share good vibes

  • be bad at something on the first try - we all got to start somewhere
  • try something new - life is all about experince 
  • make mistakes - we learn by them
  • be sad - we all got our bad days
  • let something/someone go - nothing is permanent
  • give yourself a break - sometimes we just need to breathe
  • put yourself out there - at the end of the day, all that matters is you
  • speak your mind - someone always cares even if you don’t see it
  • be confident - you’re not narcissistic if you do 
  • be you - theres only one you, be who you were meant to be

Hi I’m Amber, they also call me Emberly Rose. I have alopecia areata, a condition that causes hair loss due to stress and other unknown reasons. Even though I have a hard time dealing with it, I have learned to accept myself for who I am. And if I can learn to love myself, so can you.

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I've been meaning to for a while now, but I just wanted to tell you how absolutely wonderful I think your art is. I love your style and I can always tell when its something you've drawn. Your art never ceases to grab my attention or straight up take my breath away in some cases. Anyway I hope you love your art as much as I do because its amazing beyond words. I hope you always have inspiration <3

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“I hope you always have inspiration” brb just crying a lil ;;;;;; this is…. such a thoughtful and eloquent message, sweet anon

Thank you so v much! I am… so blessed a h. may my future works continue to hold that same charm <3


Words can’t begin to express my gratitude to everyone who shared post and sent Good Vibes our way!

I woke up from my second depression nap of the day (6pm) to a bunch of missed calls from my man. Called him back and he said he received a call saying they had Kane. “Where who when where!!!?” He said “they’re coming to meet me right now! But you have my bank card (for reward) so you got to get over here” since I wasn’t answering he left work and drove back to our side of town to meet up with them and see if it was really him (why no pic text? Who knows we weren’t thinking) so I’m try not to get my hopes up because this happened already and it wasn’t Kane. But then my man called back a few minutes later confirming that it was him!!! I was doing this really weird laugh giggle thing for like 5 minutes straight when he first told me lmao something in between a dolphin and Vincent Masuka 😆 anyway I rushed over and now he’s home and he drank a gallon of water, got a lot of beef jerky treats and he’s about to get a bath after Layla and I’m going to throw him a welcome home party. If you’re in the 702 you’re totes invited ❤

Hey guys!

If you’re a small creator and you’re tired of your work not getting much attention on here, I have a network for you!

The RT/AH Emerging Creators Network is where the little guy supports the little guy. All skill levels are welcome, all mediums are welcome! Fanart, fiction, aesthetic boards, you name it! The purpose of this network is to make sure that you have a safe place to share your art and have fellow creators reblog it and help get it out there. Artists work hard to put out beautiful pieces they work hard on. In this network, they can feel supported and appreciated among fellow artists. We can share good vibes and helpful, constructive criticism in this welcome environment!

To join:

-simply message me for a link to the discord

-thats it!


-For morality reasons I cannot accept artists who draw or write for underage ships such as max/vid.

-Be respectful to your fellow artist.

-Post any art/fics you make in the discord chat in the specified text channel. I’ll be making channels for all known RT universe’s as well as a NSFW channel and a ragehappy channel.

-Reblog as much as you can, but only what you feel comfortable reblogging. If you don’t like a certain ship or you aren’t into a certain au, no pressure! I will make sure I reblog everything so not everyone has to. But try to reblog what you can!

-Helpful critiques only and only if critiques are asked of you.

-Make friends!

That’s it! Hope I get a lot of intetest for this idea! Be sure to message me or reply to this for the discord link!

Stoned Thought #22

The word “thing” and the word “night” use all the same letters, but none of the letters make the same sound in both.

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can you stop treating Cayde as a joke already..

Cayde is a character who fight to stay positive while being surrounded by shit. The act of joking around, picking up things (the wrench, Ralph the chicken…) is a symptom of someone with stress among other things (can relate) and the act of offering a hug for his coworkers is just as simple as share good vibes.

So I watched again the MV boy in luv from BTS and it seems like V loves the chocolate..😏 In the middle of the video, when he was behind the sofa where Victoria sat on, he really wanted to touch her so he came closer to her and even stare at her.. Like damn he couldn’t just sing and dance in the back, he needed to make contact😏 Look its unnatural posture in the only aim to touch her like V I see you! Here is one of the screen but can you make the gif please? Btw I love your blog, please continue to share good vibes👍🏽

KM&BW: Thank you! and actually he admitted to having a crush on her, saying she made his heart shake/ nervous, and it was so cute, he was attached to her the most out of all the girls, and here’s the gif you wanted ^_^