So my ass is 5'3 when i actually stand straight up and not in my slouched
Hunchback form….

Now then…this is the height difference between a 5'3 person and 6'1 person…
@bookofreid look as a fellow fun sized human…this is what it would look like if we stood next to the tree that is matthew or shemar…which i mean….i am short compared to everyone but dude my sister is 4'11 like if i was her height it’d be shaq and his girlfriend…like holy…i love but hate my height…love it cause if i cuddled with them i could pretend i was a back pack…anyway


I can’t believe Winston Moseley is dead.
Now that he is, I’ll tell this story. He wanted me to be his girlfriend (true story). I declined.
He had his son look up my facebook and my profile picture was of Shaq and his then girlfriend Hoopz.
He wrote me a letter and asked me who the black man in my picture was and is he my fiancé. His son didn’t know what Shaq looked like I guess.
I cannot make this shit up.