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Hi!! I started my journey in Unova too, and I chose Oshawott because when I first saw him he looked like he was outstretching his arms for a hug and I immediately gave in! I also named him Freckles bc I thought that was what his whiskers were. What do you think of this precious boi who only wants to be loved?

20170925 Pdogg’s instagram post

BTS BILLBOARD 200 no.7 / hot 100 no.85
믿을수없는 일들…F**king amazing!!!!!!!!!!
정말 행복하다 #bts #billboard #hot100

BTS BILLBOARD 200 no.7 / hot 100 no.85
Unbelievable things…F**king amazing!!!!!!!!!!
Really happy #bts #billboard #hot100

The dance was gone and the lines were forgotten.

Nothing exists anymore other than Malik and himself.

- To The Sun, Moon, and Stars Above: Chapter Five

Thanks a bunch to @theazureavenger for this wonderful art! You have no idea how in love I am with this piece- the details, the colors, the gestures!!! Thank you, thank you so much!

On a side note, hi. Hello. Yes, I finally updated. So sorry for the delay.

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hear me out; kasamatsu? hes the mom friend

Hahaha, Kasamatsu is the ANGRY NAGGING MOM FRIEND. He’s the one who is always going, “Did you do your homework?” “Did you study for your test?” “Did you pack your sports bag properly?” And then properly yelling at everyone if they did not 😊💙😁

Thanks for sharing, anon-friend!

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you will never convince me that mitch didn’t ironically buy that malibu beach club t-shirt at a tacky souvenir stand when he and ryan had just moved to california and were still kind of aimlessly checking out the city, and then wore it to bits because who cares, it’s just a t-shirt, and then kind of ended up loving it as this weird symbol of how stupid and glorious it was to just pack up and move across the country the day after college graduation, just because.

you will also never convince me that harry didn’t appropriate that unwashed t-shirt straight off of mitch’s bedroom floor, still smelling faintly of cigarettes and mitch’s hair, and that it kind of irritates mitch but what’s he supposed to do about it. nobody ever tells harry no, and who cares, it’s just a t-shirt.