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Doctor Who Panel - Ottawa Comic Con 2017

I haven’t made a post here for a long time but this is the most fandom thing I’ve done in a while and wanted to share. I attended the DW Panel and we had Peter Capaldi, Alex Kingston and Jenna Coleman in Ottawa which was great because we never get anyone and certainly not a current Doctor. They were all wonderful and I really enjoyed the event. Here are some of the highlights (I say highlights but this is basically the whole thing) 

Q: Peter Capaldi (PC) what do you look for in a partner?
PC: longevity 

Q: Fave monsters?
PC: Likes the Daleks but his long time fave are the Zarbi from the episode “The Web Planet”
Alex Kingston (AK): When she was young, she liked the Cybermen but now its the Silence (she never actually said the name, she acted like she couldn’t remember it and Jenna ended up being the one to say it)
Jenna Coleman (JC): She also likes the Silence. She finds the scariest monsters are the ones which never have to run but move slowly

Q: Fave Dalek scene?
JC: When she was a Dalek (“Asylum of the Daleks”)
CP: When they were shrunk and put into a Dalek (someone from the crowd shouted rusty, “Into the Dalek”)
AK: When she killed a Dalek (”The Big Bang”)

Q: Fave emotional scene without giving away any spoilers?
JC: The diner scene. It was shot over two days as they shot some of it in the diner and the rest in the studio. She didn’t think the parts shot in the studio were meant to be emotional, when she enters her Tardis. But Peter was there when he didn’t have to, in his own clothes, and seeing him there made her emotional
AK: Saying good bye to David, getting the ‘piss off’ (her words) from Matt, and for Peter it was hard for both of them to hold back their emotions but still be able to show it to the audience, of knowing what was in store for each other without the other knowing.   

Q: Jenna asked what it felt like dying
JC: She read in the script a raven was meant to fly at her, but she didn’t know what to expect on set and whether they would actually get a raven which would be made to fly at her. So when that didn’t actually happen she was so relieved she kept forgetting to actually die. 

Q: Choose a show or movie for Doctor Who to do a crossover
PC: Game of thrones, because the Doctor can definitely take down the white walkers
AK: Lord of the Rings, and the Doctor to face the Orcs
JC: The Thick of it (so Pc vs PC lol)

Q: If they could choose a name for the Doctor what would it be
JC: Bob 
PC: Doesn’t believe the Doctor’s name can be understood by humans, so it isn’t a word
AK: When she was shooting the scene where River Song whispers the Doctor’s name, the first take she whispered the name Shaniqua (lol) and caused an NG. She kept changing the name every time they shot the scene but wouldn’t say the other names 

Q: Fave line?
PC: I’m the Doctor
AK: Hello sweetie 
JC: Chin boy, show me the stars and Run you clever boy
(They got into a discussion led by PC, that Steven Moffat likes to notice peoples different quirks and bring it into the script. So it’s not a trait of the Doctor but the actor e.g. like how he runs funny. 

Q: PC why does Doctor who appeal to young people today especially with an episode like “Thin Ice”?
PC: (I loved how he answered this question and I’m not going to do it justice but here goes) There are a lot of things going on in the world right now which are bad, terrible and crazy. And it’s up to writers to put across a message about the times we live in. The Doctor sees things from a different perspective from all of time and space, to see what’s truly good and what’s truly bad. It’s in the Doctor’s character and we all have to keep saying it

Q: Do they have any input into how their character is written?
JC: The script is fluid during filming and Moffat can put a joke she said before hand into the script
AK: Likes how Moffat writes characters to be unique, so they have their own speech pattern. You can see a line without naming a character, but you can still picture exactly who would say it
PC: Even though he doesn’t change the lines they can interpret and deliver the lines differently from how they are written in the script

Q: Fave episode?
JC: Vincent and the Doctor, likes she get to meet such influential people from the past
AK: Also really loved Vincent and the Doctor, and that the Doctor was able to take him into the future and show him how people admired his genius and talent (honestly one of my fave scenes also)
PC:  Frontier in Space (To him only six people cheered after he said this so jokingly wondered if we are all really Doctor Who fans in the audience) 

Just some things I took note of

  • JC knew for a year she was leaving the show. They had already decided that Clara could not return to Earth, so she was happy with the ending
  • AK told us David Tennant loves playing cards. And him and Catherine Tate played a game between takes which she joined, to name a band from the last letter of the previous band named. They all got so into it they were more into the game than the actual scenes
  • Alex was asked if she would do a show with John Barrowman as River Song and Captain Jack Harkness. She walked over to Peter and covered his ears by placing his head against her stomach and covering the other with her hand, and whispered yes into the microphone.  
  • They are all for the next Doctor being a girl, PC added a woman as well. If they could choose an actress to be the Doctor AK choose Frances de la Tour, PC choose Melissa McCarthy, and JC declined to answer sort of hinting she could be in the running (the host added because the Doctor can choose a face he has known i.e. like PC)
  • AK says she can’t have a fave Doctor because it’s the same person but he is like a snake which sheds its skin (loved the metaphor), but River Song enjoys that the different Doctors come in different shapes and sizes ;)
  • PC told us his punk rock band was called Dream Boys (was very embarrassed by this admission) and his stage outfit was a white shirt and a bow tie. So he has always loved bow ties
  • The fave character AK has played is Lady Macbeth. She never grew up believing she would be on tv as Britain doesn’t have Hollywood like America. So hoped to make it in theater 
  • PC was asked what it was like being a side character on DW before becoming the Doctor. He gave a funny excerpt of how he sneaked into the Tardis and played with the console because he thought it would be his one and only chance in the cheapest toga ever made (thankfully it wasn’t)

By Kayla Warren

Coming off the heels of new wave and hair metal, the 90s saw an array of new genres begin to reshape the musical landscape. Grunge, punk, ska, pop, acoustic rock and post-hardcore – and sometimes a fusion of everything – gained traction, broadening the landscape of what could be found on mainstream radio. 1995 was the apex of this musical Renaissance, seeing momentous debuts and critical additions to catalogs just before one-hit-wonders and boy bands took control of the charts. Below are our top 10 records from the year – records that inspire awe even two decades after their release.

Cheshire Cat – Blink-182
Feb. 17, 1995
Listen to: “M+Ms” and “Carousel”

The unforgettable debut from Blink-182 embodied the frantic skate-punk sound of the 90s like no other. The album encompasses the legacy Blink-182 has created, and serves as the foundation for pop punk as we know it today.

The Bends – Radiohead
March 13, 1995
Listen to: “Fake Plastic Trees” and “High and Dry”

British alt-rock saw plenty of success in the 90s with important releases from Blur and Oasis, but The Bends is often touted as the album that would shape both British and American rock and roll for years to come. Though it never gained the same momentum as OK Computer and Kid A, The Bends remains a staple for well-rounded record collection 20 years later.

Red Medicine – Fugazi
June 12, 1995
Listen to: “Do You Like Me” and “Long Distance Runner”

Fronted by Ian MacKaye, whose legacy in punk music is nearly unmatched, Fugazi’s influence on post-hardcore can be heard echoed in bands ranging from Nirvana to Jimmy Eat World. Red Medicine was a benchmark release for Fugazi that explored not only their punk roots, but also ventured in psychedelic and ambient music, receiving critical acclaim from music reviews and fans alike.

Jagged Little Pill  – Alanis Morissette
June 13, 1995
Listen to: Literally all of them (or “Ironic” and “You Oughta Know”)

Two decades and over 33 million album sales later, Morissette’s international debut continues to inspire and receive critical acclaim. Mixing post-grunge with acoustic guitars and a harmonica, Jagged Little Pill is one of the most successful albums of the decade and helped pave the way for some of the most popular women (for example, Pink and Taylor Swift) in music today.

Answer That and Stay Fashionable – AFI
July 4, 1995
Listen to: “Two of a Kind” and “I Wanna Get a Mohawk (But Mom Won’t Let Me Get One)”

Carried by fast drums and fast guitars, the debut album from AFI reflected a more prominent hardcore punk sound with production from Rancid’s Tim Armstrong and Brett Reed. While lacking the more theatrical and polished sounds of later releases, AFI’s roots in punk rock run deep and are perfectly captured in this debut.

Foo Fighters – Foo Fighters
July 4, 1995
Listen to: “This Is a Call” and “Big Me”

Dave Grohl’s post-Nirvana debut was originally born from a need for anonymity. Intended to be a low key release with most of the lyrics written in the moments before recording, the self-titled album is not only the humble beginning of one of the greatest rock bands of all time, but also the second most successful release in the Foo Fighter’s catalog.

Teenage Politics – MxPx
July 4, 1995
Listen to: “Punk Rawk Show” and “Teenage Politics”

“We ain’t go no place to go, so let’s go to the punk rock show…” are the first lyrics that come to mind whenever MxPx is mentioned. Simple pop punk in its simplest form, Teenage Politics consists of 18 songs that all come in under the three-minute mark, detailing perfectly the frustrations of being a teenager in the 180-second-or-less length preferred by musicians in the genre.

…And Out Come the Wolves – Rancid
Aug. 22, 1995
Listen to: “Time Bomb” and “Ruby Soho”

Released at the peak of ska-punk greatness, Wolves quickly became one of Rancid’s most popular releases. Earning mainstream radio play and the attention of MTV, the album has gone on to top numerous “Best of” lists and continues to be a fan favorite.

Tragic Kingdom – No Doubt
Oct. 10, 1995
Listen to: “Don’t Speak” and “Just A Girl”

Featuring multiple hit singles, Stefani’s songwriting is at its rawest on the third release from No Doubt. Despite being that unique blend of ska, reggae, new wave and punk that could only come out of the 90s, Tragic Kingdom is timeless and a must hear for anyone who even remotely enjoys music.

Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness – Smashing Pumpkins
Oct. 24, 1995
Listen to: “Bullet with Butterfly Wings” and “1979”

Featuring the band’s only number one album debut on Billboard, the 28 tracks featured on Mellon Collie are spread over two halves of the album – one representing day, the other night. Propelled by Billy Corgan’s self-deprecating and morose lyrics, the album spawned five successful singles and garnered the band its greatest mainstream success.

Hair dead from too many times dyeing it, but you're too punk rock to stop?

Well! I had this same problem. I’ve been changing my hair color every two weeks for the past three years, and a lot of people would ask how I kept my hair from falling out of my scalp. Answer is, for a while, sheer dumb luck. Then, earlier this semester, it started breaking off in huge, multicolored clumps. (My roommate must have LOVED that). After that, I devised a hair care regimen that keeps everything in ship shape and looking lovely. 

  1.  Wash with Target’s Keratin Oil Shampoo cus dear god does that shit work. It comes in a big pink bottle and smells like joy.
  2. Try the Lush Seanic or Cinnamon Shampoo. This is if you are in dire need, of course, since that stuff is hella expensive. However, if you were in my position, $10 is NOTHING to keep from going bald. Also, they come in bar form which doesn’t sound like that big of a deal until you realize that this makes it more efficient to transport by a hell of a lot, thus making it super environmentally friendly. Plus they aren’t tested on animals. I like Lush way too much for my own good. Anyway! Moving on!
  3. Kiss My Face’s Whenever Conditioner wraps you all up in healing glee. This is also made with Moroccan Oil which (my research has shown) is a sustainable and humanitarian substance. But aside from the politics therein, this conditioner doesn’t take too much to coat all of your hair and makes everything smell like citrussy goodness. Leave that on there for about 5 minutes and then rinse like a normal conditioner.
  5. When styling, Got 2 b Glued makes a new keratin formula which is great for your hair. Which is good considering that brand holds your hair in place by means of divine intervention. Like no shit, it’s awesome. Never moves. A+

Now, keep in mind every scalp is different. However, this worked really really well for me, and I think it will for you too. Keep killing fascists and be kind to yourself <3

Yeah (Sirius)

‘You made out?’ Marlene said, her face dropping. 
‘Yeah.’ You said, ‘Why? Is that not good?’ 
‘No it’s fine!’ Marlene said, flipping her pen in between her fingers, ‘I just thought you were going to say something else?’ 
‘Like what?’ You asked. 
‘I thought you were going to say that you guys had se-’ 
‘Listen.’ Lily said, shooting Marlene a look, ‘I think it’s great that you guys made out! I mean you’ve liked each other for ages so…’
‘That’s the problem,’ You said, looking between your friends, ‘I don’t think he does anymore.’ 
‘What?! But James-’ 
‘James is an idiot.’ You said, rolling  your eyes at the thought of your brother. ‘No offence.’ You said to Lily who laughed. 
‘What makes you think he doesn’t like you?’ Marlene asked. 
‘I dunno! I guess cos nothing has really changed since we kissed. I thought he was going to ask me to be his girlfriend but he just took off.’ 
‘Hm.’ Lily said, stumped. ‘Why don’t you just ask him.’ 
‘I would,’ You said honestly, ‘But i genuinely believe that that’s not what he wants.’ 

‘You just have to get over him!’ Marlene said for what felt like the millionth time that night. ‘And you think that I’ll get over him by going to a party he’s throwing.’ 
‘technically,’ Lily said, applying lipstick to her lips, ‘James is throwing the party.’ 
‘Lily that literally makes no difference. He’s still going to be there.’ 
‘Come on!’ Marlene whined, ‘It’s going to be fun. Come on.’ 

Lily and Marlene practically dragged you through the castle and into the Room of Requirement. ‘How James managed to convince Mcgonagall to let him do this is beyond me.’ Lily said, shaking her head as you all entered the party. The Room of Requirement had taken the shape of a very large, high-ceilinged ball room. But instead of ball gowns and slow dancing, there was punk-rock wizard music performed by “The Snitches” and a load of teenagers wearing the only clothes they had that weren’t uniforms. ‘There’s James!’ Lily shouted above the noise, ‘I’ll catch you guys later! And hey,’ She turned to you, putting her hand on your shoulder, ‘Have fun, okay?’ You nodded and Lily grinned before running off to join your brother.
‘Right.’ Marlene said, linking her arm with yours, ‘Let’s find you some fresh meat.’ Marlene scoped out the room and you watched as her eyes lit up. ‘There!’ You followed her point to see…
‘Regulus?!’ You cried, ‘Are you kidding?’ Marlene looked at you, 
‘What? Oh come on-’ 
‘No way!’ You said. Marlene sighed, 
‘Fine. How about…him?’ Marlene pointed to a tall Ravenclaw boy by the name of Dirk Cresswell. He stood with a large group of people all laughing and looking like they were having a good time. ‘Come on!’ Marlene said, ‘Just kiss him.’ 
‘I’m not like you, Mar, I can’t just walk up to people and kiss them! It look me five years to get the courage up to kiss Sirius and even then I’m pretty sure he instigated it.’ 
‘This is your chance, y/n!.’ Marlene said, ‘In forty years-’ 
‘Okay, okay! Fine.’ You walked up to the large group and quickly looked back to Marlene who grinned and gave you a thumbs up. Taking a deep breath you walked up to Dirk.
‘Hey Dirk!’ You called over the deafening music. 
‘What’s up?’ He yelled back, clearly very tipsy. 
‘Um…’ You paused, unsure how on earth you were going to carry this through. ‘Wanna…make out?’ You asked. Dirk shrugged, 
‘Okay.’ Before you had any time to wonder how on earth that actually worked Dirk stepped in and pressed his lips against yours. It wasn’t a particularly good or fireworks-going-off-in-your-head kind of kiss but it was a kiss all the same and you actually forgot about everything for a moment until-
‘Y/n!’ You broke away from Dirk who stumbled away to see Marlene and Lily standing near-by beckoning you over. 
‘What? You guys interrupted my-’
‘Sirius saw.’ Lily said.
‘Well that’s fine.’ You said, ‘Because I am over him.’ You grinned. You looked between Lily and Marlene who’s faces showed no sign on joy. ‘What’s going on?’
‘Sirius likes you. Wants to ask you out.’ Lily said.
‘Where is he?’ You asked. Marlene shrugged,
‘He left like a minute ago, but he couldn’t have got very far.’ You nodded and without thinking sprinted away from the party. 

It didn’t take you long to spot Sirius, walking in the distance down one of the long Hogwarts corridors. ‘Sirius!’ You yelled, your voice echoing. Sirius stopped. ‘Oh.’ He said, ‘Hey.’ You caught up with him and feeling a little out of breath said, ‘I’m sorry! I’m not with Dirk or anything I just kissed him.’ 
‘What?’ Sirius said. 
‘I thought…’ You trailed off. ‘I thought you liked me…?’ You said tentatively. Sirius went red. ‘Well…yeah. But I saw you with Dirk so it’s fine, y/n, I understand.’ 
‘No!’ You cried, ‘I thought you didn’t like me,’ You explained, ‘So I kissed Dirk to try get over you….It honestly sounded a good plan until I say it out loud.’ You said, embarrassed. Sirius smiled, 
‘So…do you want to…’ Sirius trailed off and you could tell her was very nervous. You put a hand on his shoulder, stopping him. ‘Do you want to be my boyfriend?’ you asked. Sirius smiled sweetly. 

you’re never gonna fit in much kid

teenagers//my chemical romance|| the ballad of Mona Lisa//panic! At the disco|| take me out//Franz Ferdinand|| tighten up//the black keys|| A love like war//all time low|| can we dance//the vamps|| bulletproof love//pierce the veil|| yeah yeah yeah//new politics|| somebody that I used to know(cover)//mayday parade|| bleeding out//imagine dragons|| lying is the most fun a girl can have without taking her clothes off//panic! at the disco|| heart-shaped box//nirvana|| stop the world I wanna get off with you//arctic monkeys|| holding onto you//twenty one pilots|| na na na//my chemical romance|| come a little closer//cage the elephant|| the pheonix//fall out boy|| seven nation army//the white stripes|| hello Brooklyn//all time low|| fake tales of San Francisco//arctic monkeys|| thiskidsnotalright//awolnation|| let’s dance to Joy division//the wombats

anonymous asked:

I feel like this is a really stupid question but: Are there "plus- size" punks?

Fuck yeah there is! Punks come in all shapes and sizes. If you’re big and you’re a punk then you fucking rock it; so long as you are happy in your body who gives a fuck. Music taste and mentality has got fuck all to do with your weight, up the plus-size punx!

since i have a couple of marauders + board games posts already…. marauders playing scrabble B))

  • so the first time they play is in third year-ish. remus went home over christmas for a family reunion and when he got back he had a square shaped bulge in his rucksack
  • “is this prank material” “no it’s something better” and they are all here for it
  • remus is, right off the bat, the person who makes swears and sexual words all the time. (“when did my moony get so filthy?” “oh, you have no idea, pads.”) (sirius is blushing the whole time. so much for Punk Rock Badassery.)
  • sirius tries to make up words. come on we all know it’s true. but half of them, to remus’ indignation, are obscure pureblood terms that are actually in the damn dictionary. 
  • peter wasn’t as good at it because he could never find the right combination of letters to make high scoring words. the others would help him out though 
  • james is Super competitive. more than the others combined
  • once he yelled so much he made peter cry. he made up for it by taking a quick run to the kitchens to get him a cheesecake though and all was good again
  • eventually peter gave up and started placing bets on the game. lily joined in (her love for scrabble far outweighed her distaste for the marauders)
  • (”oi potter that was pathetic. three letters? really? i’d have been able to get 20+ points if i were you.”) (”shut up evans you may be a beautiful perfect lithe sunbeam-scaled goldfish but right now i need to win”)
  • remus confunded sirius when he’s about to win. james made him take the spell off though (”NOBODY DISRUPTS THE SANCTITY OF BOARD GAMES”) (”james you have a higher chance of winning now”) (“I WILL WIN FAIRLY OR NOT AT ALL”)
  • once the letters in the bag start running out lily decides she’s gonna enforce a family rule. (”i’m auctioning the letters off for points”) (”what te fuck evans that’s literally half my entire score”) (”take it or leave it remus sweetie :)”
  • when james won he literally jumped up and started screaming. this was also the first time the marauders + lily witnessed his victory dance. it involved a shirtless james potter leaping around the room while screaming ETERNAL GLORY TO POTTER
  • needless to say they all vowed it shall be the last time
  • when he calms down peter slides ten galleons to lily. remus raises an eyebrow. 
  • “i bet on james winning,” she admits (quietly in the hope of james not hearing)
  • of course he does though, and soon enough he’s proclaiming lily’s love for him to the world
  • he glances over to see what sirius makes of this and finds out that he’s asleep. “what?? scrabble is a very tiring game, i’ll have you know.”
if my cello teacher spoke like my friends speak
  • lisa: omg perf. omg. your tone. omg
  • lisa: the dvorak concert is the trillest. trills are the trillest. omfg. trills. i'm crying.
  • lisa: so sautille. very wrist movement.
  • lisa: spoopy strings
  • lisa: if you forget your group music one more time you will become another casualty of the skeleton war
  • lisa: HELLA phrase shaping. HELLA. A+
  • lisa: omfg pls never hold your bow that way again
  • lisa: very few cellists rosin their bow statistic incorrect. spiders eleanore, who lives in a cave and never rosins her bow, is statistical outlier adn should not have been counted
  • lisa: those double stops are mad fresh
  • lisa: we accept the bridge warping we think we deserve
  • lisa: your refusal to sink the weight of your arm into the string i cry errytime
  • lisa: paulo pandolfo's aesthetic is one u should strive to emulate. so totally punk rock.
  • me: plays in sixth position successfully
  • lisa: come on and SLAM, and welcome to the JAM
  • lisa: your bow budgeting is kinda bumming me out
Travis Barker Autobiography 'Can I Say: Living Large, Cheating Death, And Drums, Drums, Drums'

Travis Barker’s autobiography will be titled Can I Say: Living Large, Cheating Death, And Drums, Drums, Drums. It will be released on June 24 via William Morrow. You can read a synopsis below after the jump.

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