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My Message to the World

I am not a popular Tumblr blog, right now as I write this I only have 124 followers. This post won’t be seen by enough people to even spread my message but I still need to share it. I want everyone to see this. I want what I am about to write invoke a feeling in the reader. I want people to read this and really think about how they look at the world. This will probably be a more personal post and I will make another more general one. 

If you really are interested in what I am going to say then under the cut will be a bit about myself, a speech I heard, my thoughts on equal rights for the LGBTQ+ community, and a short story that I wrote to contribute to the movement. If you care, actually care then read this. I am begging you to spread my message. I am so insignificant but I want to do something no matter how small my contribution is

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ANYWAY there is literally no better trope than ‘let’s keep our relationship under wraps but also Stare At Each Other All Day so that literally everyone knows. I am living for Bernie and Serena thinking they’re being all sneaky - playing professional, making out behind closed blinds - and being all flustered and confused when someone’s brings it up. I JUST -
Drake & Taylor Swift Are Collaborating on Music Together
An insider also dishes to E! News about their relationship status

This is music to our ears!

An insider tells E! News Drake and Taylor Swift  are indeed collaborating on brand new music together, and given that they share 11 Grammy wins, 56 nominations and 7 chart-topping tracks between them, it’s bound to be a smash hit.

For those surprised by the seemingly unlikely duo, our source reveals “the music they have been working on is different,” albeit “very catchy.” The insider adds, “They’ve both been having a great time in the studio.”

Speculation that the pop sensation and rapper were spending time together surfaced when Swift attended his 30th birthday bash just last week. A partygoer told E! News of the pair’s co-mingling, “At one point Drake and Taylor were seen near the DJ together talking, his arm over her shoulder for a minute like a real friend moment. It looked like they were talking about something deep.”

It didn’t take long for the internet to ship Drake and Tay as Hollywood’s latest and greatest couple, but as our insider reveals, these two keep things professional.

“They are not dating or hooking up,” the source says, adding, “They are both purely friends.”

T. Swift’s collaboration with Drizzy isn’t the first time she’s worked one-on-one with a hip hop artist. Kendrick Lamar appeared on Swift’s 2014 track “Bad Blood,” and co-starred in the music video. As for Drake, he’s kept things fairly exclusive to his own genre, but that doesn’t mean he’s not game for the challenge.


Tom Hiddleston talks dancing, Kong: Skull Island, Thor & more!

Tom Hiddleston stopped by KISS Breakfast to talk about his new movie Kong: Skull Island, working with Samuel L. Jackson and what music he’s currently listening to.
Plus he spills the beans on what he made of the recent Oscar’s gaffe & shares his award winning story with us.
Before Rickie tries very hard to get the goss on the next Thor: Ragnarok movie.

so i have 2 copies of Beach Bros left and i would like for them to have a nice loving home. what better way to ensure that than by offering them to you guys? *i would like to note that they both have flaws on the cover (bc of how risographs are made, some pages may have ink roller marks on them), which is why i kept them. the interiors are fine tho! 


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(2) people will each get a copy of Beach Bros. (1) person will get a small prize pack with a few prints!

I will randomly select (3) winners on April 1st. have fun!

via @malavilledolls on Instagram - We have been super busy processing orders and trying to ship everything out to you guys that we have been pretty absent from here. We have missed posting and checking out comments but we saw this photo that made us stop to reflect on why we do what we do. This smile was just unavoidable and felt the need to share. @most_committed_wins You truly are raising a queen
#MhinaDoll looks like she has found great company. Hope she enjoys her 😚

I know this blog isn't the place for this...

And I know not all of you are Americans. But both I and my co-writer are American and we live here.

I hear that Donald has won the presidency. This is not good, to make a vast understatement. Our checks and balances system is there for a reason, so that he can’t ACTUALLY wreck that much shit in office, but it’s still a terrifying shame that a living cheeto with less political experience than a baby can win this office when he was running against a woman with decades of experience.

I make this post, though, because I want to offer hope. Many of you are devastated. I am too. I shared anxiety win everyone as the results were coming in–we both did. But remember that half the country DIDN’T vote for Donald.

This comic wants you to thrive. This comic wants you to flip Donald the bird and thrive. This comic wants to believe in the goodness and kindness of people. This comic loves you and supports you and thinks you are valid. This comic wants you to know that even in the face of all this, you must keep on living and thriving and fighting for that goodness, that kindness. Never stop fighting for what is right. It might feel like the end, but it isn’t. Life keeps on going. Breathe with me, fight, and hope.

Oh, and if you voted for Donald, please tell us so that I can block you. If you voted for him, you’re not allowed to read this comic anymore. 😁😁😁

-the Author

tbh if aliens ever land and invade earth, someone should just calmly explain to them that pokemon, not humans, are the dominant lifeforms on this planet, and the only way to claim sovereign is to catch em all. 

and then give them a phone with pokemon go installed and send them on their merry way

A story I wanted to share

So, recently I decided to pick up where I left off on my Skyrim game since I haven’t played it in quite a while. I have the new special edition of Skyrim for my Xbox One, so I’ve got a few mods in my game just for fun. This will come into play later.

While I was out adventuring in the game, I was trying to remember what the button to sprint was on my controller (again, I haven’t played Skyrim in a while). I knew in my head that I was one of the bumpers, so as I’m walking through a busy street in Whiterun, I decide to test out the right bumper to see if I start running. Big mistake.

Instantly, the sound of Shia Labeouf’s voice screaming “JUST DO IT” fills the air and knocks over at least three different people. Turns out, I’d forgotten that 1) right bumper was the Shout button and 2) I had a mod in my game that made my Unrelenting Force shout sound like Shia Labeouf saying just do it.

Now, guards are running after me for “attacking” people in the city, and I’m able to quickly figure out the left bumper is the sprint button, so I’m booking it out of the city.

Needless to say, I’ve never been more terrified to hear Shia Labeouf’s voice in my life. It almost got me killed.

Imagine taking your son to visit Henry on set.

Words: 591

“Are we almost there?”

Trying to keep up with your six-year-old son, you nearly trip over your heels as he yanks you forward. You’re being drug through the studio, trying to keep up with the security guard escorting you through the building. It’s only seven-thirty in the morning, yet both you and Tobias are fully awake. After landing late last night, you two managed to grab a few hours of sleep in Henry’s hotel room. Henry himself hadn’t returned to the room. His late and early shootings meant he was forced to stay somewhere closer for the evening.

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1140 Headcanon Giveaway!

Hey everyone!

I just want to say thank you so much for being faithful followers! Even though I have been distant lately, due to a nasty breakup and me moving getting settled into my new place you all have been showing me love and kindness. Now its my turn to give the kindness back, I want to do a giveaway for you guys as I am finishing requests I have received which I also want to thank you all so much with your patients on them!
I am finally settled into my new place and happy as can be, thank you all for helping through the hard times here lately

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Pick your favorite voltage character of your choice, and live into your own story with your name and his name. If you want it to be fluff,smut, breakup&makeup which ever you like, you pick and choose.

You all really do mean so much to me, and I am happy to say I am officially back!!