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“I need someone… to show me my place in all this…”

she’s just drunk talking bs to beca during the aca-initiation


Baekhyun sharing CBX’s meat with the production crew + the crew responding in typical CBX fashion! 😂 // EXO’s Travel the World Through a Ladder of Fortune Ep.38

Getting Even


Words: 11367

A/N: One shot set in my own universe with an established Bechloe. It started out as pure smut, and then I put some fancy window dressing on it to make it all respectable like. Please let me know what you think, love it or hate it. I’m relatively new-again to writing and I’d love to know if I’m going in the right direction. I may have a multi-chap going if there’s enough interest – though that’s smut free at the moment.

Disclaimer: I own nothing, Pitch Perfect and all wherein belong to Universal. I’m just borrowing them.

AO3 and FFN

A Shared Lifetime

When Beca realized that Chloe was going to stay at Barden after failing Russian Lit – unintentionally, per Chloe – they had originally just made plans to share a room. But then Chloe spent the last week of the school year convincing and bribing the rest of the Bellas to come back two weeks early and help clean out the attic of the house.

Aubrey even came back and helped sort what was trash and what was tradition. “I don’t trust the hobbit to not throw away an important Bella memory.” But since Aubrey had brought beer, Beca decided to let that one slide.

Once they were done, the room was big enough for their queen sized bed and matching nightstands - Beca’s idea - and still have space for Beca’s mixing setup along the banister - Chloe’s idea. A small built out walk in closet sat in one corner and their dresser fit perfectly along the wall. The rest of the room was filled with Chloe’s vanity and small sitting area in front of the stairs, consisting of a couch, low table and a large chair that were already in the attic and no one had wanted to haul downstairs.

Aubrey had brought up the table and two chairs that she had brought home one day when she and Chloe had shared a dorm in their freshman year. The two of them had spent several weekends sanding down and refinishing them. It had served for studying, late night meals and an uncomfortable pillow on more than one occasion.

Beca put on an overly sweet smile and said, “Aw, thanks for the housewarming gift, Aubs.”

Aubrey had refused to look at her and instead opened another beer. “It’s not a housewarming gift when it’s been here the entire time. It also belongs to Chloe and I couldn’t fit it in the van.”

Chloe watched as Aubrey wordlessly held the bottle out to Beca, who took it with a less-sarcastic-than- normal salute of thanks. She loved watching the two of them banter, finding their way to a friendship that both had once deemed impossible.


It was Spring Break of Beca’s sophomore year and Chloe’s first as a Super Senior.

On that first Saturday, Chloe and Beca stirred slowly, limbs tangling as they stretched. What had started out as soft good morning kisses started to turn into something heavier, both still warm with sleep and rising desire, when there were several loud knocks at the door at the bottom of the stairs.

“Get out of each other’s pants and come down to breakfast.” Stacie’s voice carried up to them. “Everyone but you is leaving today. Come say goodbye, you can scissor later.”

Chloe groaned while Beca yelled back, “Dude!” Beca could hear Stacie’s laugh outside the door and let her head thump back down to the mattress. “Fuck. OFF!” A quiet voice in her ear pulled her attention firmly back to the bed.

“No…” Chloe’s hands snaked back under her shirt, nails scraping and fingers pulling Beca’s hips closer. “Fuck. Me.” Chloe’s thigh slipped between Beca’s and pressed upward.

Beca breathed out and ground helplessly down. “Oh. Fuck.” It may have been louder than she intended as Stacie’s voice drifted up to them.

“Actually, you guys sound really fucking hot. Maybe I’ll just pick your lock again and join you this time.”

Beca jumped as the doorknob rattled.  She squeaked out “Breakfast?” as she tried a last ditch effort to control her libido.

Chloe hummed in disappointment as Beca flipped the covers back and jumped out of bed. Stacie was probably (mostly) joking, but Beca was not going to take any chances. Besides, she was right. The rest of the girls were leaving for Spring Break to visit their families. Or, in Fat Amy’s case, “I could tell you my plans, but then I’d have to put you down like a dingo gone wrong.” Beca was almost intrigued, but then realized that if those plans included Bumper and nudity, she was better off not asking.

Beca was taking a shift at the radio station again this year, this time during the day, and Chloe opted to stay at Barden with her. They would have the house to themselves for almost a week. The least they could do was see the rest of them off.

Chloe stretched leisurely before she sat up and swung her legs over the side, watching as Beca pulled on a pair of sweats and a hoodie, then ran a brush through her hair. Chloe waited until Beca turned around and then pulled her sleep shirt off. She stood slowly and made her way to the dresser behind Beca, making sure to slide against her.

Chloe loved watching Beca’s eyes darken with need, the way her fingers would twitch at her side. But what she loved most was when Beca finally couldn’t stop herself from reaching out, her hands skimming up Chloe’s ribs. Chloe arched her back, anticipating the touch over her breasts when they heard the door creak open and the unmistakable groan of the first step.

“DUDE!” Beca threw herself in front of Chloe and spread her arms, thankful there was no direct view from the doorway below. “WHAT IN THE ACTUAL FUCK?” She felt Chloe snicker behind her. “This isn’t funny, Chlo! What if we’d been in the middle of…” Her voice dropped to a whisper. “You know.

“You should be able to say ‘sex’, Becs.” Chloe leaned forward to whisper in her ear. “Especially when you’re so good at it.”

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They told you you’re not enough.
Not skinny enough.
Not pretty enough.
Not smart enough.
Not talented enough.
Not outgoing enough.
Not sexy enough.
Not creative enough.
Not determined enough.
Not relaxed enough.
Not strong enough.
Not educated enough.
Not adventurous enough.
Not worthy enough.

Instead, they told you which attributes you have too much of.
Too loud.
Too crazy.
Too girly.
Too sensitive.
Too dramatic.
Too thin skinned.
Too lazy.
Too ugly.
Too shy.
Too talkative.
Too depressed.
Too serious.
Too flakey.
Too big.
Too loud.
Too confronting.

I wanna tell you, and I hope you dare to listen and to never forget my words ever again:

You are perfectly made just the way you are.

There’s a reason why you’re in this world. The things others keep criticizing in you might be the exact thing the world needs you to share. You’ve been told to be too sensitive? Maybe you’re meant to live your life using your sensitivity as your core strength. There is a desperate need for people who haven’t numbed themselves, who are brave enough too feel. People have called you out for being too talkative? Maybe there are a thousand words the world needs you to speak, loud and clear. Maybe you should be an activist, a writer or motivational speaker. You’ve been told to be too weird and crazy? Maybe your calling is to create art that will touch others so much because they finally feel seen and understood.
You, my dear, are beautiful, inside and out, and you decide who you want to be and what you want to give into this world. Don’t let one more narrow minded person tell you you’re too much of this or too little of that… you’re perfectly made just the way you are. Your life is a precious gift of indescribable worth - dare to share your light. Dare to share what you’re able to bring into this world. There’s no other you out there. Share your gift and don’t let anyone belittle you.