shapeandcolour replied to your linkTTC by the kilometre? Distance-based fares could help pay for expanded transit -

I am completely 100% ok with this.

The contradictions of this method arise in the fact that those who can actually afford to live closer to their jobs–in higher income, mixed-use neighbourhoods (which are located in more central locations)–are the same people who will not be affected by increased fares whatsoever; in fact, they will probably have to pay less (for a shorter trip). On the other hand, poorer residents who cannot afford to live close to the downtown core, or in a neighbourhood with all the amenities they need, will yet be forced to pay even more. It’s just one more example of how lower income citizens (under neoliberal logic), end up paying more for the level of services needed to achieve standing equal to those who needn’t worry about having to live far from their jobs (or daycare centres or schools or whathaveyou).