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Gay things Rottytops has done from GBC to Half-Genie Hero: the masterlist

(y’all can feel free to add more ok I haven’t played the others in a while)

Shantae GBC:

  • IMMEDIATE affectionate trolling
  • “You’ve got passion. I like that.”
  • Literally stated that she HAD to help Shantae bc she likes her. They barely know each other at this point.
  • This is the only game I recall her addressing Shantae by name in. She constantly uses pet names in all the other games (although that seems to be her thing like she called Sky “featherhead” and “bird brain” and also calls Bolo “snack cakes” as well at some point)

Risky’s Revenge:

  • The birth of “hey, snack cakes,” HER FIRST LINE IN THIS GAME
  • Also addressed Shantae as “chica”
  • Both of the above lines were said with a wink
  • Literally cried when she realised she’d betrayed Shantae for nothing (this is the only time she’s seen sad until HGH like… for her actually being sad and openly feeling guilty is VERY rare)
  • She’s “always runnin’ at the mouth about [Shantae],” according to Abner (please just try to imagine Rottytops just sat there with her brothers gushing non-stop about how cute and perfect Shantae is)

Pirate’s Curse:

  • Faked a leg injury to get Shantae to carry her
  • According to Abner, Shantae makes her smile like no one else does
  • Actually followed Shantae to Tan Line Island
  • Said she won’t do anything for Risky, but she’d do it for Shantae
  • Was OVERJOYED when she got to wear matching outfits with Shantae and wanted to keep the outfit for herself rather than return it.
  • “No peeking inside,” she says, with a shit-eating grin
  • Actually gushed about Shantae TO Shantae without realising in the Village of Lost Souls and my god,,,,, that was gay
  • Couldn’t even make a start on getting her life back after seeing a photo of her brothers when they were alive and remembering them. No, she needed Shantae’s approval first. And then suddenly, after who knows how long with no little to no progress, Abner says she’s had a huge headstart – THANKS TO SHANTAE.
  • Invited herself over to Shantae’s house for a spontaneous sleepover by saying that she had the most wonderful dream and she’ll tell her all about it tonight
  • Got salty at Sky when Sky invited herself too so she could “keep an eye” on them, obviously fully aware of Rotty’s intentions

Half Genie Hero:

  • Addressed Shantae as snack cakes AGAIN (but said she’d drop it when Shantae asked her to)
  • Basically asked Shantae on a date with that whole magic carpet race thing
  • More affectionate trolling
  • Looked sad for the second time ever, only when Shantae was hurt and not herself anymore
  • When she tried to reach Shantae after that… hoo boy
  • ZOMBIE ROAD TRIP (aka literal korrasami ending)

Promo art/Twitter Doodles:

  • The Halloween sale promo art where she swaps clothes with Shantae and gives her exactly -20 personal space
Want to some cool ass VidyaGaim with amazing sprite work?

Play the Shantae games -Shantae (GBC/3DS) -Shantae: Risky’s Revenge (3DS/WiiU/Steam) -Shantae and the Pirate’s Curse (3DS/WiiU/Steam) -Shantae: ½ Genie Hero (Coming soon) Those games play like Metroivania games, getting new abilities in order to advance. I mean how can you not want to play as this cute

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