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161204; Happy birthday to Kim Seokjin ♡

To the beautiful Kim Seokjin–what would we do without you? Thank you for gracing us with your positivity, self-confidence, and unfunny funny jokes. For sharing with us your voice and your passion, and working so hard to give us the best performances. For taking care of all the members. I wish you the best; please keep being amazing ♡

Love to all my shy quiet nervous people out there, I feel are so loved and so worthy. your quietness makes the things you say even more special. But dont let it hold u back from speaking your mind and sharing your love bc your voice is so important and so needed. Anytime u are willing to share i am all ears

I don’t want to be angry anymore. I want to be calm. I want to stop hurting people and blowing up all the time. I hate myself for it. It’s straining my relationship. It’s made my mom cry. I just lose it and blow up on anyone that’s near me when I’m mad and I know it isn’t fair but I feel like I can’t control it, and every time I go off I just get more angry at myself and it makes it worse. My anger is out of control and I don’t know how to fix it. I feel like the worst piece of shit.
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How They React To You Being Able To Sing Kinda Good (BTS)

Requested by a lovely anon <3 

Feel free to send in requests guys! We do Reactions, Preferences, Fake Texts, and Scenarios! Just tell us who you want, what you want, and how you want it! <3  (MalexFemale, MalexMale, FemalexFemale)

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Author: Taebaby

NAMJOON: It didn’t matter if you were the worst singer ever or if you were the literal best, he’d be fuckin turnt every time you sang. Like you’d know he was being extra but it’d still make you feel good because he’s a sweetie

YOONGI: I feel like he’d encourage you to improve (not that he didn’t think you were already pretty good) but for yongi, theres always room for improvement. 

HOSEOK: He would love hearing you sing, whether you liked sharing your voice or not. Even if you were just kinda humming a song quietly to yourself while cooking dinner, Hoseok would slide into the damn kitchen at light speed just so he can listen to you

SEOKJIN: It would surprise him in a nice way, like you might be having breakfast together or driving in the car somewhere and you’d start quietly singing the song you had stuck in your head. He’d watch you for a while then look away, but keep listening to yo. He wouldn’t interupt because he knew you singing out loud was rare

JIMIN: This sweetie would literally sit out side the bathroom door just to listen to you singing in the shower because you never sing otherwise. Like this is a real thing he would do I swear he’s so cute

TAEHYUNG: This one would be like ‘YAAAAS SANG FO MEEEH’ like the extra EXTRA version of Namjon basically





or he’d quietly sit and listen to you because he felt like if he said even a word then the beautiful rarity that is you singing would shatter, because he’s dramatic like that


pairing ; lin x reader

summar ; confessions and nicknames ft. pippa

words ; 1798

warnings ; fluff man

note ; first lin imagine; kinda proud of this one, not gonna lie.


“You wouldn’t believe what I saw today! Y/n, really, it was the weirdest thing,” your best friend, Lin, said, walking into your shared apartment. His voice echoed about the spacious area in the higher part of New York.

You turned away from your book for just a second, looking toward your bubbly best friend. “Do tell of your riveting day, my dear Lin.” Your words were genuine, but the way you said them mocked the olden times, and it only made Lin laugh.

“So, okay, where should I start? First I saw the cutest puppies, and then people came up and asked him about Hamilton and In The Heights, and then I tried that new coffee joint down the street – delicious, by the way, and then, and then,” he stopped for a second, taking a breath and smiling.

You began to giggle, sliding your bookmark into place and getting up from your spot on the couch. Walking past him and to the kitchen, you grabbed a coke from the fridge and leaned against the counter, watching Lin shed his coat and prop himself up on a counter across from you.

He began to ramble on about his day, going into detail about each and every encounter he had. You couldn’t help but admire the way he was so passionate about everything – even simple things like this.

His brown eyes would light up, a sparkle running through them and his hands would start conveying his emotions alongside his words. His feet, depending on whether he was standing or sitting where he could hang them, would start jiggling, and if he wasn’t wearing shoes, his toes would wiggle. If he was standing, he just go onto his tiptoes and bounce on them.

His smile would light up the room like the sun, and his words would be so hopeful about damn near everything – no matter the conversation topic. Hence your nickname Sunshine, of which you had dubbed a few years back when you first met him.

Now, as you watched him get excited about his day, you couldn’t help but feel your heart swell. Your harbored feelings poked at your heart sa you longingly stared at him, wanting to be caught up in his words, but too caught up in your thoughts.

Just as he was about to go on another tangent about something, his words stopped abruptly. He looked over your figure, wondering why you hadn’t given your two cents at all in the last ten minutes he’d been talking, as per usual.

You were just sat there, swinging your legs and glancing around. Sometimes your eyes would land on his face, other times it would be fixated on the coke in your hand or the cabinet behind him, or even the entrance to the kitchen.

“Y/n?” Your name left his lips in the form of a question, his eyebrow going up. When you didn’t answer, he questioned once more, “Hello? Earth to Y/n?”

You snapped out of your thoughts just in time to respond, “Huh?”

“You okay there? You spaced out.”

“Oh,” you laughed, “yeah. I’m fine. Just thinking, is all.”

“About what?” Although his question was innocent, and he didn’t intend it to mean anything but what was on the surface, it still made your heart pick up speed and your breath get caught in your throat.

“W-Well, uhm,” you looked away from him, cursing yourself for stuttering. Lin knew that if you were stuttering, there was obviously something up that you weren’t telling him, and since that was the case now, you knew he would catch on soon.

“What is it, y/n? Everything okay?”

“Yeah, yeah it is, I just,” you hesitated before taking a deep breath and letting the words out, “I’m thinking about you.”

He remained silent, a curious look in his eyes. After a moment, he let out a quick, “Me?”

“Yeah, you. I’ve been thinking about you, and me, and… well, us.” It was getting increasingly difficult to get your words out, considering where you were treading was thin ice and his response would be the only thing that sank you or kept you upright.

“What’s going on, y/n? What do you mean, ‘us’?”

“Well, I mean, I guess- I don’t know what I mean. I just, I really, really like you, as more than just a friend, and watching you be you, well, Sunshine…”

When you trailed off, you looked up to meet his eyes, not noticing that yours had wandered back down to your coke can. He looked troubled, like he had too many things going through his mind for him to grasp just one single thought and speak it.

“I understand if you don’t feel the same, I do. I just… I needed to say it,” your voice faded off into a whisper near the end of your statement as you slid off the counter. Throwing away your coke and stepping into the living room, you turned to see Lin still standing in the kitchen.

His eyebrows had furrowed and his mouth was still open, as if he were about to say something, but he wasn’t. But, in a matter of seconds, his head snapped up to where you were and he drew in a quick breath.


“I don’t… y/n, I,” he stopped whatever he was saying as you nodded and turned back around.

“I’ll uh, see you later sunshine,” you nodded to yourself, slipping on a pair of boots and grabbing a jacket before heading out the door.

You didn’t hear anything from Lin when you did, and if that wasn’t a sure sign that he didn’t have a thing to say to you, you didn’t know what was.

You knocked softly on the door in front of you, relieved to see Pippa open it moments later.


“Pippa, hi. Can I come in?”

“Yeah, of course,” she opened the door wider for you and let you in, the soft click behind you signifying she had closed it. “What’s up?”

“It’s about.. Lin,” you were hesitant to let the words slip past your lips, but since she was the one you had confided in about your feelings, she immediately understood.

“Oh no, what happened?” She placed a soft hand on your arm and led you to her couch, where she promptly sat you down and beckoned for you to continue.

“I told him how I felt, and- well, he just went silent. He stopped talking, and then when I asked him what was up, he just mumbled that he didn’t,” you said it all in one breath, and by the time you were done, you could feel tears stinging your eyes.

“He didn’t what?”

“I don’t know. He just ‘I don’t’ and that was it,” you mumbled.

“Oh,” was all she said. Her brown eyes travelled behind your head while she thought about something. You had seen that look too much today, and a dreadful feeling took your heart upon remembering what Lin looked like when he did that.


“Hon, I wouldn’t take his words as anything bad. He was just at a loss for, well, words.”

“Lin-Manuel at a loss for words? That’s new.”

“I know, but it wasn’t because he doesn’t feel the same. Trust me, he never stops talking about you when you aren’t around. You’re always on his mind, so I think it was just a shocked feeling at realizing you felt the same way.”

“But, Pippa, why didn’t he stop me from leaving?”

“He was thinking,” she offered a hopeful smile, “you know he always overthinks situations. I’m positive if you went back home, he would immediately hug you.”

“You think?”


After a moment, you looked down at your hands and then back at her with a small smile, “Thanks, Pip. You helped a lot.”

“You’re welcome, love. Now go and get your man!”

You laughed, standing up and giving her a hug as another thank you before leaving. You realized you had left your phone at the apartment as well, so you couldn’t text Lin that you were coming back, and you were sure he had texted you multiple times in the time you were gone.

Smiling and shaking your head a small bit, you started the trek back home, a new hope filling your heart.

You stepped into the apartment, surprised to see it so quiet and dark. There was no buzzing Lin, no coffee brewing or movie playing, nothing. Just silence.


There was more silence as your call echoed through the apartment before a response came back, “Y/n?”

“Where are you, sunshine?”

“Room,” he called back, a little happiness in his voice.

You took off your boots and shrugged off your jacket, leaving them by the front door and walking back to Lin’s bedroom. He was sitting on his bed, the only light on the lamp on his desk, and his feet tapping the carpet. His head snapped to you in the doorway, and he beckoned you over with a wave of his hand.

You went to his bed and sat down beside him, feeling his arm slide around your waist. Your head naturally fell on his shoulder and a breath escaped both of your lips. “I really love you.”

“I really love you, too,” you whispered. Your heart was soaring in happiness, but the overall peacefulness of the room allowed for a calmer response.

“I’m sorry about earlier, I just got so caught up in my thoughts and I… I didn’t know how to respond. I’ve loved you for so long and it’s sad that this,” he took your hand with his free one, “didn’t happen sooner.”

“It’s okay. I should’ve given you time to think. But I’m just glad that it’s all out in the open now.”

“Yeah, me, too.”

You took your head off his shoulder and looked up at him. His lips were upturned in a soft smile, the scruff decorating his mouth quirking upward. His eyes darted between yours and your lips, so you took that as a sign to lean up and press them to his.

The kiss was sweet, Lin laying down and allowing you to rest on top of him as your lips remained locked. Nothing heated was happening, just genuine love being shared between two rejoicing humans who wished they had seen it sooner.

“So,” you whispered once you pulled away, “am I staying in here at night?”

“Oh hell yes. Your bedroom is a guest bed now, you’re mine.”

You laughed quietly, sliding down and resting your head on his chest. Your fingers intertwined and you felt sleep beginning to tug at your tired body.

“I love you, Sunshine.”

“I love you, too, y/n.”

elftrash  asked:

okay hi it's chimble ur bff I'm too lazy to change blogs rn so for the kinky thing please please the first one about "knees now" I forget it exactly with... Jimin. idm if it's reader or nah. lOVE YOU

one jimin drabble here u go

“Get on your knees. Now.” 

Originally posted by gotjimin

Mischief concealed by warm smiles, yet given away by glistening eyes. It happens all too often with Jimin and you, a tricky game being played of pulling strings and pushing buttons, yet in the end, Jimin’s soft spot shares your appearance and voice, a carbon copy of yourself burned into his heart, and he makes it all to easy to win.

An invitation to give up, or rather, even just a promise of reward lets him falter like a house made of cards until he is yours to mold. And such a good little boy he is for you, following commands with accuracy, always wanting to please.

“Get on your knees. Now.”

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Happy 24th Birthday Yoo Kihyun. Thank you for sharing your honey voice with us.Thank you for your adorable smile. Thank you for making us laugh with your smelly dances. Thank you for taking care of the rest of the members by feeding them. Thank you for sharing with us all the amazing things that make you, yoo. (bahahaha thats terrible I’m sorry) Thank you for being you. ♡


Group/Member: Got7/Jackson

Genre: Fluff with mild angst

Word Count: 404 (drabble not found)

Summary: #59  “How do I even put up with you?”

Requested: Yes; anon said “59 fluff with jackson (got7) !”

Author’s Note: I’m sorry that this isn’t my best work, school started so I’m stressed and my wrist is killing me, rip me and my old man body.

- Admin Lara

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thank you for voicing all these amazing characters 
thank you for sharing your wonderful voice with us
thank you for having such an amazing and cute (and do S) personality
thank you for giving us your best smile all the time 
thank you for being born

お誕生日おめでとうごいざます Σ>―(〃°ω°〃)♡→


#MYSTORYOUTLOUD - Launches November 16, 2015! Join the nationwide conversation!

#MyStoryOUTLoud is a nationwide story-telling campaign that is driven by LGBTQ young people of color on school campuses about the issues that affect their lives as it relates to education. Share your voices, challenges, achievements, and ideas. Uplift and amplify your stories to generate a larger conversation about what our schools can be doing to provide a safe and better learning environment for our LGBTQ students.

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Queer? LGTBQ? Gay? What Words Do You Use — Or Not Use?
In the wake of the Orlando shooting, NPR's Code Switch is reporting on how different communities are responding to the attack. There's been discussion about the words used to describe gender and sexuality. Identity labels can be complicated; what we call ourselves or others is shaped by class, region, politics, race, age, and all sorts of factors. So, we want to hear from you: when it comes to gender and sexuality, how do you identify yourself or others, and why? Your responses may be published or shared more widely, and one of our reporters might reach out to you. Questions? Tweet at us at @nprcodeswitch, or email us at


Please share and make your voice heard.

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Happy Birthday Freddie Mercury! (5 September 1946)

Late to the party, I know, but now Freddie is the guest of honour, this is one party that will never end!

Thank you for your beauty, your creative genius, your innate musicality, and the many, many beautiful songs you left to us. Thank you for playing the piano with rhythm and passion, even though you doubted your own talent, and for keeping up with those three chords on the guitar. But most of all, thank you for sharing your voice with the world - a singer so versatile you can go from heartbreaking high notes to vicious rock lyrics on the same album, but always with power and true emotion. A lot of artists in the charts, then and now, can carry a tune, Freddie, but you are able to make us feel the pleasure (or pain) behind the words. You remain the heart and soul  - and the crowned king - of Queen.

I wish I was old enough to have been one of the ‘sweeties’ or ‘beautiful people’ who saw you perform  live, but your music at least is timeless. Your modesty, dedication and self-made success are an inspiration, but your shyness, humour, love of cats and Earl Grey are some of the little reasons why I love you too :D

Thank you, Freddie, and happy birthday x

A Note on the VICIOUS sequel

I was at an event today, talking with readers about the VICIOUS sequel. They were expressing their excitement, and I want to tell any VICIOUS readers on here the same thing I told them: it wouldn’t happen without you.

I’d always planned a second book (as many readers have noticed, the final chapter closes some doors and opens a massively drafty window) but I wouldn’t have gained the support from my publisher if I hadn’t first gained the support of my readers.

VICIOUS had an uphill battle. At every stage, people in positions of power questioned whether it would work (read: whether it would sell), but at every stage, people in positions of PASSION fought for it. Hard. And I honestly feel like people are still fighting for it. Every day. You fight for a book when you love it, and share that love. Readers, your voice is such a powerful thing, and so often I feel like I’m standing here saying “Speak up! Speak up!” but tonight I just want to thank you for all the cheering you’ve already done, for Victor and Eli, Sydney and Mitch and this motley villainous crew.

You make this book–these books–what they are. I could not do it without you.

watching them shave in the mornings 4/4

requested by anarchyaustralia


You would be climbing out of the shower when Michael would wander in, glancing around the counter for his razor. After wrapping a towel around your body, you would take seat on the edge of the tub behind him, watching as he meticulously lathers his jawline with shaving cream, slowly dragging the blade down his skin, only to end up cutting himself anyways. you couldn’t help but giggle as he let out a whirlwind of curses as he buzzed around looking for some tissue to place over the small nitch in his skin. “Oi you think it’s funny when i get hurt?” he would whine, but you would just giggle as he began to chase you around, threatening to try and shave your face instead.


“Babe? Have you seen my razor?” Ashton would call down the hall from your shared bathroom, his voice echoing. “I may have hid it…” You say cautiously as you walk towards your bedroom. “You did what?” He chuckles, peeking his head out the doorway to gaze at you. “I like your scruff. You look manly with it.” you blush, grabbing his razor from the bottom drawer of your bedside table, and unwillingly handing it over. “I look homeless with it princess, it needs to go.” He grins, pressing a kiss to your forehead, and heading back to the bathroom.


You walk into the bathroom looking for Calum, to find him in the midst of shaving. Climbing up onto the counter, you watch him quietly, smiling widely. “What are you smiling at, weirdo?” Cal would ask, pausing to look at you. “Oh, nothing. It’s just, do you really have the need to shave?” You joke, looking up at him. He scoffs at you quietly, turning back towards the mirror. “I’ll have you know I have plenty of facial hair. Practically a full on beard, really.” He smirks, and returns to his work, letting you sit there and watch the rest of the time, to prove just how much facial hair he really has.


“Good morning baby.” Luke would coo, as he rolled over to face you, planting a soft kiss on your nose. “Ew luke, go shave!” You would giggle, pushing him off you as his stubble scratched you lightly. “Why?” he would moan, climbing out of bed, and trudging towards the bathroom. You would follow behind him, placing a gentle kiss on his shoulder as you stood behind him. “Your face is scratchy. I can’t kiss you like that.” You tease. “I look 15 again when I shave.” He points out, but you just laugh. “I think you’ll manage. I mean, you can keep it if you wanna keep your lips off of me.” You offer, glancing at his eyes in the mirror in front  of you both. “I guess I’ll have to shave then.” He groans, turning around to leave a quick kiss on your lips before getting to work.