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The slobs

Kit was a good boy. He got straight As in school, went on to a good college and earned the best degree that he could. He played by the rules, stuck to his schedule and made the most of his time. He ate healthily and exercised to stay fit like he was told he should. He didn’t eat or drink to excess and he ensured that he had at least 8 hours of sleep each night. Kit didn’t know any other way to be. He wasn’t spontaneous or hedonistic. He was what he was.

Of course, being the way he was made Kit’s deepest desires seem all the more impossible, and exciting. Ever since he had been little, he had admired the bigger men. Not the muscular body builder types, but he boys who felt free to eat what they wanted and displayed their greedy appetites in the form of a huge beer belly that burst out in front of them. He couldn’t understand why society disliked fat boys. To him, there seemed no better definition of manliness than a guy with a good appetite, overeating, growing heavier and heavier than all of the other puny excuses for men. How he longed to be a man like that, but he knew, it just wasn’t meant to be.

At 25 years old, Kit had finally become qualified and experienced enough to be a sought after employee at an engineering company in the city. Kit had been head-hunted by the firm; he never would have applied for this job on his own, moving such a long way away from everything and everyone that he knew. But Kit also never said no to something that could enhance his life and career prospects so much. And so, with a reluctant heart, he accepted the job offer and started to make preparations for the big move.

Property prices in the city were expensive and Kit didn’t want to waste his cash paying rent for the next twenty years; so he decided to take a room in a share house to save cash, whilst he saved up. It was a short term inconvenience but the longer he could stick it out, the better his chances would be of getting a nice place for himself. Two weeks before starting, Kit went down to look at rooms. He spent his entire Saturday running from place to place, seeing the extremes of what the city had to offer. Finally, he found a place with two friendly girls in a clean, spacious place close to work. Immediately his stress about finding somewhere was gone. This was going to be alright after all. He took the room there and then; the girls were equally delighted they had found someone sane to share with.

Kit still had one more place on his list to visit. It was only a couple of blocks away and he felt rude not going since he had spoken to one of the guys living there that morning and ensured that they would be there to show him around. Not wishing to be impolite, Kit went there anyway.

The place was a much smaller apartment on the first floor of an untidy looking building. He buzzed the apartment and went inside. Walking up the stairs didn’t fill Kit with dread the way it might have done had he not already found a place. He knocked on the door and was greeted by the tenant he had spoken to that morning. His name was Mike. What Kit hadn’t anticipated on the phone was the shape Mike was in. He was tall and big bellied, dressed only in his boxers and an oversized t shirt that already had a stain from the take out noodles he was eating as he answered the door. He looked about five years older than Kit and he filled the entrance space. His face was round and he had a stubbly beard that covered his thick neck and double chin. This was a guy who didn’t care what people thought of him.

‘Hey there, Kit isn’t it? he said, throwing his hand out and catching Kit’s, shaking it warmly. ‘Come in, come in’

‘Thanks,’ said Kit shyly, manoeuvring himself past Mike’s belly as he waited to close the door behind them both. The place looked a mess. Kit could tell this place was lived in by a group of overfed lazy boys. Empty food take-out boxes lay everywhere and the plates stacked up in the sink in the kitchen, whilst the floors looked like they hadn’t been cleaned in weeks.

‘Excuse the mess’ said Mike, closing the door and turning to Kit with his hands on his hips, his elbows almost touching each side of the corridor.

‘There are three of us guys living here and none of us are big into cleaning.’

‘That’s alright’ said Kit, secretly marvelling at the sight of Mike. ‘I’m not into cleaning either’ he lied.

‘The room is here’ said Mike, throwing his hand out to his left. ‘It’s not massive, but it’ll do ya.’ Kit peered inside the dingy room, the unmade bed and empty cupboards. ‘Should have cracked a window open before you came really’ said Mike, twitching his nose.

‘How long has it been empty?’ asked Kit.

‘The old guy, Stuart, left about four months ago when he got married.

We’ve had a few people round to look at the place but no takers yet.’ Kit could see why.

‘Cool’ muttered Kit, pretending to consider the place. He could have left it there, but he decided to make his visit look more genuine by asking to see the living spaces and bathroom. Plus, being around a big man like Mike was fun for Kit.

The bathroom was equally unpleasant and the kitchen was as expected. Four man size chairs scattered across the living room, take out cartons and beer cans intermittently filling the spaces in between. As Kit looked around he heard the lock click in the door and in walked two other men. He heard their deep voices in the corridor before he saw them.

‘Ah, Sam and Dale are back’ said Mike to explain the commotion. He went to the living room door and spoke around the corner to the housemates.

‘Boys, I’m showing a guy around about the room. Come say hi’.

He turned and positioned himself in the corner of the room, hands on hips, making way for the other guys. Sam walked in first, his hand already outstretched, balancing a couple of pizza boxes on his other hand as he leaned across. He was a little older than Mike but more burly looking, not as tall or heavy; bald on top with a thick bushy beard and round pot belly below his fairy solid looking chest. He was dressed in shorts and flip flops, despite the cold and his t shirt, clearly chosen to show off his fairly thick chest and large arms, did nothing to hide the underbelly that just peaked out underneath it. ‘How you doing man?’ he smiled, slapping Kit’s hand and shaking it in the same way Mike had.

The final housemate stood in the doorway. There was no room for him to come in with the mess on the floor and the two larger guys already taking up residence in the room. He smiled and waved casually. ‘This is Dale’ explained Sam, pointing behind him. He’s only been here a year or so, but Mike and I have seen a few guys come and go in our time living here.’

Dale was about the same age as Kit; a good looking guy who had grown a bit overweight, his gut clearly visible from a distance and what looked like a fresh softness to his face, his fat little nipples pushing up against his t shirt from the cold and their sheer volume. Maybe that’s what happened to guys that lived in an environment like this, thought Kit with a feeling of excitement in his stomach.

Kit greeted them cooly, feeling slightly shy around all these larger men. He didn’t really know what to say to them. ‘Nice little bachelor pad you guys have got here’ he lied.

‘Ha, it’s a mess, we know. We’re slobs. But we’re guys and this is kinda how we are’ chuckled Sam, looking around at the living room.

Kit laughed nervously and then made his excuses, thanking all of the guys for showing him around and saying that he would be in touch later to let them know whether he would take the room.

‘Sure thing’ they all said, passing around the collection of pizza boxes Sam and Dale had brought back. ‘The door’s a little awkward’ said Mike, settling down with his own pizza box in his chair, clearly not intending to see Kit out now the food had arrived. ‘Just give it a good tug to make sure it’s locked when you close it.’

‘Will do’ said Kit, walking out of the door to leave the boys to their food. He shut the door behind him and made a quick retreat down the stairs. His train home was leaving in 20 minutes so he had to walk briskly back. It wasn’t until he sat on the train that he finally allowed his mind to take in how turned on the last flat had made him. In a perfect world, that was exactly the sort of lifestyle Kit wanted for himself; to be an overfed slob like those guys. He pushed the thought out of his mind. Kit wasn’t the type of guy who could ever let go like that. He was too uptight.

An hour into his journey, his phone rang in his pocket. It was the girl from the apartment he had accepted.

‘Kit, I’m so sorry! It’s Janie, the girl whose room you came to see. She’s just broken up with her boyfriend and told us she won’t be moving out anymore. She’s really upset and I’d best get back to her. I’m really sorry, but the room isn’t available anymore.’

Kit was polite and told them it was fine, his head in his hands as the stress started to build up in his mind again. He threw the phone down as soon as he ended the call. Why did things have to be so damn hard? He sat there fuming for the next half an hour, before his mind returned to thinking about that last place he had visited with the guys. He started to feel himself getting turned on at the thought of living there, sat in the living room with them all right now, tucking in to pizza in his own chair. It was a hasty decision, made out of lust rather than common sense, but he phoned up Mike before he could talk himself out of it.

‘Mike, I’ll take it. When can I move in?’

It didn’t take long to get the place tidy once Kit had moved in two weeks later. He cleared the living room and made the kitchen and bathroom more hygienic in no time. The guys arrived home from work, impressed by his efforts, but mostly to humour him. Pretty soon they were all back to slobbing out in front of the TV, beer and snacks on hand. Kit felt like he should join them in the living room to get to know them better. He didn’t plan to be living there more than a few months, but he didn’t want things to be awkward, he needed to get to know them.

Kit was somewhat surprised when he walked in and saw all three guys sat there in only their boxer shorts. Mike was the largest, with a gut that sat out proudly in his lap, filling the entire width of his chair, his belly shelf catching a few of the larger crumbs from the snacks he was eating. Sam was in the corner, his eyes glued to the TV screen, his smaller gut looked firm and solid, rounding out perfectly beneath his beefy looking pecs. Dale sat in the middle next to Mike’s chair, his flabby belly starting to slide out into his crotch whilst his pointy moobs started to droop onto the little belly he was growing.

‘Hey!’ they all cheered as Kit walked in. They clearly wanted to release the tension as much as he did. ‘Come sit down in your chair man, first night in the big city!’

‘Take a beer man’ said Sam, already throwing one over to Kit.

‘Yeah, we should get pizza to celebrate like we did on my first night’ offered Dale, nodding to the two larger guys.

‘Oh don’t worry, I know you guys have already eaten,’ said Kit, not wanting to make a fuss.

‘Nah, we haven’t eaten in a couple of hours, we’re good’ said Mike, already lifting his ass up to get the phone. ‘Our treat, of course’ he smiled.

It didn’t take long for it not to feel strange, sat there in a room of half-naked fat guys. Perhaps it had something to do with the fifth beer Kit was drinking. Kit had made a good effort with his pizza but it had now been polished off by Mike who had been eyeing it up the moment Kit started to flag. The guys were actually really fun. They sat around the TV trying to out-do each other making the smartest wisecracks about what they all saw. Very quickly, Kit started to enjoy their company and he realised that he shared their sense of humour.

‘Fuck, he’s getting a bit tubby isn’t he?’ commented Mike, looking at one of the presenters on the TV show they were watching.

‘He looks a bit like you’ laughed Sam, pointing to Dale’s gut. Kit wasn’t sure whether to laugh or not, until Mike explained.

‘Dale here used to look like you when he moved in a year ago. But Sam and I are, sort of a bad influence, as you can see’ he chuckled waving his hand at Dale’s growing gut. Sam joined him in laughing.

‘Fuck off!’ joked Dale, throwing a chip at Mike before turning to Kit. ‘Seriously though, don’t expect to stay slim living around these two. The guy before me was even bigger than Mike.’

‘Oh, Stuart, yeah, he was’ nodded Sam from the corner. ‘I blame him for our fat bellies’ said Sam, turning to Mike for confirmation. ‘He was a very greedy bloke wasn’t he?’ Mike nodded in agreement.

Kit couldn’t help but be turned on. The thought of turning into a fat guy living here did something to him he couldn’t quite explain. If he could have gained 100lbs in that moment he would have done.

All too soon, the guys were taking themselves to bed and Kit lay there in his new room, slightly drunk but incredibly pleased with his choice. Maybe living in the city wouldn’t be so bad after all.

Kit settled in to his new job and lifestyle with ease. Work was good and home life was even better. He spent a little more than he intended each month, splurging on take-out with the guys and beers for the weekend, but he was still saving up a nice nest egg with his massively increased wage. He started to relax about the tidiness of the place and started to develop his on trash pile by the side of his chair in the living room. Kit even got in to the habit of settling around the TV in only his boxers with the guys each night.

‘Damn, is the Chinese place still open?’ grumbled Sam, rubbing his gut as if it was completely empty.

‘Oh man, now you’ve said it, I want some too,’ complained Dale.

‘I’ll get some of that as well,’ agreed Kit from his chair in the corner.

‘I was trying to be good this week as well!’ grumbled Dale, already checking out the menu on his phone. ‘No wonder we’re getting fatter’ said Dale, pointing to himself and Kit.

‘Huh?’ said Kit, slightly taken aback.

‘You and me’ explained Dale, as if Kit hadn’t heard. ‘We’re getting fat because of these guys here.’

‘I’m not…’ started Kit, looking down at his stomach. His upper stomach muscles were still visible, just, but he had an undoubtable puddle of fat starting to press over the waist band of his boxers. ‘…oh fuck, yeah, you’re right’ he exclaimed, surprised at the rush of excitement that flooded his body. He took a finger and poked it, then lifted his finger up and down the flab to feel how much it jiggled.

‘That’s how I started’ cautioned Dale. ‘Now look at what’s happening to me’ he chuckled, grabbing a full roll of fat and jiggling it for Kit to see. Kit couldn’t help but imagine himself with a full roll of fat like that and it turned him on more than he could even put into words.

‘I’ll have the banquet meal for one’ he said, nodding towards Sam who had the phone in his hand.

Things grew out of hand pretty quickly. Dale was right when he said he was getting fatter. It was clear in his belly. In the short time Kit had been living there, he’d seen him go from having a slight dint in his belly as he sat down to having a full on extra roll of fat. Everything about these boys started to turn Kit on; their laziness, their appetites, their messiness even. He looked in the mirror and saw his ass starting to fill out, pressing against his work pants in the same way his lower belly fat was bulging out in the other direction. When he was alone in the house, he would sneak into Mike’s room and marvel at the size of his underwear, imagining himself filling them out just the same. Gradually, he came to the conclusion that if he wanted to look as big and manly as Mike, he’d have to eat like he did too.

Mike was by far the greediest of the three boys. He consistently ordered more food than any of them and was almost always the instigator of late night take-out orders.

‘What do you want?’ asked Dale, taking a phone order for the guys that night. Kit pretended to still be deciding and waited until Mike had given his huge order.

‘That sounds good man!’ smiled Kit. ‘I’ll have that as well,’ he nodded at Dale.

It soon became a running joke that Kit would always order what Mike had. Kit brushed it off, stating that Mike had good taste in food. It hurt at first, trying to stuff as much food down himself as Mike did, but he was surprised at how quickly he got used to it. His body soon started to change with the flood of calories he was pumping in to himself each night. His lower belly fat soon spread into a proper starter gut. He found he had to change his work clothes to larger sizes and even his underwear had to be upgraded to avoid the waistband digging in to his fattening sides. His toned chest was gone, relaxing into two soft pointy mounds of blubber. Kit was on his way at last.

Sam started to spend less time at the house. He had met a new girl and stayed over at her place at least three nights a week, not daring to bring her back to his smelly apartment because of the mess. Dale and Mike were just as good company though and the guys soon got used to the changes.

‘Oh shit man!’ laughed Sam, prodding Mike on the arm to look at Kit’s small gut as he walked past ‘It’s definitely happening again. Look at that belly on Kit now. I haven’t seen him in a few days and it definitely looks fatter’

Mike chuckled, looking at Kit’s belly. ‘I guess you don’t notice the changes as much when you see someone every day. Have you weighed yourself recently?’ asked Mike, suddenly interested.

‘Yeah, I have’ said Kit, sitting down and tucking in to his pizza box. ‘I’ve put on about 30lbs since I moved to the city six months ago.’

‘Ha, fuck off!’ laughed Sam, ‘it looks at least 50lbs!’

‘Dale, go get the scales from the bathroom’ ordered Mike from his chair. Dale did as he was told, scattering the trash on the carpet in the living room to make way for the scales. Kit stepped on, pretending to be annoyed that the boys were making him do this.

‘What were you when you moved in?’ asked Sam, his competitive streak coming out as he hoped to be proved right.

‘I was 140lbs’ huffed Kit. ‘And I’m now….’ He waited for the numbers to settle. ‘195lbs’

‘55lbs!’ shouted Sam, lifting his arms into the air, pleased to have been proven right. ‘Told ya it wasn’t 30lbs! You can tell just by looking at that fat belly on you.’

‘People are always heavier in the evening though’ reasoned Mike, to calm Sam down.

‘There’s no hiding that ass though!’ pointed Sam. ‘Dale didn’t look that fat until at least a year before he lived with us.’

Kit sat down, pretending to be annoyed at being proven wrong. Inside he was bursting with happiness. Was he really as fat as Dale was when he first moved in? For the first time, he really felt like one of the fat boys.

A couple of months later, Sam announced to the guys that things were going so well with his new girlfriend, he was going to move in with her at her place. The guys were pleased for him and it wasn’t really much of a shock; the three of them had started to get used to life without him. Plus it meant that Kit could move out of his tiny bedroom into Sam’s room. Still it meant they needed to give Sam a good send off and that meant plenty of beers and food at home.

The guys ordered so much food that night and drank more than ever; the emotions were starting to flare up as they all admitted how much they were going to miss being together like this.

‘Gill says she’s putting me on a diet when we live together’ laughed Sam. ‘She’s in for a shock when she sees how much I eat on take-out night!’ he chuckled. The other guys cheered and raised their cans. ‘Once a fat boy, always a fat boy!’ he shouted, raising his can high up into the air and cheering, drunkenly.

Kit was indeed a fat boy by this point. He was pretty much as fat as Dale now. He had his own belly rolls and moobs as he slobbed out on his chair. His ass was wide and heavy looking, bouncing along behind him, turning off any work colleagues who had any sort of crush on him when he first started. His gut was more solid looking that Dale’s though. Whereas Dale was flabby and jiggly, Kit was round and bouncy.

‘There are a few things I’m not going to miss though!’ marched on Sam. ‘Mike’s snoring for one!’ The guys cheered, laughing. ‘Having to cart up Kit and Mike’s massive food orders up those fucking stairs when it’s my turn to pick it up. Having to clean that bathroom!’ he rambled on. ‘Having to pretend I don’t notice Dale sneaking into Mike’s room late at night.’

Sam was too drunk to notice that he was the only one laughing as he continued his list. Kit felt like he’d been punched in the stomach. How did he have no idea about this? He suddenly felt incredibly and inexplicably jealous.

‘I think it’s time you went to bed’ laughed Mike, patting Sam on his thigh. ‘Come on buddy. We have to help you carry all your crap out of here in the morning. We need to get to bed.’

The three guys helped carry Sam to bed and then awkwardly took themselves off to their own bedrooms. Kit lay awake in bed thinking about things. He had known for a long time that he was attracted to Dale and Mike; more so to Mike perhaps due to his sheer size. He couldn’t get over the feeling that he had somehow been betrayed by them both.

In the morning, the guys all helped Sam take his boxes downstairs. Hungover, he was clearly oblivious to the tension he had unleashed the previous night as they waved him off. The three guys took themselves upstairs and spent the day in their own bedrooms. Kit started to pack up his things and move into Sam’s room. Eventually, Dale came out of his room to see how he was getting on. Like Kit, he was back in just his boxers, his gut jiggling as he walked about and plonked himself down on Kit’s unmade bed.

‘Hey, I know Sam dropped a bit of a bombshell last night. It’s a bit weird to think about Mike and me, together like that, huh?’

‘You don’t need to explain’ muttered Kit, barely disguising the hurt that he felt.

‘It’s just. Ugh, I dunno, it’s so hard to explain. Mike is just so damn big and…’

‘Manly?’ finished Kit.

‘Yeah, exactly. He just doesn’t give a shit what anyone thinks about him. He eats what he wants and lays around the house all day. It’s just…’

‘Arousing’ finished Kit.

‘Totally arousing!’ exclaimed Dale. ‘And as I was around him, I felt myself starting to change.’ He stood up, standing straight and looking at his belly in the mirror. ‘I could see how being around him was changing my body. I started to get this fat little belly, like him. I started to eat more and slob out like he does. One night a couple of months before you arrived I got drunk and made a pass at him. It was so embarrassing!’ He put his head in his hands remembering the memory. ‘But he was so nice. He took me into his bedroom and kissed my belly like it was the most beautiful thing in the world.’ Dale drifted off into the memory, before he snapped out of it. ‘We’re not exclusive or anything! It’s not a serious thing like that’ he reasoned. ‘Hell, half the time we’re together he’s talking about how cute your belly is getting too…’ He stopped, suddenly realising he had shared too much. ‘Sorry man, ignore me, I’ll still hungover. I’m chatting shit.’

Kit was taken aback. He couldn’t believe the pair of them had spoken about him like this. Just then, Mike walked out of his room and in to see how Kit was getting on moving bedrooms. He had clearly just woken up and was wearing his looser boxers.

‘Hey’ waved Dale ‘I’m just explaining to Kit about what Sam said last night’. Mike nodded, understanding.

Kit felt a sudden spike of adrenaline and he looked at them both on either side of him. ‘Do you both think my belly sexy?’ he said, grabbing a handful of fat.

Mike was taken aback, whilst Dale sighed like he was admitting he had done something wrong. ‘Yeah, we both do’ he admitted. ‘We talk about it quite a bit actually’.

Mike looked across at Dale, urging him with his eyes to shut up and stop embarrassing them both.

‘No, it’s alright’ said Kit, noticing the look Mike was giving Dale. ‘I think it’s time we were all honest with each other.’ He sat down on the bed. ‘The truth is, this belly is not accidental. I’ve wanted to get fatter since the moment I moved in with you guys. Dale, your gut is so damn cute and I’m so proud to be as fat as you are at the moment, but what I really want….’ He paused, sitting down on the bed, suddenly embarrassed.

‘Go on…’ encourage Mike, sitting next to him, followed by Dale on the other side. ‘You’re right. We should be honest with each other.

‘I want to be…’ he huffed, unable to get the words out. He stood up and went across to the bottom draw of his bedside table, pulling out a very large pair of underwear.

Mike laughed. ‘I wondered where they had got to.’

Kit placed the large underwear up against himself. ‘I know, I’m sorry, I stole them. But, when I see these, I know, I want to make my ass fit in them one day. I want to be huge and fat like you Mike. No, I’m going to be huge and fat. My ass is going to swell up, my thighs are going to get thick, like tree trunks and I’m going to have a huge gut that rolls over this waistband like a tidal wave. You think that’s weird?’

‘Depends’ said Mike. ‘Put them on and we’ll see how they look’

‘Yeah’, agreed Dale. ‘Let’s see how they fit’.

Kit, slipped off his underwear, revealing his naked, chubby ass to the pair of them for the first time. He prepared to put on Mike’s underwear, when Mike stopped him.

‘No, not those’ he ordered, standing up. ‘These’ he said, sliding down his own underwear, revealing his hard cock. ‘I’ve been stretching them out all day. See how they fit, fresh off a proper fatty like me’

Aroused, Kit, slipped them on, holding them out in front of him. Dale and Mike took hold of each side, holding them the way they should fit.

‘Damn, your ass is going to be huge when it fits in these, isn’t it?’ marvelled Dale, looking at the space Kit still had left to fill them.

‘So yours’ spat Mike, at Dale. ‘See those big pants on the floor. Those are for your tubby ass. Both of you are going to get so fat being with me,’ he chuckled, moving in to the middle of both boys and grabbing both of their heads. ‘My hungry fat boys’ he chuckled, pushing both of their heads down into his own crotch. ‘Open wide.’

A month later Mike was showing a pale, skinny young professional guy around the small bedroom. Kit and Dale burst in carrying an armful of pizzas each. ‘Hey boys’ he shouted at them from the living room. ‘Come and meet the guy who came to see the spare room…’



So just who am I really. I’ve been a gay sugar baby for over 10 years, and was literally the kept kind of guy. Didn’t have to go get a job or go to school. I did work, but not conventionally 9-5 as a lot of older men seem to expect. 

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Anyway, my final gift from this guy was a $5000.00 shopping spree at Neiman Marcus. I had brought money I saved myself for more clothing I wanted, but when I was standing with him at a counter I gave him the wad of about 2000, and he said “put your money away” I was like huh ? He said “I just wanted to slow you down. Yeah I went  and grabbed a few more things. It’s fun when you don’t have to even look at the prices. He also was carrying the BLACK CARD. This was a lucrative experience, but it didn’t last too long. Once the project was done, he left DC. Over the years I’ve gotten different men to treat me to things I desire, especially expensive clothing. I probably have a closet estimated at around $20,000.00 stuffed with silk shirts and blended pants from every couture designer, and collectors pieces from when Tom Ford was at Gucci. 

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Guys, this is what real sugar daddies are. NOT these guys who keep saying they don’t pay bills, rent, tuition, give allowances etc. They are USING this role with no intention of actually fulfilling it.

PART 1 LA story Finally, we get to the 2 juicy pics I’ve posted which come with an extremely long story I’m going to save for another time, but very briefly I went to see a gentleman in L.A, (which later became a Hyde player) and stayed for a week. We hit it off well, so after a week he asked me what my monthly expenses are. He was in the process of selling his Sacramento home, so when I came into the picture he was in escrow. He wanted to buy a Bentley, and on the morning of closing he woke and said he wants to go get it. I said you don’t have to ask my permission, and we both laughed how I said it. When walking the Beverly Hills Bentley/Rolls Royce dealership he casually asked me about a watch. I told him I don’t really wear jewelry and baubles. I just like Italian and British clothing, but he insisted to know what kind I would wear. Big James Bond fan, and I said Rolex Submariner with the blue dial, well after a few days a package with boxes arrive, and he hands me a green Rolex box. I was nearly shitting myself. I also told him I wanted a Bvulgari Diagano, but I wore it in the shower not realizing it wasn’t water resistant, so it got sent back and I didn’t get it. There’s more to this story than I’m telling right now. In fact I will tell when the sugar baby BAILS OUT, yes that’s right, the sugar daddy of a financial bind and literally having every gold diggers fantasy come true, but ends abruptly coming to the realization that I will NEVER sell out or my soul for it. Everything, and I seriously don’t give a shit what man owns what, must come with him as a person or not at all. I couldn’t give two shits if he had the most cutting edge dream contemporary home and garage full of super cars I’d salivate over. If it doesn’t come WITH the person, none of it means anything to me! 

Nurse - Tyler Seguin (smut)

Requested by anon: omg ur smut is amazing!!! could I request a smut w maybe jamie benn or tyler seguin where he gets in a fight and then you take care of him?

A/N: I have to apologize for two things: one, I’m sorry it took so long; two, I’m sorry, I know that it isn’t great (not even okay). I hope that you don’t hate it.

Word count: 1265

Warnings: EXPLICIT CONTENT UNDER THE CUT. Swearing. Smut. Bathe me with holy water because this is filthy.

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Originally posted by schneiderforpresident

“Do you need anything from the kitchen?” I scream, opening the door of the freezer and leaving the now unfrozen pack on ice and grabbing a bag of frozen corn. We definitely need to get more ice packs; the amount of frozen food we waste on Tyler’s bruises is just ridiculous.

“A bottle of water, please.” I hear my boyfriend’s voice from the living room.

I open the fridge and get two bottles of water, using my hips to shut the door and I go back to my really bruised boyfriend. Tyler is laying on the couch, holding a bag of frozen peas against his cheek and petting Cash with his other hand.

“Shirt up, bad boy.” I command, wanting to look at his also bruised ribs. “He got you good.”

Tyler is not a physical player, so when he got into a fight it was pretty clear that it wasn’t going to end well for him. The game against the Washington Capitals had been heated since the first minute, both teams playing rough, lots of chirping involved… but when certified goon, Tom Wilson, dropped the gloves I didn’t expect Tyler to do the same. So here we are now, with my boyfriend lying on the couch with a nice cut on his cheek and a huge bruise on his ribs.

“How mad are you?” He asks, helping me to pull his shirt over his head to get a look at the purple area.  The bruise is almost pretty, different shades of purple and green coloring the area.

“I’m not mad.” I answer him, holding the bad of frozen food against his side. “I’m more worried than anything else.”

“I’m fine, doll.” He says, pressing a kiss on my cheek. “But I could get used to this.”

“Get used to what? Be used as a punching bag?” I wonder, reaching out to get the bag from his hand and get a look at his cheek. The doctor had applied butterfly stitches to the cut on his cheek, but that hasn’t prevented it from getting swollen and bruised.

“Uh huh.” Tyler shakes his head, rubbing circles on the skin of my thigh. “I could get used to have you as my sexy nurse.”

“Oh, so now I’m a nurse?” I ask, raising my eyebrows.

“MY nurse. MY own personal nurse.” He emphasizes the word ‘my’. “I’m very sick, you know.”

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Student Council Prez [14]

Episode 13 - Episode 14 - Episode 14.5 OR Episode 15
Words: 3.6k
Genre: Fluff, Slice of Life, High School!Au

You’re restless and unable to catch a wink of sleep; rolling around with your whole face flushed red. Sungjae even gets up at midnight, asking if there’s anything wrong and you clear your throat, brushing him off. But every time you close your eyes, all you see is Yoongi’s face millimeters away, his breath fanning on your skin, the crinkle of his eyes and hands pulling you close; and your heart stutters, pounding loudly in your ears.

Your fingertips reach up to your lips, tracing the shape and the cupid’s bow dip; remembering his pressed on yours and the entire cycle begins again - you rolling around with your whole face flushed and unable to sleep.

You wonder if you’re really starting to go insane or if you’ve completely lost your marbles. Once again, Yoongi’s made you lose your mind but this time you can’t find it in you to curse at him.

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Save Me. (Yoongi x Reader) PART 7.

“It swallowed me, this lunatic. Please save me tonight. Within this childish madness, you will save me tonight.” - [“Save Me” - BTS]

Summary: It was an unprecedented love that bloomed within the halls of your high school, until secret words were overheard, and shattered the budding romance. It changed your life forever, leading you down a path you had never thought you would be on– training to become a secret agent. You chose it to escape Yoongi and the results of how things ended between you two, but as fate would have it, that very same choice ended up leading you right back to him. Will you be able to save your clients and solve mysteries together despite your history? Will you be able to save each other? Will you able to save yourself…from yourself?    

Yoongi x Reader (ft. Jin & all the other BTS members)

Secret Agent AU

Mystery, Action, Angst, & Fluff (contains some violence, mentions of murder, death, harassment, and bullying)

PARTS: Prologue | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 (Finale) | Bonus: The Letter

A/N: Sorry for not updating sooner everyone <3 Thanks for your patience xD Apparently my free weekend, ended up with an impromptu random family friend of my dad’s inviting themselves over to our house, so we have to go tour them around today (sigh). So I banged out this update x_x and I wanted to post it right away! I’ll probably be answering messages and inboxes during the long car ride. I can’t wait! I missed you all! Enjoy :)

Originally posted by mochixhamster

           The entire crowd reacted with a mixture of gasps and squeals.

           "Um… give us a second.“ You chuckled nervously.

           You tugged at Yoongi’s hand, turning him towards you, and whispered frantically, "What do you think you’re doing?”

           "You can’t go with him.“ Yoongi stated.

           "Why not?”

           "What if he’s… you know?“

           "All the more reason to go with him!” You argued.

           "Absolutely not. He could take you to some secluded area and–“

           "We’re not doing this right now, Min Yoonji.” You hissed.

           "I got this. Don’t worry.“

           "What do you –”

           "We both have dates already. That’s why.“ Yoongi turned around, displaying his brightest smile.

           Surprisingly, there was a collection of disappointed "Aww’s” from the crowd, to which you raised an eyebrow towards them questionably.

           "Oh, I had no idea.“ Prez smiled warmly. "Boyfriend?”

           "Um…just an old friend.“ You blushed, making it up as you went. "I didn’t think anyone would ask me at first…so I had asked him to come along…”

           "Too bad.“ Prez chuckled. "Definitely save a dance or two for me then.”

           "I’m so sorry.“ You handed the flowers back, a bit disheartened. But Prez wrapped his fingers around yours and nudged the flowers towards you.

           "Don’t be. These flowers were yours regardless of your answer. I’ve been wanting to give you something like this for awhile now.” he smiled warmly.

           You couldn’t hide your giddy grin. “I love them.”

           Prez’s stare lingered on you for a few more seconds than Yoongi liked, but he held it in because your expression of absolute happiness and gratefulness hindered him from acting selfishly. Who was he to stop your face from looking like that? All the while, he was slowly being reminded of all the things he didn’t do for you. Why had you stayed with him for so long back then?

           "I’ll see you around, Y/N.“ Prez waved and the crowd dispersed with him.

           You continued to play around with the flowers lovingly, while Yoongi was submerged in his own vortex of dark thoughts. You noticed his peculiar silence and looked up to catch him with his concentrated, blank expression, which always meant he was thinking too hard about something.

           "Yah.” You poked his forehead. “Why did you skip practice to come all the way here?”

           He blinked and glanced at you in front of him. “I just…I just…”

           I was jealous and selfish.

           The words fell dull at the tip of his tongue.

           "You were right anyway.“ You shrugged, buying his fake excuse for stopping you earlier. "It’s probably for the best I didn’t get carried away with my desire to go to a dance with a date for once.”

           Yoongi shut his eyes. He was supposed to have asked you back then, but you two had broken up before the dance, then you had completely disappeared from his life soon after.

           "Do you not feel good?“ Your hand was at his forehead. "Let’s take you to Mr. Park.”

           Yoongi nodded, willing to use any lame reason to have all your attention on him for any amount of time.

           "You really must not be feeling well. You’re not making any snarky comments. Come on.“ You held onto his hand. "Ji– Mr. Park wanted to talk to us anyway. This is perfect.”

           Yoongi clasped your hand tighter, reveling in the feeling once again. He needed to pull himself together. No good can come from his clouded mind, especially with a mission as dangerous as this one.

           Just for a little while. Just for a few moments. He wanted to be Min Yoongi and Y/N. Not secret agents. Not students. Not anyone, but yourselves.

           But this would have to suffice for now.

           You knocked brightly on Jimin’s office door, despite the sign reading “Do Not Disturb”. But if you knew Jimin, he had installed cameras to monitor the outside of his office and was doing so at the moment.

           "Y/N. Yoonji.“ He welcomed you two in fake pretense, in case anyone passed by. "Thanks for coming. How’re your injuries from the incident?”

           As soon as the door shut though, Jimin’s demeanor turned grim. It sent shivers down your spine, and apparently Yoongi’s too because he tightened his grip on your hand, pulling you closer.

           "This mission is a lot more complicated and dangerous than we had anticipated.“ he solemnly stated.

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I had a second interview for a full time awesome job and Im hopeful that its going to work out!

Until then Im struggling to pay for food and therapy. I pay out of pocket for therapy so that I can see my regular one and also a special super awesome gender related therapist. Im probably just going to avoid paying for my phone and car at this point until I can afford it.

If anyone is able to help me out I would be so thankful

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Yet more of the Sheith soulmates AU

Part 1

Part 2

Voltron fic-in-progress, likely T-rating when all is said and done, and Sheith without monkeying with their ages. Concrit and feedback and title inspirations are welcome.


When the press conference happened, Keith watched from Shiro’s couch. He leaned forward intently, waiting for the spokesperson to wade through all the things that the Garrison residents would know but that the general population needed for context. Then the spokesperson got to the heart of the matter.

“It is with the deepest sadness and regret that we must share that the Kerberos mission was a failure. The ship appears to have crashed on the moon. We presume at this point that it was due to pilot error, some mistake by Captain Shirogane—”

“WHAT?” Keith shouted in disbelief.

“—and all crew members are missing, presumed dead.”

“YOU LIARS!” He threw the remote hard enough to leave a dent in the wall next to the viewscreen before charging out of Shiro’s apartment.

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doll eyes | kim taehyung

word count: 3357

based off of the movie ‘coraline

Originally posted by dazzlingkai

Moving in with Kim Taehyung wasn’t exactly what you’d imagined. The brunette boy exclusively kept to himself, only speaking to you when you had met him. You were looking at an apartment that was empty when he told you his grandmother owned the place. Upstairs, a man name Kim Seokjin stayed. Downstairs, a pair of boys stayed with their cats. When Taehyung asked you to move in with him, to share the rent, you couldn’t help but accept. You knew your chances with him were slim - you were well aware that you two barely spoke. But, still, you found your heart fluttering when he asked you to get some ice cream - chocolate fudge because it’s his favorite.

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SPN Love

So I had lofty aspirations this week.  I wanted to go through the list of Tumblr’s I follow - 162, and send love individually.  I made the message pretty much the same but tried to find gifs that each person would enjoy.  If the Tumblr didn’t accept messages with someone they don’t follow, I sent a prayer up to keep their creative hearts safe - there are only 8 of these folks <3  If there was a KoFi link, I hit it.  My tax refund check allowed this sharing of cash, plus Creation hasn’t released a new campaign, so it’s like I am flush :P                                      I do not write fanfic or create beautiful aesthetics or anything like that.  What I want to do is help foster all of the creative souls sharing their efforts.  I want the Tumblr world to feel the appreciation I have for angst, fluff and smut in all of its forms that represent the Supernatural Universe.  I am constantly astounded at how deep these stories go, how detailed and how spot on the characters are portrayed.  AMAZING!  I love how every one is supportive and I feel voyeuristic as I follow the interactions you guys share.                                                             Things I learned in the process, Tumblr has a limit on how many individual messages you can send in a day - I think it’s 100.  That was disappointing.  There truly is a SPN gif for everything, if your search is specific :)   Doing this was fulfilling and I understand why people share.  Creating that connection is wonderful.  Hopefully I didn’t scare anyone off by being so direct.                       I truly do appreciate the hours of enjoyment I have found here and if anyone needs encouragement or a giggle, please call on me to assist.                                                          All the love <3   Michelle xoxoxoxo


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I’m finally back and I made some adoptables! I felt like drawing some cute babies and figured they may as well go to a nice home. They’re based off of creamy desserts <:

They’re $40 each, contact me at to claim them. I won’t work with bidding so first come, first serve! Gender and specifics are totally up to the buyer. 

!! Commissions featuring adopts receive a 25% discount !!

Blueberry: Claimed // Pistachio: Claimed // Pumpkin spice: Claimed


Exclusive! Colin Farrell shares love with fans & cash for the Homeless