shaolin grandmaster killer

Concept Art for my online comic “Shaolin Grandmaster Killer”.

This is a Character inspired by the “Flying Guillotine” Movies, especially “Master of the flying Guillotine”. His Guillotine is gonna be a huge iron chinese Dragon Head chained to his right hand.

More Concept Art and page previews of “SGK” are coming soon.

Concept Art of Gu, the main character of my online comic “Shaolin Grandmaster Killer”.

If you are into Kung Fu Movies, Anime/Manga-style action, Kaiju/Monster Movies, Samurai & Ninjas, “Fist of the Northstar”-like ultra violence than there’s a big chance you will enjoy the hell out of “Shaolin Grandmaster Killer”

More Concept work, page previews and stuff will follow in the next days.