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  • Donut sheriff: “Anyone else?”
  • Gumball: “What if someone steals from you? Like, a lot?”
  • Donut sheriff: “Then they go away for a very long time.”
  • [later in the day]
  • Richard: [scoops macaroni and cheese from Gumball’s plate]
  • [police cars and a helicopter pull up outside]
  • Police officer: “Put the fork down.”
  • Richard: [Looks at Gumball in disbelief]
  • Gumball: [Smiles at Richard]

Hotel Puerta America in Madrid

12 different floors: 12 different ways of understanding art and design. A hotel like no other in the world.

The Silken Puerta América Hotel is a space where guests are invited to dream. A unique project that brought together nineteen of the leading architecture and design studios in the world, from thirteen different countries. Originality, luxury, innovation and formal freedom define this hotel that awakens its guests’ senses.

Each floor showcases a different hotel room concept. All of them play with different materials, colours and shapes to create spaces that bring together the best in avant-garde design and architecture, where creativity and the freedom to develop each of the spaces has shaped the work.

The Silken Puerta América Madrid Hotel is an eclectic space that never for one moment renounces comfort. Rooms with luxury in every detail, that entice guests to discover them, interacting with them through the senses and inviting them to see them, touch them and even smell them. To stay at the Silken Puerta América is to experience unique and unforgettable sensations.

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Guardians of the Moon and Sun

It was incredibly dark, but it was also amazingly beautiful. Its endlessness excited humans, sparked curiosities, and inspired countless ideas in tiny, insignificant minds. But it was also all very overwhelming; too real, too much, too difficult to fully grasp. It was cosmic space. Billions of stars illuminated the darkness surrounding them. Rays of lights shoot through vast expanses. Bountiful energies floated, formed, and encircled rich galaxies.

In the loneliness of the deep dark, a large temple stood erect, glowing ethereally from its moon bound material. Its cool blue and hot magenta colors clashed, while simultaneously thriving off one another. Sasuke Uchiha, a boy of many talents and sheer intelligence, stood silently on guard before the entryway of the temple. He was simply minuscule in comparison, yet he was pragmatic, distant and cold as he appeared.

Floating nearby is no other than Naruto Uzumaki, and like always, far from attending his duty in the choice of pestering the Guardian of the Moon. Naruto, like his appearance suggested, was a big, fiery, ball of brightness and was a complete loudmouth. He, of course, had a wide, brilliant smile that Sasuke found dreadfully annoyed by and unaccustomed to. Sasuke has lost count of how much time the brat has visited the area, and once again could not wait for him to leave.

Naruto was in tight arm lock on top of a compressed cloud of stardust that assisted on his travel. He moved quite unsteady, and it wobbled over slowly. Sasuke rolled his eyes at the look of utter stupidity and unprofessionalism. After tremendous effort and unaccounted grunts and swears, Naruto finally reached the steps leading to the temple. He dramatically skipped up the stairs with his arms swinging back and forth and stopped to a halt when he reached the landing.

“Hey, Sasuke, I found some really cool black holes a couple thousand light-years away! Wanna go see it? My cloud could carry us both!” Naruto exclaimed excitedly; his eyes shining in anticipation for Sasuke’s positive answer. Of course, it never came, not only would Sasuke never offer a positive answer, he would strongly disapprove on a positive attitude. Sasuke simply ignored his counterpart and stared straight ahead into darkness.

“Come’on…” Naruto whined, “It’s so boring here. Talk to me. You are literally the only person here that is my age. Everyone else is old or wrinkly or scary!” Naruto pouted, “Don’t you ever get tired of standing here guarding this door?” Naruto asked as he leaned against the tall pillars surrounding the temple.

“That is my job, idiot.” Sasuke stated, still unwilling to look at Naruto.

“Why do you have to be such a goody, goody two-shoes princess? Doing something different wouldn’t hurt anybody.”

“I take my work very seriously, whereas you should too,” Sasuke scorned as he looked Naruto up and down, “Guardian of the Sun.” Sasuke addressed. “Go back to your post, as far away from me as possible.”

“Stop being so stubborn, you stupid butthead!” Naruto shouted from the top of his lungs, face brimming red from frustration and irritation.

“Nice comeback.” Sasuke muttered sarcastically. He rolled his eyes and sneered at Naruto’s child-like behavior.

Naruto folded his arms; he flopped to the ground and crossed his legs. Sasuke constantly tried to push Naruto away; he has never encountered someone at such wild, boisterous, and intense caliber. It was unfamiliar and exhausting, yet surprisingly refreshing.

“Look,” Sasuke started, “You’ve been coming here, always non-stop talking about these ‘fun, exciting adventures,’ but they are all extremely absurd and mundane.”

“You’re one to talk! You’ve been here for how many centuries? Standing here like a pole. Is that all you want to do for the rest of eternity?!” Naruto retorted, quite flustered.

“That is part of the job description; it’s exactly what we signed up for when we became guardians, moron”

“It’s not like the temple will move anywhere when we’re gone for a couple of minutes.”

“Then what the hell do you suggest that is neither dull nor pointless?”

Naruto paused, and placed his fingers under his chin, thinking silently for once. He hummed, trying to come up with the perfect idea for the pretentious prick before him. While looking around at the endless expanse of cosmic space, he had the best idea. “For a start,” Naruto began as he grabbed Sasuke’s hand and together hauled off down the stairs.

Artist and Writer: @kiraiki

SNS AU -  Guardians of the Moon and Sun - When The Stars Align

June 3, 2016

Writing Tip:

Description can be a cool characterizing tool–because people notice the things important to them first. Different people see the world in different ways and prioritize different senses, so if you have a story with multiple viewpoint characters, it can be a cool thing to subtly set them apart.

So like–maybe one guy always notices the shape of things before he notices their color. Maybe somebody else always starts by noticing light. Or motion. Or smell. Or whatever. And maybe some people don’t notice some of these things at all. 

For example, when I’m writing Damon–he always looks at the world in terms of light and motion and music. It’s all about color and shape and space and flow, to him. He always notices people and their demeanor, but he rarely thinks about texture, and he’s the last to notice when the room gets cold.
But Kyrin–he’s more the type to focus on the sound and size and texture and value of things. He likes to see how things fit together, and how much they’re worth. But he barely notices color, and he tends not to look closely at people until they address him directly.

So like… that tells you about them. 

You can also use description to show the viewpoint characters’ background and bias.
A noble walking down the street sees happy subjects.
A revolutionary sees the oppressed masses.
A thief sees unsuspecting marks.
A salesman sees potential customers.
An architect is too busy admiring the houses to notice the people at all. 

It’s the same street, but all the people have different beliefs and priorities that shape how they view it–people see what they’ve trained themselves to look for. 

So it’s a lot like the glass-half-empty/glass-half-full question, but with the world instead of a cup, and more than just two ways to choose from. So that’s something to think about.

Some Ahsokas!