunately this means they will sometimes get carried away. this is shiro’s worst fear.
  • both of them love shay and will talk about going to visit her and save souvenirs from different planets that they think she’ll like
I don’t want to be angry anymore. I want to be calm. I want to stop hurting people and blowing up all the time. I hate myself for it. It’s straining my relationship. It’s made my mom cry. I just lose it and blow up on anyone that’s near me when I’m mad and I know it isn’t fair but I feel like I can’t control it, and every time I go off I just get more angry at myself and it makes it worse. My anger is out of control and I don’t know how to fix it. I feel like the worst piece of shit.
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‘’Are you going to finish that?’’

A/N: I JUST FELL IN LOVE WITH THIS IDEA AND OH LORD IT’S SO PRECIOUS!  @crownofmanga deserves so much credit for giving me this idea and helping me through writing it, because I loved the idea and wanted it to be perfect, Thank you so much doll!! 
I truly hope that you guys enjoy this, please let me know what you think! 
Please note that english is not my first language so there might be grammar mistakes

Pairings: Bucky X Reader

Prompt: You and the super soldier form a special a special bond over food, will shared bites lead to something more?

Warnings: A tiny bit of language

Word count: 4437

The savoury smell of pizza roamed through the hallways as you made your way to the kitchen to join your teammates for dinner. A small smile tugged at your lips as you entered the room, greeting the others as you made a beeline over to the kitchen island which was partly covered with pizza boxes. You glanced through the boxes before finding a pizza slice with your favoured toppings and took a quick bite while turning around and noticing that the kitchen table was fully seated. You grabbed a plate to place your slice on before pushing up to sit on the marble, letting your feet dangle off it as you picked up your plate to devour your pizza. 

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The Lighthouse

Pairing: Kim Namjoon x Reader
Rated: T
Genre: Fluff & the slightest angst
Word Count: 3,776

Summary: You fell hard and fast for a gentle gaze and dimpled smile, the kindness and innocence that fills his heart and it makes you ache to return to that lighthouse once again.

A/N: I half love half hate this piece of work but it’s been forever since I last posted a fic so here we are 🎉 also I don’t know for sure if Namjoon’s pup is actually a boy or girl so I just guessed. 

The midday sun is warm against your face as you lean your head back, eyes closed and hair knotting in the cool breeze. The sound of strong waves slapping against jagged rock lull you into a state of daydreaming, though you’re startled out of it from the sound of a wooden door slamming against the wall of the lighthouse, rattling its hinges.  

You release the metal railing you were holding onto and place your hand over your thundering heart, squinting through the sunlight at a man chasing a frantic seagull out of the doorway who is quick to take flight. You stand there, mouth slightly agape, listening to the man grumble to himself something along the lines of grumble to himself something along the lines of ‘Pesky… good for nothing…’ and ‘Lucky I don’t eat you for dinner.’ He runs a hand through his hair and turns himself back towards the door but the flutter of your dress catches his eye, making him jerk back in surprise at the sight of you.

“Why… were you chasing a seagull?” You call across the space between the two of you.

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happy birthday doyoung  // #HappyDOYOUNGDay

thank you so much for sharing your melodic voice and bright smile with all of us. we can’t wait to see all you’ll accomplish in the future. you deserve all the happiness in the world. hope you have a wonderful year filled with love and laughter ♡

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Could you a vocal unit reaction to you trying to sing a song but your voice being completely horrible at it? Like you just suck at singing, lol.

Originally posted by prettylittlepsycho1004

Jeonghan- Jeonghan will be such a little devil, he would laugh at the sight of your trying to sing but then he would also adore how cute you look. He would come close and cup your face between his big hands then whisper in your ear how much he treasures your adorable singing skills.

Originally posted by beautifulcarats

Joshua - he’s such a sweetheart honestly he could never tell you that you’re horrible instead he would offer to help you with singing lessons. Even after the lessons when you weren’t getting any better he would still offer to help you. This sweetheart will do anything and help you in any way that he can to make you feel better.

Originally posted by woozioppa

Woozi- Woozi being the vocal team leader himself would be trying to get you to sing to him almost everyday just so he can find out how good you are. When you finally decide to share your ugly voice with him, he would laugh/ smile at first but then he would come close and hold your tummy to teach you how to sing properly without hurting your throat.

Originally posted by lseokmin

DK - first he would smile. He would do the biggest cheesiest smile ever. Even though you sounded horrible he thought you were amazing. Everything you do is so cute to him he can’t help but smile when you’re around. Since he’s main vocals he would help you to sing better if you wanted to but if he had his way he could listen to you forever.

Originally posted by shiroisaku

Seungkwan - he you stop you half way and show you how it’s done. Every word you sang he would stop and show you the right way. He’s so sassy and he’s also main vocals so he would want to show you the proper way it’s done but once he gets annoying you just stop and sit on the chair. He’ll come and whisper in your ear “I love hearing your voice, it’s perfect to me.”

Admin Mi& Sunshine



《I could still remember the times you were the strict leader when I watched sesame player years ago….but now you’re such a nice and sweet Hyung to our other six babies. T_T

Last year when I watched Infinite Showtime, you displayed such care and concern for the members and it was way too touching (Yes, rip my soul)….

You’re probably not going to read this but thank you for pulling the member up when they fall and believing in them, for being such an understanding person, for your friendzone love for your fans, for sharing your amazing voice with us, for always seeking for improvement, for making us proud.

Most importantly, thank you for being Infinite’s dependable leader.

Thank you for being in Infinite.》

Happy Birthday Kim Sunggyu,
You deserve lots of love and happiness!

How They React To You Being Able To Sing Kinda Good (BTS)

Requested by a lovely anon <3 

Feel free to send in requests guys! We do Reactions, Preferences, Fake Texts, and Scenarios! Just tell us who you want, what you want, and how you want it! <3  (MalexFemale, MalexMale, FemalexFemale)

*Don’t own the gifs*

Author: Taebaby

NAMJOON: It didn’t matter if you were the worst singer ever or if you were the literal best, he’d be fuckin turnt every time you sang. Like you’d know he was being extra but it’d still make you feel good because he’s a sweetie

YOONGI: I feel like he’d encourage you to improve (not that he didn’t think you were already pretty good) but for yongi, theres always room for improvement. 

HOSEOK: He would love hearing you sing, whether you liked sharing your voice or not. Even if you were just kinda humming a song quietly to yourself while cooking dinner, Hoseok would slide into the damn kitchen at light speed just so he can listen to you

SEOKJIN: It would surprise him in a nice way, like you might be having breakfast together or driving in the car somewhere and you’d start quietly singing the song you had stuck in your head. He’d watch you for a while then look away, but keep listening to yo. He wouldn’t interupt because he knew you singing out loud was rare

JIMIN: This sweetie would literally sit out side the bathroom door just to listen to you singing in the shower because you never sing otherwise. Like this is a real thing he would do I swear he’s so cute

TAEHYUNG: This one would be like ‘YAAAAS SANG FO MEEEH’ like the extra EXTRA version of Namjon basically





or he’d quietly sit and listen to you because he felt like if he said even a word then the beautiful rarity that is you singing would shatter, because he’s dramatic like that

All Shook Up

Dean x Reader

This was a challenge for @itswitchcraft-not-googlemaps‘s birthday! I’m so glad I got to take part in it! Sign ups are here (I think it’s still open)

Warnings: none, just some sweet fluff

Word Count: 652

A/N: I’m so excited to do this, it’s combining my two favorite things: Supernatural and Elvis! This kind of incorporated more songs, but all Shook Up is the main song and theme. Also a very happy happy birthday to the great and wonderful Steph and a huge thank you for letting me be a part of it!

Tags: @supernatural-jackles @jensen-jarpad @fallen-and-lost @fangirl1802 @beesintuxedos @jpadjackles @itswitchcraft-not-googlemaps

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Falling Apart

Originally posted by pinkhoodiemark

Word Count: 1,305

“I’ll give you as much time as you need.”

Genre: Angst, Fluff
Warnings: Mentions of abuse, swearing.

You were sitting at home alone waiting for him for what must have been the millionth time. It was nearly three in the morning and BamBam was nowhere to be found. You knew when you began to date BamBam that the schedule of an idol wasn’t easy to deal with. But this was on another level and you had no idea how to deal with it. It was a night you’d promised to have dinner together, you’d set everything yet you were still sitting there alone, despite every logical thought in your mind telling you to go to sleep.

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pairing ; lin x reader

summary ; confessions and nicknames 

ft. pippa

words ; 1798

warnings ; fluff man

note ; first lin imagine; kinda proud of this one, not gonna lie.


“You wouldn’t believe what I saw today! Y/n, really, it was the weirdest thing,” your best friend, Lin, said, walking into your shared apartment. His voice echoed about the spacious area in the higher part of New York.

You turned away from your book for just a second, looking toward your bubbly best friend. “Do tell of your riveting day, my dear Lin.” Your words were genuine, but the way you said them mocked the olden times, and it only made Lin laugh.

“So, okay, where should I start? First I saw the cutest puppies, and then people came up and asked him about Hamilton and In The Heights, and then I tried that new coffee joint down the street – delicious, by the way, and then, and then,” he stopped for a second, taking a breath and smiling.

You began to giggle, sliding your bookmark into place and getting up from your spot on the couch. Walking past him and to the kitchen, you grabbed a coke from the fridge and leaned against the counter, watching Lin shed his coat and prop himself up on a counter across from you.

He began to ramble on about his day, going into detail about each and every encounter he had. You couldn’t help but admire the way he was so passionate about everything – even simple things like this.

His brown eyes would light up, a sparkle running through them and his hands would start conveying his emotions alongside his words. His feet, depending on whether he was standing or sitting where he could hang them, would start jiggling, and if he wasn’t wearing shoes, his toes would wiggle. If he was standing, he just go onto his tiptoes and bounce on them.

His smile would light up the room like the sun, and his words would be so hopeful about damn near everything – no matter the conversation topic. Hence your nickname Sunshine, of which you had dubbed a few years back when you first met him.

Now, as you watched him get excited about his day, you couldn’t help but feel your heart swell. Your harbored feelings poked at your being as you longingly stared at him, wanting to be caught up in his words, but too caught up in your thoughts.

Just as he was about to go on another tangent about something, his words stopped abruptly. He looked over your figure, wondering why you hadn’t given your two cents at all in the last ten minutes he’d been talking, as per usual.

You were just sat there, swinging your legs and glancing around. Sometimes your eyes would land on his face, other times it would be fixated on the coke in your hand or the cabinet behind him, or even the entrance to the kitchen.

“Y/n?” Your name left his lips in the form of a question, his eyebrow going up. When you didn’t answer, he questioned once more, “Hello? Earth to Y/n?”

You snapped out of your thoughts just in time to respond, “Huh?”

“You okay there? You spaced out.”

“Oh,” you laughed, “yeah. I’m fine. Just thinking, is all.”

“About what?” Although his question was innocent, and he didn’t intend it to mean anything but what was on the surface, it still made your heart pick up speed and your breath get caught in your throat.

“W-Well, uhm,” you looked away from him, cursing yourself for stuttering. Lin knew that if you were stuttering, there was obviously something up that you weren’t telling him, and since that was the case now, you knew he would catch on soon.

“What is it, y/n? Everything okay?”

“Yeah, yeah it is, I just,” you hesitated before taking a deep breath and letting the words out, “I’m thinking about you.”

He remained silent, a curious look in his eyes. After a moment, he let out a quick, “Me?”

“Yeah, you. I’ve been thinking about you, and me, and… well, us.” It was getting increasingly difficult to get your words out, considering where you were treading was thin ice and his response would be the only thing that sank you or kept you upright.

“What’s going on, y/n? What do you mean, ‘us’?”

“Well, I mean, I guess- I don’t know what I mean. I just, I really, really like you, as more than just a friend, and watching you be you, well, Sunshine…”

When you trailed off, you looked up to meet his eyes, not noticing that yours had wandered back down to your coke can. He looked troubled, like he had too many things going through his mind for him to grasp just one single thought and speak it.

“I understand if you don’t feel the same, I do. I just… I needed to say it,” your voice faded off into a whisper near the end of your statement as you slid off the counter. Throwing away your coke and stepping into the living room, you turned to see Lin still standing in the kitchen.

His eyebrows had furrowed and his mouth was still open, as if he were about to say something, but he wasn’t. But, in a matter of seconds, his head snapped up to where you were and he drew in a quick breath.


“I don’t… y/n, I,” he stopped whatever he was saying as you nodded and turned back around.

“I’ll uh, see you later sunshine,” you nodded to yourself, slipping on a pair of boots and grabbing a jacket before heading out the door.

You didn’t hear anything from Lin when you did, and if that wasn’t a sure sign that he didn’t have a thing to say to you, you didn’t know what was.

You knocked softly on the door in front of you, relieved to see Pippa open it moments later.


“Pippa, hi. Can I come in?”

“Yeah, of course,” she opened the door wider for you and let you in, the soft click behind you signifying she had closed it. “What’s up?”

“It’s about.. Lin,” you were hesitant to let the words slip past your lips, but since she was the one you had confided in about your feelings, she immediately understood.

“Oh no, what happened?” She placed a soft hand on your arm and led you to her couch, where she promptly sat you down and beckoned for you to continue.

“I told him how I felt, and- well, he just went silent. He stopped talking, and then when I asked him what was up, he just mumbled that he didn’t,” you said it all in one breath, and by the time you were done, you could feel tears stinging your eyes.

“He didn’t what?”

“I don’t know. He just said ‘I don’t’ and that was it,” you mumbled.

“Oh,” was all she said. Her brown eyes traveled behind your head while she thought about something. You had seen that look too much today, and a dreadful feeling took your heart upon remembering what Lin looked like when he did that.


“Hon, I wouldn’t take his words as anything bad. He was just at a loss for, well, words.”

“Lin-Manuel Miranda at a loss for words? That’s new.”

“I know, but it wasn’t because he doesn’t feel the same. Trust me, he never stops talking about you when you aren’t around. You’re always on his mind, so I think it was just a shocked feeling at realizing you felt the same way.”

“But, Pippa, why didn’t he stop me from leaving?”

“He was thinking,” she offered a hopeful smile, “you know he always overthinks situations. I’m positive if you went back home, he would immediately hug you.”

“You think?”


After a moment, you looked down at your hands and then back at her with a small smile, “Thanks, Pip. You helped a lot.”

“You’re welcome, love. Now go and get your man!”

You laughed, standing up and giving her a hug as another thank you before leaving. You realized you had left your phone at the apartment as well, so you couldn’t text Lin that you were coming back, and you were sure he had texted you multiple times in the time you were gone.

Smiling and shaking your head a small bit, you started the trek back home, a new hope filling your heart.

You stepped into the apartment, surprised to see it so quiet and dark. There was no buzzing Lin, no coffee brewing or movie playing, nothing. Just silence.


There was more silence as your call echoed through the apartment before a response came back, “Y/n?”

“Where are you, sunshine?”

“Room,” he called back, a little happiness in his voice.

You took off your boots and shrugged off your jacket, leaving them by the front door and walking back to Lin’s bedroom. He was sitting on his bed, the only light on the lamp on his desk, and his feet tapping the carpet. His head snapped to you in the doorway, and he beckoned you over with a wave of his hand.

You went to his bed and sat down beside him, feeling his arm slide around your waist. Your head naturally fell on his shoulder and a breath escaped both of your lips. “I really love you.”

“I really love you, too,” you whispered. Your heart was soaring in happiness, but the overall peacefulness of the room allowed for a calmer response.

“I’m sorry about earlier, I just got so caught up in my thoughts and I… I didn’t know how to respond. I’ve loved you for so long and it’s sad that this,” he took your hand with his free one, “didn’t happen sooner.”

“It’s okay. I should’ve given you time to think. But I’m just glad that it’s all out in the open now.”

“Yeah, me, too.”

You took your head off his shoulder and looked up at him. His lips were upturned in a soft smile, the scruff decorating his mouth quirking upward. His eyes darted between yours and your lips, so you took that as a sign to lean up and press them to his.

The kiss was sweet, Lin laying down and allowing you to rest on top of him as your lips remained locked. Nothing heated was happening, just genuine love being shared between two rejoicing humans who wished they had seen it sooner.

“So,” you whispered once you pulled away, “am I staying in here at night?”

“Oh hell yes. Your bedroom is a guest bed now, you’re mine.”

You laughed quietly, sliding down and resting your head on his chest. Your fingers intertwined and you felt sleep beginning to tug at your tired body.

“I love you, Sunshine.”

“I love you, too, y/n.”

White people I am begging you one last time:


Forget about congress. Focus on your local government. See previous post for information.

 I need you to cast your whiteness and shield me by having Nazi’s hear them through your face. To help drown me out as I am shouting, with this constant fear that I will be silenced by your brethren.

And instead of taking action you will weep for me and sigh and move on.
So look at me. Look at what you’ve done. Look at the choices I am being forced to make. I challenge you to make them for yourself even in the littlest ways.

March with your words as well as your bodies. 

Hate speech is the lowest but most powerful form of Fascism. You normalize it. You joke about it. It has impact because your whiteness is so powerful it gives it impact.

Give your voice productive imact. Know that poc and jewish people and muslim people and people with disabilities, and lgbtq+ people already know this. And we defy fascism with our existence but now we are vulnerable. 


People marched in Germany. They marched on Hitler, but you stopped. And your white gentileness condoned it. And Jewish people, and people of all related intersections died for it. Because as much as we shout your voice will always overpower mine because of your whiteness.


I challenge you to use it now, like you are dying. I need you to step outside yourself enough to know your neighbor is about to die if they haven’t already. Know that I could possibly die for imploring you to FEEL MY HUMANITY. You’ve co-opted my stories in media. You used white faces. Even when poc are in it we are shunted and ignored and broken. I am dangerous to Nazi’s because I am challenging you to unlearn and resist fascism in every breath by FEELING MY HUMANITY.

But Fascists at their cores are cowards. They will hide until you are silent. Their whole movement and ideology is based on you using your whiteness not to shame them, until you condone it with your actions. You are always the last to know, so I need to do what yu can to wake others up cause so many of you are still sleeping. And you let your friends sleep. And you reward bigots with your friendship. And tell me that’s their opinion. YOU STILL EXPOSE ME WITH THAT DANGER.

I am still waiting for your silence. I am still waiting for you to turn me in because you think using violence to protect myself and my neighbor is the same as violence itself. I am waiting for you to use MLK as a trope and tell me to sacrifice myself cause it makes you sad to think about. And know I will drop you. Do not burden me with your white guilt cause if I find out you voted for Trump I will drop you. Because of the risks you are forcing me take just by speaking out.

And know if you are silent now. I will be mad as hell. I don’t care if you take my words. Use them. Adopt them. Mess up. Unlearn. TRY AGAIN. But if you are silent, I will forever believe that whiteness is irredeemable. I will forever believe that you will always prioritize your whiteness over everything else. And if you feel guilty I will relish in it. Because this is your fault. You made this happen.


Again white people. Add your voice. Share this and feel free to add on, change this, break this, shame me, but talk about this. Show me and others you are committed to protecting us. Do not stop trying when you mess up. Where you can. When you can. Be our shields when you can because I have to prepare for the real consequences of your silence. 

anonymous asked:

YAY YOUR REQUEST ARE OPEN AGAIN!! I've been impatiently, patiently waiting! Haha if that makes sense... Anyways, if you're comfortable with writing this could I please get a foursome with Scoups, Jeonghan, and Joshua? Those three boys are just killing me! Thank you so much!

Thank you for the patience with both out requests opening and this scenario! ;w; I’ve never written a foursome before, so I hope you like this! ♥ Oh and I feel you with these three, they’re dangerous 😫 you should’ve seen my reaction when I saw this request omg dreams come true thank you so much

You knocked on Jeonghan’s door and crossed your arms, tapping the hallway floor with the tip of your shoe nervously. It was odd for him to invite you over, because he usually either asked you out or invited himself over to your place, and only on rare occasions did he welcome you to his apartment.

The brown-haired male opened the door finally, an angelic smile gracing his facial features.

“There’s something we need to talk about,” Jeonghan said with a low voice after he had closed the door behind you, causing you to swallow uneasily. He stood beside you as you took your shoes off, then led you to the living room, where the sight made your heart jump to your throat.

Seungcheol and Joshua.

You had hoped that your little secret would’ve stayed as one forever. Having three different people you had sex with on a regular basis was something you tended to refuse to admit to others, but which you immensely enjoyed.

Seungcheol provided you with slightly rougher sex and let you embrace your more submissive side; Joshua was the opposite, usually going softer and allowing you to take charge; Jeonghan was a wild card and you never knew what you were going to get - they were the perfect trio.

The only problem was that they all thought they were your only partner (and you hadn’t bothered to correct them), and now it appeared that the truth had finally come out. The fact that you had romantic feelings towards each of them didn’t do much to improve the situation; you were scared about one, or at worst, all of them breaking ties with you. You swallowed hard, taking a seat on an armchair in front of the couch that Seungcheol and Joshua were sitting on, their eyes trained on you. Oddly enough, none of the three seemed exactly angry, which only increased your uneasiness.

You jolted when Jeonghan placed his hands on your shoulders and squeezed them a little. “Now, Y/N, I have an idea…”

“Do share,” you said, your voice cracking a little. Jeonghan continued the small massage-like actions, leaning down to kiss the top of your head.

“We could try to see if it’d work with all four of us,” he mumbled against your hair, slowly sliding his hands down your chest, only to bring them back up right after grazing your breasts.

“What?” you asked incredulously, turning your head around with your eyebrows raised high and your mouth open. You had occasionally thought about what would happen if the guys found out about each other, but this was something you hadn’t even considered.

“You heard me,” Jeonghan said with a smirk, moving his eyes to the other two men. “Seungcheol and Joshua have already said they’d be interested in trying.”

You turned to look at them and saw them nod determinedly. Your heart was beating fast at the prospect of what Jeonghan meant with ‘all four of us’, but you had a good idea that was only further confirmed when you noticed that Seungcheol and Joshua both had a hard-on straining in their jeans.

“I’m… okay, let’s try,” you let out a sigh, admitting to your defeat, if you could even call it one with the way you were already getting turned on by the mere thought. Jeonghan pulled you up and towards the bedroom, followed by the other two. When you arrived there, Seungcheol placed his hands on your waist from behind and latched his lips onto your neck, pressing light, open-mouthed kisses around while slowly pulling your shirt up.

“Straight to business?” you asked with a chuckle, helping Seungcheol get your shirt off. Next he fiddled with the button of your jeans and slid them down your legs, running his hands up your thighs afterwards.

“As always,” he mumbled against your neck, holding your ass firmly in his hands for a second. You bit your lip and got your jeans and panties off, your bra coming off next with Seungcheol’s skilled hands. You turned around and looked up into his dark eyes while starting to fumble with his belt, only to have his hand on your wrists to pull them away.

“Go join Jeonghan and Joshua, I’ll be right there,” he said huskily and gave you a short yet passionate kiss and smacked your ass before pointing at the two men that were sitting on the bed. Joshua’s eyes were closed and his lips were slightly parted, one of Jeonghan’s hands opening the buttons of his button-up shirt and the other one palming him through his boxers that were already exposed.

You bit your lip and moved to the two, looking down at them as you pondered about what you should do. Should you take Jeonghan’s place or just join him? Should you just watch?

Joshua opened his eyes slowly, and the pleading look in them helped you decide: you’d take Jeonghan’s place.

“Hannie, let me,” you said, your voice thick with lust, and sat on Joshua’s lap after Jeonghan had retreated with a grin on his lips. While you opened Joshua’s buttons and grinded against him slowly, Jeonghan stood behind you, playing with your breasts and nibbling at your neck. You moaned at both the way Jeonghan was fondling you and the way Joshua’s now fully hard cock was rubbing against your clit, and hurried to undress the latter male.

“I got the condoms,” Seungcheol said suddenly, throwing a pack of those along with a bottle of lube onto the bed. You looked at the bottle for a few seconds but shrugged - whatever it was for probably wouldn’t be the first time for you anyway. You stood up and got a condom from the pack while Joshua got rid of his shirt and boxers, waiting for you with his cock hard and leaking as he lay on the bed. Jeonghan had moved to sit somewhere above Joshua’s head on the bed, now fully naked, and Seungcheol was slowly approaching a spot beside the youngest of the three, bare as well.

You had three pairs of intent eyes on you when you slid the condom on Joshua and got on top of him, sinking slowly down on his length with your hands on his chest, your nails digging into his skin. With no prepping, the stretch stung a little, but you wanted him so bad that it hardly bothered you. You stayed in place for a while before you started moving your hips back and forth, rolling them a little every now and then. Satisfaction was coursing through your body within seconds, your nipples erect and your vocal cords producing the most beautiful moans the three men had heard in a while.

“You feel so good,” Joshua moaned and gripped your hips tightly, pushing you down onto himself and let his hips buck up into you on their own accord. You yelped and lay down on top of him, smashing your hungry lips on Joshua’s temptingly plump ones, nibbling on them a little. With the heated kiss and him thrusting into you while you desperately pushed down against him, you missed Seungcheol opening the bottle of lube, and only realized where things were going when you felt his cold, lube-coated finger at your rim..

“Cheol?” you asked in surprise, breaking the kiss with Joshua so that you could turn your head around. Seungcheol gave you a small smile before slowly starting to ease his forefinger into you, smoothing his other hand on your back as an attempt to help you relax.

“It’ll be fine, I’ll prepare you well,” Seungcheol mumbled and leaned down to kiss one of your ass cheeks, biting it lightly while pushing the finger further in, little by little, careful not to make the stretch too much at once. When most of his digit was in, he kept it in place and wiggled it a little before pulling it out. You gasped both at that and the sharp thrusts that Joshua was giving you while panting desperately.

Seungcheol pushed the finger in again, this time with more ease than before. Jeonghan stroked himself slowly, enjoying the sight and biting his lower lip. After pumping the first digit in you for a while, Seungcheol added another finger that was well coated with lube. Joshua slowed down his moves; with the way your pussy was clenching around him, he knew neither you or him would be lasting too much longer if he continued the way he had up til now.

You cried out when Seungcheol began thrusting the two fingers in your tight hole, and gripped the bed sheets tightly. With Joshua’s moves barely existent by now, you started moving your hips on your own, gasping every time you moved them back, getting both Joshua’s cock and Seungcheol’s fingers deeper into you.

“Can’t wait to have your pretty lips around my cock…” Jeonghan muttered and spread his pre-cum over his length while eyeing your lips hungrily. You bit your lip at his words while Seungcheol grinned at the younger male; he’d still have to wait a little bit.

After Seungcheol had added a third finger into you and pumped them for a good while, scissoring them and making sure you were as relaxed as you could be, he put a condom on and squeezed a generous amount of lube onto his cock, aligning it with your gaping hole. He placed his hands on your ass and held the cheeks tightly, spreading them apart as he slowly eased himself into you, guttural moans leaving his open mouth with every inch.

“Fuck, you’re so tight,” Seungcheol grunted with his eyes shut tightly, your tight heat engulfing more and more of him.

“You’re so big,” you gasped, breathing heavily as Seungcheol pushed in. Joshua rolled his hips a little, making you yelp, and soon Seungcheol was fully sheathed in you, his nails digging into the soft skin of your bum. You tried to adjust to having both of them inside of you, and with Seungcheol kneading your ass and Joshua rolling his hips a little, it didn’t take too long, so you started to move your hips as a plea to have the men move.

Seungcheol reached for your hair and tugged at it a little. “Beg for it, Y/N.”

“I…” you began, unable to collect your thoughts with the way Joshua was still rolling his lips below you. “Please fuck me, both of you.”

Following your plea, Seungcheol pulled almost fully out of you and slammed back in, groaning at the tightness that never seemed to ease down. Joshua started thrusting up into you as well, the moves of both of the men nearly in sync and only driving you further into madness. You were dripping and needy, and you thought that you had never felt as fulfilled before.

That was, until you felt slender fingers in your hair and saw a pair of dark eyes when you looked up. “What about me, Y/N? Won’t you give me some love, too?”

You moaned at his words and the way the other two were thrusting into you, quiet moans leaving them both. You raised your upper body so that you could easily wrap your lips around the cock that Jeonghan guided to your mouth. He was already slick with pre-cum, and from the way his fingers threaded into your hair and gripped at it tightly, along the loud groan he let out, you knew he wasn’t too far from his orgasm.

Trying to somehow balance between sucking Jeonghan off with your cheeks hollowed and jaw relaxed and rolling your hips a little with Joshua and Seungcheol pushing into you with their rhythms messing up every now and then, you got closer and closer to your climax. Seungcheol’s thrusts got sharper when he felt the familiar tightening of his abdominal muscles, and Joshua’s hips moved in a more erratic way as a result of Seungcheol’s cock swelling a little and your inner walls clamping down on him.

You moaned loudly around Jeonghan’s cock when Seungcheol pushed deep into you and came into the condom, staying in place until he came down from his high. Meanwhile, Joshua kept chasing his orgasm and came a bit later, pushing you over the edge as well. Jeonghan sighed and pulled away from you, left unsatisfied, incredibly hard and needy as hell.

Seungcheol pulled out of you and slowly lifted you off of Joshua, letting you lie on the bed with your chest rising and falling as you tried to catch your breath. The two that had just been plunging deep into you got rid of their condoms and sat down on the bed on your both sides, placing kisses all over your body, Seungcheol’s ones including a bit more nibbling than Joshua’s soft ones.

After a few minutes, when your breathing was relatively normal again, Jeonghan caressed your cheek. “Are you ready for another round?”

He didn’t need to ask twice. In a sequence of rushed actions, Jeonghan lay on his back and Joshua slid a condom on him before helping you sit down on his hard length with your back facing Jeonghan. You sunk down easily and started bouncing immediately, your moans now even louder than before with the oversensitivity making every feeling a lot more intense.

Before you could fully register it, Jeonghan had pulled your tired body to lie against his and opened his legs with his feet planted on the bed, spreading your legs open as well. You cried out when he started to thrust into you just the way he knew you wanted him to when you had already had one orgasm; deep and fairly hard with a pleasant twist of his hips.

“Oh my God, Jeonghan..!” you whimpered, your hands gripping the sheets tightly while Jeonghan took your breasts into his, teasing your nipples and tugging at them every now and then. Seungcheol licked his lips as he looked at you, your pussy moving up and down on Jeonghan’s cock in a steady rhythm.

Seungcheol crawled closer to you, wrapping his plump lips around your clit. You moaned and he smirked, sucking on the sensitive bundle of nerves and caressing your inner thigh with one hand while stroking his cock with the other, already half-hard again. Joshua looked at the view with curiosity, his cock slowly growing harder as well. He moved closer to you and stroked your arm softly, swallowing hard at the mewls you were letting out with Jeonghan’s thick cock deep in you and Seungcheol’s skilled mouth doing wonders on your clit.

“Y/N, could you…” Joshua said hesitantly, guiding your hand to his cock. You gave him a quick look and bit your lip at the desperate expression on his face. Taking a hold of his cock without a second thought, you began pumping him, your hand tight with the fast approaching second orgasm.

“Jeonghan,” you moaned when he started hitting your spot dead-on, and Seungcheol moved from your clit a bit below, teasing your rim with the tip of his tongue and giving Jeonghan’s cock a few licks as well as it disappeared into you. After a while he returned to your clit and nibbled at it; it didn’t take you too long to finally come undone with a silent scream, Joshua coming all over your hand with a soft moan.

Seungcheol sped up his hand on his cock, coming soon with the image of you taking all of Jeonghan in his mind, and moments later Jeonghan pushed you hard down on him as he emptied himself into the condom.

With all three of you panting hard and you having a few tears in your eyes, you lay on the bed, you on top of Jeonghan and Seungcheol slightly on top you and Joshua next to you, his lips resting against Jeonghan’s shoulder.

“So, do you think this could work out?” Jeonghan asked, his voice raspy after the orgasm he had been chasing for a good while. You nodded weakly, lifting yourself off his now limp cock.

“But we can’t be doing it like this all the time,” you panted, fisting Seungcheol’s hair when he started kissing your sweaty stomach.

Seungcheol chuckled and smirked against your skin. “Of course not. We’re all up for experimenting.”

You moaned quietly at the mental image alone. Joshua propped himself on one elbow and caressed your cheek before kissing you softly on the lips. “We’ll take good care of you.”

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Dreams are Not Wishes - DK

Title: Dreams are Not Wishes

Member: DK

Genre: Fluffy fluff 

Summary: In times of self-doubt, a few wise, comforting words to push your back will be enough to remind you, “Keep chasing your dreams!” You just did not expect to hear those words from a busy guy like DK though.

Word count: 1.3k

Notes [!!]: 

  • A short reminder to everyone to keep working hard towards our dreams (yepp, our).  
  • Funny, I actually had an angst idea for DK, but I changed it to a fluffier one because I don’t want him to cry. XDD
  • I am not sure if they do, but I wrote this under the assumption that they have a “dorm ajumma” helping them weekly.
  • Yeheyy for the 1.3k word feat. ;D
  • I am suddenly tagging @saythename17scenarios for all the support she has given to us co-writers. THANK YOU SO MUCH! :D 

Keep reading