shanty boat

surviving and thriving

100% VIETNAMESE. U.S born - my badass matriarch mama endured 7 days on a shanty boat - a single mother who was pregnant and also with an 8 year old daughter. She met my father here who was also escaping a war-torn Vietnam.

Growing up in a predominantly white, small town in Pennsylvania and then moving to Cali in my childhood - I experienced a lot of bullying and racism. I’m the first woman in my family to pursue a career in art, to have thick wildly curly and untame hair, dark skin, unconventional curves, “unlucky” facial beauty marks, a loud mouth, and a hard head.

I’m struggling like hell with my career choice, I struggle like all hell with depression, and coming out of a 4 year abusive relationship. Surviving and thriving the hell out of this life.

And I’m damn proud.


Beneath The Waves; Part 1}

Above the waves a fishermen’s boat sails across the glistening seas. It pierces through the ancient waves like an intruder. The frightened fishes fear the boat of Malik Freeman and flee from the surface
        Mr.Freeman is the ‘best’ fisherman on the historical Island of Isla Paradiso, so he thinks. Mostly due to his ruthless method of fishing. On occasions hes used special chemicals to create bombs that kill fish instantly! Not only does he damage the ocean with harmful chemicals but he also has a spear gun for dolphins. 
        They call him Captain Freeman amongst the fishermen community and he’s rumoured to be related to the notorious Blackbeard but no crew would willingly join him with his morbid banter on sea creatures in this day and age. Cruel and committed he sails out far from land to catch the most exotic fish.
        The sun scorches down on his little boat and Malik grunts in irritation at the intense heat. He lifts his orange cap off his head and raises a meaty arm to clear the salty sweat on his forehead and dons his cap once more. It gives him confidence out at sea. Scratching his white beard, Malik begins to whistle a sea shanty that’s been passed down his family line of sailors and the rumoured pirates for generations. He soon fully breaks into the old tune.
Malik: “ ♫  Cape Cod girls ain’t got no frills, they tie their hair with codfish gills  ♫ — ”  *.*.*.*
        His boat sailed smoothly but as he huskily sang a few more jolly verses of his ancestors ‘Cape Cod Girls’ his happiness halted when he noticed something ahead of him. Something out at sea? The waves were changing shades of blue and he could’ve sworn he saw a glimpse of something. Malik gasps. He knows he’s off his medication, his wife Patricia forgot to give him his pills before he left the dock. The old man loosens his grip on the steering wheel as his superstition and paranoia get the best of him. 
Malik: “ RANDY!! RANDY!! C’mere son! Look at this! ”

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Today edgeofprophecy and I took a little trip up to Sausalito to check out the house boats. The first few we saw were really nice and beautiful. I posed for a picture next to my favorite one (that little lavender house). The second area was like a little house-boat shanty town. Everything was run down but it was suuper cool (and much more interesting) to explore. I also got to break in my new Kate Spade bag and vintage parasol skirt!