shao lan


I honestly didn’t think that they would (or could) just leave like that after the big battle, so I drew a bonus scene.

Because surely, Ling and company wouldn’t depart Amestris without mooching off of Ed one more time getting supplies for their journey across the desert back to Xing, right?

The scanlation parts were made by binktopia


“Fourth Lord, you have suffered a lot.”

“Perhaps. But at least I still have you.”

I have been rewatching my favorite bits of Lan Ling Wang and this is certainly one of my all-time favorites (there is a reason why it was in all the promos). 

Psychotic emperor basically makes him give up his army to protect his men and then makes him kneel in the yard for hours (and I love that Empy can never really win - oh, he can win physically all right, but with every action his inner inadequacy comes through more and more because Four is even more impressive in defeat. Didn’t stop me from screaming ‘die, pig!’ at the screen’) and then Xue Wu finds him and it kills me that even at that moment- with his power base gone, forced to humiliate himself - he still gets that shining look on his face when he sees her, as if nothing else matters but her love.

I am a total sucker for the 'deadly, proud warrior madly in love with teeny tiny heroine’ and this gives it to me in spades.

Also, this show pretty much shows that you can have the OTP be married for the bulk of the story and still generate plenty of conflict and drama. Poisonings and giant battles help :)

fmab: problematic faves/cinnamon rolls
  • Edward Elric: problematic fave (breaks his metal arm, is pipsqueak)
  • Alphonse Elric: blessed cinnamon roll (large suit of armor, just wants to feel the rain on his face and eat apple pie)
  • Winry Rockbell: problematic fave (throws wrenches at Ed, has many ear piercings)
  • Roy Mustang: very problematic fave (too hot)
  • Riza Hawkeye: problematic fave (bossy)
  • Maes Hughes: cinnamon roll (loves his wife and little girl, is cute in glasses)
  • Alex Louis Armstrong: cinnamon roll (strong, sparkly, cries a lot, flowers spontaneously burst into bloom when he takes his shirt off)
  • May Chang: cinnamon roll (small girl in pink with braids and a panda who can beat your ass)
  • Shao May: problematic fave (can't spell her name, bites the hands that feed her except for May)
  • Ling Yao: problematic fave (eats too much, seeks immortality)
  • Lan Fan: cinnamon roll (cuts her arm off to save her prince, is cute beyond belief, her co-worker is also her grandpa)
  • Olivier Armstrong: problematic fave (yells at her brother the cinnamon roll, buries [evil] man alive in cement)
  • Jean Havoc: cinnamon roll (puts his superior before himself, just wants a steady girlfriend)
  • Izumi Curtis: very spicy cinnamon roll (is housewife, loveydovey with her husband, but also can survive in the northern mountains by killing bears)