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Zimbits AU where your world is black and white until you hear your soulmate laugh


Jack knows his parents’ story off by heart.

Bob had been on the ice at an away game. The crowd was screaming; it was overtime. Things had been a bit tense. 

And then Bob had put a puck in the net of the opposition and that was it. The disappointed home audience had fallen into a quiet grumble after some polite clapping. Many hands were slapped on Bob’s back as the team skated towards the edge of the ice. Bob had been just about to leave the rink, and then-

A laugh. A snorting, wonderful laugh, and his world filled with color.

He had frozen where he stood, ears caught on the sound of that laugh and the voice that followed.

“I told you, didn’t I? No one’s got it like Bad Bobby Z!”

It was his turn to let out a laugh and he did, with gusto. His voice boomed so loud it had seemed to reverberate around the arena, every head swiveling to the source of the noise.

Every time he told that story, Bob swore blind he heard his soulmate’s gasp in the ensuing silence. Alicia would roll her eyes fondly, stating that she did not gasp, thank you very much, and that the dreadful nickname she’d called him had been popular among hockey fans at the time. 

Whatever the truth, they’d introduced themselves moments later and were married within the year. It was like that, with soulmates. Instantaneous.

Jack’s not heard that story since before the Draft. He knows people think if he’d found his soulmate before- before, he wouldn’t have done it. But people tend to over romanticize things out of habit. In the end, soulmates and laughter and colors had very little to do with how he ended up here.

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ships passing in the night.

A quick, (hopefully) fluffy little fic featuring musician!Derek. Inspired by this prompts post of “Reunited AUs.”

now also on ao3!

Stiles is so close to getting somewhere with Derek. He can feel it.

They have inside jokes. They eat lunch together every day in the cafeteria. Stiles has found out that Derek can play like fifteen different instruments and likes to fiddle around with composing music in his spare time, and Derek knows all about Stiles’ fascination with folklore, unexplained phenomena, and The X-Files. Stiles overhears Derek telling Boyd that Stiles is a “brilliant researcher.” Derek has seen Stiles having a panic attack in the men’s restroom and talked him through it, and he went with Stiles as his (sadly platonic) plus-one to his dad’s wedding. There’s even a drunk almost-kiss at their boss Lydia Martin’s engagement party, Stiles making an idiot of himself but Derek smiling fondly anyway, and then—nothing.

“Hey, where’s Derek?” Stiles asks Greenberg when he comes in Monday morning. Derek is one of those annoyingly productive morning people and always beats Stiles to the office. Today his desk is empty. Like, weirdly empty. Stiles would almost venture to call it bare, except that makes no sense. “He’s not sick, is he? Or hungover?”

Although, as far as Stiles knows, Derek doesn’t drink.

“He quit,” Greenberg says, not looking up from the magazine he’s reading, as if this is totally normal.

There’s a strange ringing in Stiles’ ears. “Like, for the day?”

Greenberg doesn’t look up. “Like, for forever.”

It really is that sudden. One day he’s plugging away in the cubicle next to Stiles’, and the next, Stiles finds out from fucking Facebook that Derek Hale is overnight famous.

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- Why Can’t It Be Like That , by @taggiecb : Louis Tomlinson, head of his local hospital’s charity fund, suddenly finds himself in the heart of the Royal family when his mother marries the third son of the reigning monarch. Such an upset in lifestyle brings a lot of changes for Louis, one of them being the need for a stylist. Enter Harry Styles, a cutting edge fashion stylist who loves his job and prides himself on his passion. The first time he sees Louis Tomlinson on the cover of a tabloid he wants to dress him, style him, make him as beautiful as Harry knows he could be. When he’s hired to do just that, he knows this will be a perfect partnership. That is, until he actually meets the man.A fashion AU with a royal twist, where Louis doesn’t need a stylist, Harry’s thrilled to have a real life Barbie doll, and they’re both very wrong about each other.

Larry Royal AU with a twist (93k, E) : Stylist Harry and newbie kind of Prince Louis, totally hate to love and angsty (meaning ammmmaaazing angry sex (bottom Louis) ) and miscommunication. read this !

- How Fast You Fall , by @fullonlarrie : They meet as transfer students at university orientation, and Louis wants Harry the first time he sees him. But Louis isn’t looking for a boyfriend. With school and work, he doesn’t have time for anything more than a casual hookup. When they become roommates, Louis decides it’s best not to pursue Harry and take the chance of messing up their living situation. They quickly become good friends and soon Louis realizes that his attraction is much more than just physical. However, because Harry has a plan to stay single and celibate until he graduates, Louis assumes that he doesn’t stand a chance, and tries everything he can think of to make himself forget about his feelings for Harry. 

Larry Uni/Roomates/Friends to lovers AU (50k, E) : aaahhhhhhh this fic is awesome !! A lot of pining and sexual tension, and also an amazing plot twist I don’t want to spoil (but it’s linked to Love Actually). So fucking good ! (hot smut too, kind of share that)

- Looking Through You , by @allwaswell16 : Just as Louis and Liam were starting out in the music industry, writing and producing for up and coming artists, a fateful meeting with new pop singer Harry Styles changes everything. Four years later, just as Harry is set to embark on his next world tour, a drunken confession causes a rift between once inseparable friends. As Harry tries to make sense of his feelings for Louis, he begins writing his next album to express them as it may be the only way to break through the walls that Louis has built between them.

Larry BFF to lovers AU (41k, E) : my heeeeeart. My feeeels. Songwriter Louis and famous singer Harry, so much angst omg, it’(s amazing read this. (bottom Louis)

- Too good to be bad, by @latitta : “You’ll never guess who’s here,” Louis rushes out, knowing very well that this is not how it’s supposed to go. “Louis, we should focus on the mission.” “I know, but it’s Harry, Li.” Liam falters for a second. “Training camp, sexual awakening Harry?” Or: Two spies, one mission, zero things left in common between them.

Larry Spy AU (24k, E) : with a ex to lovers and hate to love plot, some sexual tension and high sex (bottom Harry).

- Have Me And Hold Me , by @letsjustsee :  His clumsy trips were now even more burdened by the sudden downpour. Twice he almost fell making his way back to the ceremony area, mostly due to his insistence on running across the lawn in between trips. The rain was relentless, coming at him from all angles with a deafening wind that muted everything outside of his own heavy breathing.
He felt like he was making pretty good headway, all things considered. His pace was stalled only momentarily when, on his tenth or so trip, he thought about what someone looking out the window at that moment would see. Louis in his formal shirt and trousers, barefoot, stomping through the muddy lawn to gracelessly lug two chairs at a time towards the building.
Or, a wedding day AU in which Louis will let nothing stand in the way of a perfect day - especially a little rain.

Larry established relationship and Wedding AU (6k, NR) : OMG i genuinely cried !! so fucking cute and fluffy, and not at all what I was thinking about ^^’

- Outside Is Just A Blur , by  daggerandtherose : Louis’ son might just be a technology genius as he has quite a knack for calling strangers up on Louis’ phone.  Repeatedly.

Larry single dad Louis (18k, NR) : fluffy and cute, with no smut :)

- Falling For Me Won’t Be A Mistake  , by @all-these-larrythings  ( Rearviewdreamer ): Harry is married to his job and so overworked that he doesn’t know how to stop. All it takes is a forced Hawaiian get-a-away, the warm tropical breeze of the island, and the most beautiful, elusive man he’s ever seen to make him remember what living is like outside of work. Well, that, and the little souvenir he accidentally takes home with him.

Larry mpreg AU (58k, M) : When Doctor Harry met Teacher Louis in vacation … It’s been a long time I haven’t read mpreg , but this one is really great !! barely angsty, fluffy and sweet :) (obviously Bottom Harry for the smut)

- The Melody You Never Heard , by @anylessreal ( bananasandboots ): It’s one last adventure. One last chance to be young and carefree. One final weekend before they take up their internships, their corporate positions, before they enter the real world, fresh out of university. Niall’s his best mate. Liam’s been there for him since they were lost, little freshmen, trying to find their ways through an overwhelming first year. Harry can’t disappoint them, even if it means enduring four days with Louis.  Louis, who he does share a history with, a history he’s never told anyone about, not even Niall, a history he hasn’t brought up in three years because it’s stupid and embarrassing and confusing. Or, the one where Harry gets roped into a four-day camping trip with the boy who kissed him and never called back.

Larry Camping AU (30k, E) : hate to love, full of banters and flirting and boys being bad at communication :D  (not top or bottom, but - great- smut)

My thoughts on Matt and Lance

I enjoy all of the langst about Lance feeling replaced when Matt comes in to play. But I feel like it wouldn’t be that way. Matt for an unknown amount of time was with a rebel group and if we know rebel groups, those dudes are all seriousness and no fun. And then Matt is reunited with Shiro, and is happy to see his sister. But quickly realizes Team Voltron is even more serious than the rebel faction. Enter Lance, the funny boy with major insecurities. Matt immediately likes him, he laughs at Lance’s jokes and flirts with him. (Bi Matt and Lance. Just because) Lance trains with Matt, they share stories about their siblings and Matt just feels at home with Lance. Lance even takes him flying with Blue and includes him in their time together. Lance finally feels like he is needed by someone, so he tells Matt how he felt before. Matt gets so mad about that, he tells Lance that he means the world to him. Lance is shocked and hugs Matt breaking down in his arms. Since that moment Matt never leaves Lance’s side, when they go to mall they both stare at the hot aliens and are the best wingmen. And Lance is do happy to finally have a partner.

All of You

Sebastian x Reader

Summary: She’s insecure and Sebby’s fit.

Warnings: angst, insecurity issues, fluff

Word Count: 1.3k+

Originally posted by mylastlove-mylastsong

She wasn’t fat, but she wasn’t skinny either. So, you could imagine the self esteem issues she had.

Yes, everyone has issues, but hers didn’t come to the surface until she started dating Sebastian. She knew that she was lucky. He was hot, clever, and the new obsession teenage girls and young women were drooling over. She couldn’t but feel even more insecure whenever she saw him surrounded by women more attractive than she was. Each part of her that she actually liked was ripped away from her as she saw women with the same characteristics and qualities, but seemingly ten times more beautiful than she was.

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Prompt #6: “Is There A Reason You’re Naked In My Bed?”

Rick is so mad, he could scream. He could spit. He could… hell, he’s just fucking mad. After everything they talked about, after laying his soul out to her about trying to keep his family safe, she goes out, on her own, trying to get to Negan. If that weren’t bad enough, Carl, being his usual Carl self, sneaks into the Savior compound and brings the psycho back to Alexandria. He comes home to find Spencer and Olivia dead, Rosita with a three-inch slice to her cheek and Eugene just gone. One day. He was gone for one fucking day and they all lose their minds.

Carl knows he’s up shit creek. Everything has been yes sir, no sir, can I do anything else sir, for the past three days. It’s a welcomed change for Rick, although he knows it won’t last long. It’s exhausting having to reason with a fifteen-year-old all the time. Carl’s been helping around the house, trying his hardest to stay on his fathers’ good side, not wanting to deal with wrath that he knows is still bubbling just below Rick’s surface. Michonne has been using a different strategy the past couple of days. One, that only a woman knows how to use.

She’s been rubbing up against him more than usual; letting her hand roam along his arm a little longer than she should. She brushes up against him in the kitchen, pressing her breasts into his back a little or “accidentally” bumping her behind into him while they share the bathroom in the morning. She even wiggled into that pair of shorts she found a few weeks back, a few sizes too small, and found every reason in the world to bend over in front of him while she “cleaned”. But, to no avail. She hasn’t gotten a smile, or a raised eyebrow, or a lingering stare from him. Nothing. He’s that mad. She’s seen him mad before, but never at her. This is just… not right.

It’s been a long, hot day. Rick trudges through the house and is surprised by all of the silence. He checks his watch. Eight twenty-two. He kicks off his boots before he hits the stairs, stopping by Carl’s room first. He’s got his headphones in, bobbing his head heavily to Metallica as he picks a dart out the wall. Rick retreats, not wanting to disturb him and checks in on the younger Grimes, who is fast asleep in her crib. Now, to deal with this woman of his. He pushes into his bedroom and stops in his tracks, his hand still gripping the door knob. She sits in the middle of their pallet on the floor, a thin white sheet barely covering her otherwise naked body. She bites her bottom lip, her skin drinking up the light from the moon.

“What if I had been Carl?” Rick asks gruffly, closing the door behind him as he keeps his eyes on her.

She shrugs, “He woulda been in for a shock.”

Rick sighs as his eyes drop from hers to down her beautiful body. It hasn’t even been that long since they last made love, a week maybe? But, it’s been a long week. She shifts a little and her muscles flex, seemingly calling out to him. Wanting, no, needing him to touch her. But he knows this little game, and he’s going to win. For once. He walks toward the bathroom and disappears from sight, making Michonne huff loudly. She squints her eyes as he reappears a few minutes later, shrugging out of his shirt and unzipping his fly.

“Really?” She questions, dropping the sheet to her lap.

“Really what?”

She scoffs loudly, “I said I was sorry! I came to my senses Rick, I’m on your side. I was stupid, I get it.”

“And?” He asks blandly as he side eyes her, stepping out of her jeans.

She eyes him as he moves through the room, taking his place beside her. He lays down and props his pillow a little before rolling over onto his back. She climbs on top of him, throwing her dreads over her shoulder as she leans down over him, “You’re being ridiculous.”

“Am I?”

She clicks her teeth as her eyes search his, “I am completely naked, waiting for you, in your bed, and you’re just gonna keep ignoring me? That’s not ridiculous to you?”

“I’m not ignoring you.”

“You are to!” She whines, “You’ve barely spoken two words to me and I’ve been shaking my ass for three days for you and you don’t even care!”

“You know, you can’t just swipe natures credit card to pay me off every time you do something stupid. Squeezing that booty into a small pair of shorts ain’t always gonna work.”

Her eyes light up a little as she smirks, “You did notice.”

He nods, “Sure did.”

“So, after all of that, you still wanna ignore me?” She squints again as she tilts her head, “Rude.”

“Stop it, I have not been ignoring you.”

“Have to.”

“Have not.”

“Have,” She pinches his side a little, causing him to squirm and chuckle, “To.”

She leans down and captures his lips quickly as her fingers continue to skirt up and down his side, tickling him thoroughly. He squirms more, his laugh filling the room as she giggles with him, kissing his lips every now and again. It’s been a tense week, hearing him laugh is a treat, “Don’t be mad at me anymore.” She whines again, poking out her bottom lip.

“Stop, stop!” He swats at her hand, his laughter dying down, “Okay, okay, okay,” He resolve giving way as he feels her heartbeat against his chest, “Under one condition.”

“What? Anything, just tell me.”

“We act as a team from now on.” He starts, cupping her cheek as his thumb rubs a small circle into her skin, “We need to talk to Gregory and Jesus about getting on board with us and I need you on my side. We move together,” He emphasizes, “We talk about what we’re thinking and feeling. No more sneaking out, no more lying… I don’t want to be this disconnected from you anymore. Deal?”

She nods happily, smiling a wide as she can, “Deal.” She shifts her eyes a little from him before wiggling down into his body, “So, about this whole me being naked thing.”

He grabs her behind with both hands, squeezing gently, “Oh, I’m sure we can do something about that.”

for: anon

I still haven’t figured out if rappers are objectively hot or it’s just because I love the genre and it brainwashes me into thinking so.


Word count: 3,109.
Summery: There was always something off about Joshua. You didn’t know if it was the way he dressed, his gesture or the secrets hidden in his eyes, but something about him just made you… question him.
Warnings: Sexual themes. It’s pretty much pwp with a little of both Ps. This picture just gave me a hard time.

There was always something off about Joshua. You didn’t know if it was the way he dressed, his gesture or the secrets hidden in his eyes, but something about him just made you… question him.

Even when you got closer to him, you still questioned him. Your friendship wasn’t false in no way and you really did enjoy spending time with him. You wondered if he noticed the way you watch him from the corner of your eye sometimes. Your friends started blowing it out of proportions when they did notice the looks you gave him, but interpreted it as affection of the non-friendly type.

You were a bit surprised to hear the rumor spread a little different then how your friends put it – soon the other students started whispering about the two of you watching each other when the other wasn’t looking.

You knew your reason for the looks, and you were left with no clue as to why Joshua has been looking at you.

Maybe he did what the rumor said, you wondered when one study break Joshua offered to take you on a date, with his eyes down casted as if he was giving his full attention to the pages of his history book.

You agreed nonetheless. You knew you could date him without shielding yourself against his mystery, and maybe as his girlfriend he’ll confine in you more.

He didn’t.

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13 Reasons Why: Six-Word Stories

F.M.L. forever was not very long

Hot chocolate friends to cold strangers

Some cared, but none cared enough

Words can hurt more than razors (Hannah)

Mortified, abandoned, betrayed, violated, exposed, ruined (Hannah)

So lonely, he stole her soul (Zach)

A scary love behind a lense (Tyler)

“Suicide is not an option.” Wrong. (Alex)

The list was kindling to fire (Alex)

Didn’t he know that words hurt? (Alex)

Star player on the court only (Bryce)

A damaged boy, a slide, flash (Justin)

The world needs to hear this (Ryan)

It was never his to share (Ryan)


This is my pal Youpi. 

He may look majestic, but don’t be fooled–he’s actually a total dork. He likes to try to fight my green boots, and he has a grudge against one of my other roosters (who is in a separate pen, so they can’t properly fight, but inexplicably they make a big, dramatic attempt at a battle every single morning). He sounds like he’s constantly chortling about something or another and he gets excited about just about everything. If I walk across the property, he’ll often follow me (delayed) at a breakneck run with his wings outstretched. He’s pretty friendly, but if he gets worked up sometimes he’ll bite my hand and not want to let go. He thinks he’s hot shit and it cracks me up. I love carrying him around and talking to him.

I put him in the garage at night for his safety, and he waits on a section of fence right near the garage for me to put him away every night.

Anyway, I just wanted to share him with the world, because he’s a chaotic but hilarious and fun guy.

Voltron headcanon/illness headcanon: when they make voltron and all link up and feel eachothers thoughts/intentions/etc they can kind of get a feel of eachothers status. But of course they arent a+ great at it yet- they all hust kind of get a vague uneasy feeling or feel tired.

Except Hunk and his touchy stomach. If another paladin is feeling queasy itll make Hunk puke. And hes quick to get the connection. Afterwards everyone wants to make sure hes ok but hunk zeros in on who isnt feeling well and is like “hey whats up do you need to sit down?” because he is so used to it but his team mate is unwell and he is already over it, but ‘dang you really dont look too hot, here wear my vest for a sec, ill get you some water.’

Allura is so proud, although she would have preferred a cleaner start to the more in depth connection.

Commenting- UM YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS LIKE LITERALLY YES! THIS! I have never thought about the Paladins being physically linked bc of Voltron, and now I feel like a whole new world has been awakened! Listen, I can’t right now. This is absolute perfection! Thank you for sharing this! Man this is fantastic! I may write this actually! 

Sasuke quotes about and for Naruto. ❤
  • Sasuke:
  • "I also want to fight with you. "
  • "It was not meaningless to me, you have become my closest friend."
  • "Naruto... I... "
  • "Do you know, Naruto... that if both you and your opponent are first class ninja, you can read each other's minds when your fists meet. There is no need for words. I know you aren't naive, Naruto, so you can read the true mind? Can you read my mind?"
  • "I have to get rid of you."
  • "Your thoughts and feelings... I know them all...
  • And you know mines too."
  • "THAT'S exactly why I have to kill you."
  • "I hated you...
  • I don't know, my body just moved on its own moron. "
  • "But there aren't a lot of people as you. "
  • "I was envy of you."
  • "I started to paid attention at you. "
  • "It was a weakness, I trained hard to escape from that weakness. " "You became my goal and my first bond. "
  • "It's his hopeful heart what ties me to Konoha."
  • "You're the only one, just you... My only... "
  • Just when I was starting to think that I was all alone after Itachi died... But I have to kill Naruto. No matter what it takes. "
  • "That guy is the closest thing to a best friend I've ever had."
  • "Thanks to you I was saved.
  • "I'll get rid of all the past mistakes and start anew and this'll start with your death. "
  • "With this I can finally be alone... "
  • "All alone, the feeling of a parent yelling at you is nowhere near what he feel."
  • "We were kids lonely and starving for love, but allowed only hatred.  We knew the same pain, but as friends, we changed paths.  Even more, I chose the path of isolation.  Bonds created heated feelings and in that time, shining like a flash, my own weakness was exposed in broad daylight. "
  • "I stood in the way of my sole friend. A shinobi who knew the same pain. An honest and straightforward ninja who did not bend the truth. On countless occasions, I tried to shake off that destiny. And yet, without giving up and without abandoning me, in the face of inevitable death, he held out his hand. I tried to sever our bond, the sole existence of which led me from my loneliness. I was defeated. We planned to settle our disputes, and chose the Valley of the End. We saw the radiant morning sun and shared the feeling of pain in our chests, and I recall hot tears running down our cheeks. I will never in my life forget this."
  • "Naruto had his own world. I desired its existence.
  • It was similar to the warmth formerly given to me by my family.  In this world, I was allowed to actually feel its existence, the connection of family; of love.  Revenge supported my heart, while simultaneously destroying it.  Hatred, like poison circulating the body, kills human feeling.  Like that, it lit the flames of my heart."
(Request) Ours

Title: Ours

Characters: Daryl Dixon x You/Reader

Requested by: @hey-douchepool

Can you do a Daryl one shot, where Daryl and Y/N were together before the apocalypse and like Daryl is being distant and Y/N has a flashback of a fluffy moment between them before the apocalypse and she gets sad and he assures her that just because things are different doesn’t mean that their relationship is different. Love you and your blog

No warnings! Totally SFW :)

Note: This reminded me how I’ve always loved writing fics for Daryl! I love me some Daryl fluff. Enjoy reading! xoxo

And oh, if anyone wants to be tagged in future Daryl fics just drop by my ask. :)

Italicized paragraphs are flashbacks.

It had been an exhausting day for you since you went on a half-day run with everyone else, but you still came back feeling giddy. You had come across a bar and found a case of your and Daryl’s favorite beer and it was little things as such that somehow made you forget about the end of the world. After organizing all the supplies that you and the rest have gathered, you quickly took two bottles of beer and looked for Daryl.

You found Daryl just outside the house you shared, cleaning up his motorcycle in all his sweaty glory. You bit your lip and blushed when you remembered your first meeting with him. It also happened on a scorching hot afternoon, your car broke down and was towed into the nearest auto shop where Daryl happened to work at. You spotted him almost immediately, clad in a sleeveless plaid button down and work pants, his eyes focused on the bike he was working on. You chuckled to yourself, it almost felt like déjà vu.

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tinlizzies  asked:

“please, you can’t die now.” Lightning, Doc

“Doc! Doc! Are you okay – can you hear me? Oh God, I’m going to get help, just– don’t move! You’re gonna be okay, you’re gonna be okay!” Lightning screamed, though his loud pleas of worry were merely a whisper coming into the old race car’s mind. All he could see was a blurry speckle of red, and frantic blue eyes searching for some sort of response from him.

It had taken Lightning twenty seconds to get to the small town. When he had gotten there, he was a huge mess. Poor guy almost busted his engine from how fast he had been going, and no one understood his panting. But when he finally managed to form comprehensible words, he didn’t stop saying Doc’s name.

They all followed Lightning back to where he left Doc, and the old timer had his eyes closed.

They immediately took him to the hospital.

They waited.

And waited.

Until the doctor finally drove slowly out of the closed doors, an expression of disappointment written on his face.

Making a first glance at it made Lightning’s heart churn.

“Is he okay? How is he? Can I see him?”

Lightning wanted to know. He needed to know. His mentor was on the other side of that wall, and it’s been hours since he’d last saw him.

The doctor’s gaze connected with the race car’s. It was a mistake, for as soon as McQueen took in the hidden message, he slightly fell, his undercarriage almost grazing against the floor.

Sally edged closely to Lightning, concern settling at her engine. She had been stricken with shock as well, but she knew her boyfriend would take the news worse than her. Worse than everyone.

“No…no..that can’t be, that can’t be..he–”

“I’m sorry, I really am. There’s nothing we can do. His engine’s given out, wires are leaking, and…it’s just too many complications. He won’t make it. I’m sorry, sir.”

“No!” Lightning flinched as Sally attempted to near up closer, and he veered away, shaking his front bumper in rejection. Without saying another word, the red race car turned sharply around the doctor and headed straight inside the doors.

As soon as he entered, his eyes widened as dread panged at his engine.

Doc was there, seemingly lifeless at the corner of the room. Wires and cables of all sorts were drooping out from the underside of his front bumper,  a few here and there coming out from his back as well. His frame was rising up and down slowly with each small breath he took. The small beeping from the machine that indicated Doc’s beating engine sounded through.

“D-Doc…?” came a muffled stutter from McQueen, his engine now beginning to flutter as he rolled forward slowly. He stopped a foot away from his mentor, taking in the sight.

The dark blue car stirred a bit, as if getting into a better position, and opened up his eyes steadily. His gaze landed on McQueen, and he couldn’t help but put a smile.

“Hey kid…”

Lightning didn’t return the smile; instead his current expression only sank deeper. “Doc, you’re’re alright…”

The Hudson Hornet was right there in front of him, alive, breathing and doing just well. His eyes were open, and he was able to talk. How is this him not going to make it?

But Lightning was oblivious to the fact that the incident had left him weak and drained out.

“Seems like I..busted somethin’ there, right…” Hudson breathed, lowering his eyes to the floor as he took a deep sigh.

Then Lightning had noticed the little strength left in the old retired race car, and it only made him feel worse.

“It’s not true, Doc. It can’t be true, I-I don’t believe them – him, h-he said you won’t make it, that can’t happen, it just can’t!” Lightning stated firmly, hitting a tire against the ground to further emphasise his point.

Doc began to chuckle, but a second into it he began coughing, then into a groan of pain.

“I’m afraid the doctor is right..” Doc whispered, much to Lightning’s disbelief.

“No, no no no – don’t think like that, of course you’ll be fine. Look, you’re still here, and you feel fine, right…?” the red car said, though it sounded like he was asking himself for reassurance.

“I don’t feel my best, hot shot…even if I felt alright, my engine has done its fair share…”

“ can’t–”

“Listen, Lightning…promise me…that you’ll continue racing..and, spread your good spirit for the better…show the world that there’s always something to live up for, no matter how challenging life can get…take care of the others for me, too…”

Lightning blinked, tears welling up in his eyes as he noticed Doc’s body starting to lower toward the ground.

“Please, you can’t die now…” Lightning breathed, edging a few inches forward to Doc. “Please don’t leave me…please don’t leave…”

Doc glanced up at Lightning, and he gave a small empathetic smile at him.

“Who said I was leaving…? I’ll always be with you, Lightning, even if you can’t see me. I’ll be there. I promise…”

Doc’s body gently pressed against the cold white floor, his eyes closing and a relaxed sigh coming from him.

The machine that monitored his heart extended to a constant beep, filling the room dreadfully.

Tears began to make their way down Lightning’s bumper, and he was at a loss of words for a spare moment.

“Doc…?! Doc…?’re gone…”

Lightning forcefully reared back a bit in reverse, his eyes never leaving his deceased mentor’s body.

The only sounds in the room was the machines and Lightning’s crying.

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Hello! I'm new here and was wondering. What is carry on?

Sorry I´m a bit late with the answering, but basically: it´s a book by Rainbow Rowell!

Main character is Simon Snow, cute, curly hair, lots of moles, love scones. Oh, also the most powerful magician there has ever been. But he sucks at controlling his powers, which is bad, because there´s a big scary bad guy (who looks just like Simon, oh lord) that is slowly destroying all the magic in the world, and since Simon is the Chosen One, he´s supposed to fight the baddy.

Then there´s Tyrannus Basilton Grimm Pitch (yep, his actual name). Hot ass guy, overdramatic, a bit like Draco Malfoy minus the daddy complex. Maybe a vampire.

They are enemies, which is a bit over the top because hey, this big bad guy is slowly destroying the world of mages, but they are anyway. Also they have to share a room at their magical school called Watford (steamy), and when Baz doesn´t show up for the last year of school Simon get´s OBSESSED because damn that guy must be plotting!


Anyway, it´s a really good book, very funny at times, sad at others, overall lovely characters and it will break. your. heart. And you will love every second of it and scream for more. Magic, LGBTQ+, POC, badass woman and an asshole called the Mage.

It’s a date


This is my @carryonsecretsanta gift for @eroticgropefest Also, inspired by the @carryon-countdown prompt: Date Night. Hope you like this, Katie! It’s been so fun being your SS  ♡ ♡


Five times Baz has to bite his lips in order to refrain himself and one time he doesn’t.


Five times Simon doesn’t mean it and one time he does.

Word count: ~2k

Rating: T

Tags: Best Friends, Friends to Lovers, Fluff, Pining, 5 +1 Things

Also on AO3

The first time he does it, it’s completely unconscious.

It’s summer and they’ve been moving furniture from the Pitch Mansion to Baz’s new apartment with Fiona. Snow is in a tank top, all covered in sweat and his cheeks flushed red from exhaustion.

Baz hands him a bottle of water, his fingers resting a moment longer than necessary on Simon’s skin, and the world is suddenly too hot and his pants too tight.

Baz blames the tank top.

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Hi! Do you have any fic recommendations already where Derek and Stiles are best friends? If you have, can you please link it? Thank you very much! I'm starved for these kinds of fics.

  • This MIght Be Irony by thepsychicclam (M, 38k) Stiles and Derek have been close friends since the Hale siblings moved in next door after their parents’ death. But Derek’s in the popular group, he’s a star baseball player, and he dates popular Pep Squad captain Jennifer Blake. Stiles doesn’t have any of that, just his skateboard and a hopeless crush on Derek (oh yeah, and his Vote Lydia Martin Prom Queen button). As prom and the baseball state championship grow closer, Stiles and Derek start rekindling their friendship. And it all begins with two white boards.
  • Little Dumplings by DevilDoll (G, 8k) “You and Derek are going to sit next to each other,” she said. Derek had already put his mat down off to the side, near the window, and was sitting on it, glaring at his Batman sneakers. “And you’re going to hold hands.“ "What?” Stiles blurted. He looked over at Derek, who was looking back at him, mouth fallen open in shock. His eyes were so wide that for once his eyebrows weren’t his most noticeable facial feature. “If you refuse to apologize to each other, you’ll have to make up another way,” Miss Blake said firmly, steering Stiles over toward Derek and standing there while he obediently—if somewhat grudgingly—put his mat down.
  • Mating Habits of the North American Domesticated Werewolf by lielabell (M, 35k) Derek doesn’t do pining. He doesn’t. So when it becomes clear that Stiles is much more interested in having Derek as a new best friend than a boyfriend, he puts on his big boy pants and makes it fucking work. He becomes the best goddamn friend a spastic teenager could ever hope to have.
  • Help me get in touch (with what I feel) by alenie (E, 3k)  “Stiles, what happened?” Derek says as sternly as he can (which isn’t very). Nevertheless, there is a pause on the line, and a small sigh. “I was just…having some Stiles personal time, you know? And…I may have gotten something stuck. Um, in me.” “In you?” Derek says incredulously. “What do you…oh.” Enlightenment strikes. “Like, in your…” “Yes, in my butt!” Stiles snaps.

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The Nilo/Nouiam masterpost we all deserve

Because I have a lot of feels about Nilo and I cannot believe not everyone screams about this OT3???

The rest under the cut because I got carried away with these menaces.

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