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For the Valentine's day event could you do AmeriPan? Just in any scenario

“Hey, Kiku! Happy Valentine’s Day!” America, still in Japan’s doorway, shoved the heart-shaped box into the smaller nation’s hands.

Japan blinked in shock. Warily, he opened the box. Knowing America, there was a chance something would explode in his face.

Thankfully, the box was just filled with multi-coloured heart-shaped candy. Japan picked up a bright purple heart and read the tiny words inscribed on it.

“Sweet… Love?”

Japan looked up from the small heart and saw America looking at him with his signature expectant, puppy-dog look.

“Try it!” As asked, Japan popped the candy into his mouth.

And almost spat it out immediately.


“How is it? I bought it from that cute little shop near my place. You remember it right? I brought you there the last time you came over.”

Japan forced himself to swallow the sugar rock and gave America a smile.

“It’s good. Yes, I remember that shop.”

America beamed. After a few moments, his expression grew slightly uncomfortable.

“So, uh, Japan, I know that Valentine’s Day isn’t a traditional Japanese holiday or something like that, but… Did you get anything for me?”

Japan tilted his head in confusion before widening his eyes in understanding.

“Oh, you see, America, in Japan, Valentine’s Day is celebrated differently. On Valentine’s Day, it is the women who give chocolates to men. Men reciprocate with gifts on White Day, which is March 14. I am grateful for your gift, and I assure you I will give you one in return on White Day.”

“Oh, I see! So today it’s the girls that give candy to boys… Wait, what?!”

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I agree with you about the suicide-baiting on tumblr- for so many people it's just this go-to insult for anyone they disagree with or who makes stuff they don't like. I just. *hands in air* But! I really just wanted to say I feel you, and I like you and your art and your words and just. You being around is great. You're cool and smart and the world is a better place for you being in it. *fistbump*

Thank you for this. TuT  It has been a very emotional, weird, stressy night and it’s shaping up to be a really LONG one and this is just really sweet of you. <3

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Mod, I've been meaning to ask you how you create your characters?

A good question. I’ve been asked this a few times by various people, but I’ve never made an official post about it, so allow me to show you.

The first step I ever took in making South Park characters was to trace out the various shapes that make up their bodies. South Park characters are uniquely easy for me to draw, because of what they essentially still are: Construction paper cutouts.

Say we have Grant here:

He was the first character I did this with. Now, each piece of Grant (his head, hands, body, legs, etc.) is its own vector graphic, which I layer together to produce the character.

I got all these pieces by simply tracing each part from a screenshot of the beginning of Stick of Truth, where I created the character. Although, the “tracing” was all done with easy to manipulate vector graphics.

Because of the medium I’m using, and the way South Park characters themselves are made, I can easily modify the existing body parts to create a different character if I need one, such as Leslie. Of course, I do like to match the model as close to the show’s as I can, so I make sure to import plenty of screenshots to match the shapes properly.

So there you have it. I just carbon-copy the existing characters into vector form, and reconstruct them. Which is why I constantly self-deprecate about how I’m not a real artist.

Hope this answers your question satisfactorily.


Chris Tenarium is a British youtube who did our favorite Let’s Play of Cinders (go watch that thing - it’s hilarious!).

He’s doing a blind playthrough of Solstice now, and it’s already shaping up to be just as good. Check it out! :)

(First two parts don’t feature any significant spoilers, so they work well as a video demo of sort.)


I made a lot of progress today!

- Added wild encounters in the tall grass.

- battles now end properly when someone’s health reaches 0.

- Monsters now level up when they win a fight, which automatically raises their stats.

- Monsters can now learn new attacks and have different move sets in battle (sort of. this part is still pretty glitchy).

- You can finally catch monsters!!!

- You now have a functioning party of up to 4, and can switch their positions from the pause menu.

I had my doubts about this project, but now it’s finally starting to shape up into something I can be proud of. I’ve never stuck with a game this long before, and the only reason I have now is because of the wonderful community here on Tumblr. You guys are all awesome!

More rambling - Walter is still shaping up to have perfect service dog potential. She is always alert to new things, new animals, new people, but she’s never aggressive and she isn’t tooooo friendly (easy to get her attention back on me with proper treats and preparation). She has only ever barked at dogs when they barked/snarked at her first, and she has learned some very good animal manners from Krycek and Breck. Incredibly smart, fast learner, healthy as fuck. Has shown none of the suspicious-of-strangers bit I had read you can see with cattle dogs. She follows me around the house and is attached to me but doesn’t lose her mind when separated. She is just a perfect little bean.


Man Plants Guitar Shaped Forest in Memory of His Wife

Located in the fertile agricultural region of Argentina’s ‘Pampas’ is a guitar shaped forest made up of over 7,000 cypress and eucalyptus trees. At over a kilometer in length (2/3 of a mile) the guitar shaped forest is quite visible for passing planes and satellites above. While it’s sheer size and scale is impressive as a piece of land art, the story of how it came to be is even more touching.

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Happy 34th Birthday, Natalie Dormer! (February 11th, 1982)  

 “I feel really lucky. I’m part of two incredible ensembles casts, with The Hunger Games and Game of Thrones, and now 2016 is all about me exploring my own projects as a leading female. I feel really lucky I’m being given opportunities like The Forest and about how the rest of my 2016 is starting to shape up. It feels like a new chapter, a new phase of my career.”