When I was in high school, my favorite teacher told me that they sleep better at night knowing that there are people like me in the world. The same teacher also told me that I, alone, would never have the power to change the whole world, and make it a more peaceful place. They said inequality will always persist, and I couldn’t change that. But I’ve been trying to prove them wrong ever since. All it takes is one person to throw a pebble in the water and start a ripple effect. I’m going to be that person.
I am not always kind to others. I am more selfish than I let on. I let fear and anxiety hold me back. But each day is a chance to climb a new mountain. Each day is a new battle. Each day is another chance to win.
I am going to change the world. And you don’t have to believe me. But I believe it myself. And that’s all that I need.
But this is an invitation to call me out on my actions. Educated me. Inform me. Sometimes I think the things I say are justified, but I am still ignorant. Sometimes I do things that hurt more than it helps. Tell me. I am a privileged female from a white, Christian, working-class family. I have never been poor, but I have never been wealthy. I have never known prejudice because of the color of my skin. I have never felt excluded when I traveled somewhere new. I don’t know the world outside of the midwest. I have never been feared because of my religion. I have never experienced any other lives, but the one I was born into. I want to better myself, but I need you to help me. Call me out. Tell me what it’s like to be you. Befriend me. Let’s be authentic, and genuine, and real. I want to learn.
I am going to change the world. But I need to learn it first.
—  Rachel M. Fredette//inbox me. tell me your story. 

These last days, hell has settled in the place I call Home. Not that the past 5 years have been bearable, but the past days, bombings and shelling haven’t ceased and blood hasn’t stopped flowing.
Hospitals, schools, universities, homes, streets are being targeted and no place is safe anymore, to take shelter in.
People are hiding in the cellars of buildings, between wheels of cars, running away, trying to escape from bombshells.
Not a minute goes by without a missile dropping, taking away lives that aren’t just numbers to pile up but people that meant the world to other beings.
Aleppo is crumbling, Aleppo is burning and it has for the past 5 years and I still haven’t heard a word about it in the media and everyone is asking me what’s happening in my city, completely shocked by the silence in the news.
I am Syrian and French and I cannot bear the fact that only half of my life is worth caring for.

Share and spread please, the world needs to know what’s occurring in Aleppo (Syria).


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If people like this I can try to periodically post more of my unhealthily large wallpaper collection.

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Tell me
Tell me about the universe
And how much greater
It is 
Than me
Tell me about the planets
And the stars
And the galaxies beyond
We know nothing about
I like the feeling of 
Being so small
I like remembering
My own insignificance 
In the greater scheme
—  lovehatetheworld36

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and no that does not
mean that the night
will fall out of existence
for he will exchange
his place
to meet every companion that lives
in each destination reached
he will bring you waves
of wonder
as if your mind is an ocean
craving to meet the stars
he will reveal
your once isolated thoughts
and bring them to life
like a movie in your mind
of every hidden experience
now palpable
and once he leaves
do not worry
for he will return eternally
just to say