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zexal trick or treat! <3

Happy Halloween! Sorry about the delay!

And here’s your ficlet! It’s from the Haunted Duel Monsters Tournament collection (#6).

“How many Call of the Haunted cards do you have in that deck?” Ryoga yelled over the moans of yet another low-level zombie type monster as it clawed its way back onto IV’s field. He was outnumbered now, both in the number of actual monsters on his field and in their attack points. He hadn’t even agreed to participate in this stupid tournament in the first place.

IV’s wide smirk was an invitation to punch his lights out, Ryoga just knew it, “What, can’t count any more, Shark? Here, I’ll give you a quick lesson: Cursed Soul Zombie, attack his face-down monster!”

Ryoga’s right hand moved to rub at his eyes as his bluff card, Pain Painter, dramatically disintegrated at the zombie’s screeching attack. He took another quick glance at his hand before sighing heavily, leveling IV with a bored glare.

"Don’t be such a child,” Kaito’s voice interjected from the sidelines, “He has only used three Call of the—”

"I don’t need your input!” Ryoga interrupted as IV called the next attack.