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Hey, I feel bad for asking, but your art is absolutely stunning and I was hoping that maybe you could help... basically, I struggle a lot in drawing hair. Any tips? ♡

Never feel bad for asking things! Send me all the questions!

This might be hard to explain so I apologize if it isn’t clear. But for hair, I find it helpful to tackle it as a shape. Although real hair is made up of many tiny stringy pieces, drawing a million lines doesn’t always look the best in drawings. Once you draw a head, sketch out the general shape that you want the hairstyle to have. I like to then add in shadows that make it look like smaller shapes/pieces, so there’s depth to the hairstyle. From there I draw in lots of wispy lines for flyaways, and don’t worry if it’s messy because it’s fun if it looks more organic.

Hopefully this helps, if you guys want me to make some sort of step by step tutorial then let me know, I’m not the best at explaining how I draw things 😅

When we came to make Zombies, Run!, I deliberately put a line in the very first mission, when you, Runner Five, are just arriving at Abel Township, the tiny, shivering remnant of humanity left after the zombie apocalypse. I had one of the characters say: “If you can move above a slow shamble, we can use you.” Why? Because I am so sick and tired of the best and nicest exercise-based treats being reserved for people who are already in peak physical shape, and I’m sick of the notion that having fun while exercising is something you have to earn; that, until you look a certain way, moving ought to be boring and unpleasant if not outright painful. Your body is there right now. You did not have to earn a thing. It is a gift. You are a hero every time you step out of your front door to do some exercise.

Here is an animation I made for a bit of fun a couple of weeks ago. I’ve never really experimented much with drawing birds so I thought a good form of practice would be drawing tons and tons of frames of them in an animation. 

The bird was initially meant to be picking up a rabbit or something but I never finished that bit of animation because deadlines started breathing down my neck… 

Character Design

Some tips to make your designs better!

One of the most important things about making fiction is having characters. Your audience needs something to relate to so you must give them a cast that they can love or hate. For those not working with live action, creating appealing character designs is necessary. Character designs can be the line where someone decides not to look at your content.

Which movie would you rather see if you didn’t know anything about the two? personality, color, and shapes are important for you and your audience when looking at fiction.

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If you don't mind me asking, how did you get amazing in lineless art? I'm still a newbie artist, and that style is very difficult for me, so I really admire you art proficiency! Sorry to bother and thank you very much!

Ahh thank you!! I find lineless particularly easy and fun since you don’t have to fill lines, it’s ok to get it a bit different from your initial sketch, try to not box yourself a lot!

If you don’t do it already use different layers for each color/shape if you’re afraid to ruin something

I also feel it particularly concentrates a lot on color picking because it has no lines to differentiate what is what, or making an appealing combination can also be a bit hard! A really good idea is to study about contrasts, saturations, its temperatures and everything related to color

If you want palettes to practice with @color-palettes is a really cool place to pick combinations from, theres always something to learn from the limited color palette challenge o/

When I stopped paying attention to all the confusing, spacially-intense hard shapes and bullshit planar geometry that many traditional drawing books teach, I was finally able to free myself from those demanding expectations and draw the head with that juicy animator’s flow I so always wanted.

Hard geometry equals measurement, shape guides, and robotic levels of line control, and measurement equals stopping to measure shit, which means taking yourself out of your imagination. I don’t know about you but I get fighting mad when I see a tutorial tell you to measure things. That’s boring. I’m fun. Listen to the fun guy.

 Now, there should be nothing new in this tutorial that other people haven’t already done better than me, but this is the ordered process of things that has helped me improve and be consistent the most in regards to drawing in general. And in case you haven’t noticed, my native drawing style isn’t exactly terribly simplistic. It’s a blend of semi-realism and slop. So if I can get my slop to read halfway decent, you’ll probably be better off than me.

Note 1) The “eye mask” is a fucking radical concept. It captures not only the specific planar angle of the eyes and eyesockets on the face, (Eyes being laid down properly are #1 most importantest.) but it also denotes the height of a brow ridge, or the configuration of the eyebrows to make for the beginnings of an expression, and since it’s a very simple, recognizable and symmetrical shape, it can also help you to compensate for various perspectives. And it’s pretty non-committal because it can be erased and redrawn in seconds. Avoid commitment until the final draft at all costs.

Note 2) That imprecise cartoon blob that denotes the jaw is supposed to be imprecise. You chisel it down mere moments after drawing it into the exact shape of jaw you want, what we want out of the blob is an approximate volume. The volumes of everyone’s parts are unique and are arguably the most important aspect of character recognizability. And thus, they need to stay consistent for a character to be identified among successive drawings. And as with this example, it’s best to break the character not so much into hard shapes, but rather into flowing volumes that actually fit together without much hassle.

Note 3) The rest of the skull ends at the top row of teeth. The mouth obviously goes right between the top and bottom part of the head. The nose is between that and the eyeline which you denoted first. It’s a very neat and tidy little package that keeps you loose and away from the goddamn ruler as much as possible.

 The idea behind this is to let you deduce proportions and feature placement as you draw the character, this improves consistency and reduces the need for meticulous measurements that could potentially give you an aneurysm. Aneurysms are often fatal.

Catching up on some readinnnnnnnnnnnggggggggggzzzzzz

I know this is nothing new, but.. drawing is HARD. Fun and challenging and frustrating but so rewarding… I think if it was easier, if creating stories and shaping lines , shapes, colors to trick your eye into believing your seeing something that is not actually there was just  a cinch, we wouldn’t appreciate doing it as much. It actually gets harder the more I do it… probably because I’m more critical of myself as I go on.
Just saying.


@piknim: I’ve only done comics so far! a cover sounds like it would be suuuper fun to do though…!! :Oc

anon: ahh I’m glad!! :’) for my more cartoonish outfits I try to think up basic shapes that would look good + interesting together, and I try to keep a balance between straight and curved lines (it’s good to have contrast)! for more practical outfits I tend to take inspiration from my own wardrobe and the sorts of things I’d like to wear, though; I’d definitely recommend looking through fashion that interests you!!

When I was about 14, I found a picture of my mom at the same
age. Her lips were lined with a pencil, which defined her upper lip even better. Since then, I’ve been carefully drawing my lips to accentuate their curve. Once they have the shape you like, you can wear any colour. Especially gloss, which is lighter and easier to wear than a matte red. So have fun and dare!
—  Legend Lily-Rose Depp

So, a few days ago, I was doing returns in the home improvement store that I work in and saw a really cool light fixture hanging in the electrical department. The fixture had a old-timey bulb and a cage shaped for it. I immediately tried to think of what I could make with the fixture.

The next day, a man came through my line bragging about how he makes all of his furniture out of blackpipe. I thought it was a fun enough idea so I decided to give it a go for myself. I found a really nice example online that I could tweak to incorporate the cage, and then went ahead and bought everything I’d need. 2 days and 60 bucks later, I have a new lamp c:

Enstars: B’s-Log May 2016

Released in March 2016. A short story project with the theme of “Class Outing” that commenced from Feb 2016 issue (released Dec 2015).

This month features 2-B students going to a fancy shop (I stole the translation from Holiday Scout–it’s a store that sells cute, miscellaneous things. Like a dollar shop but cuter and more random, perhaps?)

Arashi: Oh? They have new goods lined up—they weren’t here last time♪ Look! This aromatic candle is shaped like shortcake. Ufufu, it’s so cute I want to eat it♪

Mao: Uhh, Narukami. Sorry to ruin your fun, but…don’t we stand out quite a bit?

Arashi: Jeez, you won’t be able to shop anything if you worry about people’s eyes! No one says that boys can’t go into a shop that sells cute things, right?

Mao: That’s true…but… couldn’t we at least bring somebody else with us? Like the transfer student, maybe?

Arashi: She is busy with her work as a producer. Besides, we promised to go out together as a class today, right? We can hang out with the transfer student some other time♪

Koga: Ah…………

Ritsu: Hey. I can see a soul coming out from Corgi’s mouth.

Mao: Whoa!? Hey, Koga. Are you all right? You alive?

Koga: Ugh………………

Yuzuru: This seems serious. His gaze is empty—this is what you would call to be present in body, but not in spirit.

Arashi: Jeez, you’re a big man, how embarrassing! I heard that Koga-chan likes little doggies, so what do you think of this ornament?

Koga: ……! Oh wow, that’s one dignified look you’ve got there♪ Hey, Narukami. If you see other different ones, bring ’em over.

This ornament looks like my pet, Leon. He will be pleased to see a new buddy, I know it♪

Mao: And he recovered just like that, huh!? Moreover, he went further into the back of the store with Narukami. He’s a tough one, eh…?

Ritsu: Aah… That couch over there looks comfy♪ *Yawn*…Good night…zzz…zzz…

Mao: Hey, don’t fall asleep! Ah jeez, you’ll make the shopkeeper angry.

Yuzuru: Oh, this is…? Fufu. My young master has been working hard recently. I should reward him with this stuffed toy.

Mao: On top of Narukami, Yuzuru is also enjoying himself… Oh well, this is fun in its own way♪

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3, 9, 11!

omg hello! you didn’t ask for a specific fic so I’m gonna do it on Amelia lmao I hope that’s okay (even though I can only answer regarding part 1 bc #spoilers)

3. What’s your favorite line of narration?

I think I’m kinda proud of this one even though it’s a ‘lil long tbh:

“The way his hand rested on your lower back, thumb tracing shapes into the dip of your spine, somehow felt both like the most casual and most monumental moment of your life. The way you could feel him sigh when you rested your chin on his shoulder, nose brushing against his hairline ever so slightly, felt like the Big Bang creating a new universe inside of your chest. The way he pressed a soft kiss to the top of your head as you swayed to the music felt like a grounding force in an anti-gravity chamber.”

9. Were there any alternate versions of this fic?

I’ve changed my mind about specific plot points a whole lot (and I think originally you were going to be a photojournalist and you stopped for some other weird, poorly thought out reason lmao) but the basic concept has always stayed the same

11. What do you like best about this fic?

oh goodness I guess just the fact that I wanted to add like a b-plot outside of the romance and I kinda maybe managed to pull that off? hopefully?

ask me things about stuff I’ve written!

Here’s that face tutorial I was supposed to do a week agoooo

alright so first, actually drawing a face 

Step 1: start with the general shape

like, real general. include those lines there in the middle of the face so you know where to put your eyes and nose and stuff

Step 2: Plot out some features

the basics, eyes, nose, mouth, brows. These dont have to fit perfectly into your general face shape. Have fun with what they look like! 

Step 3: refine the shape a bit

I think a significant part of what individualizes a face is the structure, you know? Where are those cheekbones?? How wide or thin are the jaw and chin? These things are just as important as the shape of the nose, eyes and mouth. You can plot out your hairline here too!

drawing lines like this from the cheekbones to the ends of the chin usually helps me figure out how they affect the shape and relate to each other, depending on how the face is turned; like how you’ll still see a little bit of his jaw there on the left side. 

Step 4: Line that stuff

I hope that helps?? A little??? I’m not so good at explaining things like proportions, I just kinda feel that stuff out = v= ;;; it takes a lot of practice! I’ll do the expressions tutorial separately, I think that one will be more useful

Weekend Sketchbook Challenges #33

This week we are: drawing a section of something! 

First things first, draw a circle. Or a square or a star or whatever shape you want! And then choose a picture and draw a section of that picture inside your shape! You don’t have to actually choose a picture either, you can just start drawing without a picture if you want, just keep it in your shape! 

Reasons for doing this: (a) it’s fun! All drawing is fun. Seriously. (b) When you take just a section of something, it tends to be easier to figure out sort of where stuff goes. Like, whether or not something has gone majorly squiffy in a way that might not be as obvious in the whole drawing. This is especially true when you draw the same shape on the actual picture you’re drawing, so you can see at what point in your shape the lines of the picture intersect. Make sense? There’s a chance that was a nonsensical ramble but hopefully not! 

Oh, also, you can make the shape into a pretty frame or something cool like that if you want!

I’ve popped a few examples below as always, I know I tend to always use faces but you can do whatever you fancy! Looking forward to seeing your submissions! :) 

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Crowley and Aziraphale from Good Omens

send me a character and i’ll tell you:

i was literally just rereading this get outta my brain pal


sexuality headcanon: gay

gender headcanon: both he and aziraphale have been described somewhere along the lines of “masculine-shaped beings” or smth so. ig male-aligned nb…….. ish????

a ship i have with said character: i mean. crowley/aziraphale.

a brotp i have with said character: also crowley/aziraphale

a notp i have with said character: uhhh idk. i guess anyone else???

a random headcanon: sends aziraphale memes that aziraphale can’t fcking understand. Advanced Memes™, Cutting Edge Memes™. also sends him those fuckging absurdly sexual copypastas (like the DICKcember one) and gets his number blocked. has So Many burner phones.

general opinion over said character: very fun character tbh. i always tend to enjoy reading his bits the most.



sexuality headcanon: listen…… he’s gay

gender headcanon: see crowley’s

a ship i have with said character: crowley/aziraphale

a brotp i have with said character: again…..  crowley/aziraphale.

a notp i have with said character: see above

a random headcanon: ABSOLUTELY thinks “lol” means “lots of love”. is a notorious hoarder. has no cell phone so every time crowley texts him those longass DICKcember-esque copypastas his landline reads them out to him in an automated voice and he is. Horrified.

general opinion over said character: another very fun character. 


Did soooooomeone ask for skeletons??? 8D …no?? WELL YOU’RE GETTING THEM ANYWAY.

Seriously omg Sans is like the most fun thing to draw I’ve drawn in a long time ;w; he has amazing shapes once you break him down which makes for amazing lines and just everything about this guy is great to draw! This is my first time actually drawing him.

Frisk’s pose is a little static here but for the layout and posing this is pretty much what I wanted them to do… so this is what we got.

I’m actually really happy with this picture you guys 8’D It’s not impressive or anything, but it just makes me happy.

When I lived in Vancouver for 2 years I had that exact hoodie in that exact shade of blue and I still have it in my closet. It’s big and oversized and I love it. Oversized winter clothes are my favourite. I’m looking forward to winter weather over here!! Although I might sing a different tune once the temperature starts dropping to freezing point

There’s a follow-up to this  I’ll draw it later.