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Last week, the Trump administration announced that they were rolling back advertising for, the website where U.S. citizens can sign up for Obamacare. So writers and celebrities started making their own ads for you to share so that everyone gets health insurance.

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How Sagittarius Gets Along With Others.

People you can teach: Water Signs - Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces. 

Compatible similar signs: Fire Signs - Aries, Leo, Sagittarius. 

Compatible complementary signs: Air Signs - Gemini, Libra, Aquarius. 

People you can learn from: Earth Signs - Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn. 

Whenever you have a philosophical insight about life, you’re eager to share it with anyone and everyone. Most of all you want to educate the water signs. These are the people who lack your natural confidence and optimism and need your encouragement. All they really need is a more positive outlook and their problems would be solved. To you, they seem withdrawn and sad and unable to help themselves, so you like to cheer them up and give them a helping hand. The only problem is that water signs are suspicious of your motives and are uncomfortable being pushed forward. They usually resist your encouragement until they get used to the feeling, and that might take a while, and you don’t really want to hang around that long. You become impatient and frustrated with their procrastination, but for some reason you always seem drawn to water signs and help them as often as you can. 

Many of your good friends are probably fire signs and that’s because you have lots in common. All fire signs are creative, outgoing and confident. But relationships between fire signs can become ultra-competitive. Too much fire can become destructive and really wild if it gets out of hand, potentially leading to accidents, for all fire signs are risk-takers. When fiery people get together they encourage each other to take bigger risks, which can lead to difficulties if not kept under control. 

Relationships with air signs are potentially the happiest relationships you will encounter. Air helps fire to burn. In fact, fire won’t burn without air, so the presence of air signs in your life is quite essential. Libra and Aquarius are excellent matches for you; they ignite your passions. Gemini, however, is your opposite sign. Because opposites are attracted to one another, you might be fascinated by Gemini’s, but they are very different to you. Air signs think rationally and logically, while you are essentially spiritual and instinctive. You have very different ways of seeing the world. You see the forest while they see the trees. Communication problems can result. 

People born under the earth signs will restrict your freedom and frustrate you no end, but you can learn a lot from them if only you would realise it. In fact, earth signs can provide you with form and structure to help you to build something lasting and worthwhile. They are here to show you how you can manage the material world. Putting down roots is not something you are keen to do because then you feel trapped by obligations and responsibilities. The enlightenment you are seeking is not always found in some mystical faraway land; it might be right beneath your feet, if you just stood still for a moment and looked a little more closely. 

anonymous asked:

M!A (Magic Anon!) From April 22nd to the 30th your Muse will be transported back into the glory days of Overwatch/Blackwatch to celebrate Blizzard's Uprising Event in its final week. Feel free to interpret this however you see fit, have your Muse retain memories or delve back into their days as an Agent/Operative/etc with zero knowledge of the future. Share this with everyone and anyone whom you think would enjoy RPing in this setting. GL HF :)

I’m all over it, baby!

Soldier: 76 thrown back into his Strike Commander body, desperately trying to undo his mistakes? Sign my ass up.

I even have the perfect vehicle: Jack’s already in a thread with devil/witch Mercy, preparing to ask for this very thing.

If any Recall / Post-Recall Era people want to get their consciousness thrown back into their OW/BW Era bodies with me, just say so.

You can either get thrown back by your own means, or get stuck going back with Jack. He very short-sightedly thinks this part of the past affects no one but him.

EDIT: Duplicates welcome! Alternatively, if you have an OW or BW character who’s willing to do a thread with a thrown back​ person (rather than be thrown back yourself), that works too.

Please like/comment/reblog if you’d like to be a throwback, or thread with a throwback.


Day 2 (January 14th) Part 2:

After lunch with #Bactus:

it was time to go handle other business. We split up here, with some of going to the Costume Panel and others going for autographs, unfortunately the costume panel with Wendy Biscuit was cancelled with no notice and the autograph lines were horrendous so we wound up just charging our phones and chatting for a bit until the Delinquent Panel, which featured Eliza, Bob, Chris, Richard, Jarod, Chelsey and Katie (Lindsey was supposed to be on the panel, but she was still not at the even yet). 

I was actually a bit late to the Delinquent Panel because I had my Bob photo op pictured here:

He’s a genuine sweetheart guys. Like, he remembered my name from the quick meeting we had at the panel in the morning, said he liked my hair, and asked if I’d eaten (he smells like mint-he was eating one-and super clean laundry, btw), before saying he had. When he asked how I wanted us to pose, I just asked for a hug and he said “Of course!!” He gave me a real hug first and then we did the side hug for the photo.

Then I joined the other gals in waiting for another Bob photo op, because Jen had two. After Gina, Sam and Jen took their individual ops, we all ran back for a group, which made Bob really smile, he was super surprised:

We finally made it to the Delinquent Panel and here’s the relevant info I gathered from there:

Everyone got their Custom Funko Pops, they were all super pleased (Sachin cat called from the audience because he didn’t get one).

They talked about their character’s ages, with Bob pointing out Bellamy isn’t really a Delinquent, Bob said Bellamy is about 24) so he must have had a birthday on the ground, same as Clarke. 

This is Harper’s biggest Season thus far (which makes sense because she’s finally a series regular).

Clark says that the Jonty high five in the trailer is a good indicator of the promise for Jonty this Season.

Bob said Bellamy thinks Octavia is responsible for Monroe’s death (which I agree with.)

When asked why they sided with Pike, Monty said it was for his mother (which I’ve always thought, so good to have that confirmed!). Jarod (who was anti-Pike) said it was because Pike was a Brother (another black man) and that the others wouldn’t understand.) Someone reminded him he was anti-Pike, it was funny. 

Jarod said he gets nervous working with Bob because he respects his ability as an actor so much.

Murphy had a lot of respect for Pike by the end of the Season, Richard loves Murphy’s relentlessness. 

Clarke’s emotional side comes from Jake, while Abby is where she gets her diplomatic/political stuff from.

They all joked about being chipped or “chip-faced”. 

Eliza said Monty is her all time favorite character on the show. 

When asked which other show they’d like to be on: Eliza said Broad City, Bob said Black Mirror (everyone cheered), Chelsey said Homeland. 

Richard said he thinks Murphy and Bellamy are back to some semblance of mistake and Bob made like…a “sure, Jan” noise. 

Season 4 has a huge power imbalance, with no real Chancellor or Commander and so the power shift is tumultuous.

There will be a mutual respect between the Delinquents and the adults because they all have to collectively come together. 


After the Panel was over, I had a few more photo ops scheduled, so I took care of those:

The Bad Boys op with Jarod, Bob and Richard. Sachin snorted when he heard their op was called “The Bad Boys”, lol:

I asked them to do a Charlie’s Angel pose, with me as Charlie, presenting my angels. Bob still looks too innocent (He can’t help it), but Richard’s face is perf!

I also squeezed in my Jarod Joseph photo op, I wanted to do the “Unfriendly Black Hotties” thing-Jarod, nailed it, me-unsure:

I missed the Camp Jaha Panel, because I was given a random free Meet and Greet with Luisa d’Oliveira.

Luisa is the sweetest, she started off by asking everyone where we were from (and remembered every place). She was so genuine guys. She doesn’t seem to realize that people actual like her outside of the Memori relationship. 

@adancergirl did a thorough write up of this, so I’m linking that here:


Then I shot over to get my Photo Op with Lindsey “Actual Angel” Morgan done:

After that was done it was time for the Grounder/Mt. Weather Panel which featured Chris, Jarod, Chelsey, Tasya, Luisa and Jessica.

Chris was late and walked on to the stage looking like a hipster college student. (He wears a backpack everywhere guys and he always has his hood up, it’s adorbs).

Tasya confirmed that Echo is a royal guard for the Ice Nation and said there will be more Becho interaction this Season. Bellamy is the only Arkadian that Echo trusts (although we don’t know if that sentiment is returned-I expect to see some tension here!)

Jessica said it’s pretty obvious when you start watching Season 4 where Niylah’s allegiance lies. She’s super funny, btw. 

Chris is so deadpan guys. Like, his humor is out of this world. I love it. 

My favorite Chris quote was: “When Jarod’s hand was on my knee in episode 210, I’ve never felt warmer.”

He asked how many people shipped Minty by show of hands (and then Marper). It was about even and Chelsey raised her hand for both options. 

Chris wanted a photo of the audience but he doesn’t have a smart phone (according to Jessica it’s a flip phone) and so he took out an Old School  disposable camera that he’d just bought from London Drugs and took a picture of one side of the crowd, forgot to roll the film forward, so had to pause and do it, and then the other side. Jarod shook his head and laughed. 

When asked which character they’d like to play other than their own everyone but Jarod said Bellamy. Jarod said Monty, because he’s like a cat-to which Chris replied “What?”

Marper was organic and not planned at all. They often didn’t have lines in Season 2, but were told to do things in the background, so Chris and Chelsey discussed what they would do in the situation if this was real (after Harper has her butt drilled) and Chris said “Well, we’re friends, so I’d try to make you feel better” and this is where the cup scene originates. 

Chelsey said they kept improvising those little scenes in the background and eventually the writer’s must have picked up on it and actually made Marper canon. 

Chris closed the panel with the following: He asked how many people had ever been in a breakup that was so bad that you thought you’d never love again, lots of people raised their hands, including all of the cast and then he said:

“Monty and Harper are at a position where they are super excited and super terrified because they are starting something new and they’re sharing so much with each other so when that person leaves you it can be soul destroying. Welcome to Unity Days.”

Everyone cracked up and that was the end of that panel.


Then  I ran up to get my final two autographs of the day, both from Bob. I gave him #Bactus and a handwritten card first, he smiled super big when I gave him Bactus and he and his manager both laughed when I explained it’s name, he said that was clever. 

I asked him to sign my “Bellamy Blake Protection Squad Shirt” with @indygoh‘s art on it:

and the postcard I won in the Cancer Gets LOST silent auction. He loved the BBPS shirt and said, sometimes Bellamy needs some backup and he and his manager said that the postcard’s artwork was cute. While I was leaving, he said “Thanks for Bactus, April.”

And I died on the inside because he remembered my name from hours before.

After the Convention closed for the evening, everyone gathered in my room and we had an impromptu pizza party where we just in person meta’d (and I got teary about Lincoln-which was super embarrassing) and it was such a great night, because talking in person is always so much easier than online.

We hung out pretty late, until most of us were sleepy and then parted ways to get ready for Unity Days Part 3.

anonymous asked:

would u make a skype chat/ discord server where we can all scream and cry about comics?

that’s a wonderful idea. i keep having people tell me they don’t have anyone to talk to about DC stuff and don’t know what to do except scream in my inbox, and having a mutual place to talk about things sounds interesting to try out

here’s the discord server invite
here are the apps to download on any platform if you don’t have it
here’s a batman pepe

you’re not required to sign up properly (…i think…) and you can use it as any other web chat if you please. i’ll be around here and there so come join, everyone’s welcome whenever to scream about DC

Upcoming Content!

Hi everyone. I’ve been writing more recently. As I mentioned before, I’ll have a couple of thirty-day witch challenges up on this blog soon - they’re designed to be introspective and a bit philosophical, and I hope everyone will enjoy them.

 I’m also working on a guide to Tumblr for non-Tumblr witches who might be thinking of signing up and starting a blog here. It will explain things like tags and theming and how having a Tumblr account can be a great experience for us. I do love this community, so I thought I’d share the love! 

I’m also still writing that short story about the coven, which I’ll also post here. It’s tentatively titled “Company of Stars” which is the name of the coven in the story, and the first few stories focus on a character study.

I’m not really the great at astrology but like, just off the top of the head, here’s what I see everyone as:

  • Shiro: Capricorn. Like, it just makes sense?? Shiro was definitely born in the winter. Growing up, he never got to celebrate his birthday because it was Cold As Hell and SNOWING. Also, I’m a Capricorn and I can Sense the goat in Shiro.
  • Hunk: I… I can’t accept Hunk as a Capricorn. He’s not… A Capricorn… I love him, and since it’s canon I will celebrate sharing a birthday month with the Best Boy Ever, but in my heart… I know this is false. He’s a Libra, maybe??? Honestly, I feel like Hunk should be born in the summer/fall. So, whatever zodiac signs fall into that.
  • Lance: Everyone seems to be fighting over what Lance is lmfaooo. I could see him as any of the water signs because, um, water. So far I’ve seen options like Gemini/Pisces/Scorpio which I’m down w
  • Pidge: I like Taurus!!! Mostly because Pidge reminds me of my friend who is a Taurus lol
  • Keith: Aries! Feels Right.
  • Allura: I don’t know! Maybe Sagittarius? 
  • Coran: I really, really don’t know astrology m’guys.
2016/17 OP Big Bang FAQ and Schedule

Welcome to the 2016-17 One Piece Big Bang! To those of you who took part last year - welcome back! To those of you who are new, good luck and welcome to the fun.

The event will run similarly to last year’s. Please make sure you read this post through even if you participated last year, as it gives you the schedule of the event and might answer some questions you have.

So. What is a big bang!?
A Big Bang is a fandom event where writers work on a long piece fanfiction and artists collaborate with them to produce art based on that story.

How do I sign up? What accounts do I need?
Any account! Sign ups will be through google forms so you don’t need to have a tumblr or fanfiction or whatever. As long as you have one account somewhere that I can contact you (and hopefully where you will post!) and sign up with that name, that’s it really.

The form will be simple and ask questions like your user name and site for that name, your email (I will need this to be able to contact you with important event information), etc. Once I receive your sign up, I will send you a confirmation within 48hrs. If you do not receive this confirmation then please sign up again to be safe!

Okay so when can I sign up?
Sign ups will be open from the 5th October to the 30th November for writers, and from the 5th October to the 31st December for artists. Late entries need to be discussed with me, but within reason I let people join slightly out of the time set down.

What do I HAVE to create to take part?
There will be two tiers - a mini bang which will be for stories between 15,000 words and 24,000 words and a big bang that is 25,000 words or more. You do not have to decide right away which tier you will fall into (we all know stories grow!), but I’d like to know towards the end of the process so that posting isn’t too overwhelming.

Stories must be completed works and new works that can stand alone without needing another story to understand what’s going on. You’re welcome to write a sequel/prequel/companion story though as long as it is still understandable alone. When posting, works must be posted on at least one website as completed works.

For artists, you will have to create a minimum of one piece of art based on a fic of your choosing. Anonymous summaries will go up January time and you can choose the story you’d like to work on. Authors will be asked to provide a few paragraphs for the selection process so that artists can get a feel for the story.

Traditional art, digital art, fanvids, graphics and manips are all accepted as pieces of art. Other forms of art (for example fanmixes) may be used, but they count as accompanying pieces and not as full artwork.

What can I create for this Big Bang?
Anything, as long as it is related to One Piece. Any pairing/no pairing, genre, crossover, fusion, etc. is allowed as long as the focus is on One Piece and its characters. OCs are also allowed, again as long as One Piece characters are the main focus (OC/Charater pairings are completely fine!)

Can I write more than one story?
Yes, as long as they all follow the event’s rules. Artists are allowed to create art for more than one fic as well, though secondary clamings won’t open up until every artist has received a fic.

Can I sign up as an artist and a writer?
Of course! Just keep in mind the deadlines and be aware that it might be a lot of work for you.

I already have an artist/writer who wants to work with me - can I still sign up?
Yes! In the sign up form, it will ask if you already have a partner for this event and you’re more than welcome to have already chosen someone. Both parties will still need to sign up, though you won’t go through the matching process like the others.

Where will works be posted?
That is entirely up to you. You can host your works on lj, deviantart, dw, tumblr,, AO3 or any other platform you wish. A masterpost will be posted on both the livejournal and tumblr for this event so that everyone can be linked to your works.

Can I post snippets of my work before the posting date?
I’m afraid not. You can share your work with your partner and you’ll need to send your work to the mod for later check ins, but please refrain from posting WIPs or snippets otherwise.

What happens if I need to drop out?
Please inform the mod asap. No one wants anyone to drop out, but sometimes it does happen and we all need to know asap!

What is the schedule?
Please be aware that the schedule does change sometimes so this is a rough guide more than set in stone.  

October 5th
- Sign ups open!

November 30th
- Writer Sign Ups Close

December 31st
- Artist Sign Ups Close

January 1st-January 7th
- Mandatory Writer Check in and Submission of Anonymous Summaries

January 10th (tbc)
- Anonymous story summaries posted for artists to view

January 11th+ (tbc)
- Artist/Writer Matching

January 31st
- Artist/Writer Check In

March 21st - 27th
- Final Mandatory Check in for Artists/Writers. Posting dates will also be allocated at this time

April 1st
- Go Live!

What do I do now?
Please promote the event and make sure you’re familiar with the rules. 

If you have any questions, please ask away either on the lj, tumblr or at Please follow the tumblr account to make sure you keep up to date with the latest event news.

Dragon Age Secret Santa 2016

So I know it’s only November. Yes yes, I know it’s too early they say, but not to start planning. No, you never have enough time from planning. 

Planning for what you might ask? That’s right. Dragon Age Secret Santa.

So this is basically a list of everyone who wants to participate in the Dragon Age Fandom Secret Santa 2016.

So what the plan is, is that we get a base number and names. After the 7th of December, I’ll place everyone’s names into an online pairer and on the 8th, everyone will have the names of the person they are to be the Secret Santa for. (You will be notified via private message and or via anon. I will also make a questionnaire that you can fill in that would help people buying the gift for you to personalize it for you.

Deadline to enter is DECEMBER 7th 11:50 EST.


  • If you sign up, please participate.
  • Put your all into the gift, do some research and send them anons. People love anons. 
  • Must be willings to share your address.
  • Can be anything from something homemade, store bought, art, fics, music, etc… So long as you think that the other person would be okay with it. go for it! 
  • If you are gifting art, music or a fic, all work must be original. 
  • Once given your Secret Santa, you can’t change or switch.
  • Have your anon ask  open so that your SS can ask you about what you’d like. 
  • Have fun with it, tis’ the season of sharing your mild obsession with everyone and seeing what their obsession is. 

Sign up here 

Any questions, comments or concerns can be messaged to me on tumblr (the-queen-of-thedas).

The Signs at a Movie
  • Aries: slurps their soda and eats their popcorn really loudly
  • Taurus: laughs hysterically at all the sad parts of the movie
  • Gemini: buys $250 worth of snacks but doesn't share them
  • Cancer: mysteriously disappeared halfway through the movie, is found inside the popcorn machine
  • Leo: is on their phone the entire time and wonders why they came
  • Virgo: is busy telling aries to be quiet so they can watch the movie
  • Libra: tries to steal gemini's food
  • Scorpio: sighs every time something in the movie is different from the book
  • Sagittarius: gets up to go to the bathroom every 10 minutes
  • Capricorn: makes small talk with everyone around them
  • Aquarius: "netflix is honestly so much better than this"
  • Pisces: yells advice at the characters on the screen

The idea of Kouji and Kouichi going to high school together is so important to me

The twins researching high schools based on which one has dorms

Kouji coming over to Kouichi’s place every day to study for entrance exams with him (and sneak in some biological mom bonding time)

Kouichi working his ass off so he could get a full scholarship and save his mother the worry of how to pay for his studies

The twins ending up in the same class and confusing everyone by being practically identical but having different family names

The twins signing up for the same after school club so they can hang out with each other even more

The twins basically living together at the dorms (either sharing a room or not) and learning how to be regular twin brothers

Kouji and Kouichi going to high school together

The signs on a group trip
  • Aries: Undeclared leader of the trip. Plan the whole trip ahead, making an elaborate schedule for it. Are always with a guide and map on hand, crossing the things they've already done. Get nervous when things don't go strictly to plan.
  • Taurus: They're always a slut for museums, wanting to visit every single one, and see and read each piece on them with extreme attention, boring sagittarius to death in the process.
  • Gemini: Make a local friend on the first day of the trip and ditch everyone to go hang out with them. Have a parallel trip with the so called new friend and only meet everyone at the end of each day in the hotel.
  • Cancer: Constantly asking to reserve a day only for shopping since day one. Always want to stop to eat something. Don't have patience for all the drama and fighting and tend to step aside on those moments.
  • Leo: Are one of the most excited about the trip, and always search things for the group to do on the next day, unaware that Aries already have the whole trip planned out, which leads to a lot of arguing between the two.
  • Virgo: They want everyone to be happy and hate when things don't go exactly how they imagined. Constantly yell "Forget it!" and sits on a corner when things start to fall apart. Collect all the pictures, tickets and postcards to put on their scrapbook later. Have a giant bag with supplies such as snacks and water bottles to avoid constant stops. Ask everyone if they forget something or if they want to go to the bathroom before they leave somewhre.
  • Libra: The typical tourist stereotype. Take pictures of everything, go to all the stores and buy all the souvenirs. Are always on their fullest energy and with a constant smile on their face. Tries to cheer up everyone, especially scorpio.
  • Scorpio: Are often on the corner with a whatever expression on their face. Don't like to get involved with all the drama and just follow the majority of the group on their decisions, but secretly is annoyed that no one is doing what they want to do. They are usually apart from everyone else when they go to visit somewhere, enjoying the place by themselves.
  • Sagittarius: They're also one of the most excited with the trip. Want to do and see everything and is constantly concerned that they missed something out. Never want to stop to eat or to shop and hate being stucked in the same place for a long time. They're the first to suggest to go out partying at night.
  • Capricorn: Undeclared second in command. Always step up when the mood starts to get stressful, trying to calm down everyone and to get everybody to make amends. Back up Aries when they are too stressed out and try to make everyone follow the plan they did for the day.
  • Aquarius: Don't understand the necesity for a strict schedule for the trip and think that they could just come up to somewhere to go at the moment, but don't say anything cause they hate the fighting, and they even try to calm everyone down and get to a consensus.
  • Pisces: Bring their own guide everywhere and is constantly reading it on a corner, unaware of the problems and discussions. Always bring up random facts about the place the group is visiting. Are fascinated about everything and like being a bit aside from the group so they can experience the place on their own. Have a personal camera where they take a lot of pictures, altough they don't share them with anyone.
Hello, Everyone!!!!

The Stylan Fic Exchange has begun!

From now until November the 7th you may sign up to participate in our anonymous holiday exchange! Here are a few reminders to consider when applying this year:

  • You MUST have an Ao3 account to participate. If you haven’t been invited to join the sight since you have heard about the exchange, then please let one of us know and we will do what we can for you to be able to participate
  • This is an anonymos exchange, so please be sure not to share your fic/what you are writing about to anyone except the beta(s) you have chosen to use for this exchange.
  • Assignments will be handed out by Nov. 10th
  • The deadline for the exchange is on January 10th and author’s will be revealed on January 15th so that you all can wish your “Secret Santa’s” a happy (late)  holiday
  • Youre word count minimum is 3.5K (3,500) words, however there is no maximum and if your word count is just slightly under 3,000 then you will not be penalized in any way.
  • This is a request and recieve exchange; while you are requesting three possible plotlines for yourself, you are also offering your writing skills/abilities to others signing up for this exchange. In your offer you need to include things that you are comfortable with writing as well as the things that you are not comfortable with. We don’t want anyone being placed in positions they don’t want to be in without being able to back out or have another way to participate.
  • Please do not sign up for this exchange if you are not going to take this seriously. This is supposed to be a fun exchange, but we do not want anyone to end up without a gift. If there is an odd number of signups then one of us will step in as a writer for the exchange ourselves to make sure everyone recieves a gift this year.


(*You will not be able to fill out the application without an Ao3 account)

I hope you all enjoy this exchange and have a good time

i went to a planned parenthood today to get a mystery pain checked out and i have to say that it was legitimately one of the best and most informative doctors visits ive ever had in my life. the staff was friendly, the doctor told me things about my body that no other doctor had made me aware of (my uterus tilts toward my back?! im part of the 20% who do. it doesnt mean anything except that she commented that manuevering the ultrasound wand in there must have been uncomfortable bc of it) and explained to me how my birth control (mirena) ACTUALLY affects ovarian cysts (according to her its not so much that its the cause, it just causes the cysts to hang around longer which means the body is constantly rubbing up against them and irritating them and making them more apparent/harder to heal). my state insurance covered all of it including the ultrasound.

anyway im putting this out here bc i think positive experiences with  doctors should be shared when they can. it was very not scary and everyone there seemed genuinely interested in helping and informing. also of note: their sign in forms and patient paperwork include sections to add your preferred name and pronouns (including an “other” section if the selections dont fit you).

planned parenthood: better than my gp

When you are unhappy the signs will take you...
  • Aries: You will take them away to a beautiful mysterious mountain and run to the top with them, you will sit on the very edge and watch the sunset while not saying a word.
  • Taurus: You will take them to your favorite restaurant and try something new with them, share the biggest plate of food and you will tell them stories of your life so they don't have to talk.
  • Gemini: You will take them on a drive, you'll let them choose the station and you will sing along even if you don't like it roll the windows down and scream into nothing.
  • Cancer: You will show up at their house at midnight just after hanging up on the phone with them, they have no idea you'll be there but by now they should know you always come, you will go up to their room and no matter your realtionship you will hold them till they fall asleep.
  • Leo: Oh how you will take them somewhere beautiful! A long walk along the beach or a walk around the city, you'll take them shopping anywhere that you both can move, you will tell them all their wonderful traits and buy them ice cream.
  • Virgo: You will take them no where, you will find yourself comfortable in their room looking through old pictures and laughing about the past, you will reminisce in the best of ways and find things to distract them, while also giving them advice that will change their perspective forever.
  • Libra: You will do something for them, give them a makeover take them out to eat, buy them flowers, go see a movie with them, write them a song, always something meaningful but you will let them choose where they want to go on a day they aren't doing well.
  • Scorpio: You will show them your secret place, the place you go when you need to be alone, you'll do it so they can see that everyone has a bad day sometimes, so they feel important you will let them into your life a little more and share things with them you share with no one.
  • Sagittarius: You will literally pack your bags and head on a road trip, maybe you'll take them camping maybe you won't but no matter what you will make sure they get away from life for a little while.
  • Capricorn: You will take them to a class of some sort, maybe you will sign you both up for a cooking class where you can both learn something together and keep their mind off of whats bothering them, you'll listen if they need to speak but more then likely you will bond and make them feel better just by giving their mind something else to think about.
  • Aquarius: You will take them out to a lake and go swimming, you will dive in without fear and icy cold water will chill you but you'll just start laughing as though everything is normal and wait for them to hop in, you will not speak about anything unless they feel like talking and then you will just listen.
  • Pisces: You will take them to a coffee shop and buy them their favorite thing, you sit close to the fire and listen to the soothing music, you'll look into their eyes so they know how much you care and you will hold their hand to let them know you are there, but the coffee shop will do the comforting all on it's own.

msleamichele I know you’re serenading everyone right now.. We love you Cory! Happy Birthday..❤️

marksalling #MCM goes out to Cory Monteith. Miss you more than ever brother. Happy birthday

harryshumjr Happy Birthday, brother!

kalanafalana I wanted to share one more memory of Cory: He had this brilliant way of making certain moments so sweet and sincere but with a dose of the ridiculous. You can see it happen in most of our interviews and it was one of the things I loved most about Cory. About a week after he passed away and I was a wreck, I remembered he’d signed a poster for me that was rolled up in my office. I had forgotten what he’d said and was anxious to read his kind and thoughtful words. And then I read what he’d written - obviously meant as a joke - and burst out laughing. Even in the saddest moment Cory made me laugh at something ridiculous and I know he would have enjoyed that. Love you, Cory. #CoryMonteith #CoryAlwaysInMyHeart

msamberpriley I miss you! Gone but never ever forgotten. Happy Birthday brother ♥

JOAQUINSEDILLO Happy Birthday Cory… ❤ …loving you still.

1d fandom language tutoring

as @legerebrise pointed out, in this fandom we have a lot of different people who already speak or are learning more than one language and it wouldn’t be impossible to organise some sort of tutoring or help groups. well, i’ve decided to give this a shot.

here is a survey that will be used as a sign-up form so if you’re interested, go ahead and fill it in! you can help other people with your native language or other languages you know, or you can ask for help with a language you’re still studying or already know and want to understand better or practise :)

if language studying isn’t for you, please at least reblog this post so more people will see it. thank you!

please note that at the very least initial communication will be in english and it is assumed that you are familiar enough for that with the language.

  • there are no rules (you don’t need to be following anyone or be of any specific age or share any particular beliefs)
  • there are no deadlines (you can sign up whenever you want)
  • everyone is welcome (no one will be rejected or chosen)
  • any level of language and linguistic knowledge is accepted
  • this will be a whatsapp based project, so please have the app installed
  • first groups will be made when there are enough people for it and/or within a month

if this fails spectacularly (as it very well might), we just pretend it never happened, ‘k? good

i am also currently looking for someone to help me organise this! if you’re interested, please send me an ask (not a chat message, those are all fucked up for me and i won’t see it) so we can talk :)

hypothetically speaking, do you think there could be (nuclear) winter at some point in the commonwealth?

would SS want to celebrate the holidays for some sense of normalcy with their new ragtag family??

because i really want a huge snowball war with the new beef’d up settlements - especially in sanctuary… Im talking turrets rigged to fire snowballs, ss and hancock getting into it about whether or not they should put a nose on the snowman because “snowghouls should be a thing too” so then every human and ghoul start creating snow armies, paladin danse insisting this is all childish and unnecessary until he gets nailed in the back of the head with a snowball from maccready- to which he declares war and ends up winning (unfairly due to his power armor), dogmeat rolling around in the snow, dogmeat in a dog sweater, NICK VALENTINE IN A GIANT PINK SCARF because “it matches your signs!”, everyone bundled up with scarves and gloves knit from whatever gets scrapped up, sitting by the fire while SS teaches everyone xmas carols they remember (and theyre so glad they aren’t constantly played over the radio anymore) and sharing shitty gifts of whatever can be found

everyone feeling at home for once and enjoying time with family…even if their actual blood cant be here to share

welcome back to the phandom little pop!

quick lil summary of what we’re about:

the phandom little pop (or plp) is a collaborative writing event designed to be like a mini, low stress version of a big bang. in the same way that a big bang team consists of a writer, artist, and beta, a little pop team will consist of a drabbler, doodler, and beta. these three people will then work together to create a small, illustrated story (LESS than 1000 words) which they will then share with the world in a series of little pops throughout the month of august. (for more info, please see our faq)

sign ups will open on june 17th!

rather than having everyone sign up individually and anonymously choose their teams later, we ARE allowing (and encouraging) teams to sign up together.

(if you’re having difficulty finding teammates, we suggest you make a post on your blog about it and tag it ‘plp2016b′ and we will reblog it to our plp matchmaking blog so you can find each other. example here!)

to be clear, finding a team ahead of time is NOT required - we do have a system for pairing individual sign ups - it just would just make things easier if we could have whole teams sign up together.

thinking of joining? awesome! here’s what to do from now until june 17th:

if you’re planning on writing a drabble:

  1. start thinking of your basic idea for the plot. when you sign up, you must have a 20 word or less summary ready. it can be something as simple as ‘dan and phil go christmas shopping’ or  ‘something fluffy involving dan phil and a cat’
  2. try to get a team together of a doodler and a beta. if you are missing one or more, you can try to find them on our matchmaker blog, or wait until sign ups to be provided the rest of your team

if you’re planning on doodling/betaing:

  • either find a team now or wait until sign ups to be assigned one.

if you need any help, you can read our faq or contact us here!

- your directors (cecily, bethany, lein, & sonnet)

Today’s #TruthwitchTuesday is a bit different from our previous shenanigans. Rather than share something with you, @Truthwitch and I decided we’d like to YOU to share something with US.

Basically, in the spirit of the #Witchlanders street team forming – it should be all ready to go in the coming month, so we’ll be reaching out to members soon – we wanted to find out why YOU want to join.

Tweet, Instagram, Tumbl(r?), Pin, Facebook – WHATEVER. Just tell us why you want to be a part of the #Witchlanders. And of course, be sure to use the hashtag #TruthwitchTuesday. :)

So for example, you could tweet:

I want to join the #Witchlanders because MERIK IS A SEXY BEAST. #TruthwitchTuesday

That would be a perfectly acceptable response. ;) Or you could blog,

I wanna join the #Witchlanders because I love spreading the word about books I adore! #TruthwitchTuesday

And of course, if you use a GRAPHIC – be it a selfie, something photoshopped, a photoshopped selfie, whatever – then you might just earn some bonus gold stars. (See more on this below!) ;)

But why bother with this nonsense, Sooz? What do I get out of it? –> I’m sure you’re wondering this, and rightfully so.

The reason to partake in our little game is because we’ll pick one lucky winner from all the entries to be THE FIRST MEMBER OF THE #WITCHLANDERS!!!

And, not only will you officially be on the team – before anyone else!!! – but you’ll also get to pick a page from Truthwitch and I’ll share a sneak peek next Tuesday!

And and, the chosen Witchlander will get a signed Truthwitch poster – the very first of its kind! We haven’t even shared what these babies look like yet! :D

Now, here are a few notes about all this:

  • If you did not sign up for the #Witchlanders before we closed the application form, THAT IS TOTALLY OKAY! Anyone and everyone is still welcome to participate in this contest – and possibly gain entry as The First Witchlander. ;)
  • You’re welcome to share up to three entries. THAT’S RIGHT. Up to three entries = totally allowed. Just be sure to use the #TruthwitchTuesday hashtag so we can keep track!
  • @Truthwitch and I will hand-select 15 entries next Tuesday, and our decisions will be based on 1) enthusiasm!, 2) enthusiasm!, 3) enthusiasm! Basically, we’re awarding gold stars based on – you guessed it – ENTHUSIASM. And from those 15 entries, we will RANDOMLY choose a single winner! That’s honestly it! We just want to make sure that our very first Witchlander is someone who really, really, REALLY wants to be in the group. ;)
  • Feel free to reshare/RT/reblog your entries as often as you want! Spreading the word is always good…and ENTHUSIASM = more gold stars!!! <3

So there you go! If you have questions, shoot me or @Truthwitch a tweet! Or ask in the comments below. :D