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Sarah you said you bought bon voyage, did you enter that raffle bc I'm kinda confused about the 'sns posting url' like should i give them my twitter or something??

Yes I did! I was confused at first but its in fact very simple :’^D

Go on VLive –> Store –> Bon Voyage season 2. Then share it on facebook or twitter (in the corner on the right). After you shared it, copy the url of your shared post and past it on “sns posting url” and thats it :^D
Its just the proof that you shared it 👼👼

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Hello, i used to be @5sosfanyounot and i recently (literally an hour ago) switched over to a kpop blog lol... i was wondering seeing as you are the only kpop blog i follow could reccomend your fav blogs? It's okay if you don't want too. Ty in advance xx

ahh hi, i remember you & it’s nice 2 see you finally joined us lol… of course i can do that for you, it’s going to be mostly exo tho :))))

@hoseom (my bestfriend whom i love the most)

@baekhyunsbabe@perfsoo, @kingbbh, @suhosoo, @bbhsthighs, @bbhsavocado, @sweet-soo, @kimjunnoodle, @daemondcrystal, @littlesunshinedae, @taonsil, @1oshs, @kimjongdaenet, @minseoksteponme, @kaistoe, @subaek, @squishy-do, @sooranghaes, @cherishyixing, @hyungwons-babe, @hyunqvwon, @achenlove, @suhocheeks, @poodleyeol, @for-the-love-of-lay, @bunmyun, @chanyeolcide, @kittyhunnie, @okaybaekhyun, @94-hun, @yhangzixing, @ohhhappydae, @xiulayallday, @wu-yi-man, @littlechefsoo, @frea1luv, @chenosaur21, @kingusoo, @mindkink, @kim-jonginism, @taehyungismahusband, @bias-yixing, @squeaky-jiminie, @theteacoast, @88gf, @pinkyeol, @baekshitbyun, @sehunsraani, @winnaeri, @sunshiningdae, @stunningsoo, @nerdtasticawkwardpenguin, @hansold, @byunchen <3333 (this group are my beautiful mutuals whom i love xoxo)

@lawlliets, @isexoreal, @intokai, @untouchabyeolman, @sehunardo-dicaprio, @bbhlikesboys, @callmeminseok, @shitexosay, @jonginkims, @ohhsenshine, @littlebyuns, @sehuntiful, @babyminseok, @milktaost, @iluvpcy, @sebaeksgirl, @whydidntexocometodallas, @ooohwillis, @305heaux, @byunlucid, @gaywillis, @4121994, @kjonginswife, @chnyeollie, @glorious-soobooty, @kaiternity, @starlightkai, @angel-in-slow-motion, @suavesehun, @92-pcy, @solobaek, @deararchimedes <3333 (these blogs are just as beautiful and are a group of my fav not mutual blogs xoxo) 

this took me so long, i’m sorry lol… 


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i got tagged by the lovely @lsaks and the adorable @kayascodelorio - tysm!! ♡

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So, allow me to tell you what’s happening here. Anna (pictured above) found my work on Pinterest uncredited, and because she couldn’t find me, she used it for a tattoo without my permission. The only reason I know about this, is because she approached me with the intention to own up for her mistake and correct it. Although the truth is, we both kind of lost in this situation.

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June 1st, 2017

An acquaintance in the HLD Discord (I forgot your url, sorry) shared some 3D art of the drifters. Drifter had some really piercing eyes, white eyelashes, and what looked to me like eye shadow.
Do not show me characters with really sharp, striking eyes, because I will really want to draw them…

I was joking that he had bioluminescent eyebrows the entire time I was coloring this. :p

I’m not going to share the person’s url, but they are a “SJW-type,” and have typed one of the most awful paragraphs about their understanding of reasoning that I’ve read on this website in an argument with someone else. 

In any case, I think this is a great opportunity to help explain how subtle manipulation of words affects people on this site without the majority even noticing it.

But Magpie, I hear you ask, what’s wrong with that? That’s fair, right? If a bunch of people believe something that you don’t, then it’s only right that you should at least figure out why.

Do you see how subtle that wording is? If you’re not careful, you might have missed it, just skimming the paragraph or not looking at it closely enough. Look at it again.

Being in the minority opinion on something among a group means that you should take a look at it and consider that you may, perhaps, have missed something. It is not proof of incorrectness, but if the majority of a group that is motivated to care deeply about a problem disagrees with you, then that’s a signal to try to figure out WHY they disagree.

And let’s look at it even more closely.

Being in the minority opinion on something among a group means that you should take a look at it and consider that you may, perhaps, have missed something.

I mean, that’s fair. Best possible understanding of this paragraph is, essentially, “Look, you might think that you understand an issue, but there could be details that you’ve missed that might change your mind and your stance.” That’s a great message. If you’re presented with compelling facts that you didn’t know before, it’s not a bad thing to change your opinion based on those facts. Maybe the facts won’t change your mind because you see things differently. That makes sense, too, depending on the context.

It is not proof of incorrectness

Absolutely. You’re not automatically wrong if a bunch of others disagree with you. I mean, a lot of people used to think that being gay meant that a man needed to be imprisoned, castrated or worse before others stood up and said that it was wrong, and changed those views, so, again, it totally depends on context.

But this next part, this is the problem.

[I]f the majority of a group that is motivated to care deeply about a problem disagrees with you

Did you see the bait-and-switch there? 

We were talking about a smaller group of people disagreeing with a larger group of people and fostering understanding, or trying to see an issue in a different way, but now we’ve strolled straight into Good vs Evil territory with amazingly subtle wording.

“If the majority of a group that is motivated to care deeply about a problem.” 

The entire context of that paragraph has been changed with that simple and easily-missable phrase. It isn’t about, “Hey, maybe if you don’t agree with a majority’s upset, you’re missing something important or you don’t fully understand the exact why of why they’re upset,” but suddenly something else entirely. It all lies in the subtlety of the thing.

So, instead, we’ve got a paragraph that’s actually saying:

“Being in the minority opinion on something among a group means that you should take a look at it and consider that you may, perhaps, have missed something. It’s not proof of you being wrong, but when you disagree with a majority of people that actually care and that actually know that real problems are going on, then you should at least try to figure out why they disagree, so that you can change your mind and accept that we’re right, that the problem that we’ve said really does exist and then you can care by agreeing with us.”

This is exactly how subtle manipulation gets you. You’re disagreeing, but then this other person comes in with, “You’re disagreeing with people that care about a problem.” Not just that, but who are “motivated to care about a problem.” That’s suddenly framed as you versus The Good Guys. Because, after all, if you take a stand and say that you don’t see a problem, or that you disagree with a group that says there’s a big issue of bigotry, then suddenly you’re against the people that care. Not only that, but against the people that are motivated to care. Who are people motivated to care about issues? People seriously affected by those issues.

What does that make you, if you stand against a group that are seriously affected by issues? That makes you their enemy. That makes you a bigot. And that’s what makes you The Bad Guy.

I know this is a long post about a very small paragraph, but seriously everyone, take a minute to read all posts properly. Actually figure out what they’re saying. Look at the context, pick out the words chosen and see if you’re being played.

It really doesn’t take much to sway you one way or the other, if the words are chosen carefully enough, so keep an eye out.

Hello, roleplay community!  it’s no doubt the past month we’ve seen lots of negativity on the dashboard. although our types of blogs, fandoms and styles are different we should unite in one fact and that is we are apart of this beautiful and creative community! this week on the 1st - 5th we will dedicate days to the wonderful people that make us whole! on these days feel free to send url’s to celebrate your favorite writers! please, reblog to share the word! all urls can be sent here!

  • Monday ( 1st ) a day dedicated to original characters + self inserts
  • Tuesday  ( 2nd ) a day dedicated to canon characters
  • Wednesday ( 3rd ) a day dedicated to fandoms / indie roleplay groups
  • Thursday ( 4th )  a day dedicated to roleplay helpers including graphic makers!
  • Friday ( 5th ) a day dedicated to hard working mods of roleplay groups.  

Hello, everyone! This is just a friendly reminder that signups for the summer KagaKuro Exchange start today!! The theme is Summer/Birthday. All of the information you need is found below. We really hope that you consider participating, and a huge thank you to those of you who’ve already signed up! Hope to hear from you all soon! <3


  • Signups are from May 20 – May 27.
  • Signups will be done using this Google form! You can also submit to this blog, but please include all the same information included in the form.

Name: Your preferred name. If you’d like to participate as anonymous, put ‘Anon’.

Email: So we can contact you, give you your assignment, and check in with you. Your email won’t be shared or posted anywhere.

URL: Another form of contact if we need, and also so your partner can send you anonymous messages! If you’re participating at anonymous, just put ‘N/A’.

Clutch time: Please indicate here if you’d like to be one of our clutch time participants.

Rating: Please give the highest rating you would be okay with receiving. Your partner will write anything up to that writing, but never above whatever you’re comfortable with. For simplicity’s sake, let’s use the same rating system as AO3 (so G for general audiences up to E for explicit material).

Requests: Please list at least three prompts–two following the theme, and one of your own choice! Be as broad as you want or specific as you want! And feel free to get inspiration from other places: OTP prompts, sentence starters, and all those other good things. If you’d like suggestions, please feel free to send a message or email!

Side pairings: Any other pairings you like and wouldn’t mind seeing in your gift. This doesn’t mean they’ll definitely be included, but maybe your partner enjoys them too and will include them!

Likes: Anything you would be okay with receiving. This can include your favorite genres (fluff, angst, smut, etc.) or your favorite tropes (fake dating, childhood friends, etc.) and other things of that nature. As above, that doesn’t mean they’ll definitely be included, but it might spark some ideas for your partner!

Dislikes: Anything you would absolutely not be okay with receiving. This could be anywhere from ships to tropes to kinks. Please remember to be polite in this section: no ship bashing, explicit language, or anything of that nature.

Additional comments: Any questions or concerns you may have that weren’t included in this form!

After signups are complete, assignments will be sent out over the following days. All of the other rules and event information is found in this post.

the buffy femslash directory;

Hi there! buffyfemslash is compiling a directory of bloggers who post women-lovin’-women buffyverse content. Whether you only ship Willow/Tara, or you’re into more obscure ships, you’re welcome to add your blog to the list! The goal is to help us find other people who like the same things we do.

To be added, send us an ask with as much or as little of the following as you would like to share:

Url** (in case your main blog isn’t your Buffy blog, etc)
Name / Nickname
Favourite Buffy femslash ships

**mandatory info!

Not adding men, sorry - this blog is about celebrating wlw from the perspective of women & nonbinary folk. Thanks for understanding.

Hoping to hear from you! Thanks to everyone who has supported this blog thus far. It’s been fun! <3


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My python’s enclosure! Danny is a spoiled 2-year-old ball python who is currently on Zoomed Repti Soil, has 4 hides, tons of rocks/seashells, so many fake plants, and things to climb on. He absolutely LOVES his new setup (I just put it together a few days ago) and I’m so proud of it. He’s very receptive to changes in his enclosure and he’s out every night to find new crooks and crannies. Hope you enjoy it!!

This is beautiful! You did a wonderful job with this, thank you for sharing :)

so yesterday someone i used to be friends with, who i cut out of my life like nearly two years ago for sending me weird anon messages and other stuff, found my tumblr? which they should have had no way to find but they did, and followed me twice, then unfollowed me. so i changed my url and blocked them but the whole thing has gotten me really rattled and upset and i’m kinda of tempted to just remake altogether with a blog  that has like no personal details on at all