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Okay, wow. This right here is when a good show becomes a great one.

So I watched the new season of Bojack Horseman, and at one point there was this tiny comment Todd made just before coming out to Bojack, and I had to play it back a few times because I couldn’t believe I was hearing it.

Because I thought the same thing for so long.

After finding out I was asexual, it was such a relief for me knowing I wasn’t broken and that there were others feeling how I felt. But just after, this is how I felt. and I still feel like this sometimes. like, even if I was accepting and loving myself, could anyone love and accept me? could they fall in love with me even if I couldn’t give them the relatioship they wanted? could I love them knowing I wan not enough? was I even allowed to be in love?

At the end of the season we find out that, yes, asexuals are allowed be in love and have relationships and come out without shame. 

But for me, it was still very importat that this scene was included in Todd’s journey, and I’m still so astonished about how amazingly it was portrayed

Bojack Horseman is one good show


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Whether you believe trending this is the next step in an ARG or not, this is a venture worth pursuing. 

If you don’t have a Twitter, make a Twitter. If you have a Twitter but don’t want to use it for this, make a separate Twitter. Retweet and reblog information about this. And if you have any connections in media–journalists, popular Twitters/blogs/anything–please try to get them to cover this so that the impact is larger and it trends faster.

Let’s be loud. We’ve been listening to them; now let’s make the world listen to us. 

Viva la conspiracy, etc.

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Klance Headcanon

When Keith and Lance start sharing a bed, Lance quickly finds that Keith tends to struggle to fall asleep at night due to thinking too much about his leadership duties and his insecurities about being part Galra. So one night, when Keith’s back is facing him, Lance starts to trace spaceships and the lions into his back with his finger, softly whispering stories to him like his own grandmother used to do for him. Within a few minutes, Keith was fast asleep. It becomes a part of their bedtime ritual, with Keith sometimes doing the finger tracing when Lance is having a hard day. 

🎮••• Final fantasy VII •••🎮


A little Kazuma Kiryu-circa-Yakuza 6 appreciation post. The man ages friggin backwards I stg


The Sims 4 Cats & Dogs: Create A Pet Official Gameplay Trailer


"Pack Lunch" = Restaurant To-Go

I don’t know if y'all thought of this or not, but…
If you have the TS4 Parenthood Gamepack - and your sims go to a restaurant, you can use the little “pack lunch” feature to act as a to-go box 😂