shapely calves

You have made me adore parts of a human I never even looked at before. I’ve never been so infatuated with freckles, the size of a person’s teeth, or the shape of someones calves. You have walked beside me and when you got a little bit ahead, you waited until I could catch up. We both grew as much as we could without each other, and I think were waiting for someone to get to the top of the trees where we were. I saw you, and you saw me, and we then knew we had a lot farther to go.

So I’m working on a new post about Earthsea covers (and on some asks) and i found the best cover of all time. look at this majesty. look at it. I responded to some ask the other day that I couldn’t possibly do a five favorite covers post, well here it is, 1-5. like, look at that shit. that is a HUMAN-SIZED FALCON with SHAPELY DUDE LEGS in BRIGHT GREEN TIGHTS facing down A MAN DRESSED LIKE A VALENTINES DAY-THEMED JESTER while his friend walks in on the situation and decides that what he’s going to put up with today is Not This. THIS IS A REAL COVER. MULTIPLE PROFESSIONAL SOMEONES HAD TO BE LIKE ‘YEAH. THIS IS THE SCENE THAT’LL SELL THIS BOOK.’ I’M IN LOVE.

We need to talk about 1) the heart detailing on the pants 2) whatever the FUCK is happening with blue man’s pants which……. turn into gladiator sandals?? and he’s wearing light blue knee high socks under then???? 3) the bird has better legs than i do 4) the raven casually watching all of this:

TFW you’ve been catfished and ur online boyfriend w shapely calves is actually a huge falcon:

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How everyone in Miraculous Ladybug turned out to be gay (for Ladybug)

Just thought of this recently, and just really enjoyed the idea of Ladybug becoming a symbol of hope to many subgroups in Paris, and especially to teens and the LGBT+ community.

Like imagine one day LB is chatting to some reporter, and the question of her sexuality comes up (the reporter hoping to get a glimpse of maybe LadyNoir??). What she gets is a shrug and smile as LB says that she finds all genders beautiful and deserving of love; specifically that she is hopelessly in love with people of other genders aside from simply male.

Needless to say, everyone is both shocked and excited by the news of LB being pansexual.

Suddenly LB is a symbol and advocate of the LGBT+ community and she just…rolls with it. She loves being able to speak out about her sexuality, and she’s often encourages others to speak up as well, to not be afraid because love is just love!

And Chat is in the background internally torn about the whole thing as on one hand, God his Lady is so cool and she deserves to be loved by all genders as well. On the other hand he has to contend with more competition. Damn it. But in every interview he fully supports LB, citing that while he may be heterosexual, he still stands up for LGBT+ rights and desires for everyone to be comfortable with their sexuality in society, just like his Lady. (Now Chat’s also a advocate for the LGBT+ community, and often fundraisers and makes speeches alongside LB for the cause)

All this support leads, well, basically to majority of Marinette’s class coming out of the closet.

Everyone knows Alya is bi. Like, super bi. She just excretes bisexuality wherever she goes, especially whenever she talks about her hero crush Ladybug (Marinette’s still can’t stop blushing whenever her best friend rants about Ladybug’s ‘shapely calves’ and how she was 'so gay for the buff babe.’)

Then Rose softly comes out as bi, followed closely by Juleka admitting her status as a lesbian, as well as her relationship with Rose.

Max bluntly states his asexuality, while Nathanael and Sabrina are a bit more hesitant in coming out as gender fluid and lesbian respectively.

Marinette’s equally as hesitant to admit her pansexuality, but she’s fully supported by others around her (which she finds ironic, as just yesterday she made a public speech about safe zones and coming out when the time was right for you, which probably motivated most of her classmates).

During this whole thing Marinette (and most of the class) are expecting Chloe to raise a huge fuss about the whole thing. But when finally prompted by a hesitant Adrien, she simply tosses her head and says 'it would be a crime to keep everyone from admiring my beauty. Besides, it’s clear that I have the easiest shot with Ladybug now that I know she’s interested in girls.’

Cue majority of the class yelling about who would get with Ladybug (as you can’t tell me most of Paris isn’t gay for the superhero duo, like damn), Alya and Chloe being the biggest contenders, and Adrien secretly vowing to up his game as Chat in order to even have a chance with his Lady.

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The suits headcannons are 😩😩🙌🙌WOBDERFUL!! LLIKE SERIOUSLY, THE WAY YOU DESCRIBED THEM WITH SUITS IS JUST 🙏praissee. Please do continue them!!! Possibly terushima, futakuchi, noya, and tanaka?? THANK YOU SOM MUCH

Sure! And I see you have a type. ;3 Bonus Ushijima and Tendou for you.

[The original suits headcanon here]


  • Three-piece, a brown so impossibly dark that under the wrong lighting it’s almost certainly black. Notch lapel and two buttoned, his jacket’s loose and open on top of a pristine white shirt. The kickers are his tie and accessories- a rich, metallic dark gold with matching watch chain and pocket square, highlighting his bronzed skin and blonde undercut. A pair of simple cap toe derbies finish the look.
    • You see, he knows, that you’d expect him to wear something flashy to match his personality and his wicked tongue piercing, but he also knows that he looks like an oasis in a desert in black and gold.
      • He does indulge his flashy side with his surprisingly smart-casual array of clothes- another formal favourite of his is a black and white checkered jacket on top of a simple black turtleneck with black pants and shoes.
    • He’s a naturally slim person, but his suits are structured to give him the confidence to match his smirk. Pants slim fitted to shape around his sleek calves, it makes him look miles tall.
      • His hair, when he actually tries, is slicked back firmer than usual, and there are absolutely no wisps of hair blocking the sinful expression he shoots at you.
    • Playing with his cuffs when he’s bored just doesn’t kick it for him. He prefers to rest his weight on one leg and slide the tips of his fingers into his pant pockets cockily.
      • He’s always the first one to get asked to dance, with his rough undercut and slick outfit, and boy are they all surprised because this man, despite looking like a million dollars, dances like he’s earning his keep dollar by dollar.
        • Give him a pole. Give him a fucking pole, and you’ll be going home a few items of clothing short tonight.

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Patterns, refs, and more+

So this con season I made myself Pidge and a Shiro paladin costumes to wear, with pretty good results. The worst part of it though was the amount of time I spent drafting patterns, so I figured this might be a good resource for anyone else looking to make armor in the future.

This is all based on my measurements (a 5′1″ average-ish build with… bigger thighs), so you’ll likely need to make adjustments to have this fit yourself, but hopefully this makes building your own cosplay a little easier. Materials, patterns and everything under the cut. Hope it helps!

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Your Turn

Originally posted by jihoongi

Length: 375

The leather of dress curved around her body like a second skin, deep onyx contrasting against richer umber. The slit was positioned just perfectly over her full thigh, dangerously tempting wandering eyes to venture further if they dared. Most gazes flicked away as soon as they landed on the small chasm in the fabric. But not his. His hooded eyes brazenly marched upward from her ankles strapped into the stilettos, upwards along her deliciously shaped calves, across her luscious thighs, along the sliver of exposed flesh of her upper thigh, up the deep curve of her full hips, inwards to her waist, along the expanse of her supple bosom, across the slight slants of her collarbones, and up her graceful neck wrapped in a lace choker until they connected with her own unashamedly bold eyes that were smoldering with silent challenge and interest.

Sangbae leaned back in his hair and lazily arched an eyebrow as he tilted his head to motion towards the empty seat across from him. She smirked, full pouty lips drenched in the deepest burgundy, and shrugged nonchalantly, before twisting around on the barstool to face the man next to her. ‘So it’s like that, then,’ he thought to himself as he finished off his bourbon. He slipped out of his chair and smoothly approached the bar, his strides measured and his demeanor drenched in confidence. Purposefully, he leaned onto the polished onyx marble countertop so his body was angled towards her; yet he kept his eyes trained straight ahead on the sleek display of liquor bottles built up into a small shrine of sorts behind the bartender. He lazily tapped his finger against the rim of the glass, watching with halfhearted disinterest as the bartender carefully poured him a double, neat. He could feel her shift beside him as she finally turned to face him. But when she opened her mouth to speak to him, he simply spun on his heel and retreated to the shadowy corner where his chair sat. Only once he was seated upon his makeshift throne did he level his smoldering gaze against her, his umber eyes brazenly declaring that two could play at this game they were currently locked in and that it was her turn.

–Admin Lily💋


Superhero boot tutorial by Scott Bayles.  Did you know Costumers for Christ was a thing?  I did not know this.

But I do know this is a very good boot method, for a lot of fantasy and sci-fi styles as well as comic books.  This is also a pretty good basic sewing tutorial, if you know how to make the sewing machine go and not a lot more than that.

Also interesting - he sprays the vinyl with WD-40 before topstitching it, because the shiny side of vinyl tends to stick to a normal sewing machine presser foot.  I never thought of actually lubricating the vinyl, instead of trying to make the presser foot itself less sticky by using a teflon foot or sticking masking tape to the bottom, but it seems to work really well.

The pattern for the boot cover is here.  Realize it’s made for a men’s size 10, and it’ll need to be scaled to fit a smaller or larger foot.  Also realize everyone’s calves are shaped differently, so you may need to slim or enlarge that a little too.

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Wintershock fic request please! “I am a personal space invader. “

Prompt Status: Accepting 

anonymousasked:Wintershock fic request please! “I am a personal space invader. “

“Come on, please?”’


“Help me Bionic Kenobi, you are my only hope.”


Letting out a groan of frustration she falls back onto the training mats starring at the ceiling, beside her Barnes never breaks his rhythm, shoulders never touch the ground as he completes the smooth movements from upward facing dog into a plank position. He’s not even sweating and Darcy is pretty sure he’s done about a gazillion hours at this point. 

“Barnes.” she’s not proud of the whining quality of her voice but fuck she’s desperate, “Just think of it as a mission—a good will mission for your old pal Darcy.” the lights are starting to make her vision go blurry at the edges so she rolls to her side. Keeping her eyes on his face (with Herculean effort, damn those arms) on full display since his dark locks were pulled back into a sloppy ponytail Darcy watches the seamless switch between downward dog to the start of a handstand. 

“It’s not gonna happen Lewis.”

“I will plead, beg and bake as needed. Name your price.”


Somehow he manages to push himself into a standing position from the handstand in a move too fast for her to follow and she had to scramble back onto her feet to follow him. Between his longer strides and head start Darcy doesn’t manage to catch up before he is walking into the men’s locker room, shooting a smug smile over his shoulder. 

Son of a bitch.

“Jesus H. Roosevelt Christ!”

Sitting cross legged in front of his locker she glances up from her phone, glasses sliding down her pert nose before she brings a hand up to fix it. A look of shock colors his features, mouth slightly parted and blue eyes widening in disbelief. His towel was hanging low, water droplets sliding down to pool at the sharp cut of his hipbone. Unlike Thor or Steve (who somehow always managed to end up shirtless) Barnes had a light sprinkling of chest hair that faded around his abs and gathered again to hint at things she had no hope of knowing about below the towel.

“Have you never head of privacy, Lewis?”

Releasing the bottom lip she hadn’t realized her teeth had been worrying Darcy lifts a shoulder in what she hoped was a careless shrug (honestly it could have seemed like the beginning of a seizure because she is not fully in control of her mental capacities with a hot shirtless hottie—see, she can’t even…well even).

“I am a personal space invader.”

“Clearly” he growls out, those too blue eyes narrowing at her, “Mind clearing out so I can change?”

“Gonna say yes?”


“Then by all means, Sarge.”

She’s banking on his delicate 1940’s sensibilities (the same ones that always have him standing when a lady walks in the dinning area, opening doors for Hill despite her glares and never letting Darcy carry a bag if she is in a 50 mile radius of him) to keep that towel firmly wrapped around his waist. She should have known better then to issue a challenge to Barnes though, he had a competitive streak a mile long. 

Bionic fingers untuck the corner of the towel that is holding up the fabric, with a tilt of his head he raises a questioning brow as if to give her one last chance to back off. Lifting her chin she just extends her legs in front on her on the bench and knocks her heels together, a small smile on her lips. 

He wouldn’t.

He does.

It’s not quite full frontal nudity, he is in profile—facing the locker designated as his and digging through it for something. Darcy has a glorious view of his ass, muscles clench when he bends forward slightly to grab something from a lower shelf. Long legs are slipping into a pair of boxers (which answers that question) and soon the black fabric is stretched over that perfectly round ass. 

He tenses when her fingers drag up the length of his back, she’s standing on what would be considered a respectful distance away from him if he hadn’t been mostly naked. Hair was still damp from his shower and it causes little drops to travel down to her wrists as she pets the heavy mass (God she’s out of shape, her calves are already protesting being on her tip toes). 

The strands slip through her fingers as he turns to face her so she settles on ghosting them over the rough scruff of his jawline. Darcy runs the pad of her thumb over his plump bottom lip, his tongue peeks out to tease her or moisten his lips (with Barnes it could be either, he has a hell of an oral fixation).

“Please, Bucky?”

His pupils are blow wide, cool metal fingers are skimming over her left arm and it sends a shudder down her spine that he is sure to notice (she doesn’t make an effort to hide it).

“That’s not fair.”

“I know, now say yes.”

With a groan he drops his head to rest on her shoulder, her fingers still carting through his wet hair, and his shoulders slump forward in defeat. She is surrounded by him, the scent of soap clings to his skin, after a moment he drops a kiss on her neck and pulls back. 

“Fine, I’ll do it.”

“Yes!” she goes as far as to fist pump because she just broke the resolve of a world renowned super assassin. “I will RSVP for two beef?”

He nods and turns back to his locker continuing to get dressed.

“You wont regret it, Barnes.”

Glancing over his shoulder he asks, “I’m already regretting it, and I see it’s Barnes again, huh?” he tugs down his shirt, a generic Stark Industries t-shirt.

“Look, T-1000, it’s not my fault you’re an easy mark.”

Closing the locker door he leans onto it, arms crossed and water still dripping from his hair is wetting the collar of his shirt. Darcy tries not to be distracted by the fact that the sleeves of his shirt have been ripped off, leaving all those muscles out to oogle.

“Plus, I got two words for you.” she holds up a victory sign, “Open. Bar. My sister is marrying rich.”

“Can’t get drunk.”

“True, damn. That’s just sad.” tucking a stray bit of hair behind her ear she looks up at him from under her lashes, “You have a suit?”

“I can get one.”


“Anything else you wanna extort from me Lewis?”

“No, though I feel like since I’ve seen you naked I at least owe you dinner.” fixing her glasses is a nervous habit and she finds her fingers fiddling with the frames, “Say, Friday at eight?”

“You asking me to step out with you, Lewis?”

“Only if that’s fossil for ‘going on a date’.”

“It is.”

“Yes, I’m asking you to step out with me.”

“Okay, but since you did the asking I expect flowers and wooing.”

“You are gonna be a pain in my ass, aren’t you Bucky?”

“Like you wouldn’t believe.”

Job Well Done

Summary: None. This is smut. Pure unadulterated smut. No plot whatsoever. Maybe a tiny one, if you squint really hard and point a magnifying glass at it. But I doubt it. 

Relationships: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: NSFW Smut. Pure smut. Some teasing, slight exhibitionist kink, foreplay, unprotected sex (Seriously, wrap it before you tap it. Don’t risk an infection, put some protection on that erection!)

A/N: None. Enjoy. ; )

Originally posted by seb-smut

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E1! Or any number you like really! :)

Anything I like? How about some #1 with a healthy helping of #10?

When your workmates are sick, you help them out. In this case I offered to go to a calving an hour’s drive away from the clinic while my coworker with the flu stayed in town to deal with smaller patients.

It was my first calving as a graduated vet, and certainly the first one I had attempted on my own. Fortunately the grizzled old cattle vets at uni had unshakable faith that no matter for young or small or feeble we might be, if we were willing to give it a go we would be able to get the calf out. Failing that, we could take it out the side.

It was a glorious drive out to the property. Beautiful warm winter sun, fields still green and a clear sky. My own music playing (radio out therew as unreliable at best) and me happily singing along without a care for most of the trip.

The stockyards with my waiting patient were on a hill that you could actually see the ocean from. Very uplifting to see, and the weather was turning warm. The farmer and his adult son were waiting, having already tried themselves to pull the calf, with no success.

My lecturers had warned me about scenarios like this. The farmer’s son could have been described as an Australian Arnold Schwarzenegger. I felt sorry for the cow trying to accommodate those biceps laden arms trying to grab the calf inside her. I decided that he would do most of the pulling.

Now I had, for various reasons, gained some weight since I was at uni and had purchased my overalls. They still fit over my legs but were’t going over my top half so well. No matter, I tied the sleeves around my waist and set about making a disposable apron from a body bag.

Or body bags were bright orange thick plastic, a bit like a super heavy duty garbage bag. Cut some holes for arms and your head, and you have a very waterproof cover that is easy to clean, or cheap to chuck. Both of these features are very important when working at the back end of a cow.

So I set to work, introducing the poor cow to the wonderful benefits of modern drugs including an epidural and literally buckets of lube.

The calf was stuck because it had one front leg facing backwards and its neck had been twisted around. On he the phone the farmer had told me it was coming breech, so I already felt more confident knowing that they were wrong. They probably couldn’t get those big arms in deep enough to feel what I could.

Unfortunately the calf was already dead, which is what happens when you procrastinate on these matters. No matter, it was about saving the cow now.

No human can push against the abdominal and uterine muscles of a cow, even a tired one. Fortunately I had drugs in the car to make her stop pushing so I could push the calf back into the uterus, where there was more room to reposition all those long limbs. I needed to get chains around both front feet, and hooks into the head, before pulling all three things together.

This sounds simple. It’s not. It’s a bit like trying to play Tetris with body parts in a warm, slippery, compressed sack that you can’t look into, but are reaching as deep as you can for maximum mobility. It’s also a bit like trying to solve a rubix cube by texture alone when it is surrounded by other cubes all jumped together. On top of he hat, while your brain is concentrating on this complex 3D puzzle, your eye is closely watching the cow’s anus which is approximately 10cm from your face unless you are very tall. For those not experienced with cattle, that is well within range.

It was about this point, with two chains on but a head that still required negotiation, that I realised the sleeves around my waist had come untied and my overalls were slowly slipping down my hips.

Now I was never the sort of lass to feel comfortable showing my legs. I was loathe to even wear a skirt, but I was determined to show no weakness and get on with the job. Body image issues aside I took a brief pause to remove the overalls completely and resume pulling the calf.

I was wearing my underwear, a tank top, my trust steel capped boots and a bright orange plastic body bag which did thankfully cover me to mid thigh.

I also had firm assurance from both the farmer and his son that my boss was to never, ever hear about this particular detail.

Insecurities aside I got back to work and with a lot of effort but relatively little swearing. Eventually I got the eye hooks into the head and managed to bring it around to face the right way.

The calf was starting to rot at this point, and they bloat up a bit when they do so. This meant it was a really tight squeeze to get it through the pelvis, but lubricant is a cows best friend in situations like this.

It’s important to take charge in situations like this. Sound confident and politely give everyone else standing around a job to do. Ideally get them to do most of the pulling while you do the levering, which is what I did.

There is a moment before the calf comes out where the shoulders get stuck on the pelvis. This is partly because calves are shaped to come out in a downwards direction, and we inevitably end up pulling horizontally at shoulder height. The solution is to have so,done climb up the rails and stand on the chain, using their weight to lever the calf down until the shoulders fall through. You then have only a brief moment as the calf starts to move before everything gives way beneath your feet and you need to catch yourself on the rail.

They calf slid out with a sound best described as “Schloop-splot” landing I’m the wet ground behind the cow.

As it was long dead I quickly checked the cow for any trauma, or a twin. Always check for a twin before you go home.

I was tired. I was filthy. I was elated!

My first successful calving!

And the only one without pants!

When the knights get done jousting with the king of banterdom, and Sir Lancelot, a true legend, is like “Hark! Lads, I have a weighty purse. To nandos we must journey” And you’re all like “Hear, hear!” Thus, making sure your calves look shapely for the maidens, you all make haste to nandos for an evening of jolly japes with the archbishop of banterbury

|| camaraderie

@cynaram Prompt: Horst and Madame Z (could be Five Ways, doesn’t have to be).

“Doesn’t it get stuffy in there?” 

Horst had opened his box to find a bright
pair of green eyes peering back at him. It
might have caused his heart to leap, had
he been more alive. As it was, he unboxed
himself with what dignity he could; easing
the lid back carefully.

    “No. I don’t breathe much.” he replied as
he rose. Horst looked about the train car, his
brow furrowing. “Are we alone?”

  “Oh, yes, well,” Zarenyia sighed and reclined
along the bench in the close car. This provided
Horst with an excellent view of shapely calves.
Of course, the spider devil knew this fact.

    “Johannes and that bipedal blonde snuck
     away about an hour ago. I pretended not
     to notice.” she pouted.

     “Snuck… away? As in together?”  

Horst narrowed his eyes, confusion causing 
an arrest in his thinking. He closed his box
and sat down atop the lid, peering at Zareynia
in disbelief. “As in Miss Barrow and my brother?”

       “Yes, that was them, I’m quite sure of it.”

        “And… was he in handcuffs?”

      “No, not when they left, but I can’t say much 
       for what they might be doing now.”

      “…..I’m not sure what to say.”

       “How about we just applaud when they get back?”

inspired by “the man” by ed sheeran.

When Calum is sad, he pulls out his acoustic guitar. The slender burgundy neck of the instrument is easier to maneuver than his usual preferred choice of the bass as he’s prone to fumbling with the strings across the worn frets with bleary eyes and sweaty fingers that are commonly bleeding by the time he’s done with an emotional session. Sitting with his back flush to the wall, the brunette always rests the groove of the guitar his father gifted him a few months after the band had started to gain fame against his right knee while his chin hovers over the taut chords, notepad balancing precariously on the pane of his other knee with a black ink pen held between his teeth.

He looks beautiful, to put it simply. Calum’s mouth, whenever inspiration struck him, is always pinched in concentration and accompanied by a crease between his eyebrows. Half formed melodies and riffs fall from his lips while his fingers dance across the strings of the perfectly tuned instrument, his eyes only leaving the sanction of the guitar to snap to the crumpled stack of bound paper and scrawl a lyric or two before racing back.

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CSJJ Day 22: Captured

Happy Sunday, Oncers! Here’s my submission for CS January Joy, a oneshot based off the following prompt:

You’re the photographer my friends used for their engagement, wedding, and kids. Now I’m graduating, and they’ve called you to document the happy occasion.

I don’t generally write off prompts, and the fic below is a little different than what you might first expect based on the prompt above, but I hope you enjoy it. Many thanks to @katie-dub for organizing @csjanuaryjoy and helping me select this prompt in the first place. It’s been an emotionally-charged week for me as an American, but writing certain parts of this fic was definitely therapeutic. Happy reading! Comments, as always, are welcome!

Find it on AO3.

Summary:  Killian Jones is a promising student who enters law school with no family left and a hunger for vengeance. But three years under the guidance of the right mentors helps him find hope and a new purpose in more ways than one. (Captain Swan, Outlaw Queen, photographer AU, lawyer AU. Romance/Fluff. Rated G.)

Tagged upon request: @optomisticgirl

He first sees her at a wedding.  It’s a predictably classy, predictably ritzy affair.  His law school professor-slash-mentor-slash-boss, Robin Locksley, and Robin’s legal partner-turned-fiancé, Regina, get married a year after Killian lands a highly sought-after summer internship at their prestigious firm.  

He’s busted his ass for the firm, worked twelve-hour days, taken advantage of his nearly non-existent social life to throw in even more hours overtime, gone on countless runs for coffee and take-out, and dozed off over stacks of legal briefs at 2 AM more than once, but it’s paid off.  The partners have been impressed by his resourcefulness and doggedness and personal charm.  Even the notoriously exacting Regina, in one of her rare complimentary moods, once declared him surprisingly good at research.  But Killian realizes, as he dutifully escorts yet another of Boston’s political royalty down the groom’s side of the grand cathedral and tries not to stare at the woman across the nave, that this, his last-minute recruitment as an usher when one of Robin’s other men fell ill, might just be the biggest reward for all that hard work.  Because the woman?  The wedding photographer?  Bloody hell, she’s beautiful.

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Do you know any good calf exercises? I have some fat there that's really stubborn :/ also any good thigh workouts?

If you go to a gym use the leg press (look up the leg press calf exercise it’s easy) it shaped my calves so fast. Also if you’re walking up stairs go on your tip toes