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Hey there! I've been a fan of your work for the longest time and it never fails to amaze me! I've been trying to get into drawing my own stuff and I was wondering if you can give me any tips/pointers on how to better myself and develop my own style? Thanks so much!💓

Aw thank you so much! You’re so sweet 💛
I’m still learning and developing my ArtiNg too, so I’m not too reliable as a source haha- but that being said I have picked up on one or two things.
1 draw what you see! Don’t draw a face while referencing other art exclusively. Sit down, look at something and try to break it down to shapes and lines by yourself.
2 keep drawing! The more you draw the more refined your style gets. Your style isn’t something you get to chose, it’s something you develop and find. So you already have one, you’ve just got to work at it!
3 this one might be a turn off, but practice drawing realistically as often as you can. When you understand how things work naturally you can simplify or exaggerate them in any way!
4 don’t compare your stuff to or base it off other artists. We are all at different points on the same path. This always use to discourage me when I would see the art of someone who had years of practice and experience on me. Draw what you wanna draw when you want to draw it and you’ll get better!
5 mix it up, don’t draw the same thing all the time. If you only draw people, go for an animal! Or if you only draw 3/4th view of a head facing left, try to go for a full body or profile. Dabble in different mediums and styles too! You only draw anime? Try realistic! You’d be surprised at how quickly you advance but changing up your subject matter.

Okay those are some of the things I’ve picked up on or learned. They’ve helped me out so far haha.
But above all else draw as often as you can! *cliche voice* practice makes perfect!

Hope this helps ✌️️✌️️

(Also you’re only going to get better- so look back on old drawings to see your improvement! This gives you crazy motivation and hope haha)

stop believing that you ran out of time to shape yourself into who you want to be! stop believing that its ruined! stop believing you don’t have potential! you are not a fixed being! you have endless opportunities to grow.

Things 2NE1 has personally taught me
  • A woman defines her own goddamn sexuality. She is beautiful whether she dresses skimpily or conservatively.
  • Insecurities will continue to exist into your 30′s. That’s okay. You are still perfect.
  • Coming from a broken family is okay. You’re not less valuable just because someone didn’t know how to love you.
  • Gay is a-okay.
  • Thick is good. Petite is good. Women’s bodies are always good. So, so good.
  • No matter how much society denies it, you are fucking gorgeous and will have many chances to show it.
  • Your body is yours. Get plastic surgery. Get tattoos. Reject each vehemently. Just do what feels good.
  • Never let a man’s opinion of you shape how you see yourself.
  • It’s okay to just walk away from it all.
Because I don't know if this was done already - Undertale drawing meme
  • Works just as well with OCs!
  • 1. Draw yourself in the outfit you'd wear if you were to fall in the Underground
  • 2. Draw yourself encountering Flowey
  • 3. Draw yourself in your favorite armor/defense combination
  • 4. Draw yourself in the Dummy encounter
  • 5. Draw yourself buying (or not) something at the spider bake sale in the ruins
  • 6. Draw yourself looking at Toriel's socks
  • 7. Draw yourself exploring your favorite room/ area
  • 8. Draw yourself reacting to Sans' puns behind the conveniently shaped lamp
  • 9. Draw yourself playing the hole game in Snowdin
  • 10. Draw yourself talking to an echo flower
  • 11. Draw yourself with Sans in Grillby's with your order
  • 12. Draw yourself walking with Monster Kid
  • 13. Draw yourself in the Toriel bossfight
  • 14. Draw yourself in the Papyrus bossfight
  • 15. Draw yourself in the Undyne bossfight
  • 16. Draw yourself in the Mettaton bossfight
  • 17. Draw yourself in the Asgore bossfight
  • 18. Draw yourself in the Sans bossfight
  • 19. Draw yourself in the [insert number] bossfight but genocide run (although most of 'em aren't real fights)
  • 20. Draw yourself with your favorite Miniboss
  • 21. Draw yourself with a monster from a minor fight
  • 22. Draw yourself reacting to Omega Flowey
  • 23. Draw yourself reacting to the "Absolute God of Hyperdeath"
  • 24. Draw yourself reaching out to a lost soul of your choice
  • 25. Draw yourself hugging Asriel
  • 26. Draw yourself on the date with Papyrus
  • 27. Draw yourself cooking with Undyne - did you pet or punch the vegetables?
  • 28. Draw yourself with your favorite NPC
  • 29. Draw yourself visiting your favorite shop
  • 30. Draw yourself during your favorite Mettaton encounter
  • 31. Draw yourself in Mettaton's house
  • 32. Draw yourself with Blooky lying on the ground and feeling like garbage
  • 33. Draw yourself during the snail race
  • 34. Draw yourself with Sans putting hot dogs on your head
  • 35. Draw yourself solving your favorite puzzle
  • 36. Draw yourself roleplaying with Alphys
  • 37. Draw yourself encountering an amalgamate
  • 38. Draw yourself finding the abandoned quiche
  • 39. Draw yourself with the annoying dog
  • 40. Draw yourself in Sans' room
  • 41. Draw yourself in Sans' workshop
  • 42. [Act] *Pet - whom did you pet?
  • 43. Draw yourself on the boat with Riverperson
  • 44. Draw yourself paying for Temmie's college education
  • 45. Draw yourself smooching the ghost!
  • 46. Draw yourself sleeping at the Inn
  • 47. Draw yourself sleeping at MTT Resort
  • 48. Draw yourself in your favorite AU
  • 49. Draw yourself in your favorite AU - in [insert number] situation
  • 50. Draw yourself meeting W. D. Gaster

10 months or so apart… On the left, I was around 170ish. Now on the right, I’m about 140. I’m a completely different person. The girl on the left was depressed, felt worthless, & didn’t feel as if she deserved much from anyone because of certain circumstances. But while the girl on the right isn’t perfect & may not have it all figured out, she’s trying. That’s what it’s all about: trying. Getting up each day & telling yourself to just do the damn thing. Whatever it is you’re battling: a breakup, weight loss, school, family issues, finances, etc. You can and WILL figure it out. As long as you try.

❣ Nail Shape Correspondences ❣

The shape of your nails may come naturally, or you may prefer to shape them yourself. Nail shapes, just like colors, say something about the owner.

Almond Shaped Nails

  • Lower Energy
  • Cleanliness
  • Daydreaming
  • Pure Intentions

Coffin Shaped Nails

  • Artistic
  • High Energy
  • Organization
  • Big Picture Thinker

Oval Shaped Nails

  • Outgoing
  • High-Energy
  • Detail Oriented
  • Uniformity

Stiletto Nails

  • Medium Energy
  • Creativity
  • Defensiveness
  • Shyness
  • Alertness

Square Nails

  • High Energy
  • Fast Paced
  • Leadership
  • Impatient
  • Reliable
Unpopular thoughts but

I often see posts about body positivity towards women with the waist smaller than their hips, usually with a pear body shaped, cute tummies and stuff.
But what about all of those women with a large waist and masculine body? Wide shoulders and small chest or apple body shaped?
What about all of those women with a flat butt? With no curves body?

This post is a shoutout for all of these women! There is no wrong way to have a body 😘 (also a reminder to myself though)

I think that what our society teaches young girls, and I think it’s also something that’s quite difficult for even older women and self-professed feminists to shrug off, is that idea that likability is an essential part of you, of the space you occupy in the world, that you’re supposed to twist yourself into shapes to make yourself likable that you’re supposed to hold back sometimes, pull back, don’t quite say, don’t be too pushy because you have to be likable.
And I say that’s bullshit.
So what I want to say to young girls is forget about likability. If you start thinking about being likable you are not going to tell your story honestly, because you are going to be so concerned with not offending, and that’s going to ruin your story so forget about likability. And also the world is such a wonderful, diverse and multifaceted place that there’s somebody who’s going to like you, you don’t need to twist yourself into shapes.
—  Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie 
How to Maintain Your Brow Shape

Whilst brows should be thick, there is no such thing as a universally flattering shape. This is merely a guide on how to reshape your brows, I highly recommend that everyone visit a brow specialist at least once in their life, you can keep them in shape yourself. A good brow stylist should be able to figure out your ideal shape just by looking at you. Make sure you do your research and ask a lot of questions before choosing a brow stylist.

Whether you choose to wax, tweeze or thread is entirely up to you. Waxing and threading are best for removing large amounts of hair where as in tweezing is best for precision and removing small amounts of hair.

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FREEDOM | Prints

All that dies
Is born again
The scars will still remain
From the ashes, we will rise again

this has been sitting on my drive for a few months now… the last few days’ events brought me back to this piece, and reflecting on what it was inspired from 「Cyndi’s Ambrosia

i want everyone who’s been negatively affected by the events, to look up to the stars and realise, You are not alone. you may feel lost, surrounded by people who hate you, think of you as nothing more than a tool. Don’t let yourself be shaped by the words of others. Don’t let the bad thoughts change who you are.


Today is truly a Black Friday. 

Despite there are happy things that happen to me today like buying a new car.


“Whatever happen in the future, don’t ever regret. I feel lucky to get to know them [2NE1], and their music live forever… cheer up.”

Thank you for seven amazing years, but goodbyes simply mean I’ll miss you until we meet again.

2009 to FOUREVER 

Fourever and always a Blackjack no matter how old I am 

♠ Definition of 2NE1: The name of the four sisters who came together to become legends in the kpop world. They are a one of a kind of “21st century new evolution” ♠ 

The name will always be there, so will the four sisters. Because the name represents so much. Their history is always there. Each girl will always be spoken as part of 2NE1 no matter what they decide to do after disbanding. They are a part of 2NE1 just as much as 2NE1 is a part of them. 

Proud to have gotten to love their music, gotten to love each member, and gotten to be a part of the fandom. 


They are legends. Can’t nobody, and I mean NOBODY, HOLD THEM DOWN NOW. 

They are irreplaceable. 

Maybe someday their records will be broken, but no one will ever forget who started it all.


They are the first girl group I love so dearly because of their charismatic stage presence, catchy songs, and cute personalities. I still remember their debut stage. I was in awe. Back in 2009 no one was like them and I love them for just being quirky, fun, charismatic, and love doing music as a job. And I will always continue to love and support them even now 7 years later me in college, struggling to juggle classes and work at the same time. I love how their music energizes me. I love listening to each girl’s vocals. All so different yet sounds so right together. I used to blast their songs in the house that my parents thought it was next door having a really loud karaoke party. Hahaha~ that was before I had earphones, now I just blast the music through my earphones so I don’t disturb them. They are the first group I feel those good vibes of girl power. They are everything I tell myself to look up to and to mirror: 

To be confident, be strong, to stand strong for what you believe in

Love your friends fiercely, hold family dear to your heart

♠ Never give up on your goals

Make your dreams happen

No matter how much society denies it, you are fucking gorgeous and will have many chances to show it.

Never let a man’s opinion of you shape how you see yourself. You make your own opinions of yourself. No one’s negativity is important.

Make the best of life. The haters will hate. So what? Don’t give a damn. Screw the haters just let them sit and stare.

Your body is yours. Get plastic surgery. Get tattoos. Get piercings. Wear outlandish clothing. Do whatever that you please, just don’t harm yourself.

Dare to be different. Do it and do not mind everyone’s judgment. Not everyone will like you. So what? You do you and pay no mind to them.


I NEVER knew YG would fuck up their first most successful girl group this bad. This company is really going downhill. The company used to have the least groups out of the Big 3 but the close-knit relationships between the artists and the managing staff was awesome. And there was artistry freedom. There was good managing skills. I just…. ^%%$#@#&^% really want to knock some sense into YG. Now it is more groups, more artists added to the roster, and VERY POOR managing skills! Sighhh, this sucks. At least now they all can pursue what they want to do now. Let it be singing, dancing, acting, going completely out of the public eye and going off to marry and have kids. Whatever it is, this Blackjack will support them all. Because once a Blackjack, always a Blackjack and I have been one since 2009. Til fourever!


To me, 2NE1′s disbandment really marks the 2007 to early 2010s era ending with all the groups disbanding, losing members, or inactive. Really appreciate the groups who manage to continue to stay together with no members change or lost (like SHINee and Big Bang). Kpop scene is truly changing now. New era, new groups. I will miss the old very much, the new I am not particularly interested. But I hope there will be a continuation of good Kpop music just like the old groups (like DBSK, Wonder Girls, Big Bang, SS501, SNSD, 2NE1, KARA, etc) portray Kpop as. Because that was the start of the Hallyu wave: catchy dances, beautiful vocals, awesome rapping. 

But like in the words of Alexander (former member of U-Kiss): 2NE1 are irreplaceable. They are legends. 



And also Taehyun of Winner, hoping he recovers and continue to do music. He tried so hard to debut with his members to make this group named “Winner”. It’s sad to not hear him sing again. But health always is important. Hopefully he will be back soon. And YG is so shady for implying that he was the fault for the delay of winner’s comeback.


It’s most definitely official: I hate YG entertainment with all my heart. This company screwed the girls over terribly. I wish one day they can still come back together to sing together for all of us Blackjacks like S.E.S is doing now.

Update: Dara’s handwritten letter and seeing pictures of her on that Filipino show just makes my hatred for YG deepen. And CL’s twitter update and a post of Dara’s…

And Bom unnie! You have a beautiful voice. Keep doing what you do best and that is singing.

Update: January 20 before 2NE1′s first song as a trio and the last song known as 2NE1 to the public “Goodbye” drops on the 21st. Minzy posted this. I’m disappointed in her. Her posting this now just make more sense to me she is really playing the victim card so hard. She’s already in another company. It could be YG didn’t notify/ ask her to sing this along with the other girls or it is just her not wanting to.

I agree with this comment on Minzy’s IG post.

But maybe the translation was off. Maybe what she meant was she did not except her unnies to disband. Maybe she thought the company would let them go on as a trio but was shock to see on the news that they were disbanding and “Goodbye” will be the last song they put out under 2NE1′s name. Maybe….

Maybe “Goodbye” is for Minzy. Like a comment I read on 2NE1′s upload of ‘Goodbye” on their youtube, this could be a song for Minzy therefore she wasn’t invited to sing in this song. Examples: CL says: “not to give into temptation” - other label who are promising Minzy perfect solo debut; Bom says: “ don’t believe in half stories” she meant her scandal and everyone knows that the government used her incident to cover up the Sewol incident. I think this song is for Minzy. Like CL’s parts, she is saying if Minzy returns, it is going to be a tough road ahead for her, but everyone will help her. That’s why it is a goodbye till she comes back. And…if not, they will try to go on but maybe with a new group name. Like CL’s IG post:

CONFIRMED: The song was for Minzy written by CL Or maybe it means this?“I don’t think there is drama from Minzy, I think she meant she was upset that 2NE1 would even be having a final album because she thought they’d continue 2NE1 and that she was upset they disbanded. Then she said that she wanted to express her gratitude to those who supported and loved 2NE1 throughout the years which was what her post was about. I think how it was translated was a bit off making it seem like nobody told her and that she wanted to be involved. But the hate she’s getting is completely unnecessary, especially when they say she’s using 2NE1’s name to get fame when that’s the exact reason why she hadn’t talked about 2NE1 since she departed.“

Originally posted by more-smiles-and-cry-less

Even if the fire has distinguished, the history of 2NE1 is still there. Their history can not be erased. They were the ones who shaped the modern look of girl groups in Kpop. They showed that girl groups can be successful by having their own music style. No need for girly or sexy concepts, instead go for badass and full of girl power concepts. It is doable. They said, ”Dance your heart out, sing your heart out, do it for your passion and the fans who love their music. Nolja!” And I love them for that. That’s why they are my only girl group who I fangirl to the core. They deserve that, because they are truly one of a kind group out in the Kpop scene. They broke the standard for Kpop girl groups. And that will go down in history forever. 

In my heart, they’ll always remain to be the best group with the best music. And, in my heart, and they’ll remain in history as the most badass girls in Kpop. 

Fourever & always.

Annyeong is goodbye to the ending of the group, but  annyeong is hello to a new beginning for the members in their solo activities. Good luck to all of them and hopefully….it isn’t goodbye forever. It’s see you later. Soon. ❤️️


100 Ways (Part 23)

A/N: Inspired by this.

Pairing: Bucky x reader

Summary: Loosely connected drabble series chronicling your relationship with Bucky, from awkward teammates to friends, to… well, you know.

Word count: 699 (this one got away, damn)

(find the rest here)

“Ow! Okay, okay. Time out,” you huff, pushing Nat off you. She’d insisted on a training session; since none of you had had any missions in a while, she wanted to be sure everyone remained in shape.

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silverliening replied to your post: Have you heard of the fandom thing known as…

Oooh I’ve seen this around a bit. I’ve actually read a few fics and seen pics where it’s not tagged and so I think it’s more popular than people know. If I’m not mistaken it originated in the Kpop boy band fandoms … which is a little odd but considering the one direction fandom gave us the flower crown what can you do. The disease is caused by unrequited love and the flowers the person cough up are often related to the object of their affections. In some versions the ‘disease’ can be cured

It may be more common on Tumblr Kpop fandoms vs AO3? I mean on AO3, there’s literally only 500 fic results if you search ‘Hanahaki’ across all fandoms, which is a drop in the fanfiction ocean theme wise (and overwhelmingly anime and/or Kpop centric -> I’m not active in any anime fandom/s except YOI and Kuroshitsuji -> and I don’t read fanfiction for YOI). It may be more popular on Tumblr, or one of those things that’s growing quickly in popularity on Tumblr, while AO3 doesn’t reflect that accurately yet (sort of like red string of fate - v. popular on Tumblr, really not reflected re: content on AO3). Google wasn’t very helpful at all, maybe I should’ve just Tumblr searched it, lol. Even flower crowns and their origin are on Fan Lore; Hanahaki isn’t.

I think it’s one of those things that feels way more common/prevalent than it is depending on the fandoms you’re in and the saturation you see in your circles as a result. I mean to me, Thorki (Thor/Loki) feels like a massive pairing that everyone knows about (it has 27,000 fanfiction results on AO3 alone, after all), but even that’s a less common pairing in the Marvel fandom and many people have been active in MCU all their lives and never even read a Thorki fic, let alone know the common tropes in those 27,000 fics. And within those 27,000 fics, there’d probably be a lot of themes that are found in 500-1000 fics and feel really popular as a result, but…well, you end up in echo chambers in fandom where something is reflected to you over and over and over again because of your circles, but rarely reflects what is trending in ‘big fandom.’ (Not that RotG is big fandom either, but anyway).

From your second comment though - that it’s connected to soulmate trope/s, it doesn’t really seem like a trope I’d like in general. I’m not a huge fan of soulmate storylines or themes.