I finally started re-watching “Avatar: The Last Airbender” properly. The first time, I tried to watch the show on TV, but I missed many episodes because of school and other stuff.
Now is Aang my favourite character (before that, I preferred Zuko. Yep, I digged for angsty, dark teenagers with a horrible past, see also Sasuke Uchiha).

I like to imagine a future where shao understands he is worthy of love, a future where he doesn’t have to hide his feelings, doesn’t have to be defensive about everything, doesn’t feel like he has to fight against the whole world. I like to imagine shao finding a boy who loves and supports and cares about him, a boy who shows shao he can be soft, can be loving, can be protective without being agressive, a boy who makes shao want to scream to the sky that he loves him, who makes shao feel like there is nothing wrong with being who he is and loving who he loves. I like to imagine a future where shao talks to zeke and the boys everyday, they still love hanging out and making music together. a future where he’s made peace with mylene and they’re always mocking zeke. a future where he and his boy love to go to clubs with dizzee and thor and they always end the night writing on the walls because old habits die hard. a future where shao still has fears, he still has nightmares about les inferno and fat annie, but he’s learnt to put all the emotions on his music and his art, so they can become something beautiful. a future where shao is as happy as he deserves to be.

How I Want The Get Down To End:

Mr. Books On Stage Finishes Rapping His Story, The Lights Go Down And He Says “Ladies And Gentleman Id Like To Welcome You The Get Down Brothers Live And In The Flesh”, The Lights Go Up, Shaolin Is Behind Turn Tables, Boo Boo, Ra Ra, Dizzee And Zeke All Got Mics, They’re All Wearing The Get Down Jackets, And They Perform They’re Greatest performance Yet, Together And Happy

The Uncle, The Teacher.

“For as long as I can remember, My uncle has always been my teacher as I grew up. And I mean more then how to punch shite decently well. But how to be a mostly decent human being.

Although, his face last year when we re assumed his teachin’s in fightin’. Probably one of the damned times I’ve seen him at his happiest.”


The Living Forest is an arena located in Outworld. The trees themselves are sentient, some with faces that groan and roar. Some of the trees are hungry, and unsuspecting travelers may find themselves ensnared in their treacherous branches, and become devoured. In turn, those consumed become part of the forest. In one of the MK comics, the forest is said to have once been a part of Edenia, where it was known as the Laughing Forest, as the trees were jolly and filled with mirth.


Raise Four

Christian McBride’s New Jawn

Marcus Strickland – tenor sax
Josh Evans – trumpet
Christian McBride – bass
Nasheet Waits – drums

tiny headcanon: baze won’t ever put down his fucking gear so chirrut insists that any modifications have to ‘make things lighter, not heavier’. also sometimes when they’re standing still chirrut will put his hand or one end of his staff under the refrigerant tank to take some of the weight off baze’s back*.

*baze doesn’t know, because chirrut is smart enough to only try it when he’s distracted trying to be eyes for two people**

**which to be fair,  is most of the time