((OOC: Scribbly time! I have the silliest head canon that if there was no war, Shanzacestor and her bf would have a big family. Four mini Shanzacestors to keep them on their toes. One of them actually has their daddy’s eyes though still has the same blank stare just as the rest of her sisters…

And although they may not look like it, they’re a pretty happy family!))

((Shanzacestor declared it “bring your kitties” to work day”. Lucky ancestors get to sneak a peek at her master designs, but whats that in the corner there…?

She’s also decided that she likes this holiday and plans to celebrate next week at Eikaea’s workplace.))

((EDIT: I just realized how pleased Eikaea looks with Shanza’s doodles oh wow…))

((OOC: Ancestor babies because I said I would and gosh dang’it I did. I don’t know much about Eikaeacestor and Hasancestor’s kiddos yet, so I just kinda winged it.

Also, there is a seventh little monster but she isn’t quite big enough to play with the big kids just yet.))

((EDIT: Oh, and the boys are holding lizards? I felt like that needed to be explained since it’s kinda tiny and scribbly - u - ))