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Heyo. I’m genderqueer transmasc and I really want to grow out my hair again but I’m scared it will make me look too feminine. Is there anyway I could grow out my hair and still look masculine I’m pre everything

Hey anon! Many people have this question or similar questions of “will [xyz] make me look too masculine/feminine?” The answer is: extremely unlikely. Hun, lemme tell you about this magic that is man buns. Plenty of men wear them and pull them off super well! 

In addition to that, there are a ton of men and transmasculine people with long hair anyways! If you want to try the man bun look or want to keep a rather masculine face shape, I reccomend contouring it along the jawline and cheekbones. Just look up “masculine face contouring” and you should be set. Remember, your gender identity is valid no matter how your hair looks, what you wear, or what hormones you do or don’t take! We support you here <3

~ Wren

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Hey! I recently came out as non-binary. I really want to cut my hair short. No because I'm non-binary. Just because I feel like it would make me more confident. But heaps of people tell me not to get it. I also have a square shaped face and usually people say short hair looks bad on faces like that. I'm rlly sad bc I just want to but don't want to be judged. Any advice?

I think one of the most important things anyone can do in life is to stop allowing the fear of people judging them to dictate the choices they make.

And I know that’s easier said than done—it’s not really a switch you can flip off so much as something you have to work to get yourself to believe—but the thing is that literally no matter what you do with your life, your body, your hair, your whatever, there are always going to be people who don’t like it and who judge you for it. There’s no way to escape that short of locking yourself up in a room and never doing anything ever again (except not even then because people will judge you for that, too).

So, when there’s something you want to do or try because it makes you happy or it will make you feel confident or it’s just something you’re curious about you have to tell yourself that your feelings about it take priority over what anyone else thinks because you’re the one who is going to doing whatever it is and you’re the one who is going to be affected by it. People who are truly your friends will accept that. They might not like it and they might never want to do it themself but you can sit them down and tell them that “look, I get that you have concerns about this but it’s something I really want to do for me and I want you to support me. You don’t have to be happy about it but you should accept that it makes me happy and be happy for me” and if they’re decent people they’ll accept that.

WRT getting shorter hair specifically, keep in mind that there isn’t just one kind of short haircut - there are probably hundreds of kinds. Some short haircuts might not be best for certain face shapes (which is really subjective - what you like best is what looks best no matter what anyone else says) but there are a lot to choose from.

Here’s a link you might want to check out that has a lot of hairstyles for square faces:

And there are a lot of other sites online that let you browse different cuts based on face shape. You might also want to go into whatever stylist you choose to go to and talk to them about it, too, and they might be able to give you some extra advice if you’re not sure.

And seriously, even if worse comes to worse and you get a haircut and absolutely hate it the great thing about hair is that it grows back – any decision you make about your hair isn’t going to be permanent. As awesome as it is to get a haircut that you totally fall in love with, I think pretty much everyone at some point in their life has done something with their hair that made them want to scream in horror and they all survived it—maybe by wearing a hat over their head for a few months until their hair grew back in but still.

So I would suggest you find a hairstyle you like, get it, and if you love it then good and if you hate it then it’s not the end of the world and if someone else hates it then it’s…really not their business. Good luck!


LaBrea 3d Model, Early Progress

Working up a 3d model of LaBrea for 3d printing and possible animation purposes. I’ve been making some design tweaks as I go, particularly in the upscaling of the hands and feet, and more animal-like hands. 

I’m still working on the face shape. I don’t have much experience with this particular mid-point on the anthropomorphism scale (I’m normally more of a “slap animal head on there, make slightly cartoony’ TMNTish school), so its trickier than other elements.

You can’t see from that angle, but she has a stubby little smilodon tail. The tar effects will be the last thing done, especially since I have no idea how I’m going to execute them.



The apprentice’s gaze slid to their reflection, and he squared his shoulders so that he and Ulla stood side by side, much the same height, their hair as black and gleaming as deepwater pearls.

“Look at that,” he said, and his reflection lifted a brow. “We might almost be blood relations.”

He was right, Ulla realized. It was not just the hair, or the slender-reed build that they shared. There was something in the shape of their faces, the sharp cut of their bones.

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It's so cool to me how your art is recognizable & expressive without eyes, a nose, or a mouth. That there is remarkable talent.

oh this made me so happy! i think part of it has to do with the face shape and the eyebrows, like in some of my drawings dans cheeks are a little stretched out bc in the reference photo he was smiling really wide?

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do they have more eye/face/mouth options?

Ok, here’s all the character customization options:

Face shape: 3
Eyes shape: 20 (sorry, they are all quite sparkly! But there are small and large options, and you can choose Double eyelid with any if you’d like)
Eye color: 5 (faint pink, blue, brown/grey?, yellow/brown, green like faint emerald) You can change them later with contacts
Eyebrows: 18 
Lip shapes: 13
Mole placement: 7 (including none)
Freckles: yes/no
Hair: 10 styles (like nico said these are WAY better than before!)
Hair color: 5 (2 browns, red, black & yellow/blonde)
Skin: 8 shades
Height: 3 options (short, med, tall)
Started clothing: 4 options (girly, lively, bold, rock)

me, waking up in a cold sweat at 2am: i need to make a screenshot gay

or in which lance is the best Sharpshooter and his boyfriend is rightfully absolutely smitten

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Can you please tutorial on head shapes? I can't seem to get em right

I really hope this could help even a little bit!!! Have fun!!
(I never done tutorials before, or tried to explain this kinda stuff to anyone so sorry if it’s kinda shitty,,,,, also sry for my janky handwriting)

I was thinking about my old OC’s and a lot of friends are doing revamps of their old OCs so I wanted to do the same and it really helped me feeling better about my art. Those are OCs I created when I was about 18, I think. The brunette girls name is Chloe and I think the blond girls name is Ash. They were designed to fit in a story I had in mind back then. They used to fall for two different guys but today I noticed that they are way better off with each other :) Ash is a Rebell and Chloe is more mature than her other friends but I think they balance each other out just nicely :)