shapeshifter ep

-Pearl forgetting about Connie? Pearl seems very forgetful tbh is this where Opal gets it from?
-Babysitter Amethyst seems so fun and cool
-Steven and Connie sparring is the best omg
-Eye feet ftw
-Why can’t steven fight like this like whenever jasper is near? Like he’s just chucking shields at Connie, but whenever Jasper is there he literally just acts like he’s a small helpless child
-Amethyst lars is greattttt
-”Hello there donut girl it is I donut boy”
-Also oh my god amethyst just stole so many donuts
-Theres so much shapeshifting in this ep I love it
-Amethyst teaching COnnie to be chill and have fun is great
-Haha shit is about to get fucked bc jasper
-Amethyst that was so goood man
-Amethyst vs jasper omg yess
-Jasper is trying to build her own army oh thats cool
-Omg yess jasper please tell us more about amethysts and why there were made
-”Rose said I’m perfect the way I am” oww my HEART
-oh my god this ep is so good I didnt think it would be like this
-Hply shit amethyst almost went through what she did in “reformed” again, but she didnt because she’s strong and loves herself
-Also new outfit yasss
-”I guess she lives in the ocean now”

How I would write the wedding cancellation, based on the promo/sneak peeks:

Jace becomes Alec’s best man, because he smells something fishy (see the sneak peek). And that Lydia? It’s not Lydia anymore, it’s the shapeshifter from ep 107, the real Lydia’s dead already (like captain Vargas). After all, Hodge did escort “Lydia and the Cup” to safety, and according to Jon Cor, Hodge would do ANYTHING to gain his freedom, even invite a shapeshifter into the Institute: the Cup in exchange for his freedom. And Jace’s holding a Seraph Blade under that pillow and he will stab “Lydia” to everyone’s shock - only for her to go SPLAT demon-like (and proving his darkness/strength).

Well, that would be my take. Alec would still stop the wedding, but he wouldn’t actually hurt Lydia, because it wouldn’t be Lydia anymore…