shapedbyfood  asked:

Hi! So recently I have been thinking about eating a more paleo diet. I saw that you eat a modified paleo which I am thinking about doing. For example cutting out processed foods but keeping my protein supplements and a little dairy. I'm very active but still in school so I need lots of protein and don't have time to grill up some chicken for a mid day post exercise snack. I'm interested to learn more about paleo and how you've modified the diet?

Hi there! :) 

As for learning more about paleo, my favorite resource by far is If you have an iPad, she has a $6 app and it is well worth the money in my opinion. It has a wonderful introduction to paleo, as well as meal plans and a cookbook with tons of recipes. 

From there, you can make whatever modifications you see fit. What you’ve described is essentially what I eat. During the week I eat meat, fruits, vegetables and occasionally nuts or seeds. On weekends, rather than having true “cheat meals” or a “cheat day” I just incorporate some grains or dairy into my diet, because it tastes good haha. Even with this, I’m definitely not perfect (if you browse through my food pictures, you can see I’ve had rice three times this week). I generally put macros above paleo in terms of importance if I can’t easily accommodate both needs (which is why I didn’t mind eating the rice).  

I’m a big believer in making your diet work for YOU. Paleo is great starting point because it’s based on fresh whole foods, but from there you can customize it to fit your preferences and needs. 

I definitely recommend cooking all your food one day a week and refrigerating or freezing it. I am way too lazy to grill chicken after a workout lol. On Sundays I go to the grocery store and do all my cooking for the week. When healthy foods are prepared and boxed up I’m infinitely more likely to eat them. 

Sorry for the novel, but hopefully I answered all of your questions? If not please ask more! I’m happy to help.