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Modern Richie loves his memes (Headcanons kinda)

Okay so, I start using phrases like ‘fam’ and 'asuh’ and memes like 'damn Daniel’ and 'yeet’ ironically but then they accidentally become part of my everyday vocabulary

I feel like Richie would totally do this as well in a modern AU:

- I can imagine him walking to the rest of the losers like 'asuh fam-a-lam’

- Eddies name in his photo is 100% 'Eddie KaspBAE’ with some stupid emojis

- he’d sing all the meme songs, like welcome to my mine and it’s everyday bro

- Bev would hand him an empty packet of cigarettes once and he would throw it off the cliff at the Barrens yelling 'Yeet’

- Eddie would jokingly offend him and richie would just say 'I thought you were bae, turns out you’re just fam’

- 'Why do you smoke so much’ 'Yolo’

- He’d buy a fidget spinner with LED lights and start a one man rave at their sleepovers

- He’d definitely be into dabbing

- 'Damn Eddie, back at it again with the double fanny packs’

- Omg he’d know the big shaq mans not hot rap off by heart

- He’s really into memes (so is Stan but only the really savage and stupid ones)

(If you guys know a youtuber called smi77y then that’s who Richie would be like)

Add more if you can think of more memes that Richie would be on board with ironically


Here are some designs from last night’s episode, “Perfect Kid”!

Designs by Mark Colangelo and Thaddeus Couldron.

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