shaping contours

I’m putting my chips on the table now.

I think Gabriel Agreste is going to be the Collector. 

*holds up hands* let me explain

1- Similar Character Design

This is Gabriel

And this is the Collector

Notice the inverse of colours majority of the suit. 
Notice the chin, which has been the biggest point of contention in comparing the facial structures of Gabriel and Hawkmoth.
Notice the exaggerated contouring of the swoopy hair and sharp shoulders, notice the vaguely similar shape and contouring of the glasses.
Notice the stance and the facial expressions- magnified versions of that which Gabriel already does. 

Biggest thing for me honestly was that the tie went from horizontal stripes of red and white to vertical stripes of red and black- same shape, just different colours. 

2- The Effects of the Absence of Madam Agreste

IF we are correct in assuming that Madam Agreste was the holder of the peacock miraculous, then we could also assume that she disappeared because of her role as a hero. 

If Gabriel knows this and knows who/what she was, it would ALSO explain why behind this portrait he holds both her miraculous AND the ancient text about the miraculouses themselves. He’s COLLECTING information and or keeping his wife’s COLLECTION safe. Both reasons could probably be linked to trying to keep his wife’s effects in the hope that she returns and, perhaps, his low-key desire to use the information he possesses/is gathering to hopefully find her one day (which would give him a similar motive to Hawkmoth). 

And if he knows what happened to his wife-

Imagine how afraid he is for his son.

Yeah, Gabriel is abusive- I’m not going to deny this for a moment, but we also know he loves his son. The Jackady episode proves this ten fold, as does the moment between Gabriel and Adrien in the Volpina episode. Paraveve made an excellent point as to how season 2 is probably going to talk about this relationship a lot, but the exact nature of it? Well, we’ll have to see. 

He’s an asshole of a father, but he loves his son in the sad, cold, detached way he appreciates most things.

And on that note-

3- If Adrien Gets Hurt…

Oh holy shit, if Adrien gets hurt…

And the reason I point this out is because of this post by Pawsomley Buggy which points out an interesting feature in many of the leaked images…

Chat Noir’s name has been stripped from the title. 

Now grant it, his name is in this promo for the episode which will take place in China (pointed out by Pawsomly again)-

And this was also stated by Astruck (lifted from Australet here) 

This is my thought though- 

ADRIEN may be important in helping Ladybug, but not necessarily CHAT.

Because of something happens to Adrien while he is Chat Noir and Gabriel finds out… I bet he’s going to loose his shit.
I bet he’s going to snap.
I bet he’s going to freak out.
I bet he’s going to clamp down on his son even harder.

I bet he’s going to take Adrien’s miraculous. 

I bet he’s going to take ALL Of the miraculous’s, in a misguided attempt to keep whatever happened to his WIFE from happening to his SON or any other unfortunate bastard weighed down by the duty and danger of being a hero. Whatever happened to his wife scared this man, scared him badly. I think if he was given the power and opportunity to protect his son, no matter what the cost…

I think he’d take it.

Now, whether this is Hawkmoth offering him power or, if Gabriel is actually Hawkmoth, him loosing control over his own akumas, I don’t know. I just have the feeling that this- this is what’s going to happen.

Gabriel is the epitome of the, ‘cool story, still murder’ issue. He fears for his son’s safety and well being so he locks him away and traps him within his own company. He’s cold and distant and micromanaging and deathly afraid of everything his son does. This is not good parenting, in fact, this is awful parenting, but we can see why he’s doing it. 

And that’s what’s gonna break my heart if I’m right. 

AHS Imagine - I’m Sorry. 

“Do you like it?”

You gently placed yourself on the freshly cutgrass, responding with a consumed hum. Your headphones stayed firm in your ears as he flipped through his songs again. You rested quietly, centralized on the wind that carried the hem of your dress. The sun drowned in the horizon, its glimmer of light hid in the dusk of the clouds and the pale moon peeked at you from the stars.

“How about this one?” He asked quietly,

Closing your eyes, you began to listen.

“It’s not bad” You smiled, peeling the headphones from your ears and returning them to him. His face contoured shaped with awe,

“Y/N, what you just heard was real music. I’m doing you a favour.” As much as he was taken aback by your lack of enjoyment, he let a sloppy smile leave his lips, he could never stay mad at you.

“What, Nirvano?” You snorted, keeping your focus on the stars. 

“Nirvana. N i r v a n a.” He corrected, irritancy leaving his lips as if overlooked. Sighing in defeat, he lied next you, beginning to count the stars in the comfortable silence.

“Lets see who finds the big dipper first.” He said, taking his eyes off of the sky so he could face you. Locking your eyes with his, you accepted.

“If I win, I get a kiss.” He wiggled his brow, earning a small giggle from you.

“You’ll never give up will you?” You asked, poking the tip of his nose.

“I’m not the kind of person to give up, babe.” He commented, giving you a dimpled smile.

“We should get going, we have classes tomorrow” You said, propping yourself up. You dusted off the pieces of grass that stuck to your jeans and waited for him to get up.

“We don’t have all day” You chuckled, watching as he continued to stare at the stars.

“Five more minutes?” He asked, patting the empty spot of grass beside him.

“Fine.” You sighed, going back to the same spot you left from.

“I don’t want you to go to school tomorrow.”

You turned to him, eyebrows furrowed at his demand.

“What? Why?” You asked. His gaze never met yours; it seemed to stare at nothing.

“Just – promise me you won’t go?” finally, he turned to you, but only to see if you would listen to his plea.

“I wanna watch movies all day.” He added, giving you a weak smile.

“You should’ve said that in the first place!” You giggled, rolling your eyes.

Tate got up and stretched his legs.

“C’mon, I’ll walk you home”

Again, you propped yourself up and began to follow Tate. The walk was silent, Tate only focused on your quiet hums as you counted the streetlights you passed. Tate slumped forward as he sighed, he had a crush on you… well, crush is a complete understatement and love – is an overstatement. I guess you could say he fancied you to a greater degree.

“I’ll see you tomorrow.” Tate said, standing stiffly at your doorstep. His eyes left the tarnished shoelaces of his shoes and met your eyes. Almost instantly, his heart began to pound. Normally he would kiss a girl without regret, but you –in complete control of his heart, pushed him into shyness.

“See you!” You said, watching Tate’s figure disappear behind the door.

For a moment he stood on your porch, feeling the words he wanted to say roll off his tongue.

“I like you, Y/N. A lot.”

He sighed, glancing at your door once more before tucking his hands into his pockets and made his way home. No matter how loud he blasted his music, you still lingered in his mind; you were always the only thing on his mind.


You woke up as your alarm blared in your ears. Indignantly, you slammed the alarm off and braced yourself for the day to come. You quickly got dressed, and made your way downstairs to wait for Tate. By now you were the only one at home, which made it easy for Tate to come over. An hour went by, and still you stood alone. You began to wonder if Tate forgot about your plans. Urgently, you dialled his home number and started to pace as it slowly rang. His mother picked up;

“Hi, Constance?” You stopped pacing.

“Speaking?” She replied.

“Sorry to bother so early but, is Tate home?” The line went silent.

“I’m sorry Y/N, but he went to school. He said he was with you?” You bit on your bottom lip.

“Oh, I’m sure he just forgot…thank you though.” You quickly hung up. Your impulses were telling you to go to the school, question Tate as to why he lied to his mother and yourself.

You slipped on your shoes and grabbed a light jacket before walking out of your home and into the pathway towards the school.

You jogged to the entrance of the school pushing open the doors as you walked to the flight of stairs.

You and Tate had homeroom together; you peeked into the room where everyone was hidden under a desk. Panicked, you searched for the teacher, who whispered for you to keep silent.

“Tate’s really lost it.” You heard a girl whisper. Your stomach dropped, and you felt your tongue numb as you began to search for Tate.

Gunshots, each sending a sharp shiver to run down your spine. Hesitantly, you followed the sound of the echoing shots, leading you to the library. Another shot was heard, and every sound was silenced. The hall was stained in a quiet that pulsed in your ears. You stood helplessly in the hallway, the silence driving you mad with fear. From the window, you saw him, his face painted and hair slicked back. Cautiously, you walked towards the library.

He stood near the door, staring at nothing but the floor. You heard crying. Inching closer to the door you saw a girl – who sat two rows from you in Chemistry, lying feebly at Tate’s feet. Tate held up a gun, no hesitation in his actions as he aimed at her head.

“Tate!” you screamed, pulling him out of his trance, but unable to stop him from pulling the trigger.

Your chest became numb; blood pulsed in your ears as you watched Tate stare at you in terror. You pressed your hand against your chest, feeling the blood run down your fingers. Everything started slow, it felt as if high on drugs, but felt every second of the pain.

“No, no, no, no” Tate whispered, dropping his gun instantly as he ran towards your collapsing body.

“No, no, please!” Tate cried.

He held you tight in his arms, calling out for help. He was scared. He knew no one would come, not after what he did. He didn’t care what would happen to him, only for you. The tears, on the brim of exposer kept his eyes blurred.

“Please be okay, I’m so sorry” His cries were croaked whispers, as if wanting only you to hear what he had to say.

“I love you so much, I would never hurt you… I’m so, so sorry”

Tate panicked as your body became limp in his hold; he shook you slightly, begging for you to wake up.

“No, no, oh my god!” Tears streamed down his face, feeling his heartbreak for the first time.  


Tate held you close, letting his tears reach his lips. He leaned in slightly, kissing your forehead. The tear that sat on his lip stained your forehead,

“I’m so sorry.”

He ran home, and every second that passed he was thinking of you. The sound of sirens pierced his ears as he sat quietly on his bed. Without a moment longer, he was surrounded, every gun pointed at him and threatened his life. But, all he could think of was you. You were the only reason he lived, yet…he took your life.

Tate smiled, and they all watched as if his sanity melted right off of him. He wanted to be with you…and that’s what he planned to do.

“Do it. I’ve got nothing to live for anyways.”


For ma boy @ziggyandthespidersfrommars as a late bday gift :-). Sorry if its not that good I’m still sick I TRIED OK. Its short and I’m sorry :(

Wind Cathedral in Namib Desert!

The characteristic feature is the presence of sand dunes exhibiting a myriad range of colours from pink to orange. These dunes are not only vividly coloured but also monstrously high akin to miniaturised version of mountains, many of them being 200 meters tall. The highest one of them all is aptly named as the “Big Daddy”, standing at a height of 380 meters. These dunes have been formed over a period of a million years. They are believed to be 60-80 million years old and were formed by the Atlantic Ocean drifts that pushed the sands for eons. The sand dunes display a dynamic behaviour as in they constantly keep changing their contours and shapes due to the shifting of the wind. As a result we have:

•Transverse dunes which are long and linear formed by prevalent winds

•Star dunes which have multiple ridges formed by multi-directional winds

•Barchan dunes which are formed by uni-directional winds and which are also the most mobile of them all.

How-to-Contour Different Face Shapes

By Lynette

Guess what? It is no longer a dream to rock the classic Kim Kardashian’s look. But first you will need to know what face shape you have and from there on learn how to contour to create the perfect contoured look for your face! Find your face shape below and learn how to contour like a pro!

1. Diamond

For diamond face shape,

You need to Contour:

  • More on forehead to make the forehead looks smaller
  • Temples
  • Along your nose
  • Below your cheeks
  • Jaw

Highlight on:

  • Above your brows
  • Under eyes
  • Nose bridge
  • Chins

Apply blusher:

  • Around your cheeks in circular motion


  • A little bit of contour is enough for diamond face shape. 
  • Always highlight and contour in horizontal motion.

2. Heart

For heart shaped face,

You need to contour:

  • More on the sides of your face and forehead to reduce the width of your face.
  • Along the side of your nose

For highlight, remember to:

  • Highlight your under eye in triangle shape to make your face looks more defined
  • Highlight straight from your forehead to the tip of your nose
  • Highlight your chin in square or rectangle shape

Lastly, apply blushers with sweeping motion 

  • Along the top of your cheekbones

3. Oblong

For oblong shaped face,

You need to contour: 

  • On the top of your forehead (Horizontally)
  • Below your cheeks
  • On your jaw (Horizontally)
  • Along the side of your nose

For highlight:

  • Highlight the lower mid of your forehead in diamond shape and all the way down to the end of your nose
  • Highlight your under eyes in inverted triangle shape and join both sides through the space between your nose and lips
  • Highlight your chin horizontally

Lastly, apply blusher: 

  • In circular motion around your cheeks

4. Rectangle

For rectangle shaped face,

You need to contour:

  • More on the side of your jaw to soften the angular jaw face
  • Below your cheeks in half circular motion to make your cheeks look more defined
  • Along the side of your face to the edge of your forehead
  • Along the side of your nose

For Highlight:

  • Make an inverted triangle by drawing it from upper mid of your brows to the tip of your nose
  • Draw an inverted triangle under your eyes and join it at the space between your nose and lips
  • Another inverted triangle at your chin

Lastly, apply blusher:

  • In half circle motion along your cheekbones

5. Pear

For pear shaped face,

You need to contour:

  • More on the side of your jaw to soften your angular face.
  • Along the side of your nose.
  • Sweep it on top of your forehead in horizontal motion.

For highlight,

  • Create a wide diamond shape from both ends of your brows and connect it till the tip of your nose
  • Create wide inverted triangle shape under your eyes and connect it at the space between your nose and lips
  • Along your nose bridge
  • Create a half wide circle at your chin

Lastly, apply blusher:

  • in triangle shape below your cheekbones

6. Oval

For oval shaped face,

You need to contour:

  • Around your forehead
  • Below your cheeks in triangle shape
  • Around your jaw
  • Along the side of your nose

For Highlight:

  • Create a diamond shape at the lower mid of your forehead
  • Create a wide inverted triangle under your eyes
  • Along your nose bridge
  • Create an oval shape at your chin
  • Draw two lines at the lower side of your mouth

Lastly, apply blusher:

  • Along your cheekbones

7. Round

For round shaped face,

You need to contour:

  • More on the sides of your face to the side of your jaw.
  • At the side of your forehead and on your temples.
  • Along the side of your nose.

For Highlight:

  • Create a line at the middle of your forehead
  • Highlight along your nose bridge
  • Create inverted triangles below your eyes and connect it at the space between your nose and lips
  • Create a small inverted triangle at your chin

Lastly, apply blusher:

  • Along your cheeks. 

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Primer: BENEFIT The POREfessional Primer

CC Cream: CLINIQUE Moisure Surge CC Cream

Foundation: URBAN DECAY All Nighter Liquid Foundation

Concealer: TARTE Double Duty Beauty Shape Tape Contour Concealer

Brows: BENEFIT ka-Brow! Cream-Gel and SMASHBOX Brow Tech Shaping Powder

Eye Primer: URBAN DECAY Eyeshadow Primer Potion (Original)

Eyeshadow: TOO FACED X KAT VON D Better Together Palette (Lovely, Swoon, Better Together, and Lovestruck) 

Eyeliner: URBAN DECAY 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil (Zero) and KAT VON D Tattoo Liner (Trooper) 

Mascara: Voluminous Feline Noir (Blackest) and TOO FACED Better Than Sex Waterproof Mascara 

Contour: SEPHORA Contouring 101 Face Palette 

Blush: Seraphine Botanicals Guava Butter (Pure Guava) 

Highlighter: NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil (Cashmere) and BENEFIT Watt’s Up! 

Lip: JEFFREE STAR Velour Liquid Lipstick (Mannequin) 

Setting Powder: TARTE Smooth Operator Amazonian Clay Finishing Powder 

Setting Spray: NYX Setting Spray (Matte)

Every time I watch a makeup tutorial video for eyeshadow, it’s the same stuff!!

It’s always like… Brown and neutral colors, blended to look natural…

And just… No. If I’m putting on my face armor, I want it visible!! I like bright, vibrant and bold colors.

I’m trying to up my makeup application, but I’m having trouble finding stuff I like.

So if you guys have any recommendations for bright, cute makeup looks, send them my way!!!

I’m not 100% what my eye shape is. Hooded or almond or something. Or my face shape. Or how to contour, since my skin is so extremely pale and I’ve got fat baby face.

My skin is also super dry, and extremely pink. All the time.

I’ve been doing makeup for years and I still feel like a babe in the woods!! There’s so much to learn!

Contour and highlight in one. Maybelline Master Contour V-Shape Duo Stick contains a light shade to enhance features and a deeper shade to define. Creating this natural, sculpted look is as easy as 1-2-3.


“A blinding flash materialized into a transparent sphere, and inside it loomed a shape, assuming contours and shapes at frightening speed. Dandelion recognized it at once. He knew those wild, black curls and obsidian star on a velvet ribbon. What he didn’t know and had never seen before was the face. It was a face of rage and fury, the face of the goddess of vengeance, destruction and death.”
                   (Yen rescuing Ciri) - The Time of Contempt by Andrezj Sapkowski


Today the Coca-Cola bottle is one of the most recognizable containers in the world, but a century ago nearly all soda bottles looked the same.

To distinguish its product from competitors, the Coca-Cola Company launched a competition in 1915 among glassmakers to design a new bottle that was unique in both look and feel.

The winning design, patented by the Root Glass Company of Terre Haute, had a fluted contour shape that was modeled after the cacao pod, the main ingredient in chocolate. However the original prototype was never manufactured because it was top-heavy and unstable.

The first commercial “Coke” bottles debuted with a wider base and slimmed-down, contoured shape. This silhouette became so unmistakable that in 1961 the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office gave it trademark status.

See the original patent in person at the National Archives in Washington, DC, from June 4 through July 29, 2015, in the West Rotunda Gallery; and from October 29 through December 2, 2015, in the East Rotunda Gallery.

Images: Original Coke Bottle Patent, November 16, 1915. (Records of the Patent and Trademark Office, National Archives)

Men of the 133rd Field Artillery Battalion enjoy Cokes on the front, March 17, 1944. (Records of the Office of the Chief Signal Officer, National Archives)

Military Police officers toast with their Coca-Colas at a “Retreat Club,” July 21, 1945. (Records of the Office of the Chief Signal Officer, National Archives)

I wish I could save you.

I wish I could capture your smile in a photograph; the way it warms me from the inside, like warm, thick honey running through my veins, and the familiar, easy laugh lines that crinkle beside your eyes like tissue paper. 

I wish I could make a mold of your hand; the exact shape of it, every contour and line, a jigsaw piece carved to fit to mine, as if God designed our hands to find each other in this life and never let go.

I wish I could record the sound of your voice; just the sound of it, and the way it makes me breathe a little easier, every word thrumming with the tender truths of our love, our love, our love, our love.

I wish I could paint the colour of your eyes; a thousand different hues like the sky, vast and infinite, holding unspeakable things too heavy for one person to carry alone, though I cannot find a colour to match your stars.

I wish I could remember what it felt like when you held me. To feel safe, to feel like everything was a bit more possible, to feel as if my whole world was hanging from your fingertips.

I wish I could wrap the memory of you in a poem, that the scent and the sight and the sound and the feel and the taste of you could be laid to rest in a pretty string of words I hang on my wall like art.

I wish I could take all of these fragile pieces of you and wrap them in cotton wool.

I wish I could save you.


Remembering is harder than forgetting //

I. Song