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ALRIGHT, so, I know a lot of people have trouble making eyes match. Yesterday I found out a way to make it significantly easier! Here’s a small guide.

Well, first of all, you have your face. mark where the eyes should be on it.

Then mark the corners of the eyes and go over the middle again, to make the next step easier

Alright, I know it sounds a bit crazy, but draw this shape, trying to make it as symmetrical as you can.

Draw the eyes using that shape as a guide and TA-DA! They match! For different eye shapes you tweak the angle of the two guide lines.

And it also helps with angles where the size and shape of the eye is distorted, you just put it in perspective.

I think the theory behind it is that the thing that makes it hard to make the eyes match is the angle of the corners, and this type of guideline helps make them even, which makes the eyes look symmetrical. Welp, here it is! I hope it helps someone!

When I stopped paying attention to all the confusing, spacially-intense hard shapes and bullshit planar geometry that many traditional drawing books teach, I was finally able to free myself from those demanding expectations and draw the head with that juicy animator’s flow I so always wanted.

Hard geometry equals measurement, shape guides, and robotic levels of line control, and measurement equals stopping to measure shit, which means taking yourself out of your imagination. I don’t know about you but I get fighting mad when I see a tutorial tell you to measure things. That’s boring. I’m fun. Listen to the fun guy.

 Now, there should be nothing new in this tutorial that other people haven’t already done better than me, but this is the ordered process of things that has helped me improve and be consistent the most in regards to drawing in general. And in case you haven’t noticed, my native drawing style isn’t exactly terribly simplistic. It’s a blend of semi-realism and slop. So if I can get my slop to read halfway decent, you’ll probably be better off than me.

Note 1) The “eye mask” is a fucking radical concept. It captures not only the specific planar angle of the eyes and eyesockets on the face, (Eyes being laid down properly are #1 most importantest.) but it also denotes the height of a brow ridge, or the configuration of the eyebrows to make for the beginnings of an expression, and since it’s a very simple, recognizable and symmetrical shape, it can also help you to compensate for various perspectives. And it’s pretty non-committal because it can be erased and redrawn in seconds. Avoid commitment until the final draft at all costs.

Note 2) That imprecise cartoon blob that denotes the jaw is supposed to be imprecise. You chisel it down mere moments after drawing it into the exact shape of jaw you want, what we want out of the blob is an approximate volume. The volumes of everyone’s parts are unique and are arguably the most important aspect of character recognizability. And thus, they need to stay consistent for a character to be identified among successive drawings. And as with this example, it’s best to break the character not so much into hard shapes, but rather into flowing volumes that actually fit together without much hassle.

Note 3) The rest of the skull ends at the top row of teeth. The mouth obviously goes right between the top and bottom part of the head. The nose is between that and the eyeline which you denoted first. It’s a very neat and tidy little package that keeps you loose and away from the goddamn ruler as much as possible.

 The idea behind this is to let you deduce proportions and feature placement as you draw the character, this improves consistency and reduces the need for meticulous measurements that could potentially give you an aneurysm. Aneurysms are often fatal.

I declare the end from the beginning, and from long ago what is not yet done, saying: My plan will take place, and I will do all My will. Isaiah 46:10
Life is like a huge puzzle. Step by step, day by day, God is working and building, creating a beautiful exhibit out of us. We are a work in progress. Each piece of life perfectly fits - good and bad, easy and difficult - to shape us and guide us on our uniquely individual paths. God is building a masterpiece out of us, and one day will be able to see it and be totally amazed.

annyeong!!!♡ so this is the first time i hit a milestone for my trash fandom blog and i’m just grateful for all your support and love for my stories, liking and reblogging and staying through my shitty period here. i can’t thank you enough because you guys have been such amazing bubz to me and loving bts with me.

i follow with my main blog @dulcetdaisies. this side blog started about a year ago and since then, i have made so many wonderful friends who shaped and guided me and was willing enough to sin about 7 hot ass talented guys and i’m willing to continue share my thirst with all my followers💦💦

i thought about doing a follow forever for my first mini milestone but now seems like the perfect time to share with you all my beautiful friends, mutuals and amazing blogs❤️

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K but just hear me out:

-autumn leaves swirl around Winnie in times of trouble and sometimes form shaped to guide her. The leaves symbolize Winnie’s father’s spirit looking after her
-“Time” is just one huge black and white flashback.
-using the 2D old style animation (like Pocahontas or Beauty and the Beast) to tell the story.
-“A Wheel” just being beautiful and fireflies forming images around Winnie to help explain to her the importance of life.
-The Story of Winnie Foster animation sequence juST MAKING US ALL SOB
-the opening number would just have the camera swooping through the forest to different locations.
-Toad just being the cutest little sidekick in the entire world (but not a talking animal)
-ANIMATED HUGO!!!! Need I say more?

I can’t even continue like someone please just make this happen.

hi-jr  asked:

I was looking through your stplatoon art and noticed that you switch between very round faces, and very long faces for the inklings. Is there a reason for this?

All characters have different head shapes. Face guide is something I should finish this month now that I got freebie art month from my patreons 

i’m just…in awe of the person louis tomlinson has become. he’s donated millions to various charities in order to help sick children. he’s gracious and kind and always makes sure that everyone feels welcomed and at ease. he always tries to make others laugh even when he carries heavy burdens on his shoulders. he’s genuine and true and does his best to inspire everyone around him. he’s unapologetic in who he is, and he shines without even realizing how bright he is. his unabashed love and admiration for his family, and especially for his mother, is something that he’s let guide and shape him throughout his life. jay would be so proud of him right now. i know i am.

A photostudy with some notes. 
- Like a crossword puzzle. Every shape relates to other shapes. Try to be accurate so you can rely on shapes/strokes you put down, let them guide the shape you’re putting down right now. Se abstract shapes, not a head, a hand, or a shadow, It’s just abstract areas of color. Very different from drawing or working from imagination. -Use a grid to help align the shapes. It’s cheating, you can’t do it as easily in real life. Start with simple hard edged shapes, and later add more finesse.
-Avoid the focal points at first, render everythign else, and then gradually zoom in and add detail. Think % of maximum rendering. Everything should have 10-20%, then as you get closer to the focal points, increase rendering to 50% 70% and finally 90-100% at the focal point. Rendering everything equally looks dull and is time-consuming. I don’t like to spendmore than 2-3 hours on a photostudy like this.
-It’s not a portfolio piece, you are relying heavily on the photo which is the artistic efforts of another artist.
-SQUINT to see the shapes. Color-picking  is ok, but you’re depriving yourself of a learning opportunity. Don’t get caught up in detail and rendering too soon!!


worldbuilding | no.3/x

“A new species is being born. Help me guide it, shape it, lead it.”

         – Charles Xavier

“I want you by my side.”
         – Erik Lehnsherr

It was unheard of (at the time), that a magazine as big as TIME would publish a two-part series, back-to-back. On mutants, no less.

And yet, here they were: plastered on the covers of the most famous magazine in the world, two weeks in a row. Telling their story, their side, in their terms.

In a way, Charles supposed, he was thankful that Erik chose to drop a stadium on him and threatened to kill the President of the United States on national television. It made one hell of a headline.

Fun Fact: Previously unpublished images from the magazine’s photoshoot were later used in the 50th anniversary edition of Mr. Lehnsherr’s memoir.