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If you had to choose for LackaDaisy cats will you make it into a action video game or a animated series?

Neither.  A thematic breakfast cereal of questionable nutritional value is where true apotheosis lies.  Think of all the fun shapes - bottles, spent casings, loaded dice.  It’ll turn the milk sepia tone.

I would like to believe that the Human response to some like, edgy Asari or Turian tableware on like the citadel was to cart really fucking impractical glassware from The Days Of Yore [now] all the way there and use them with a straight face.

Because we have all seen the Gatorade looking containers we had on the Normandy, and the vaguely vase looking things that were also used to pour things in bars.
I imagine after first contact people were feeling a bit shown up.

So just show up and whip out one of these pieces by Etienne Meneau or something like them

drinking some like fucking water or something out of them at meetings.

“What.. i’m sorry, but are those vein shaped bottles”
“No, my dear ambassador, they’re tree roots actually. I can see the confusion”
There’s an ambassador that exclusively drinks blue kool-aid and locks eyes with the Turian ambassador the whole time. There have been fights.

Cheap and easy visor tutorial!

Her is what you need:

- 1.5/2l bottle (the shape at the top is important)
- cardboard/paper (pattern)
- scissors, stanley knife 
- (glass) markers in green and optional yellow
- rubber foam
- glue
- gem (not included in this tutorial!)

You start with the pattern. I recommend using real glasses - especially safety goggles for reference.

Fold it in the middle to make it symmetrical. Messed up one side and you don’t want to redo the whole thing? Just patch it up with some tape. :)

Try it out before translating it to the bottle! 

Once you are content with the shape hold it to the top of the waterbottle, draw alongside the edges and cut it out. Be careful, the bottleneck is tough. Better use a stanley knife for this part.

Next step: lines! I added a bit of a cartoony style so the visor will stand out a bit more from my face. For this I drew a thin line with green glass marker at the bottom of the visor.

And once dried I added a yellow one to blend it in with the face paint later.

Due to it’s form the visor will sit on your face on it’s own but I recommend adding some crafting foam where the gem will sit so avoind it being in contact with your forehead completely.

Try it out - you can also add some rubber foam on the sides because these parts will be covered by your wig anyways :)

Now you only need to attach your gem!

(There’s only a green line on the visor on this picture because I added it later.)

I decided to keep the visor itself clear since I still want my eyes to pop. Sadly tinted pvc tends to flatten your facial features underneath.

To still have the “glow”/tint effect I used face paint underneath! 

Once all is done I will give make a face paint tutorial as well ;)

Good luck with your visor!! 

More tutorials:


WIG 1 / WIG 1.5 (improved)


If some lives form a perfect circle, other take shape in ways we cannot predict or always understand. Loss has been part of my journey. But it has also shown me what is precious. So has love for which I can only be grateful.
—  Message In A Bottle by Nicholas Sparks

An Unusual Roman Mosaic Glass Bottle, 1st Century AD

Formed from slices of a cane with an opaque white circle in a translucent light amber-colored matrix to form a squat unguentarium with a short cylindrical neck and pear-shaped body.

This small bottle is an unusual mixture of ancient glass making techniques with sections from a cast mosaic cane that were fused together and then blown to create the final shape. Usually such vessels are formed from layers or opaque white and blue or purple glass or four to six larger sections as with gold-band vessels.

Come Visit Sometime

Alfred gazed wistfully at the screen. “I found some vodka-filled, bottle shaped chocolates online the other day,” he leaned his head on his hand and rapped his other hand’s fingers against the tabletop. It’s February 14th, and once again, just like always, the two were stuck in their respective countries.

“How many did you eat?” Ivan asked, a small, amused smile finding it’s way onto his face.

The American huffed indignantly and glared through the camera. “Who said I bought them?”

“Fredya, I know you wouldn’t pass up something like this.” Alfred’s face tinted itself pink, so he looked down at his keyboard. He reached over and grabbed his fidget cube off of the shelf next to him, clicking the buttons and flipping the small switch on the side.

“I know; it’s chocolate and alcohol. Two of my biggest addictions. I guess I couldn’t pass up that, could I?” he spat cynically, though more at himself than at the Russian. He closed his eyes and leaned back in the chair, missing the look of concern Ivan gave him. “No, don’t mind my rambling. I’m just hating myself like usual. I actually did buy them, but they’re not for me. However, I did eat one to make sure they weren’t poisoned like the hero I am.” Alfred smiled a typical hero-style smile. His dark aura dissolved just as abruptly as it had come. By this point in their relationship, they were both used to each other’s fluctuating moods, and they breezed right past it and into the rest of the discussion.

“So, if they’re not for you then who are they for?” Ivan twirled the end of his scarf between his fingers absentmindedly, and America found himself mesmerized by the simple action.

“Yeah, they’re for- wait a god damn minute I’m not telling you!” He stopped himself mid-sentence. “Quit doing that.”

“Doing what?”

“That thing with your scarf. It’s distracting. And I’m not tellin’ you who they’re for, blabber mouth.”

“I do not tell secrets,” Russia defended. He thought he was pretty good at sectret keeping.

“Yeah but I’m not taking chances.”

“Alright then, Alfred. You do know what time it is, right?”

The American stopped and started a few small calcuations. “Oh, like midnight-ish, I think?”

“Yes, it is just past midnight.”

“Why did you let me keep you so long?!” Alfred almost screamed into the empty house. Hero, his cat, got scared and fell off the table. “Go on, go to bed! Sleep is important even for immortal beings!”

“Yes, Alfred,” he replied pointedly, “Sleep is important, even for immortal beings.”

“Don’t you turn this back on me it’s only four here! Almost time for dinner, actually…”

Russia laughed, and Alfred couldn’t help but laugh with him. “Good night, dorogoy.”

“‘Nite, sweetheart.” Alfred blew a kiss to the camera like a schoolgirl. Ivan giggled, playing the part, and logged out. He quickly followed suit, closeing the computer and setting it on his countertop.

“Until tomorrow, love.”


“Hey, Vanya! What’s up?” He chirped, sipping on some coffee in his cup.

“Did you already go out on your run?” he asked, noticing the other’s still shower-damp hair.

“Yeah, I went out with Nasa around the block a few times. Nothin’ too special.”


Alfred’s eyes shot down to his cup. “N-no, cream and sugar today. Why are you outside?”

Ivan looked up and around like he didn’t know where he was. “I am out for a walk. I’m going to go visit someone today.” America noticed that he sounded unusually happy about that.

“Who are you so excited to see?” he inquired.

“Someone I like a lot.”

Alfred was confused and slightly jealous. Who would he be going and seeing? Not Belarus, since he’s almost afraid of her, or Ukraine or the Baltics, for political reasons. Did he have some human friend he went out with? No, Russia doesn’t get along with humans a lot, so that can’t be it. Besides, the last time that happened it didn’t end too well.

Apperently he was silent for too long, for the Russian cut in again. “Don’t worry, I’m not seeing someone else, sunflower.”

“I know, you’re not unfaithful.”

Suddenly, there was a knocking at his front door. He dramatically groaned. “Shouldn’t you go get that? After all, I seem to recall you saying that 'when people hear hospitality they think of me’, did you not?”

Grudgingly, he stood and turned to the hallway. Ivan heard muffled speaking that sounded a lot like 'Hero get out of here you’re blocking the doorway with your fat.’

America kicked the cat out of the way and fixed a smile onto his face. “Hello, can I help you?”

“You could invite me in, to start.” Alfred jumped and lost the fake smile immediately. He stared at the man in front of him, taking in every detail from the messy, pale, almost white hair, to the off white scarf, to a long beige coat.

“Vanya!” he cried, throwing himself against the other’s chest and gripping him tightly. “I missed you soo much! You had me so worried for a minute but I knew that you wouldn’t do something like that!” Alfred had switched to Russian out of old habit, but Ivan thought it sweet of him.

“Yes, yes, I decided to come and visit you. You do have some vodka chocolates, right? You never told me who they’re for.”

“They’re for you, of course. The only other person who likes vodka that I know is Alaska, but I’m not giving her alcohol chocolates for valentines day.”

“Good. See, you’re a responsible guardian.”

“Love ya Vanya.”

“I love you too, Fedya”

Women aren’t shaped like Coke bottles because they weren’t made to be enjoyed and then recycled.

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Okay, so I kind of have an idea for a trickster AU for BATIM. Bendy is Mexican sweet and spicy candy, Boris is black licorice, Henry is one of those wax candies that has edible wax in the shape of a soda bottle, and it has sweet fruit flavored juice on the inside, and Henry is this bittersweet, dark French chocolate.


Touching Lines
  • Sonic: Amy, when I first saw you, that was the first time when the world spun around me... and I wasn't moving.
  • Link: Zelda, they say time changes everything... but... I'm pretty sure I knew you before this life... and you... heh, haven't changed a bit.
  • Sly: Carmelita, before I knew you, jail cells looked pretty boring... But now.. They almost seem exciting~
  • Sora: Kairi, there are so many worlds out there... but the one world I want to be in... is the one where your heart will be.
  • Spyro: Cynder, they say you can change your destiny... but after meeting you,... I don't want too.
  • James: Hey, Jessie! Look! I found a bottle-cap shaped like your head!
  • #truelove~ from just a few of my fav pairings~
Funny quotes from Vanoss's new prop hunt video!

“Drinking is bad ok kids, drinking is very bad…. here have a seat!”- Lui

“Just gonna die???”- Vanoss

“Daithi de Nogla sells out Vanoss Gaming who is in da room with da door open right next to da entrance room that goes upstairs”- Nogla


“I don’t wanna go to school today.”- Vanoss


“It was like a cockroach in the shape of a bottle!”- Nogla

“I hear we have some props on the loose!!”- Lui

“Why would there be a bicycle up there, that don’t make no sense.”- Basically

Here’s the link as always!!!


Love you guys!!!!! Peace ✌🏻️✌🏻️

i was reading a fic today, and lance asked keith what kind of cologne he used and keith was like “i don’t know it’s something expensive shiro buys me but the bottle is shaped like a dude and i have to fondle glass dick every time i wear it” and i was immediately like “sounds like jean paul gaultier”

then the next sentence was lance saying “gaultier, huh?” and i fucking screamed how is this my life how do i recognise colognes from the general description in a FANFIC im quitting my job

Raid the Pantry Bath Witchcraft

Budget-Friendly Bath Magick requested by @galvin33g


Baking Soda: Cleansing/Purification (Don’t use with Salt or Lemon; you’ll cause a chemical reaction)

Coffee: Motivation (Put a couple spoonfuls in a filter and tie with string or rubber band to steep, or mix with a bit of olive oil for a body scrub)

Honey: Cleansing, Nurturing, Love

Lemon: Cleansing, Mental Clarity (Purchase one of those little lemon shaped bottles of concentrated juice. Only need a small squirt, and it keeps well in the fridge. Avoid sun exposure for 6 hours after having a lemon juice bath)

Oatmeal: Calm, Prosperity (Tie a handful into a facecloth and let it steep in your bath. It will make the water milky soft, plus you can wash yourself with the sachet– excellent for soothing raw, dry skin)

Olive Oil: Protection, Good Luck, Healing, Fertility, Deity Offering (Use only a couple drops, or a splash to make a body scrub. Rinse off well. Be careful– it will cause a slippery tub!)

Rosemary: Mental Clarity, Cleansing/Purification, Remembrance (Use dried rosemary. Works just as well and not costly, as a little jar keeps well. Matches lemon, so use together if desired. Rosemary steeped in warm water also makes a good hair rinse)

Salt: Cleansing/Purification

Sugar: Love, “Sweeten Up” a situation (Do NOT add directly to bath, it can cause UTIs and yeast infections. Don’t subject yourself to that. Instead, use it as the base for a body scrub, and do not use said scrub to clean around intimate areas. Witch Wisely)

(These baths are for self-care, and are not a replacement for medical treatment)