NAME: Joff The Shaolin Monk

AGE: Adult


SPECIES: Meditative, Balanced Human

BACKSTORY: Raised in a monastery by two Shaolin masters, Joff is on an endless search for inner peace.

CHARACTER BIO: Joff is one of the calmest guys you’ll ever meet. Very close with Nick Army, whose aggressive ways completely conflict with his kind nature.

ATTACKS: He’ll attack you with such strength, speed, and ferocity that you’ll never see it coming from his calm fists.

WEAKNESSES: If you push him enough, he briefly enters an uncontrollable rage mode.

FUN FACT: Loves smoothies and smooth jazz.

VOICED BY: James Urbaniak


♡~Smoothie Break~♡
In Joff’s character description it states that he loves smoothies, so here, have a another sketchy Monkarmy doodle
I have a couple of more doodles of these two that I may post later.
//I can’t stop drawing them!

Speaking of which, if you have any Nick Joff or any other Ok Ko ship art request, feel free to suggest it to me. I’ll be more than happy to draw ‘em! //Feed my Ok Ko addiction >w> //

“I wish to do things…. non-violently…”

“…and i wanna do things ULTRAVIOLENTLY!

I doodled myself a nick army icon for the ok ko discord and wanted to show it off but it looked kinda bare without his better half- so i went ahead and made a joff icon too