I love the clouds fam. So much. Its been FAR to long. Like a month and four days to long. Its so nice to be tweaked. And back down to zero days sober
This is the third sibling tweakend. And god do i love our breaks @thehighwayismyway.
Everyone doing okay, i know i havent been aroumd much, just lurking in the shadows. Sober girl here to watch all your smoke/slamming videos.
i love @thetweakerfamily and everyone in it. Youre all amazing unique, maybe even lost souls. But some of the best people ive ever had the luck to meet, and help/watch this community start growing, and never letting it stop.
Anyways. I hope you guys are doing okay.
Stay safe, stay smart, stay spun. Hydrate!!
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new Shlohmo interview held by shardstyle at Teebs’ gallery show in Chicago.