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A Theory...for thought?

So in Class of Classics, we got to see the parents of Ever After High as highschool students. Sadly they all just looked like just simple younger versions without anything really different, even wearing pretty much the same clothing as they do in the present.

Except for the Evil Queen

Which fine, she is basically wearing the same outfit as Raven and her hair is the opposite color of Raven’s hair. Showing that the two are very similar. Simple yet effective.

But then made me think?

What of her?

I think we all just assumed that “Mira” was just a younger version of Evil Queen, but ultimately comes off as an entirely different character/figure than what we are presented with in the back.

Which is fine. Evil did mention she was going to “reinvent herself” with the modern kids. so in other words, she is someone new. and that’s fair.

But something doesn’t feel right

Snow White recognizes her.

So Snow White recognizes a figure that Evil Queen takes on that isn’t the evil queen.

What if…and this might be a stretch (like all my theories I pull out of my ass) what if this “Mira Shards” is a “reflection” of someone that both Evil and Snow White knew, someone related to Evil Queen in fact?

I remember the speculation of Mira before we knew her identity that she may have been the “Daughter of the Mirror” in Snow White, so perhaps we aren’t wrong.

I have my own theory and thoughts but I don’t have enough evidence to back up any claim.

Fact: Rose Quartz and Greg made two separate tapes for their baby, using two different names, depending on if the child was born a boy or girl.

Fact: Rose gave up her physical form to have Steven. Therefore she never actually knew his gender or his name.

Fact: Steven found the tape meant for him inside Lion’s mane, whereas the tape meant for Nora was abandoned in the desert.

Theory: SOMEONE had to know about Steven enough to be able to plant the Steven tape in Lion’s mane, and send Lion to Steven. And it wasn’t any of the Crystal Gems. Therefore there is someone out there secretly watching over Steven, who we haven’t met yet. Someone who was close personal friends with Rose, but was kept a secret from everyone else.