hamilton where everything is the same except all of the costumes are neon and covered in shitty sequins patters 

dear evan hansen but ben platt is cosplaying as beyonce the entire time

book of mormon except everyone is on helium apart from elder mckinley, who has the pitch of his voice lowered to the point where he sounds like James Earl Jones (and they have the balloons with them on stage) 

be more chill but the squip is wearing New Year’s sunglasses which light up and are covered in glitter

the great comet where nick pitera is playing all the roles at the same time 

newsies but everyone has mashed potatoes in their mouths

falsettos where jason is played by shaquille o’neal and whizzer is played by literally anyone but they’ve just done like 6 pounds of crack 

phantom of the opera except everyone is wearing 3 snapbacks, all facing different directions

in the heights but usnavi’s lines are replaced with owen wilson saying “wow”