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My Fair Baron - 12 days to go!

You guys! My debut novel, My Fair Baron, drops in just a dozen days! I’m so excited! It used to be a Doctor Who fanfic and I want to promote the hell out of it, as an example that fanfic IS a valid method of creative writing and you CAN get published if you work at it! 

We all know about the OTHER book series based on a fanfic. I’m not naming names, but it somehow got turned into movies and I’m a little salty about it as I really don’t like the content. That’s just me. But I really want to blow that series out of the water with my books. I want there to be more GOOD post-fanfic original content! And we can make this happen! Please share my links if you can, let’s take on the world!

to go to my blog page where you can read about both books I’m about to debut, I write about the fics that started them and you can see the tropes I used as well, to decide if they are something you would be interested in.

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It’s #mauimonday 🤗 so I thought I would share this awesome edit and give credit again to all the amazing people who helped me put Maui together.

Photo - @ellarosehr
Edit - @unmadesugar_cosplay_edits
Maui - suit and necklace me and @4neodesigns
Wig @wigmeoutofficial
Hook - @thegoblinfactory
Skirt - @islandcostumes
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put your opinions in the tags (great comet edition)

-is anatole a villain?
-dave’s pierre or josh’s pierre?
-no one else or sonya alone?
-dust and ashes or great comet of 1812?
-favorite ensemble member?
-marya + helene’s kiss or dolokhov + anatole’s kiss?

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Thomas!!! On 6/26/15 gay marriage was legalized, but its also me and my boyfriend's anniversary!! Our first year anniversary was on that day! It's ironic so I thought i'd share!

Whaaaat!!!!! That is so awesome, congrats to you guys!!!

Waist up: 

No color (Black and white): 16,00 EURO 
Extra character: 50% off

Full Body:
No color (Black and white): 20,00 EURO 
Extra character: 50 % off

Coloring (including shading) : 5,00 EURO extra per character!

- I use Paypal and the prices are in EURO ! Payment is upfront please
- On average it takes about 1-2 weeks to finish a commission, it depends!

 If you have questions or are interested in a commission, you can contact me on Tumblr or through my E-Mail: !

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My dinosaur professor said birds were like "deadly little missiles" because of how their bones are fused and bokuto throwing hinata reminded me of that

your dinosaur professor knows what’s up