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Meet The Characters

Quick info: Justin and Milan have been friends since diapers because theirs fathers run one of the top Drug companies in NY and LA called ‘Black Market’ and they also own many clubs in a lot of states, money was never a problem. Now living NY, but as they got older they got more distance because Milan’s mom was killed in a car accident and Justin and his close friends more like brothers joined 'Black Market’ they just wasn’t as close as they use to be now in their last year in High school and both in relationships, they never really see each other.


Justin 'Dior’ Combs

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I’m a ladies man but only with one girl and I don’t love her … yet, but we will get their soon, I’m a member of the 'Black Market’ well I’m the “Prince” my dad is one of the owners of them and me and my bros Trey and Shaq will run it. I’m a senior in High school and ready to get out of that dumbass high school, I also chill with my other best friends, Sabrina and Tae…… and  Milan, but we really don’t talk just a hi and bye but I miss our friendship and on the low I have crush on her but she with the basketball star of the school but i'on like that nigga everytime I see him I want to snap his neck. enough about me. Bye.

Milan Hunter Felton

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I’m a mixed breed as a lot of people call me because my mom was Brazilian and Creole and my dad is Bajan but it’s not a lot but people think it is. Anywho I’m very sarcastic and wonderful girlfriend to my baby Duhwayne but I don’t love him … yet. I hang out with the two craziest and baddest bitches Sabrina and Justine I’ve known since kindergarten and I also hang with my niggas from another mister Trey and Shaq …… and Justin but we don’t talk like we use too but I really have always will have a big crush on him but I’m with Duhwayne now so that doesn’t matter anymore. Right ? My mom was killed in car accident when I was 10 and after that I’m scared to drive in the rain and I was also diagnosed with anxiety and paranoia but only my close friends know that. Okay I’m talking to much bye.

Trey 'Trigga’ 'Livin’ Livington

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Wassup I’m Trey also the Hitman in the 'black markets’ and I love guns those triggers turn me on, I’m in love with Sabrina I’ve been with her since sophomore year and I’ve known her since her 1st grade that’s my girl and I love her alot. I’m not going to much because I just don’t feel like, ya’ll don’t need too know much about me only that i’m getting to take care of my family. Aight bye.

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Sabrina ‘Brina’ Acosta

Hi babies i’m Brina,I’m a Dominican Bombshell, a high school senior and i’m spending it with the love of my life Trey, and yes I know what he does so don’t ask he does it for a good reason to take of his mother and little brother. I’ve been with him since sophomore year and knew him since 1st, and I will fight for him and he will do the same for me and that’s why I love him. Enough about me let’s talk about Justin and Milan now these putas is fronting on each other they have been friends since diapers but Milan pushed him away because he promised her that he would never join ‘Black Market’ but he did anyway, lets make a long story short they both in relationships Justin hates her boyfriend and Milan hates his girlfriend. Let me stop gossiping. Bye


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Shaquille “Sha-Town’ Townsend

Wassup i’m Shaq , senior in highschool, i’m not in the mood to talk at the moment but I will tell ya’ll a little something, I do work for ‘Black Market’ but not for long…. well hopefully. I’m the calm one but i’m not quite. I have this crush i’on think she likes me she’s been through alot but I have always been their for her. Aight bye.

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Justine ‘Jus’ Skye

Hey i’m Justine, a senior in highschool, i’m the one has the attitude only because how rude people can be, when people say ‘you’re pretty for a dark skin girl” for one i’m brown skin or when people ask ‘Is that your real hair?’ I just stare at them like they are stupid. But anyways I love the skin i’m in, be you nobody else just because your light skin does not mean you’re automatically pretty. Anyways I have crush on this one boy but I don’t think he likes me he’s always been there for me when I needed someone. He was my first everything and I mean everything. Okay bye.

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Dwayne ‘Wayne’

Mr.Basketball star to you. Nah just playin but I’m Dwayne i’m the basketball star of IONA prep, meaning every girl wants me but I have a girl Milan but I cheat on her a lot truthfully only cause’ she’s not ready to have sex or whatever, but usually she’s always worrying about Justin I swear I hate that nigga I aint gonna lie he get more bitches than me but he’s hella faithful to his hoe ass girlfriend Nicole, no that girl has jaws for days. Let me stop okay bye.


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Nicole ‘Coco’

What’s poppin bitches, i’m Coco the baddest bitch in IONA prep and I my boyfriend Justin who I love is the best he buys me everything and yes i’m…i’m…. what’s that word? oh yea loyal. But it’s this one bitch in my school Milan everybody loves her and even Justin I know he likes her but he won’t admit it, I am jealous of her because she took Dwayne from me well not really but he was going to be mine and now he’s not because of her and also because she is beautiful she hold herself with respect and I hear she is still a virgin…………

(Authors note: She talks too much…. only basic bitches talk shit LOL)

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I’m Maine, 21 years young, a mother and a wonderful fiance, my daughter Aubrey who is 2 is my pride and joy, my wonderful fiance Chase who I met when I was 16 and he was 18 he works for my father, so I relationship was on the low until I found out I was pregnant so I had to tell my father who was pissed but he was happy because trust Chase, Chase who proposed on Valentine’s day is my pride and joy we don’t plan on having a wedding yet…… Bye.

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Wassup Mane’ I’m Chase  I ain’t gonna say much because i’m very lowkey with my life because of the lifestyle I work in, i’m happy how my life turned out who knew I would’ve found my true love and the mother on my child… I love them both and I would do anything to make sure they are happy.

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Madison ‘Madi’

Yoo Yung Mis in the building, hey i’m Madison i’m Justin’s and Niko’s little sister which means i’m the baby and yes i’m spoiled but I earn the things I get. I love Justin with all my heart but I hate his girlfriend she threatened me, but i’m not scared of her i’m just don’t like violence but I told Milan and she told me if she does it again tell her and that’s what I will do. K? Bye.

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I’m Justin’s little bro but i’m an inch taller than him, yes I am prouder than that but anyways i’m not part of ‘Blacket Market’ but hopefully one day I will be…. But I have this secret I need to tell Justin but it was not not fault okay and my secret is…… I fucked his girlfriend but they were not together… I swear, I won’t tell him until they break up.

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Christian ‘Lil Diddy’

I’m Christian but some people call me ‘Lil Diddy’ because i’m his twin, I live in LA with my mom, older brother Quincy and twin sisters. Yes Justin is my brother from another mother.. literally. That’s all I have to say.