1.) Once when I was living at my old house I was washing the dishes and I felt something grab my wrist tight and I turned around and seen an old man with this scary angry expression on his face then it disappeared fast af. Another time my cousin seen a spirit that she described looks just like the one I seen and my cousin Sharay is real connected with God and she sensed it was an old man living there who’s spirit is angry and he’s mad because he use to live there but died and he thinks we’re intruders. He doesn’t know he’s dead.

2.) so some babies and cats/dogs can see spirits and so at my old house my mom was holding my baby sister and she was pointing at a corner and was crying and acting real scared and kept moving around so she can get out my moms arms and leave the room. Also my dog use to always bark at the corners viciously

3.) Sometimes while my mom is trying to fall asleep, she’ll feel someone tickling both feet up and down and God must’ve told my cousin because she asked my mom if that ever happens and they prayed over it. She still gets them

4.) A long time ago my parents lived across a cemetery and my mom was sleeping and woke up feeling a hand over her mouth and nose and it couldn’t have been my dad cause she saw he was still sleeping

5.) My auntie laying in her bed and a little boy and girl came out of her closet and one held her mouth and nose and the other was holding her down with a strong force and they didn’t go away until she was able to move her finger spelling J.E.S.U.S in the air.

6.) I had sleep paralysis once which is when you’re dreaming and you can’t move at alll and there was this black silhouette that appeared at my bedroom door then popped up standing over me and it felt like I was outside of my body watching it and he didn’t disappear until I wrote “Jesus” in the air with my finger after trying with my all to move it (apparently it works)

7.) This guy in my family (idk him) I believe he was walking home from work late at night and this dog with red eyes climbed UP A TREE and was staring down at him barking as he kept walking. Then all of a sudden he heard loud gospel music coming from a church and when he started walking closer to it, the music stop and he went in and no one was there. So he laid down on a bench to rest his eyes and a demon kept taking his hat and dropping it on his face over and over. He kept saying stop then all of a sudden it lifted him up and he was yelling “put me down! Put me down!” So he got dropped down to the floor and he ran out

8.) There was this bat at my cousins house and MIND YOU, bats are nocturnal and blind but one time it was peeking around the corner with red eyes staring her down.

Those are a few I know of, I texted my cousin asking to tell me some I didn’t know and when she responds I’ll post them. It’s a couple more cliché ones I know like someone seeing one of our deceased relatives or hearing someone walk down the stairs but no one is there. Sorry if the stories sound all over the place but i was typing and trying to care for my baby.