shapeshifter moran

Born This Way || Open

Sebastian ran through the forest. Someone was here, invading his territory and he wasn’t going to have it. Sure, his territory was small and it was only his since his family banished him, but it was still his and he would defend it tooth and claw. His paws pounded on the forest floor as he hurried toward the scent.

When he got nearer, he slowed, creeping silently through the underbrush. His yellow eyes locked on a lone figure strolling on a path through the trees. He let out a low growl as he watched them. He didn’t care if they were on a path or not; they were trespassing.

He followed their actions for another few minutes, prowling closer to the edge of the treeline. He waited for them to pass his spot before he pounced, knocking into them and pinning them to the ground. He teeth were bared in a snarl mere inches from their throat as his tail whipped through the air.

Tiger Stripes


Sebastian is a rare breed of human. Only five percent of people in the world have the gene, and even those are rare because they keep their secrets hidden. Moran is a shapeshifter. More so he is a Tiger. One of the most rare breeds of shifters. Many of his kind choose to live a simple life and let their beast sides free and live as such. Not for Moran, no, he didn’t want to be a beast. He was better than that.

Shortly after joining the army he was responsible for an incident and was discharged. Since then he’s lived his life quietly, at least, until someone got wind, of what he was. Hunters as his kind called them. They captured him, and experimented on him, making it so he was stuck in his beast form. From there he was abused and shipped around the black market.

With the medication in his system, he didn’t know who he was other than he was a tiger. He could comprehend humans and understand them, yet he couldn’t shift back. He was trapped as the big cat, with nowhere to run but into his cage. That’s where he found himself. Locked in another cage, watching as person after person walked along with there masks. 

This was some sort of black market evil doing purchasing show of some sort for rare animals, and no one seemed to want some old tiger with a scar over his muzzle as well as his eye, who was just lying in the corner ignoring everything, and everyone.

Monster || Open

Sebastian was a monster. That’s what they’d always said. That’s what he thought about himself as well. He vaguely remembered what it was like to be human. But they had tried to wipe away as much of it as they could so he would only remember being a monster and act accordingly.

He was ten when he was first brought in here by his father, a wretched man who was only out for the large amounts of money the company gave him for letting them test on his son. Sebastian thought he was doing this to be stronger and have his father accept him, so he didn’t have an issue with it. Until he realized that his father wasn’t ever coming back and this torture would never stop.

For four years, they experimented daily, tried to see what his body would handle. The days blurred together and Sebastian didn’t remember much other than the pain. There was always pain. After they finally found a mixture that they liked, they injected him and it was a grueling week in a glass cage as his body tried to fight off the changing genetic code. He almost died and now wished he had. He was in a hospital bed for a month or few after, recovering as his body settled in it’s new dna. Once he was better, the real torture began.

At only fifteen, the scientists set him to constant tests. Forced him to change, forced him to control it based on their standards. He had no free will in this lab and only did things when they wanted to. He was lashed whenever he disobeyed, not fed when he was too disobedient and tortured worse the next day. His changes were triggered by pain and anger, just as they wanted them to be. He changed back to human if he ever fell asleep. But everything was as planned and they made great progress for ten years.

That’s when the lab was raided and burnt down by protesters who had managed to find out about the experiments these technicians were doing on humans. Sebastian, being the smart man he was, ran. He busted out of his cage and fled the building. He didn’t care about where he was going since he’d never been outside of the building and courtyard in fifteen years. He didn’t care about the other experiments inside and especially didn’t care about his torturers. He just needed to get away. He ran as far as his legs would take him, dozens of miles from the lab, until he collapsed on the side of the road, his bare feet bleeding from the rocks and his grey sweats torn and dirty.