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me, waking up in a cold sweat at 2am: i need to make a screenshot gay

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what the rising signs look like

*check rising and any sign you have in your first house*

aries: almost a triangular shape, they are broad in the shoulders and get thinner as they go down.  acne prone, very distinctive smile

taurus: boxy and compact.  oftentimes even women have broad shoulders and very square-shaped bodies and faces

gemini: thin features and round faces.  youthful; tend to be mistaken as younger than they actually are quite often.  even if they aren’t skinny, they’re “slim”, almost like a cat

cancer: large eyes and eyelids, unmistakable chubby cheeks.  one of the easiest to recognize of the rising signs due to their “warm” appearance.  oftentimes chubby

leo: usually tall and broad, if not tall they are quite stocky.  broad shoulders and prominent jaw.  something is always noticeable about their hair

virgo: there’s something very graceful about them.  proportionate bodies and aren’t of any specific stature.  may have freckles or a ruddy complexion

libra: thin features, oftentimes small faces.  chubby cheeks and curvy bodies, a very graceful walk.  long eyelashes

scorpio: their appearance can best be described as “striking”.  strong and prominent features, especially their eyes.  usually quite short and stout, with nice bodies

sagittarius: easily mistakable for an air rising, they are tall and thin and very nimble-looking.  they have slim features and slim faces

capricorn: tall faces and proportionate features (neither big or small).  may have scarred or dimpled skin, or acne

aquarius: tall and lanky, most often quite androgynous.  tall faces and long legs

pisces:  always described as fairy/pixie-like.  glimmery eyes and small features.  petite, even if they aren’t necessarily short

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I'm sorry but, all of those ocs look the same. All of these examples you've shown have the same basic face shape, same body type, but slightly different skin tones, eye colors, and hair, along with other accessories to make them "different". You have a lot of potential, so it's really frustrating to see you purposely limiting yourself because it's what you prefer/it's your "style". It'd be nice to see those diverse ocs you're keeping to yourself instead of your usual catgirls is all. Cheers.

I’m sorry it’s not enough to please you, but they definitely won’t be the last poc characters I ever make. I am a growing artist and I am always learning to experiment before I publish. I also do sketch A LOT offline, so I’m definitely not  “purposely limiting myself”. I love challenges, and I love expanding my potential. I don’t classify having a majority of non-poc characters as my “style”. I classify drawing lovely ladies as my style. Ladies of all shapes, sizes, and color. You don’t exactly know me on a personal level, and I can’t blame you for thinking I’m “limiting” myself due to what you only see what I post here and on other social media. But, please try to keep an open mind. 

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Hi I was afab and I'm nb two questions; 1: I may need glasses what is the most androgynous shape 2: how could I get a binder that is good quality without my parents knowing about it or maybe there is binders that pass as sports bras/athletic wear??? Sorry for the long question thank you for your help

I imagine the ‘most androgynous’ glasses shape for you will depend on the shape of your face, as different frames emphasize different facial features. So perhaps googling “androgynous glasses” or something similar and seeing if you can find someone with a similar face to your + what glasses they wear could be useful.

Getting a high compression sports bra could perhaps work? Bras like [the frog bra] and [the extreme magic cotton bra] are ones I have heard a lot of good about, but there are of course many other options.

[gc2b] ships their binders is very discrete packages too, so if you think a half binder from there could pass as a sports bra to your parents, that might be an option too.

If any of my followers have any other advice or suggestions, please feel free to add to this post.

following my previous clara drawing, this time it’s buffy! watch me draw all my favorite ladies by the end of the week lmao

it’s nice to study face shapes and try out different painting techniques but honestly i have no idea what i’m doing

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the og point was ur ocs & art look pretty much the same with every post, despite the slight differences. same "sexy" pose, body type, face shape, eye shape, etc. U could overlay 2 different pics of ur ocs & get the same face/body. Also big tits & ass/thighs isnt the same as chubby/fat women which you Don't draw. U don't have to please everybody but like fuck dude, take some criticism? its interesting u chose to latch onto the whitewashing thing tho 🤔 have fun w ur horndog followers

DAMN. Maybe, cause, uh, that’s my style? Ever heard of that word? I’ll take criticism, but only when it’s constructive, honey.Also, I wasn’t aware that you were the one who can classify what a “chubby/fat” woman is. Have fun staying on anon! ฅ(≚ᄌ≚)

practicing a new style! ; w ;


Viktor Nikiforov’s heart-shaped mouth is the reason I wake up every morning.

I mean, jesus, who does that? Does he even knows he does that? Is that a russian thing?