You wanna know what gets me about Sharapova and the other girls? They could easily be better at tennis, maybe even good enough to challenge Serena if they didn’t watch their weight and gained the muscle they needed to play. But instead they care so much about femininity and body image that they (and their coaches) think that public image is more important than actual tennis skills. And they’re not wrong, because Serena has beaten Sharapova 17 times in a row and has won a numerous amount of tournaments but still makes millions less than her. In the world of women’s tennis, looks will get you more money than your actual tennis skills and that is so sad.

In other news. If you don’t want to feel old, look away..

Rafa Nadal is 30 today! If you feel like celebrating and getting yourself a birthday present, I do have prints available in the Tennis section of my print shop, I’ll link it below! :)§ion_id=16530087