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Capricorn General Horoscope

Be yourself today - 100 percent you, Capricorn. The world needs more individuality. Revel in your unique qualities and be generous about sharing them with the world. Feel free to adopt a new and unconventional way of doing something - anything. Beware, however, that there may be a strong, grounding force that’s trying to tie you down to tradition. Don’t feel pressured to give in to the social norm.

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tbh if aliens ever land and invade earth, someone should just calmly explain to them that pokemon, not humans, are the dominant lifeforms on this planet, and the only way to claim sovereign is to catch em all. 

and then give them a phone with pokemon go installed and send them on their merry way


once in a lifetime [rucas] | by  XxSunlightxX on youtube

anonymous asked:

So firstly I want to say that your art and wit are amazing and thank you for sharing them with the world. And secondly I was wondering how often you return to the games you illustrate? Reload Brii for a quick jaunt through Markarth for Old times' sake? Or any PLANS to replay, meet Shale for the first time? And finally could you maybe doodle an Alistair please? I can't get enough of the big, blushing beefcake (or alliteration, apparently).

Thank you! ;w;

To answer your questions:

I return to games SO frequently, you have no idea. I have a really tough time permanently putting a game down once I get my hands on it. I go back to DA & TES games frequently enough and I still play video games I never fully “got into”, like GW2 or Kingdoms of Amalur. 

And it’s funny you mention it–normally I avoid Markarth (on account of I don’t like that part of the map and I always–always–get SO lost in that city), but I’m trying to tackle ALL the quests in Markarth with Brii and I’m having a blast! What a weird, weird, fucked up city that is! My God! 

I have downloaded Shale’s DLC! I just haven’t had much time to play video games lately. ; A ; My part-time job takes a lot out of me, emotionally and energetically, so I’ve been having trouble structuring my time outside of work.

AND OFC. I fuckin’ love Alistair. Here you go:

You are not perfect despite your “faults,” you are perfect because of them. They are part of who you are. Hancock wouldn’t be who he is, and wouldn’t have done all of the amazing things that he has, without his drug addiction. Things you think of as flaws are really just one important piece of the puzzle that makes up the perfect person you are.

It is a national holiday in Japan today, Marine Day. And this is the first chance I have had to get out and get a roll of StreetPan in a camera. It is damned hot though and the mosquitoes are finding me to be delectable.
Have you got your StreetPan yet? Tag your pics with #StreetPan and share them with the world. #buyfilm #shootfilm #kameracraft #cameraporn #believeinfilm #filmcamera #filmisnotdead (at Shakujii Park)

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commissioned from @vasheren who is a delight!!! again, this is from few years ago which I never shared, which I feel terrible about since I probably should’ve shared them with the rest of the world the moment I received these wonderful illustrations. 

(this is part of my life mission to collect all my fav artists’ rendition of cas in a chicken suit

Attention To All Lesbian Couples:

If you are engaged and or/married and have some of these kinds of photos, please come over to The Mrs. & Mrs. Blog and share them with the tumblr world today! Your same love with surely help liven up this blog!

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I run this blog since 5 years now and I loved searching for new pictures on Flickr to share them with the rest of the world here. For sure I am more than grateful to get so many amazing followers all over the world who enjoy this beautiful country as much as I do. 

Because of personal reasons I decided to put this blog on Hiatus for some time. Filling up my queue takes some hours every time and right now I want to use this time for more important things in my life. 

 Maybe I’ll come back here in some months and start to bring you back to Japan through all those beautiful pictures. 


PS: You can read about my own adventures in Japan on positive-everything. If you would like to see more pictures from Japan I’d suggest to follow my lovely friend ileftmyheartintokyo.

luke and michael would be some of the very few people left after a zombie apocalypse and they both knew that they were being chased after by the monsters and that they didn’t stand a chance against the thousands of zombies that eventually would devour them so they both managed to find two guitars in their childhood homes which had been abandoned and left behind by their families and so they decided to play ‘wake me up when september ends’ by green day but at the last sentence luke changed the lyrics to “wake me up when all of this ends” and they would both start crying as they would hear the zombies making their way around in the house but they both also knew that despite all of the total madness and heartbreaks they had gone through they would always be there for each other and would always love each other no matter what the other did and so right before the zombies would get into the room they would share a deep kiss which meant the world to both of them before the zombies would rip them apart from each other to start eating them as they would force themselves to watch their significant other getting eaten with tears running down their cheeks and having their fingers linked together as if they were one :-)

anonymous asked:

hi bre! loved the faraway pieces you wrote! thanks for sharing them! i was wondering whether you plan on writing more in that world or if that was only for soty?

Thank you, thank you! 

Faraway was originally just for SOTY, but it turned into a really fun writing exercise for me! I have gotten a lot of questions about continuing that ‘verse and the good news is, I really, really want to! The bad news is that I don’t know when exactly, or how, since the point of them was to get votes for Olicity!

(I will eventually beef these current installments up and fix some continuity issues before posting to AO3).

Thank you for the interest, I’m so glad everyone liked those stories! 

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I really love how open Darren's been about Mia lately. I know they've been slowly becoming more open over the years but I feel like, starting when he tweeted her that adorable "thank you" at Christmas, he's just completely stopped caring what anyone thinks and I love it. I used to just assume he'd never tweet her, but now it doesn't even surprise me when he does and it makes me so happy to see them so in love and willing to share it with the world. As you say, I just love love :) <3

Yes - it is SO lovely. Especially when he tweets such sweet pics (from the savedbythemax shop).

Just to give you my own perspective on “Darren no longer caring” - I don’t think I exactly see it this way. I actually don’t think Darren ever cared what the “internet” (or the crazy tweeters) thinks of whether he’s with Mia. So the song, “I Don’t Mind” which is clearly about Mia - I think sums him up, at least in my own head.  Basically says, I don’t give a damn about haters because I’m the one that gets to hold you…

What I think he cares about is protecting Mia from harassment/hating the harassment.

I think Darren and Mia likely have a joint understanding about their decisions re: their relationship and social media. They are private as a general rule (which should never be confused with secret - why does this fandom not understand this distinction it is such a mystery to me. Posting a pic of a milkshake-share in a resto isn’t an infringement of privacy/not being private. It’s totally mundane. Their relationship isn’t secret. It’s just theirs. And its details are not known by the public/celebrity world. But the fact of it is. Like most couples. Like don’t expect an in-depth interview about their biggest fights but you know, you might see them attend an event together) but are also comfortable and public. And I think they moderate their social media posting depending on the way the wind blows in a given moment (ie their mood of the moment, their excitement, wanting to be a supportive partner versus manageable craziness). Also, I think their relationship has likely gotten more serious over the years (because obviously. They were only together a few months before Glee), and so their lives are more intertwined.

And I am always happy when the wind blows little mundane moments on to twitter. Bless.

So, Theories.

I have a few generalized theories, but I’m unsure of what to fully make of them yet so they well reside safely in my Scream notebook until I feel like I want to share them with the world. For now: suspects. I want to share my opinions on who I think we may be handling as our killer. This list is not in order by any means. This is a longer post because I tend to ramble on about why I think each person is a suspect, so it is being placed under a read more.

I am well aware that all of these suspects could be debunked in more ways than one; these are just my current opinions on who I believe could be our current killer.

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Favorite flower? Any future baby names picked out? Favorite bible verse?

Daisies are my favorite flower! We have girl and boy names picked out, but won’t share with the world - don’t want anyone snatching them! Favorite bible verse…that changes as the seasons do, but this one will always be a favorite. 

“The Sovereign Lord is my strength; he makes my feet like the feet of a deer, he enables me to tread on the heights.” -Habakkuk 3:19

Own your shine! I must confess that it is easier for me live an authentic life, to stand in my greatness, and bask in my blessings than to shrink, turn down my light, and sit in the shadows. We do ourselves and the Universe a disservice when we don’t show up fully in our lives. God and the Universe has given us all unique, individual talents and gifts. Why wouldn’t you receive these blessings and share them with the rest world? Get up! Stand up! Show up and show out! Remember to own your shine today – you have nothing to lose, and everything to gain and give. #Namaste #Own #Shine #Brilliance #Greatness #Excellence #Service #LoveAndLight #Share #BaskInYourBlessings #Power #Confidence #Presence #SelfLove #TrustAndBelieve #RiseUp #ThinkThursday #WordsOfWisdom #WorldOfWilbekin #WOW

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