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Captain Swan + Memorable Kisses

For my OUAT SS Giftee @icapturedkindness <3

I do my absolute best to stay out of discourse, but this place has truly gotten out of hand. The content of my character is being called into question and I have no doubt that my name is being slandered behind the scenes. And so I ask, “Why?”

I try my hardest to stay a positive, happy, and safe place on here. And honestly, every single individual I’ve had the pleasure of having a conversation with on this hellsite has been absolutely lovely. All of you are so talented and wonderful in so many ways, and you are willing to share your gifts with others on a daily basis. For free! That is a truly selfless act, no matter what form of art or activism that piece of you takes.

So, when did we lose sight of the beauty of fandom?

This place used to be alive with meta, fic, art, videos, and love. Sure, it’s always been a bit problematic in one way or another, but it was once an oasis in which to escape the difficulties of life. In my 23 years of fandom, it was one of the best and most supportive communities I’ve been a part of.

What happened?

There is a lot of talk lately about bullying, and it’s important to remember that bullying comes in many forms. Searching through someone’s posts to pull things and use them for your own agenda to make fun of others is bullying. Ganging up on someone because they believe something different than you and trying to make them feel bad for it is bullying. Anonymously sending nasty messages is bullying. Attempting to establish a hierarchy based on your own views and forcing it on others is bullying.

BOTH SIDES of the fence are guilty of these things.

That said, Tumblr is what you make of it and perpetuating this kind of behavior is toxic. By posting nasty anonymous messages, you are giving these awful people a platform for their voices to be heard. If you think they are going to learn anything from your wise words and admonishments, you’re wrong. They are hiding behind a faceless message for a reason, and allowing their words to see the light of day is doing nothing other than letting them know they got to you and spurring them on to send more. Just like a real life bully, it’s best to ignore it. Don’t let them get to you and don’t give them a voice.

And if you think a blog doesn’t get hate just because you can’t see it, that’s a major misconception.

WE are the ones who have the power to control the environment this fandom lives in. WE decide whether this place is a sanctuary or an asylum. WE are the ones who can choose to spread love and not hate.

There is no reason for this wonderful place to be an installment of Mean Girls.

When I come to my dash, I don’t want to have to question why I’m here. I don’t want to feel sad or hurt or hopeless. I want to talk about my otp. I want to be surrounded by the amazing humans I know all of you are. I want to feel supported and loved and happy. I want to drown in the things we all love so much. And I want to unabashedly love all of you, as I always have.

So, can we try and make our way back there? 

I know we can do it.


Poeticstories' Secret Valentine

The Secret Valentine! 

Oh yeah, we are doing a wonderful Valentine`s Day gift-exchange, the exchange of poetry, and we want you to participate! We also want to thank @strikezilla01 for the inspiration behind this wonderful idea!

For our Secret Valentine, we will randomly assign you a person that you will have to write a poem, a story, a note, anything you want, for them to receive on Tumblr on Valentine’s Day. And don’t worry, you will be assigned to someone as well. 

Here are the rules::

1) Enter by sending a message to @denmysterywoman and you will get paired up with a person.
This person will not be the same person who are going to give you your gift,
so please keep it a secret that you`re participating, and do not tell anyone.
2) You may write poetry, creative writing, art, whatever you want to make your Secret Valentine oh so happy.
3) When it is time to share your gift, you will have to post your gift and to tag the person who is your Secret Valentine in the post… the secret will then be revealed, not before!

*Note: If you would like to remain anonymous when giving your gift to your Secret Valentine, you may submit to us your piece by logging out of your account and submitting it that way. Tumblr does not allow anonymous submissions another way* 

You may reblog this blog post so that as many as possible will be doing this Secret Valentine with us! 

*Note: Do not reblog this post asking to be entered, we want to keep the participants private until they are revealed.*

Here are the dates and deadlines:

1) You will have to enter Poeticstories`Secret Valentine from 1/17-1/29
please enter by messaging one of us - and keep it a secret!
2) You will be given a person who is your Secret Valentine from 1/30-1/31
3) You will have to make the Secret Valentines Gift from February 1st until February 19th and you may post it at any time between these dates. Don’t forget to tag your Secret Valentine! 

@poeticstories will reblog your post(some will be added to the queue, so please be patient) If you feel like your piece is being overlooked, please message @denmysterywoman with a link. 
Please also tag your post with #pssecretvalentine.

This will be fun! And we think it will be quite beautiful as well.

Of course, ask us questions if you have any, never be afraid to ask!

And the most important thing: We love you all!!

Let's give it up for the fic writer gods of this fandom!! 🎉🎉🎉

Bless you all for sharing your gift of writing and making the hiatus a comfortable place like home ✨✨

@johnnlocked @savedbyholmes @silentauroriamthereal @predictably-unpredictable @wtsnhlms @lmirandas @love-in-mind-palace @vitruvianwatson @watsonsanatomy

There’s loads more but for some idk their tumblr urls, and also spread the love and tag your fave fic writers 💕

barnesandnoble: This holiday season, we’ll be sharing the #BNGiftGoals of some of your favorite authors and artists! The stories they love, the gifts they’re giving, the people they’re shopping for, and so much more, all in the festive spirit of the stories we share at this magical time of year. Watch this space all season long for fantastic gift offers, sweepstakes, and tidings of good cheer from some very special guests, and share your Gift Goals for this year in the comments below!


My sweet sweet baby, thank you so much for continuously sharing your gift with this unworthy world. You worked and gave your all til the end. The world truly didn’t deserve you Michael. I’m just thankful to be one of many that knows and appreciates you for everything you ARE. ❤️

Whenever I see a fanfic writer say something like “this is bad” or “sorry it’s so long” or anything along those lines, I get really sad. Cause like. You guys are really truly amazing. I love every single word you write whether it’s a 100 word story or a 100k story. There aren’t enough words in my brain to express just how much I love and appreciate you guys. So on behalf of all fanfic readers everywhere, in any fandom, thank you so much for sharing your fabulous gifts with us. You fabulous human beings.

Diary of a Black Simmer

Most of you don’t know me, but I go by the username Sim_Moore (AKA GourmetSims or GourmetSimsX).

Ever since the Sims 3 I have been aiming to create realistic, diverse and ethnic Sims to counter the overwhelming lack of diversity in not only the Sims community, but the video gaming community at large. I still do this, to this day by preparing Sims that I feel are a proper reflection of Black beauty. I sit at home in CAS and I design Sims that feel real to me and celebrate my culture in a realm were Ethnic characters across the board are panned, canned and downright stereotyped. And for me, that is a no-no considering I have a mixed ethnic background of several different cultures.

I applaud the CC creators who, in the past year, have catered to Black culture and spawned a trend of more Black savvy mods and Sim inspiration. Thank you all! I sincerely appreciate each and every one of you for putting time into your game and sharing your gifts with the rest of us. I know that to do such a thing is more than entertainment, it is a labor of love. And more than that, it is a cry to be heard and appreciated not only in the virtual world, but the real one as well. You all have said “enough of being silenced” and “enough of waiting for EA to do right by us”. You have taken control and now everyone is taking notice and NOW everyone wants to use and design more ethnic material. I say bravo for being talented and determined enough to make a difference!

With that being said, I am feeling inspired yet again and will begin to share with you all the dozens of gorgeous Sims I have been working on for over a year. I hope to one day find the time even design my own CC in the near future. But until then, I hope the community continues to produce good work and becomes more innovative FOR ALL CULTURES.

Special shout outs go out to: @blvcklifesimz_, @shespeakssimlish, @ebonixsimblr, @orangesimosas, @xmiramira, @kundalini-sims@sims4-marigold, @untraditionalnerd and many more!

vandercallispan  asked:

Hello! @diseasedwits is my sister in law and has given me Discount Armageddon to read, and I've been looking into the Aeslin Mice (I'm completely obsessed with them) and I was wondering if there were any fan stories/ other writings about them & where I could find them? Im a bit late on the fan train but I love the book. Thank you for sharing your gift!

If there are fan stories, I’m not allowed to endorse/direct people to them; it would be invasive of me (toward the authors) and potentially hazardous to my relationship with my publisher.  I’m sorry!

Discount Armageddon is the first of five books published so far, with another coming in March, and they all have a hefty dose of mice; there are also mice included in many of the free short stories on my website.

Thank you for reading!


AN: Feel Free To Use The Gif <3

“Your sister amuses me.” Jojen said with a chuckle when he caught you glancing at him yet again.


“How, she never talks to you?” Bran asked pushing himself up so he could see you. Your hand was clutching Rickon’s tightly and he was happily chatting to you about different things he would see and things Shaggy Dog was bringing back.


“She does not need to talk; she watches us carefully but never says a thing.” Jojen replied. Bran noted the look you were giving his new friend and smiled knowingly.


“She never really needed to speak, we are never far from each other and if I wasn’t there to speak for her Arya would.” Bran explained. He smiled as Summer left his side to nudge your hand as if reassuring herself that you were still safe and returned to her place at Bran’s side.


“Does your sister share your gifts, she is after all your twin, it would be odd if she did not.” Jojen questioned.


“She says not… she seems close to animals though, sometimes she talks to them.” Bran mumbled.


“Perhaps she will let me help her strengthen her gifts… if she really has any.” Jojen said with a smirk as he caught you looking at him again, you’re not so subtle glances put a cocky swagger in his step which seemed to infuriate Osha to no end.


“I doubt she will talk to you Jojen, but it is worth a try.” Bran said with a smile.


“I’m sure I can convince her.” Jojen said. He caught you looking at him but instead of letting it slide he smirked back causing you to blush deeply. “Very amusing.” He mumbled to himself.

More Game Of Thrones

In which Dean turns thirty-six.

Dean Winchester is not thirty-six years old.

If you want to get technical about it, he isn’t even one. Hell, he’s died and come back so many times; Dean doesn’t know how old he is. And after the Mark, well… he’s trying to figure out where he falls in the spectrum of ‘dead/alive/damned’. Birthdays kinda take a backseat.

This is what Dean is working through at 7:30AM on the 24th of January 2015. Not what he thinks Sam got him, not if Cas is gonna stick around for the day (he probably won’t because he never has and most likely doesn’t even know): if he’s even alive enough to celebrate. If he’s even human enough.

The more Dean thinks about it, the more the answer becomes a resounding ‘no’.

He lays in bed for a half-hour; tossing and turning and staring up at the ceiling. His hands fist in the covers, he takes off his t-shirt, puts it back on, pulls on his pj pants and then kicks them off. By the time 9 o’clock rolls around, Dean is hot, uncomfortable, and has decided to spend the entire day in his room.

And then he hears it: Rumble-talk from the other side of the door, and two sets of feet throwing the small crack of light that gets let into the room.

Dean burrows into his bed and covers his head with his pillow just as he hears the knock.

“Go ‘way, Sammy.”

But when the door cracks open, it isn’t Sam’s voice that filters through the dim.



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Disguising Magic in an Unsupportive Household

1. Crystals: wearing and keeping crystals around is a good way to express your personality and interest in nature without showing that you’re explicitly practicing the craft

2. Herbs: Whether in soaps, candles, or food and drinks, herbs are a good way to share your magical ways through gifts and spending time together without them knowing about your craft. 

3. Gardening and enjoying the outdoors: Most people don’t know that being a witch implies having a love for nature. Maybe suggest gardening as a chore you’d like to have weekly. This is very easy way to spend time with family at the beach on vacation, experiencing a National Park, or in the backyard without them knowing that this is actually a part of your craft. 

An unsupportive household can cause a lot of anger, sadness, and resentment. Don’t forget to keep a journal (Book of Shadows) about your experiences, as an escape, and a way to vent.

Life Is Strange sentence pack [EP1]
  • "Want to go grab a cup of tea and bitch about life?"
  • "All you need is the courage to share your gift with others."
  • "I feel like the universe is taunting me everywhere I go today."
  • "When a door closes, a window opens... or, something like that."
  • "Oh boo hoo, poor little rich kid."
  • "You don't know who the fuck I am, or who you're messing around with!"
  • "Come on, put that thing down!"
  • "I'm so SICK of people trying to control me!"
  • "Get that gun away from me, psycho!"
  • "It's time to be an everyday hero."
  • "I think John Lennon once said that 'Life is what happens when you're busy making other plans.'"
  • "Do. Not. Freak. Out."
  • "Now, why don't you go fuck your selfie?"
  • "I'll get your boney ass out of my way."
  • "Just one of those days, you know?"
  • "Hey, nobody is bullying anybody. I'm doing my job."
  • "It's been one strange fucking day."
  • "I consider myself a pop... cultural pirate connoisseur."
  • "So you're sensitive..."
  • "Whatthefuckever."
  • "Nobody, nobody lectures me. Everyone tries though... They try..."
  • "Don't give me the guilty face. At least pretend you're glad to see me."
  • "It makes perfect sense I'd see you today."
  • "At least you're still a smartass."
  • "Oh man, are you cereal?"
  • "Sorry. I wasn't trying to be nosy."
  • "She/He was my angel."
  • "We were gonna kick the world's ass."
  • "I just wanna blaze and be alone for a moment."
  • "You hella saved my life..."
  • "Now that we got the mushy shit out of the way, I feel like stage diving!"
  • "Yep yep, I'm fucking insane in the brain!"
  • "Shake that boney white ass!"
  • "I don't like strangers here."
  • "I'm sick of your disrespect!"
  • "That was an epic win."
  • "This shit-pit has taken away everyone I've ever loved..."
  • "I'm not crazy. But there's something else I have to tell you. Something... Hardcore."
  • "Start from the beginning."

sunkernpuff  asked:

You have a gift. An amazing talent. You are a true artist in every sense of the word, ObsidianPen. Thank you for writing. Thank you for sharing your gift with us. Also, since this is an "Ask" um... Hey, how you doin'? What's your favorite... um... hobby? Hows... life? Are you happy? (I JUST WANTED TO TELL YOU THAT YOU ARE AWESOME AND I LOVE YOU BUT NOW I FEEL AWKWARD AND I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT I'M DOING I AM SO SORRY)

Aaaaaaahhh I’m crying, why would you do this to me? I’m supposed to be the one making people cry!!! 😭

And uh, I’m doing all right. Pretty stoked because I finally bought a new computer today (thanks to my lovely patreon patrons) and will be getting it on the 15th!!! And I can draw with it, too, so there may be some ridiculous fan art in the very near future. I’m thinking Voldemort/Snape bromance pics.

My favorite hobby is simultaneously running long distance/listening to music at a perilously high volume/wondering what the hell I’m doing with my life/imagining really ridiculous scenes in my head before I write them (I don’t know how many times I envisioned Hermione getting drunk and role playing as Bellatrix. I sometimes still do, I dunno).

Here, have my heart.