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Before I post anything else, first and foremost I have to show all the love in the world to Sonequa Martin Green. This woman is so underrated as an actress and her portrayal of Sasha was a great source of inspiration. Another representation of a strong, brilliant and resilient black woman, her significance to TWD cannot be devalued or underestimated. In the face of unspeakable odds she managed to push through and that’s a struggle that so many of us face every single day. Michonne and Sasha represent the magic within black women and the validation that comes from that is indescribable. I think TWD did a great job with sending Sasha and Sonequa out with pride and dignity. This is only the beginning for Mrs. Martin Green. Shine on queen. Thank you for sharing your gifts with us. 🙏❤👑

Whenever I see a fanfic writer say something like “this is bad” or “sorry it’s so long” or anything along those lines, I get really sad. Cause like. You guys are really truly amazing. I love every single word you write whether it’s a 100 word story or a 100k story. There aren’t enough words in my brain to express just how much I love and appreciate you guys. So on behalf of all fanfic readers everywhere, in any fandom, thank you so much for sharing your fabulous gifts with us. You fabulous human beings.

They told you you’re not enough.
Not skinny enough.
Not pretty enough.
Not smart enough.
Not talented enough.
Not outgoing enough.
Not sexy enough.
Not creative enough.
Not determined enough.
Not relaxed enough.
Not strong enough.
Not educated enough.
Not adventurous enough.
Not worthy enough.

Instead, they told you which attributes you have too much of.
Too loud.
Too crazy.
Too girly.
Too sensitive.
Too dramatic.
Too thin skinned.
Too lazy.
Too ugly.
Too shy.
Too talkative.
Too depressed.
Too serious.
Too flakey.
Too big.
Too loud.
Too confronting.

I wanna tell you, and I hope you dare to listen and to never forget my words ever again:

You are perfectly made just the way you are.

There’s a reason why you’re in this world. The things others keep criticizing in you might be the exact thing the world needs you to share. You’ve been told to be too sensitive? Maybe you’re meant to live your life using your sensitivity as your core strength. There is a desperate need for people who haven’t numbed themselves, who are brave enough too feel. People have called you out for being too talkative? Maybe there are a thousand words the world needs you to speak, loud and clear. Maybe you should be an activist, a writer or motivational speaker. You’ve been told to be too weird and crazy? Maybe your calling is to create art that will touch others so much because they finally feel seen and understood.
You, my dear, are beautiful, inside and out, and you decide who you want to be and what you want to give into this world. Don’t let one more narrow minded person tell you you’re too much of this or too little of that… you’re perfectly made just the way you are. Your life is a precious gift of indescribable worth - dare to share your light. Dare to share what you’re able to bring into this world. There’s no other you out there. Share your gift and don’t let anyone belittle you.


Ladies of The Get Down: Ms. Green

→ “Leader lead. Cowards cower. Now I understand that your poem is personal. I understand that it might make you feel uncomfortable to share it. But take a look around, The Bronx is a warzone. Our community is dying. And it’s going to take leaders to save it. That means you. That is why I have been trying to get you to stand up and share your gift with the class. But every time, you take the easy way out.”

keepthewindowsopen  asked:

Hello! I hope you're having a lovely day, I just wanted to say that you're incredible. I've always loved your art regarding the batfam, but I've genuinely spent the last 2 hours looking at your original characters and I'm rather obsessed. You're just so phenomenally talented and thank you for sharing your gift with us all. So! I've got a semi weird question for you! How do your OC eat? Are any of them good cooks? Vegetarian? Any information is welcome! Thank you for existing!

Thanks so much!! And I’m super glad you asked that about my OCs because I hadn’t even really thought about it heh. I would say almost all of them hate to cook. Or, in Kai’s case, they’re really bad at it. Len is the only one who can make a proper meal! Sal will eat junk food all day if you don’t stop him. Kai’s a carnivore. He and Evelia are the ones with the highest alcohol tolerance. And Rylen likes anything! Though he does love veggies and seafood.



I went to the ceremony for Chris Pratt’s Hollywood star and it was pretty amazing seeing some of the cast from GOTG, his beautiful wife, Anna and his handsome son, Jack! 

The speech he gave was emotional, very heartfelt, and down to earth. Even though he is famous and all, he goes back to his roots and is very humble and loving. 

I recorded a video when he came over to sign stuff and not only did he sign my handmade backpack, but he even looked straight into my camera lens! This is one for the books. 

Thank you for sharing your God given gift with us through your amazing roles from GOTG to Parks and Recreation! ❤

Embarrassed, LMM/Reader

Prompt: Lin is a fan of the Reader, who sees Hamilton with the insistence of her friend.

Words: 1122

Author’s Note: I was supposed to post a Daveed fic today but I was too tired to write it so I’ll let you guys have this fic I wrote a little while ago and have been saving! Day 4 done, 3 more to go!

Warnings: Cursing? I usually curse in a fic, so probably cursing.

Askbox | Masterlist

It had started innocently enough - a friend had recommended the album to you, you usually trusted her judgement, so you listened to it in your spare time.

Not that you had much spare time, but it basically consumed it.

You insisted on having it on full blast whenever you could - during photo shoots, while in hair or makeup, whenever you were walking around on set. Someone was bound to say something about it.

After nearly a month of the Hamilton album playing as constant background noise, you decided to fully dive in and see the show.

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  • ❝ You seem quiet today. ❞
  • ❝ Want to go grab a cup of tea and bitch about life? ❞
  • ❝ The forest around here always looks mysterious. ❞
  • ❝ You have a gift. ❞
  • ❝ All you need is the courage to share your gift with others. ❞
  • ❝ I feel like the universe is taunting me everywhere I go today. ❞
  • ❝ Just relax. Stop torturing yourself. ❞ 
  • ❝ You don’t know who the fuck I am or who you’re messing around with! ❞
  • ❝ Come on, put that thing down! ❞
  • ❝ Don’t you EVER tell me what to do! ❞
  • ❝ I am so sick of people trying to control me! ❞
  • ❝ Nobody would even miss your punk ass, would they? ❞
  • ❝ Get that gun away from me, psycho! ❞
  • ❝ Your face is covered in guilt. ❞
  • ❝ You look a little stressed out? Are you okay? ❞
  • ❝ You can always be upfront with me, [ name ]. ❞
  • ❝ That sounds like a set-up to a horrible prank. ❞
  • ❝ Would you mind letting me sketch you? ❞
  • ❝ I’m kind of over humanity today…❞
  • ❝ I’d really like to be alone right now, if you don’t mind… ❞
  • ❝ Please, leave me alone! ❞
  • ❝ Just because I don’t talk a lot doesn’t mean I don’t care. ❞
  • ❝ I’m such an asshole. I’m sorry, [ name ]. ❞
  • ❝ You’re not helpful, you’re just nosey. ❞
  • ❝ I think you better go…❞
  • ❝ It’s been one strange fucking day. ❞
  • ❝ Can’t a sensitive high school boy/girl love sensitive vampires too? ❞
  • ❝ I need to talk to somebody…just to get it out of my system. ❞
  • ❝ Dr. [ full name ] is in da house. I won’t even prescribe you any meds. ❞
  • ❝ Have you ever had a dream, so real it was like a movie? ❞
  • ❝ Don’t analyze me! ❞
  • ❝ This day never ends… ❞
  • ❝ After five years, you’re still [ name ]. ❞
  • ❝ Don’t give me that guilty face. ❞
  • ❝ At lest pretend you’re happy to see me. ❞
  • ❝ I am seriously glad to see you. ❞
  • ❝ It makes perfect sense I’d see you today. ❞
  • ❝ I thought it would be quiet here. ❞
  • ❝ Don’t you think I’m happy to see you? ❞
  • ❝ You were happy to wait five years without a call, or even a text. ❞
  • ❝ I’m sorry. I know things were tough on you when I left… ❞
  • ❝ How do you know? You weren’t even there. ❞
  • ❝ Are you cereal? ❞
  • ❝ My camera has officially taken a shit. ❞
  • ❝ Home, shit, home. ❞
  • ❝ I don’t feel grown up. Just more confused as I get older. ❞
  • ❝ I’m happiest when I’ve got a great image in my lens. ❞
  • ❝ I’m not lonely, not afraid… ❞
  • ❝ After my [ family member ] died and you moved, I felt abandoned. ❞
  • ❝ You’re the opposite of shy…of me. ❞
  • ❝ What do you truly want to do when you grow up? ❞
  • ❝ I want to explore the world. Go far from here… ❞
  • ❝ Your pictures could be in a museum. Someday they will. ❞
  • ❝ You saved my life. ❞
  • ❝ That is so badass. ❞
  • ❝ So, did you recognize me? ❞
  • ❝ I, er, know it was your birthday last month… I want you to have this. ❞
  • ❝ That’s cool you remembered my birthday. But I can’t take this. ❞
  • ❝ I’m fucking insane in the brain! ❞
  • ❝ You need to hide. Now! ❞
  • ❝ I’m sick of your disrespect! ❞
  • ❝ Thanks for taking the heat. ❞
  • ❝ Let’s sneak out the window. ❞
  • ❝ This is the exact same place I was at during my nightmare today… ❞
  • ❝ Are you sure you don’t want to be alone? ❞
  • ❝ I’m not as brave as you. ❞
  • ❝ Sometimes ignorance is bliss. ❞
  • ❝ Everybody in this town knows everyone’s secrets. ❞
  • ❝ You needed money that bad? ❞
  • ❝ How much do you owe? ❞
  • ❝ This shit-pit has taken away everyone I’ve ever loved… ❞
  • ❝ [ name ]…you’re here. I’m back. Oh my Lord. This is real…it’s real. ❞
  • ❝ You totally just blacked out… ❞
  • ❝ I had another vision…❞
  • ❝ [ name ], I’m not crazy. ❞
  • ❝ I can reverse time. ❞
  • ❝ I saw you get shot, [ name ]. Saw you actually…die. ❞
  • ❝ Okay I see you’re a geek now with a great imagination, but this isn’t an anime or a video game. ❞
  • ❝ I don’t know what I have…But I have it. And I’m scared shitless…❞
  • ❝ Snowflakes? It’s like 80 degrees…How? ❞
  • ❝ [ name ], start from the beginning. Tell me everything… ❞
When I See You Again

Rafael Casal x Reader

Note: I really loved this request and loved writing it too, so I hope you enjoy this one! Also, all of the parts in italics are flashbacks. And yes they go to see Aladdin because I am seeing it this week and I am excited as hell! 

Request: Anonymous asked: Rafa and Reader please! They were in a relationship throughout college and even a couple years after, but ended up having an ugly breakup because Reader made the decision to move across the country for a job opportunity. One night they run into each other at a clipping show because Daveed had told them to come and didn’t bother to tell them they were both going to be there. And when they see each other that night it was just like time hadn’t passed at all. (continuing in another ask lol)At the show they end up getting drunk, and the next morning the reader wakes up at Rafas apartment, they end up talking though everything and decide to give it another try since they’re both back in the same town and have matured since they went their separate ways. 

Warnings: swearing, alcohol consumption, smut

Word Count:4,078

Tagged: @hamiltonsquills  @tallish-hobbit @iamgrayfox @rottwat @beckett-faye @justanotherone2u

Regret is something you chose not to let ruin your life, you try not to dwell too much on the ‘what ifs’ and the ‘if onlys’ of life and focus more on what you can do to move further in life.

There are too many people you’ve seen waste their potential and their lives, worrying about what might be if they just had of made a different decision all those years ago. You couldn’t let yourself be like that, your time on this earth is limited and you won’t waste that time wallowing in your regrets.

That’s why you chose to forget your college boyfriend as much as possible.

Rafael was your biggest ‘what if’. You’d met him your Sophomore year of college, he was everything you needed in a partner back then. He was smart, kind, creative, talented and so much more. It seemed like fate had dropped him into your life, you weren’t even looking for a boyfriend at the time he just sort of… showed up.

That relationship lasted for 6 years, the both of you thought it was going to last, that you’d be together forever and nothing could ever split you apart. But then reality set in, had the opportunity to make a huge leap in your career, a leap that would take you to the other side of the country.

He’s the one person you always wished things were different with, but over time you’ve come to accept that breaking up was the best thing for the both of you.

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