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The 30 All-Time Franchise Starting Fives (click for closer look). 

Assuming they’re all in their prime during their tenure for each franchise (meaning, the prime of Lakers Shaq vs. Magic Shaq will be different), my Top 10 Power Rankings:

  1. Lakers
  2. Celtics (put McHale in for Bird and Bird for Pierce)
  3. Bulls
  4. Sixers
  5. Warriors (put Curry in for Hardaway and Klay for Mullin)
  6. Bucks
  7. Heat
  8. Rockets
  9. Spurs
  10. Blazers

P.S. Feel free to share which lineups you disagree with, but keep in mind these are not my picks, so don’t get on me. 


Shaquille O’Neal took to Instagram claiming the Lakers Legends would kill the Bulls Legends by 50 points, even with the great Michael Jordan. Scottie Pippen wasn’t having it and replied to Diesel, which started a social media feud between the two. Although both NBA Champions have valid points, the fact of the matter is sadly we’ll never know the answer, but it’s fun to watch them duke it out!

“I think we could have probably tied Mike, or surpassed Mike. I guess six. Everybody talks about Bill Russell’s 11; no player will ever come along that will win 11 championships unless they reduce the league to 10 teams. So you shouldn’t even bring Bill up. So now Mike, when you talk about the pinnacles of championships you always gotta go with Mike. So Mike has six. I think we could have either tied that or got that.” -Shaq

After the 2001 Finals Game 4, Jim Gray interviews Kobe…

“I love you Kobe.” - Shaq mumbles as he comes over.

[…interview goes on as usual for a bit…]

“You love him as well?” - Jim asks Kobe.

“Right back at him, man…right back at him.” - Kobe.

"A love fest, who would have ever thought that?” - Jim Gray.

This came after a tumultuous 2000/01 season, where we saw the first Kobe vs. Shaq alpha dog struggle. Before that season, it was clearly Shaq-1, Kobe-2, but with Kobe (22 years old in 2001) averaging 28-6-5  and clearly taking on a bigger role in the Lakers offense it was getting a bit testy between the two.

We all know how it ended, but for at least one night in June, the combo was killing the Sixers and loving it (and each other).