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Can we talk about just how astronomically SMART Rose must have been? We've been told that she shapeshifted all the parts she needed to conceive Steven naturally. But does anyone realize just how insanely complicated and intricate all those parts actually ARE? Just thinking about all the tiny mechanisms and structures she would have had to have painstakingly built piece by piece and held them for 9 entire months is INSANE. Rose Quartz must have had beyond genius-level intelligence to even try!

Rose was obsessed with humans it seems. I’m sure she would have done anything to have a child of her own. She was incredible clever! I’m not even sure how she would shape shift an accurate womb but it seems she could do anything

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Hello art SeNpAi, I just wanted to tell you that I think you look v cute and your art is v good and everything about is 👌 One day I would like to meet you and give you a nice long hug. ILY (Btw if you had one power, not like somethings basic like fly or super strength what would it be?)

:0 ! thank you!

and maybe shapeshifting? cause with that you can basically also turn into something that flies so its a double win

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Yay First one digitized

Ok here we go.

Name: Cat’s eye

Pronouns: She/Her

Weapon: Stick

Abilities: Recording, Camouflaging, Telepathy, Bubbling and Shapeshifting

Weaknesses; Short Tempered, hard to work with, terrible in combat.

Personality: At first she is cold and distant, but after while she opens up. She tries act cool but fails miserably. She is short tempered, and tends just shut down after failure. She is also very paranoid that she will be shattered

Affiliations: Cats, Crystal Gems

Backstory: During the war, Cat’s eyes were created as spies. They could record footage in their gem (like pearl) and were also mildly telepathic.
Cat’s eyes were seen around the level of peridots, until they did report on something very important, the crystal gems secret weapon. ( i haven’t decided what it is yet lol sorry)The Cat’s eyes were seen as failures were to be shattered and used for other purposes.

Cat’s Eye (pic above) was one of these gems. She was very scared of being shattered, she had saw her friends being shattered. She found her way to the battleground tried to stay hidden but was eventually found by a homeworld soldier. She was about to be poofed when a crystal gem (Rhodonite) saved her

After the event at the battleground cat’s eye joined the crystal gems until the end of the war.

The war was over and Cat’s eye saw no reason to stay in the crystal gems. Due to an infatuation with cats, she replaced her star with a cat motif (so did her close friend Rhodonite) though she keeps a star on her back to show respect for the crystal gems.

Currently, she resides in a forest with Rhodonite, trying to take care of the corrupted gems in the area. (there are a lot)

Friends: Rhodonite, Jade, Angel Aura, Coral, Coral pearl, Pearl, Garnet, Rose Quartz

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VNC theories

There’s 13 of them, some more developed than others but click keep reading if you wanna see any of them. I numbered and bolded the different ones so you can skip over some if you like. Some are more speculation than theory tbh as we are only on chapter 9. 

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I have a new idea for what happened to Aquamarine’s Pearl (Teal Pearl).

When Aquamarine’s secret research on Earth’s marine life was discovered, she was accused of sympathizing with the Crystal Gems and sentenced to be shattered. To save her mistress/best friend, Teal Pearl shapeshifted to look like Aqua and let herself be captured in her place so Aqua could escape. The plan worked because Teal’s colors were such a close match to Aqua’s and their voices sounded similar. It wasn’t until after Aqua had escaped that the trickery was found out.

Aqua felt guilty about leaving Teal behind, and one of her reasons for joining the Crystal Gems (besides wanting to protect Earth’s oceans) was to save Teal, or at least avenge her so her sacrifice wouldn’t be in vain.

Also now that I know Earth was Pink Diamond’s colony and Bloodstone was made on Earth, that would make Blood one of Pink Diamond’s former quartzes like Rose. She wouldn’t have served Yellow Diamond at all.

A new MLP oc, because I don’t have enough already (hahaha…)

This is Maypole- she’s a sheep/unicorn pony hybrid. She’s actually very talented at magic, but get’s a lot of shit from xenophobe ponies about her sheep heritage, so she really isn’t a fan of ponies.

She shapeshifted herself to have five tails because she just wanted to look as non-pony as possible.

The first book in the shark shifter book on Kobo is free…

Despite his billions in the bank, Koenraad is a shark shapeshifter haunted by secrets and regrets. Unable to move on with his life, he relentlessly patrols the waters near the island he once considered home. Fate puts the beautiful Monroe in his path, and duty demands he offer his services, but one look into her eyes and he knows the lonely, frightened woman secretly yearns for adventure.

Monroe is having a hard time getting into the vacation spirit. She’s surrounded by powdery white sand and swaying palm trees, but she’s terrified of the ocean. When her tour boat breaks down at sea, she’s thrilled to skip the so-called trip of a lifetime. However, a gorgeous man with a sleek yacht is determined to change her mind… and maybe her life.

Contains explicit sexual content and graphic language that may be objectionable to some readers. Includes sexual dominance and submission and very mild BDSM elements. For adults only.

Oh noes!  She’s afraid of the ocean guys… how will she and the hot shark dude ever manage to bang?

@cbk1000, @lilbreck, @cupcakemolotov…. I’m totally gonna read the thing.

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Tell us about your OCs pls.

Man anon I have a literal binder full of them, I barely know where to begin! Though most are actually RP characters, given I played D&D, WoD, WoW, and various other games from age 12 to 29, so weeding those out doesn’t leave a lot.

Most of those it does leave are from Fivecollar, a werewolf story that I’m gonna get back to work on after I finish & deliver my current trash fire of a novel. Funny thing is these are all derived from RP characters too, but they and their setting have been fundamentally changed in enough ways that they’re more original than derivative now.

Malachai Douglas is a vicious bitch. He’s a born shapeshifter which is a rare and extremely deliberate thing whose very existence makes him a target for spirits that want to either eat, serve, or enthrall him. He can shift easier than regular skinwalkers but his metabolism is ridiculous, like Michael Phelps ludicrous, and he has trouble digesting things that aren’t meat. Though he was born nearly blind due to his albinism, his mother made a deal with a powerful demon to give him exceptional vision. When he’s not out werewolfing he’s a small-time contract killer who eats his hits whenever possible. He’s domineering, sadistic, tempestuous, violent, staggeringly charismatic, vainglorious, cunning, highly protective of his boys, and one Hell of a snappy dresser.

Mason is a tall ginger from Coventry who acts as Mal’s second in command and service top. He originally turned to occultism and skinwalking for revenge (which he’ll be the first to point out is cliché) and got sucked in deeper and deeper into debt with the demonic entities the pack’s cult/sect (the Hellhounds) serve. Mason is sort of like a salesman for slash genie from Hell: he “grants wishes” (usually the kind that end up with someone maimed or dead) in exchange for consigning souls over to his masters. As part of this he has a strong relationship with the pack’s spirit overseer, but Alan ends up supplanting him in that role, which Mason is NOT happy about. His even keel, long-term thinking, and a close bond allow him to balance out Mal’s explosive temper. That long-term thinking and the machinations of his nemesis are what lead him to discover their cult’s innermost secrets. He is a bit of a firebug.

Darren Weaver is Diné from the rez, a talented metalsmith who turns scrap metal into works of terrible, chaotic beauty. He became a skinwalker as a desperate, last-ditch attempt to save himself when he contracted tuberculosis; the demon that he made the pact with cured that but not his type 1 diabetes. He’s impatient though not as hotheaded about it as Mal, and is often the one to talk common sense when the others are going off the rails. This is not the stoic, gracefully-suffering disabled person trope you’re looking for. He’s the pack’s heavy hitter – a bit like the Hulk if Bruce Banner were extremely bitter about everything. Considering he can’t wear an insulin pump or take medication now he has a right to be bitter, honestly. Darren has strong opinions on a lot of things, but he knows how to pick his battles better than any of the rest of these yahoos.

Jeremy “Highball” Twardowsi is a biracial genderfluid runaway whose life is a series of exponentially more horrible choices. He has a rare gift with the guitar but he’s fucked up his life too badly to go anywhere but down. He’s a junkie, streetwalker, flaky liar, career criminal, and generally an unhinged party animal doing a very bad job of coping with a lot of severe trauma, but for all that he cares deeply about his friends and packmates and will go to great lengths to help them out. Highball considers himself (or herself, depending on the day) a “guardian angel” for fellow sex workers in the city, meaning he kills and eats trouble johns. He was railroaded into becoming a skinwalker by the Brotherhood of Lycaon – a rival sect – but Malachai “liberated” and converted him.

Alan Dorner (whose name I think needs changing) is way too young for any of this shit. He and his mother used to move constantly to avoid his father, but eventually dear old Dad caught up with them. Turns out he was a skinwalker; he killed Alan’s mother and forced him to become one too, but he couldn’t control the boy and wound up dead at Alan’s new claws. The pack found him, took him in, and indoctrinated him thoroughly. Alan has a rare gift: he’s a trueseer, meaning he can see normally-invisible phenomena like auras, the seams of skinwalkers’ pelts, spirits possessing the living, tears in the fabric between worlds, etc, plus he’s a fairly reliable lie detector. The pack’s overseer prefers to use him as its mouthpiece, a high honour. All that plus high school, yay!

Those are the protagonists. They are not the good guys.

Noah Pierce-Kelly is Mason’s nemesis, a snobby, smarmy trust fund kid from New England and occult investigator for the Brotherhood of Lycaon. He’s after the Hellhounds’ secrets and unfortunately for everyone involved, he finds them. (He and Mason may or may not literally hatefuck at some point in the story.)

Rowland Campbell III was Mason’s mentor and remains a valuable contact for the pack, as he’s a very old and very knowledgeable Hellhound ritualist. He has other ties to the pack as well but that’s spoiler territory. He’s stodgy, sardonic, manipulative, and has an aggravating habit of changing subjects abruptly, only to eventually tie it back into the original point.

There are more but I’ve gotta be up in five hours, qq!


Malhavoc Silvergrin was a member of an original race called Stormbringers who looked pretty human but were long-lived, regenerated some, and could manipulate storms and lightning. He was proud, capricious, consumed with hatred for humans, murderous as all get-out, but fair-minded in his own way. He had a dark elf companion who shared his extreme misanthropy and kinda fancied him but Malhavoc had no interest in that sort of thing. Kitten thinks of nothing but murder all day.

Malhavvoc Silvergrin on the other hand pretty much only shares the original’s name, fabulous platinum blond hair, capriciousness, and code of honour. Havvoc was a schizophrenic Blood Knight and my Token Straight Guy, and also a prim virgin. He found himself a priestling along the Dead Scar and literally went, “You, you’re my priest now, I’m keeping you,” and dude was like “k”. Lo and befuckinghold they went and fell in love while Havvoc danced around it being all weirded out because dude was a dude, but eventually he got over it and they got married, and he became one of like THREE characters I’ve had in my LIFE that got to live happily ever after.


Until Dawn/Supernatural AU

Samantha Winchester has spend her whole life trying to be normal, but then the same demon that killed her mom returns and kills her best friend’s girlfriend, Jessica. With nothing left to lose, Sam and Mike Munroe take up the family business, and start hunting every supernatural thing they can find. With the help of the Winchester family journal and Jack Singer, expert hunter, the pair fight every ghost, demon, shapeshifter, and even wendigo that come their way.

Pearl Has Difficulties To Control Her Form Properly

There are three abilities so far seen in Gems that have something to do with their bodies:

  1. Shape-shifting
  2. Fusing
  3. Regeneration

And when you give it a little thought, then you realize that Pearl’s not very good with either of these.

First, shape-shifting. I already pointed out most of things in this post, so I’ll just make a quick summary here:

  • we’ve never seen Pearl to shape-shift nor change a part of her body
  • she makes excuses when told to transform, so far twice (in ‘Secret Team’ and ‘Keep Beach City Weird’)
  • her response to Steven’s question “Can you shape-shift?” is very vague (“All Gems have shape-shift powers, Steven.”)
  • when Steven asked Gems to teach him to shape-shift, she passed the oppoturnity to Amethyst

There are many signs pointing towards the fact that Pearl doesn’t shape-shift for a reason.

Second, fusing. Unlike with shape-shifting, we’ve seen Pearl to form a fusion four times - once into Alexandrite and three times into Opal (although one of those attempts failed). And it also happens to be Opal and Alexandrite to be rather unstable and defuse once an opinion clash occurs. We haven’t seen this in Garnet, Malachite, Sugilite nor Stevonnie, in other words none of the fusions that didn’t involve Pearl.

One would argue that it’s her bickering with Amethyst what makes those fusions unstable, after all so far each Pearl’s fusion involved Amethyst, too. But take Malachite for example - she has explicitly separate minds and yet doesn’t fall apart. I guess we could also count Stevonnie who didn’t want to be fused anymore but had no idea how to defuse.

I’m not saying it’s not because of Pearl and Amethyst not getting along - on the contrary, their disagreements greatly contribute to instability of their fusions. What I mean is that it’s not because of those disagreements. They’re merely catalysts, and the true source of instability is Pearl. Perhaps that’s why we haven’t seen the fusion of Pearl and Garnet yet - creators wanted to overshadow this fact with conflicts she and Amethyst constantly have.

Third, regeneration. We’ve only seen Pearl retreat into her gem once, and she was in there for two weeks. And while it is implied that her average regeneration time is shorter than that, because of this people assumed that regeneration usually takes at least several days. This was proved to be wrong in ‘Reformed’ where we could see Amethyst regenerate within the matter of few seconds, albeit it was rushed and the result was “not sustainable”. I know Pearl’s a perfectionist, but two weeks is still a long time - especially when compared to Amethyst whose regeneration took four hours when she started to take things seriously. And there are also Ruby and Sapphire who reformed (presumably) only few hours after Garnet took a hit from a Gem Destabilizer.

TL;DR Pearl’s regeneration takes ridiculously long time, fusions that involve her are unstable and while we didn’t see her to shape-shift yet, my bet is that she has little to no control over this ability and/or it’s very difficult to keep her form changed. All these things are related to her body projection and seem to be coming from a single source. Maybe Pearl’s apparent “defectiveness” is involved somehow?

Dean X Reader: with a shitload of spells

Request: It’s monday, yay! can you do a funny Dean x reader where somehow the groceries they got for the bunker got cursed, so every time they use any of the products or eat anything, something weird happens? Maybe like Dean drinks a beer and he starts to feel the need to strip, the pie makes him say what’s on his mind, Sam’s salad makes him super clumsy, the reader’s tea makes her levitate? Various other things, whatever you want. Dean/reader cuddles too, thanks!

Request: Could you write one where the reader confesses to Dean that she is scared of him never coming back from a hunt and not being able to be without him? And it’s fluffy and he comforts her when she cries?

Request: Can you do a Dean x Reader one where the reader is put under a spell like Sleeping Beauty and they find out in the lore that the only thing that can break the spell is true love’s kiss and Sam and Cas try first but to no avail and then Dean try’s and she wakes up? Sorry, long one. And can it be really fluffy, too?

Request: May I have one where the reader is a shapeshifter and shifts into deans shape and messes with sam by kisses and then sam catches her turning back into her original form after he tries to find out why the hell Dean kissed him and she does the same thing to dean

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Oh but how about this? Keith as half Galran and Atlean. His mom is Altean and her shape shifting ability was passed down to her son and that's why he's able to retain his human form.

look i was going to draw baby keith again but then i settled for his cute young alien parents flirting  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯