shapes of conscious

Speaking of Teba, tho 

Teba kind of falling into the role of a parental figure for Link and eventually, growing to see Link as his adopted son 

Teba respecting Link for the warrior that he is but, at the same time, still recognizing that he’s a young man without a father figure or really anyone there for him so he decides that he’ll at least attempt to be that in some way. He often offers advice, comfort (in his own way) and what not. It starts out simple, just him trying to be kind to a kid in a crappy situation but over time, the bond between him and Link grows until he thinks of the Hylian as his own

Teba flying over the plains of Hyrule, through the snowy winds of Tabantha, and sometimes even into the Hebra Mountains (or possibly even further), not really looking for Link but still using his keen bird eyes to try and pick out his familiar shape. It’s not conscious at first but after a few times of stumbling across him, he starts actively looking out of the corner of his eyes for the Hylian 

If he does seem him, he always takes the time to fly down and talk to him - helps him out with some monsters, makes sure he’s got food and medicine, makes sure he has warm clothes, always always ALWAYS offers him a safe place to sleep back in Rito Village. If Link takes him up on the offer of a warm, safe bed, Teba has no problem with the Hylian clambering up onto his back and him safely transporting him back

Link and Tulin being closer than peas in a pod - whenever Link visits Rito Village or the Flying Range (which he does often), he always wears little Tulin out by playing with him too much. A lot of the times, once night falls, they pass out together on Tulin’s bed with the little bird tucked close to Link’s side. Teba just kind of shakes his head but feels like his home is complete with everyone there

Teba isn’t really one for physical affection but sometimes, he’ll stand by Link’s side and drap his wing over his head and shoulders, holding him close to his side and squeezing him in a one armed hug. Link always leans a little bit into him whenever he goes that and it reminds Teba of how Tulin does the same. He also ruffles his hair from time to time (which is always a little awkward given the whole wings thing) or pats him on the back 

Teba spending a lot of time worrying about Link when he doesn’t have him in his sights. He knows the kid is capable and talented but he can’t help but to worry what he might be getting himself into. Saki is the one who always talks him down from that place, though he can always tell she’s just as worried as he is. Despite him a warrior himself and knowing Link to be one as well, it always sends a shock of fear and anger through him whenever the kid shows up in Rito Village covered in bruises and scraps 

 Teba teaching both Tulin and Link how to make various kinds of arrows, how to repair their bows, what to do when caught in nasty flying conditions then looking on proudly as they grasp hold of everything with ease. Teba quietly teaching them powerful lessons of the warrior, guiding them with a patient, steady hand and encouraging them every step of the way 

Teba being a calm, quiet presence in Link’s life whenever things get too hectic. Link knows he can just show up in Rito Village without explanation, sit himself beside Teba wherever he may be and just stay by his side, working out whatever is bothering him by himself or hesitantly voicing it to Teba, who always responds in considerate, mature way 

Just…Teba being the father that Link never really had, Teba treating Link the same way he treats Tulin and adoring the both of them, Teba teaching Link everything he knows and encouraging him, praising him all the time, Teba just being Link’s stern but loving birb father, just <3 <3 <3 <3 

Im bored. And nervous. And kind of pissed that i couldn’t go to paris with my mom, brother and sister

if we seek to define the conscious mind we can do so volumetrically, water will take up the shape of whatever container it’s in so if we filled up the subconscious with enough water that no more would fit in, we could detect the shape of the conscious mind itself.

Jerza Week 17 Day 4 - Caress

Rated: M

Words: 900+


A/N: I’ve exhausted my brain cells in thinking for plots for the themes of day 1 to 3. So please be easy with me on this one and don’t look for plot when reading this. 

The first time Jellal touched her bare body, he was gentle, unhurried and curious. He explored almost every inch of her using not only his hands, but also his lips and tongue. He left burning trails all over her skin, from her chin to her collarbone down to her breasts; from her wrists up to her shoulders to the back of her neck down to the small of her back; and from her waist to her hips to her thighs down to her knees and even ankles. He was enthusiastic in learning every curves of and every sensitive spots on her body, like how an adventurer would have explore a new land they had just discovered.

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I have a headcanon/theory for why female characters in Sonic media are almost always depicted wearing clothing (Sally is the only one I can recall right now), while most males only have gloves and shoes. The reason is that mobian clothing is mostly for fashion, and no one would bat an eye if Rouge was walking around with only her boots and gloves on. There probably are quite a few fashionista males, just that we haven't seen them in the games.

I like your thinking, Nona!

I honestly have a similar in-universe explanation: clothing (or lack thereof) is a stylistic choice based on a Mobian’s personal values and needs. Athletic types like Sonic, Sally, Tails and Knuckles are less likely to wear clothing because it can catch and tear during activity. Meanwhile characters like Amy and Rouge want to portray femininity, albeit Amy an innocent kind whereas Rouge’s aims are more alluring.

I also suspect Mobians may opt to wear clothing to hide things about their bodies, like scars or a body shape that they’re self-conscious of. (It was canonically mentioned that Blaze is flat-chested and rather embarrassed about it I believe in the Sonic 06 manual? Someone can double check that if they like!)

I personally have a boy mobian clothed all the way up to the neck, myself. I see no reason canonical characters can’t be the same!

💌 Bucket List


I have had countless experiences that have brought me closer to a truth of my own. A truth so big nothing else matters. Nothing else exists for me anymore. ‘Me’ doesn’t exist anymore. And I couldn’t be happier. 

Ask and you shall receive. I asked for truth, prayed for forgiveness and begged for help from God, from the Universe from whatever higher power was out there.. because I just couldn’t do it on my own anymore.  

From that day forward a series of synchronicities led a breakdown of the feeble foundation on which I existed. From 2012 to now, this awakening has had me peeling layers and layers of my identity away. And last night.. nothing was all that existed. 

There is such a majestic awe about the Creator. Something that humbles your very being. I am that Creator. Forever a part of this Creation. Having a body doesn’t mean there is seperation. The seperation is the illusion.

Think of energy, think of everything in waves.. intricately weaving in colorful spirals, holding pictures together into a 3D shape. This conscious energy through which a hologram of this Reality is formed, is that Higher Power, the God, the Creator of it all.

That is what I am… that is what you are. There is no way we couldn’t be. We are a part of it all.

A great illusion, a play of a sort if you would let yourself believe. With the one Creator playing every role. 

But we forgot… fell deeper and deeper in the cycles of reincarnation.. each time trying to do the best we can with a case of soul amnesia. It’s so easy to get caught up and believe that this is all there is to life. It became easy to live in skepticism denying the existence of God, sure made it easier to not hold ourselves to any moral standards.

But we’ve been shifting, the times are changing.. Humanity is evolving. And there’s a need to want to consciously be aware. Of our existence, of the truth, our decisions, of this higher power that we can no longer question the existence of. 

It’s all happening now. 

You have to die in this life to truly be born alive. And last night the ‘me’ storyline I have been carrying for lifetimes died. And the seperation this body created, dissolved. This blissful union was all I have ever wanted since the moment this soul has taken birth on Earth. 

I have always been home. I just needed to let go. 

some of my personal mercykill headcanons :

  • [happy part ヽ(͡◕ ͜ʖ ͡◕)ノ] 
  • Gabe & Angie are shameless gossipers ; they’re sharing together every bit of private information they know about their teammates and go fishing for more any occasion they get. They’re also casually judging people on the street to pass time.
  • Gabriel has a terrible sense of fashion when he’s out of his uniform, and it drives Angie crazy to see him going outside in a 10-years old dirty sweat pants so she often has to take matters in hand.
  • They didn’t tell anyone when they started dating, and kept it low-key because rules, but they didn’t make an effort to hide it either. The first to notice was Ana, and then an unfortunate McCree who walked in on them. The rest of the team eventually started to figure it out one by one, still without making any fuss about it. One day they grew tired of discretion and started showing it and only Jack was like “OMG WTF??” and everybody else gave him shit for being such an oblivious dweeb. 
  • They have polar opposites tastes in music, Gabriel listen to the same hip-hop & rap CDs he had in his youth (that she finds violent and repulsive), while Angela likes feminine pop-singers and Irish music (which he mocks like an asshole). Over the years though they managed to find a common ground for car-trips in classic old rock singers like Queen.
  • They’re both really into fitness (albeit different disciplines, Gabe more into making all kind of gains and Angie into yoga and dance) and some of their first dates was just going jogging together.
  • Angela is complete and utter shit at cooking and actually has very unhealthy habits of snacking in front of her computer when she works (and she works a lot). She also consumes more coffee than the population of a small country and sometimes only that for a day. Gabriel has to forcibly drag her away from her papers and properly sit her at a table to make her eat correctly.

  • [sad part (´ಥ ͜ʖಥ)♡] 
  • Gabriel struggled with alcohol in his youth but got clean by the time he got into Overwatch. However he fell back in it when things got shitty and this contributed to escalate the bad situation with Jack.
  • At first they tried to leave Overwatch-matters out of their relationship, but they started arguing about it more and more often, to a point where they decided to break up. She thought it’d be a temporary thing until the bad situation settled, but that’s when he decided to blow himself up.
  • After her resurrection attempt, it was hard for her to go back to their apartment, so she decided to move back to old relatives in her hometown. When Gabriel started to reform in a more or less conscious shape however, he tried to go home to find her, only to see the place empty. This abandonment and perceived betrayal is one of the key factor that made him hate and resent her, and not even trying to contact her ever again.
  • She started smoking like a chimney shortly after.

  • [bittersweet part (͡• ͜໒ ͡• )]
  • Rekindling their old flame was very complicated with all the shit that happened and still is going on but they took it slow by just focusing on improving Gabe’s condition. Even on that they argued, as he refused to be completely reverted back, feeling that his powers were now part of his identity. The therapy also made his mood shift quite abruptly and he almost quit more than once - sometimes just out of anger, sometimes because he realized what a burden he was for her. 
  • The key point in their new relationship is when the treatment managed to give back his tactile senses to Gabriel. He was previously able to grab and hold stuff but without any sensory information. Feeling Angela’s cold hand as she was waiting outside for him to come back after one of his tantrums made him stick with the therapy for good.
  • The first good thing that came out of it is that he also gained back his olfactory senses, but he was so sensitive from it that he just couldn’t bear the slightest smell of smoke from her so she had to quit smoking almost immediately.
Caged [39]

Characters: NamjoonxReader
Length: 2724 words
Genre: Mafia AU
Warnings: Violence

Part 38  Epilogue

It felt like forever since you had seen your father, and you definitely had never seen him like this – reduced to a distorted, groaning mess on the ground. You hadn’t noticed him before.

To be completely honest, you had almost forgotten about him.

He stared up at you with wide eyes, and you stared back, your weapons still aimed at the door that was threatening to give in any second. There were shouts from the other side, demands to open the door, requests for your father to respond.

They all went unanswered.

You took a couple of steps towards your father, stopping where the heat of the fireplace enveloped you and became one with the fiery rage that was slowly growing inside you at the mere sight of him. You thought of all the things he had done to your mother. Jin. Yoongi. Taehyung.  



You kicked your father in the stomach before he could finish his sentence. And then you kicked him again, and again, until he was coughing and whimpering.


Tears were burning in your throat, but you refused to show any signs of weakness. You wanted him to remember you like this, make sure that the image of you he took to his grave was that of a person who was cracked, but whom he could not break.

You had escaped the cage.

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IwaOi after a drunk break up call please Mom and/or Dad!! 😘😘

Drunken reasoning is rambling and repetitive and very easy to replicate when tired, so hopefully this is still coherent! - Admin Dad

The pounding in Oikawa’s head felt louder than the construction crew working across the street from his apartment building. He hadn’t gone that hard on a night out in months, not since—

The bitter sting of vodka laced stomach bile hit him in time with the memory. He hadn’t gone that hard since he was with Iwaizumi for their one-year anniversary. How long would they have been going out now if things hadn’t ended?  Nineteen, maybe 20 months? Just shy of two years, for sure. What was the two-year anniversary, china? Or maybe it was cotton.

If it was porcelain, Oikawa was on the right track. He’d be heaving in the bathroom for a good couple of hours before he could think about being human again.

It’d been three weeks since he last saw Iwaizumi. Three weeks since he heard the six worst words he could ever imagine.

I think we should break up.

Of course things were going to be difficult for them now that Oikawa had been drafted for the Brazilian National Team. But if anyone could make long distance work, it was Oikawa and Iwaizumi. They were meant to be together, always, Oikawa knew that since he was five years old. No matter where he went, Iwaizumi would be with him always on his mind and in his every action. Iwaizumi had shaped him irreparably: Oikawa’s conscious sounded more like Iwaizumi than his own voice.

But Iwaizumi saw it differently. He saw it as another obstacle pulling them apart, another sign that they shouldn’t be together. He made some logical points, about the time difference, about Oikawa’s career, about his own. But throughout his argument he kept reassuring Oikawa that he cared about him, that he truly loved him—and that just made it worse.

Now that the season was over, Oikawa’s current teammates had decided to take him out to celebrate their time together before sending Oikawa off across the Pacific in the fall. He hadn’t told them about his break up with Iwaizumi. After being asked for the fourth time where his doting boyfriend was, Oikawa decided to busy his mouth with shots instead of excuses.

Hopefully he didn’t do anything too embarrassing. He did not need a repeat of Hanamaki’s twentieth birthday party hanging over his head.

Eventually, Oikawa regained the ability to stand and tottered into the kitchen to assemble the best hangover breakfast he could muster. On the way back to his bedroom he heard the long, steady vibrations of his phone buzzing against his mattress. He fumbled with the phone and food, spilling a little bit of cup noodle broth in the process and checked his recent notifications.

Six missed calls. One from his manager, one from the teammate he was pretty sure drove him home the night before, and four from Iwaizumi.

Oikawa’s stomach dropped. Frantically he checked his call history, and sure enough at 3:38 am he saw a seven-minute outgoing call to Iwaizumi.

Yep, he’d really outdone himself since Makki’s twentieth.

The phone buzzed to life in his hands and Iwaizumi’s name lit up on the screen. Hesitantly, Oikawa answered the call and raised the phone to his ear.

“Hello?” His voice sounded strangled and thin.

“So you’re finally up.” The husky voice filled Oikawa with an instinctive warmth that was instantly betrayed by sharp sadness. “You sound like shit.”

“Thanks, I feel even better,” Oikawa snapped.

“Did you drink enough water?”


“That’s a lie.” Iwaizumi sighed. “Did you take any ibuprofen before bed?”


“You always did suck at taking care of yourself after heavy drinking.”

The conversation felt too comfortable, too soothing. Oikawa had to change the subject before he forgot things were neither comfortable nor soothing at all, and sure as hell not pleasant enough for morning banter.  

“What do you want, Iwa-chan?”

“I’m guessing you don’t remember much from last night.”

Oikawa winced. “It’s a little spotty.”

“You wanna meet at the café by Saiin park? I’ll buy you a better hangover breakfast than whatever nightmare concoction you’ve come up with, I’m sure.”

“You want to meet up?”

There was a slight pause. “We should talk about this in person.”

Oikawa felt the need to vomit again for a reason not directly related to alcohol, if not indirectly as a result of his inebriated actions. Whatever he said the night before, it was enough to break the ice fortress of post-break up Iwaizumi: a feat of monumental proportions, a colossal catastrophe for the ages. A big fuck-up.

Iwaizumi was waiting inside the café at the agreed upon time. He looked nice, casually and effortlessly put together. Oikawa looked like he’d been coughed up by a sick cat.

“Yikes.” Iwaizumi never minced words.

Oikawa glared at him from behind his glasses. “It was a rough night, okay?”

“I bet.” Iwaizumi looked away, scratching the back of his head. “I already ordered for us, so, if you want to, uh, sit.”

Iwaizumi rarely faltered. If Oikawa wasn’t nervous before, he’d discovered a new plane of anxiety now. He slid into the booth by the window and waited for Iwaizumi to do the same.

There wasn’t enough time for awkward silence. Iwaizumi pulled out his phone and set it on the table between them.

“I’m going to cut to the chase. You left me a voicemail last night and I think we need to talk, so, I’m going to play it now so you remember what you said.”

Oikawa was half paralyzed by fear. He nodded as Iwaizumi opened his voicemail and played the message.

Hey… hey, Iwaaa-chaaaann wake—no! No, you aren’t Iwa-chan now, no! You- you’re just- you’re that guy, you’re just a person. And you know I don’t want you to be a person, I don’t, I want you to be Iwa-chan! You’ve always been—hic!–Iwa-chan for forever and you can’t just take that away from me because you’re scared. That’s all it is is that you’re scared and I’m scared too because maybe you won’t be Iwa-chan anymore and I don’t want that… You…Iwa-chan means so much to me and you always have and I’ve always had you and now I don’t and now it’s like… I wish I never had you. If I never had you then I wouldn’t miss you and then I couldn’t lose you… And I remember you and I don’t want… I don’t want to remember you it just makes it hard Iwa-chan… You just go away but Iwa-chan doesn’t just go away, Iwa-chan can’t just go away, because he’s here, he’s always been here and I just—

Iwaizumi paused the recording abruptly. Oikawa couldn’t move, at some point he’d started holding his breath. It was worse than he imagined. Worse than Makki’s twentieth.

“Did you mean that?”

Oikawa blinked, unsure of how to use his voice.

Iwaizumi inhaled sharply, clenching his fists. “Did you really mean that? Do you really wish you never had me?”

Even if he knew what to say, Oikawa couldn’t make a sound. He tried moving his mouth, but his face had gone numb. He was pathetic. He was a pathetic, vulnerable mess.

“Do you regret it?” Iwaizumi’s voice grew louder, people started to stare. “Do you regret knowing me? Not just our romantic relationship, but our entire friendship?”

Oikawa moved his lips to form the word ‘no,’ but it still wouldn’t come out. Iwaizumi finally looked up at him. Oikawa hadn’t noticed he was staring at the table this whole time, but once their eyes met he knew why.

Iwaizumi was crying. Oikawa had seen him cry before, when they were children, teenagers, and adults. Iwaizumi was strong but he wasn’t made of stone. But this was the first time he saw Iwaizumi crying like this. Iwaizumi’s tears didn’t look like something he was feeling alone; they looked like Oikawa’s.

Oikawa finally managed a whisper. “I don’t.”

“Then why would you say that to me, just to hurt me?”

“No, I wouldn’t. I just meant… it would be easier to get over you if we didn’t have so much… I guess.” The words felt too weak leaving Oikawa’s mouth.

“So you’d rather have nothing?!” Instead of staring, now people were trying desperately to ignore the commotion.

“It’s just…” Oikawa struggled feeling out the words. “It’s more like, you’re everything to me, Iwa-chan, and everything we have is what you mean to me… so I guess not having this part of you, the romantic part of you, just… takes it all away. Because I’ve loved you forever.”

Iwaizumi pinched his eyes shut. He reached across the table and found Oikawa’s hands, gripping them tight in his own.

“I don’t want you to go.”


“I don’t want you to go to Brazil and I’m here watching you drift away from me. I don’t want to just lose part of you either.”

Oikawa’s whole body started trembling. “Then why did you—“

“I thought it would be easier to just end all of it.” Iwaizumi opened his eyes and let out a small laugh. “But that was pretty dumbass level thinking, wasn’t it?”

“Drunken babbling buffoon level thinking,” Oikawa corrected him, laughing a little himself. His body started to feel lighter, warmer. A wave of relief swept over his shoulders, like he’d been holding them tense and finally relaxed.

Iwaizumi ran his thumbs over Oikawa’s knuckles, sweeping back and forth across them so lightly, as if they were made of glass.

“Maybe we could talk about things on a sober and rational level of thinking… maybe some ‘what if’ scenarios?”

Oikawa smiled as the waiter arrived in time with his go-to hangover food.

“No ‘what if’s Iwa-chan. Planning logistics.”

“Newborn” (Mark x Reader)

“Do you think you could make a really fluffy scenario with Mark from Got7 where you guys have like a new born and the other 6 members come to visit?”

Name: “Newborn”

Character: Mark Tuan (GOT7)

Genre: Fluff

Word Count: 1,484

Originally posted by wangjackseons

(SWEETIE gif credit to the original owner)

There was a gentle quiet that swept the household. Curiosity bewitched every sense and you had to find out what it was. As your feet collided into the laminated against the floor, a pattering sound echoed. Your moves and sounds were equivalent of a small child not wanting to be heard by their parents. Then, you found the bedroom to your newborn slightly ajar. The morning’s daylight beamed through, casting a glowing spotlight on a precious scene: Mark asleep. He was sat upright in the armchair adjacent to the new cot placed in the room. The cot was empty, however. A bundle which the two of you had brought into this world was lying peacefully in the arms of his father: your husband. You tiptoed into the room. You flinched as the floorboards creaked beneath your weight. He stirred; nothing. It was clear that he had gone to console your newborn son in the night but had fallen asleep with him in his arms. You edged closer, cupping your husband’s face in your hand. “Markeu,” you whispered fondly. Your thumb caressed the soft skin that you had become all too attached to. Steadily, his eyes fluttered open. You were met with a glazed almond stare. He looked down, suddenly recalling his current position. Then, a massive grin spread across his face, exposing his perfectly gleaming beam. Your little boy was snuggled up into him. A twinkle in Mark’s eye danced as he watched his small chest rise up and down. “He’s perfect,” he mumbled. It had been a couple or so weeks yet, Mark had continued to tell you how perfect he is. “I know,” you agreed, pecking his forehead.

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Headcanons on the APH girls and their body types?

Natalya | Belarus: She’s a slender hourglass. She doesn’t really like to show it off because she’s never felt the need to.

Bella | Belgium
: A lithe pear shape, with narrow shoulders and wide hips. She’s proud of her body just the way it is and flaunts it.

Yekaterina | Ukraine: Because she’s very large-chested, she’s a tall inverted triangle shape. She’s very modest about it.

Elizabeta | Hungary: She’s an athletic, but full hourglass shape. She’s very confident with her body and knows she’s beautiful.

Michelle | Seychelles: She has more of a rectangular shape. She’s a little self conscious because of it, though she doesn’t show it.

 Xiao | Taiwan: She’s actually a little chubby and petite, with a small apple shape. She doesn’t mind this at all, however.

Lucille | Monaco: A pear shape, but she’s really athletic and somewhat tall. She’s confident and doesn’t care what people think.

Lien | Vietnam: A bigger rectangle. She has a lot of muscle mass because she’s very strong and tends to hide her body quite often.

Lili | Liechtenstein: A lithe, slender shape. She’s very thin, but not unhealthily so, but she doesn’t care all too much.

Wendy | Wy: She’s also an apple type and is a little chubby. She gets shy about it and is rather self conscious.

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hello! my brother is an aries with a pisces moon and somehow i just 'see' his moon more. is this a normal thing? he also has neptune conjunct his asc though. and btw i have pisces rising, is it because his moon falls in my first house?

Yes his moon will be in your first if there’s no interception to mess it up. However I have said before that the moon will tend to be more easier to see than the sun sign and you are talking about a water planet being in a water sign so his moon will bleed over everything he does unconsciously cause while moon does represent our emotions, it also works on a very unconscious and automatic manner unlike th sun which is your personality, which makes it easy for you to control or shape cause you are conscious of it.

I’ve been seeing alot of shit flinging at artists who draw fat characters thin (Rose Quartz) and while I completely agree drawing Large characters LARGE is super super important for representational purposes I have an issue with how quick some people are to completely mark off and label those artists as assholes?

I personally had (and still have) trouble unlearning drawing a default body type as thin despite being a fat girl myself. When studying anatomy the models I was shown were thin, I do not recall coming across any overweight models thus I never learned the different curves and thickness associated with larger people until very late in my art life. 

I’m not trying to make excuses for artists who blatantly try to erase weight off of characters but It really did take someone else to kindly point out my lack of diversity in body shapes before I started making conscious efforts to draw thicker characters. 

I think instead of shitting on artists/leaving nasty anonymous messages/vague blogging, consider being helpful ! instead of spreading negativity and offer useful, constructive criticism and suggestions to other fledgling artists in diversifying their body shapes!


I Will Not, Cannot Go P.11: Lost and Found

After having another lie pulled out from under her, Hermione is somewhat persuaded by her Draco-shaped conscious to consider a less than savory visit to Gringotts.  What Hermione finds there promises the recovery of her parents, and so much more. 

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Arguing against some "Interesting" Statements

Ok so it seems to me that there has been unholy amounts of hate lately, you can probably guess from who. So I just thought I would take the time to debunk and otherwise rant about some of it.

“So where is this obsession with Carol’s age/looks coming from? Why are people acting as if B3th, solely based on her youth and looks (and DON’T try to tell me it’s her personality, because when people started shipping them she didn’t HAVE one. They were being shipped because Daryl was the “hot guy” of the show and B3th was available and fell most in line within the margins of stereotypical beauty. You can debate me if you want and I’ll be polite about it but frankly I’ll think you’re a damn dirty liar.)”  

     Oh where to begin? First off, you can ask any bethyl shipper and they would tell you if they don’t ship c*ryl it is surely not because of her age or her looks. We don’t ship it because it would truly be an unhealthy and toxic relationship for both of them. Daryl needs someone who can support him and realize when he needs to be pushed to open up and not just sit back and stay silent. Beth is clearly what he needs. It’s proven with the parallel between when Carol was being yelled at by Daryl in season 2 in which she said nothing and then this season when Beth pushed back and finally broke down his walls which led to his emotional break through, which is exactly what he needed. Secondly, you think a world-renowned, multiple-award-winning, critically-acclaimed tv show with millions of viewers is really going to pair people together by looks? You think that is what they are worried about? If that’s really your argument you might want to take a step back without your shipper goggles and see if that really makes sense at all. Here’s a hint: it doesn’t. Alright, next round.  

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Prompt: back when Felicity and Ray were together. Felicity ends up in the hospital (you can choose why). When she wakes up in the hospital Ray is there , but Felicity gets scared and panics and starts asking for Oliver. Happy Olicity ending

This truly got out of my hands….hope you will like it :)


John and Oliver were the only one in the cave.

Felicity asked for a weekend off because she and Ray were going to a romantic getaway.

Oliver felt the pang of jealousy in his chest but he would never admit that aloud or to anyone ever.

He told Felicity that he was happy for her, he promised her and he intended on keeping his word.

Roy was somewhere out with Thea.

It was a slow night.

“Are you going to suit up tonight?” Dig asked him while clicking few buttons on Felicity’s computer.

Oliver was sharpening his arrows.

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  • What she says: I'm fine
  • What she means: Bucky Barnes was in no way, shape, or form conscious or in control of his actions during his time as the Winter Soldier. He was brainwashed and stripped of his individuality and literally turned into a killing machine against his will. Why would the government still come after him like it was his fault? Bucky never wanted to kill anybody in his life, and most likely joined WWII through conscription instead of voluntarily. Are they simply planning to question him, or are they going to convict him of all of Hydra's crime and send him to death row? The trailer said no one was planning to take Bucky alive, but doesn't he have the right to a fair trial? Going further, does Bucky really need a trial? None of his actions were really his fault, and at the very least this whole situation could be considered an extreme kidnapping, couldn't it? This is the same sort of situation Magneto faced when he was accused of killing the president; granted, that was most likely the result of one of the Winter Soldier's missions, but he wasn't in control of that. I just really need somebody to protect Bucky Barnes