TBH my biggest motivation to shape up and quit eating when I’m stressed/bored over the next six weeks is the idea of having to invest in a whole new professional wardrobe in a size or two up. No thanks.

So my mother is awful at taking photos and I have ugly, broad shoulders, but the finished product! I’m happy that it’s not so snug and is actually half way comfortable now.

Also, I have LESS than two weeks to find a bra that give me some shape up top so I don’t look so broad and disgusting, if anyone has any suggestions, please tell me!! I have one of those sticky backless bras but it’s awful and does absolutely nothing as far as pushing anything up or giving the illusion that I’m not so flat chested. HELP!!!!

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tfw you start reading a post that’s like “America has rejected Christian values” and you’re like, oh brother, here comes an anti-gay privileged-discomfort rant again, but instead it goes on like, “Americans don’t feed the hungry or clothe the naked, and we look the other way when people are oppressed, and this is not what Christ wants for us so we need to shape up and start caring for people” and you’re just like YES, AMEN, someone actually gets it.

anonymous asked:

My story is about a series of short scary mysteries that all connect to each other in some way. My problem is I don't know how to write a short horror mystery. Some pointers on writing short mysteries that connect would be appreciated!

Mysteries are always thought of as long works only but not everything needs eight parts to solve. You could easily make every part adding up into one solved mystery! you can even have other characters each finding one part. First off, you’ll want to solve it yourself. Make the murder before the investigation just like putting the horse before the cart. I’m a sucker or realistic science in fiction and having taken a year of forensics really shaped up my knowledge on the topic, so feel free to ask for specifics. 

Dan’s eyes are too pretty to not draw